A very Bad Grandpa

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I am 62 and a widower since last year. I am a father of three grown up children, one son and a two daughters. They are all married and living away from me. They all came to the funeral of their mom and then went back. My son is planning to live with me but due to some reason failed to act on this plan. I had my small bussiness and I enjoyed living alone. Then after about six months my elder daughter asked me to pay her a visit. On her insistance I went to Oran in Algiers.

My daughter, Noura, is a teacher, she is 38 and very conservative, she wears the headscarf. Her husband works in the south. He works for a month and then takes a week vacation for home. My daughter has a boy, Hilal  and a daughter, Nevera.

When I arrived, her husband was still in the south. I was well received by my daughter and her children, who had not seen me for 3 years. The family of my daughter lived in a Flat. They didn’t have a lot of space. She decided, exceptionally, that I had to share the room with my granddaughter Nevera and my grandson would sleep, on a sofa, in the living room. My daughter put a mattress for me on the floor, which allowed me to be at ease. Nevera was sleeping on a bed, not far from me.

My daughter took good care of me. In the morning, she fixed breakfast for me, before she left for the school where she was a teacher. In the evening we ate together and stay awake, evoking certain childhood memories. My daughter, very tired, always goes to bed first and leaves us, the children and I, to continue talking. We became quiet close to each other.

One day sitting for dinner my daughter complained about a loose leg of the table. I decided to fix next day. As Hilal was not yet home so I took help from Navera. I asked her to hold the leg of table to a position where I can fix a nail. As she helped she bent close to me. I took it as normal but when her Boobs touched my shoulder, I felt her rubbing them there. I looked towards her but she was looking elsewhere. It must be said that Nevera has a height of 1.6m, with nice curves and rather prominent buttocks, breasts which stand up under the tight clothes.

Same night when Hilal hooked up his PlayStation to the TV and played his game. Nevera, was sitting on the couch next to me, we continued to chat. She then put her head on my legs, her head raised towards me. Her legs stretched out on the sofa. Her head rested directly on my cock.

Nevera, while talking, had put her hand on my crotch. Which confused me. She began to run her hand over my cock, above my pajamas. It was too much for me, I began to grow. She felt my erection, Which encouraged her to insist, with pressure on my cock. My cock was getting very stiff, I was watching Hilal, he was very focused on his game.

“Grandpa, you have good material!” Nevera whispered to me.

In front of this reflection, I felt my breath taken. I pretend to yawn, I told her that I was tired and I was going to sleep. I gently lifted Nevera off my legs and sat her down on the sofa. I got up and walked to the bedroom. I got into bed (on the mattress). For cooling me down I read a newspaper before going to sleep.
After a quarter of an hour, Nevera joined me, she said:

“Hilal doesn’t want to unplug his game console so that I can watch the TV a bit…, too bad. Now I prefer to go to bed! ”

She undressed in front of me, she left her loose and long enough t-shirt on and took off her pants, I discovered beautiful legs.

“Grandpa…, can I come to your side…?” I want to ask you a few questions…! She said to me.

She surprised me so much that I didn’t even have time to think about my answer, I replied without hesitation: “yes! ”

She snuggled up under the sheet beside me. When I asked her about her question, She started to stroke my cock, I told her: “Stop it, Navera, that’s not what you’re doing, you know you’re only a girl!” ”

“I dream of touching the sex of a man, my friends do, but I have no one, only you, Grandpa who can allow me to do it, I have no boyfriend, my mother watches me very closely!”, She replies.

And she continued to stroke my cock which is already well erect, very stiff, it was stronger than my expectation.

“Can I see it, grandpa?” She asked me.

I was appalled and interested at the same time. I was caught like a deer in headlight. She took my leg between her legs and came closer. Navera began rubbing her leg back and forth against my cock. I asked her: “Have you never or ever … seen a sex act?”

“Uh, yes once, but I’m afraid to tell this story!” She said, hesitating.

“Go ahead, I’m your grandpa, confide in me!” ”

“Yes, but on one condition, that it remains a secret between you and me!” Mom must not know anything! ”

“Yes, okay, I promise! ”

“And another condition is that you let me touch your cock!” ”

“Granted, but touch, only!” I replied.

“Listen grandpa, once mum had a plumber come in, we had a serious bathroom leak. She instructed Hilal to stay with this plumber, in case he needed anything.
The plumber was a well built 35 year old man. I was in the bedroom, I heard some noise in the bathroom. I went and the door was ajar. To my surprise the plumber was removing Hilal’s pants. He had turned all red. My brother is a shy boy, he is very nice, a bit fat, with big buttocks! The plumber said to him: “listen Hilal, it’s going to be fine, let me do it, you’ll see!” I didn’t understand what it was. Hilal lowered his pants, this revealed a good contour of his buttocks, at that moment, the plumber took out his stiff cock from his pants. I stopped breathing. He pulled down Hilal’s underwaer, he kissed her buttocks. Then he spat on her cock, which swelled up well. And he started to put it in my brother’s little butt hole. Hilal shouted: “Ouch that hurts…!”

“Shut up. You’ll soon see, it’s going to be fine!” He pushed it deep in his ass, I saw him, he came in, and Hilal shut up! Then the plumber started to move his hip and suddenly he stopped! He must have come! He withdrew his cock from the ass, it was all white, certainly his sperm, he gave his cock to Hilal to suck it! I was scared, I ran to the store room to hide, lest the plumber think about doing that, with me too! ”

As Navera came to the end of her story, I was appalled and confused.

“Here is grandpa. It was during this story that I saw the sex of a man! ”

I was stunned by this story. Navera, now tells me: “Grandpa, promised, due! ”

I answered with an evasive yes. She put her hand under my underwear, my cock was still stiff. She grabbed it. She tells me :

“Whoa… Grandpa, your cock is huge!” ”

Then she started to stroke me. She began to lower my underwear, arrived at the level of the pelvis, I lifted myself slightly. Then, she took my cock, she started to sniff it, then, she ran her tongue over the glans. I was crazy, I was going to explode, but I was holding back. She tells me :

“Grandpa, please kiss my pussy…! ”

She lay on her back, spread her legs, she lifted her shirt, she was not wearing anything underneath. Her pussy, slightly hairy, offered itself to me. I knelt down, I plunged my head towards this blaze. Her vulva flowed in abundance. My tongue began to suck, to lap up this wet with a sound of lapping. She was moaning.

“Puiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, papyyyyyyyy, go …. ahhh, fuck me! ”

I licked her cunt lips and inserted my tongue into her depths, searching for her clit, which I found swollen with the pleasure felt by this slutty little girl. She wedged me between her legs, held my head back and pushed it over her well of love. And suddenly, she had a deep orgasm, which made her squirt her cum that I swallowed partially.

Then I positioned myself on her, she was still on her back, I massaged her erect breasts, licked and sucked her very hard nipples. I kissed her lips, my tongue entered her mouth, intertwined with hers. Then, I pressed my cock between the lips of her small vagina, I rubbed it, my wet mixed with her which did not stop flowing. she checked my cock with two fingers for its firmness. She guided it towards her vagina. The feeling of spreading walls of her vagina was like going to heaven.

I entered my very stiff cock, huge in length and thickness, the glans passed slowly, but at a certain moment, I stumbled, she said to me:

“Go grandpa, continue, it’s good! ”

I returned to inserting a little longer, she was screaming…, she was clutching at me! She stuck to me by holding me by my buttocks. She begged me to continue, she wanted to know the real pleasure. For once, I was scared. I wanted to withdraw, she did not leave me.

I moved my cock and suddenly, I eliminated this dam that caused a lot of inconvenience, I had just deflowered Navera. I stifled her cry with a deep kiss. I puffed out her lips. I returned to pushing slowly, I felt that my cock had reached its depths, I touched the bottom of her uterus. I began to move lightly back and forth. She tells me :

“How good it is, I can feel you at the bottom of me papy!”

While kissing her, she said to me: “Fuck me, I’m your whore! I am a slut! A real bitch! Fuck me with your cock! Heinnnnnn! ”

I looked at her and saw her panting with her eyes closed. And I was speeding up my back and forth movements. I said: you are my bride, not whore little one. She grabbed my buttocks and pulled me in, saying, “Ahhhh … heinnnnnnnnnnn. ! And she climaxed! I was exhausted,” I withdrew and the first squirt landed on her face, then I emptied myself on her breasts. Finally I presented my cock to her mouth, she received a squirt, right in her throat, which swallowed with pleasure!

She said to me: “Grandpa, so that was all that! I liked it. She got up and went to her bed.

Like a good girl she was careful in the presence of others. Next day was a weekend and her father returned. Entire family was happy to meet him. We kept talking late in night. Then Navera did a very bold thing. She came to tell me, in front of her parents:

“Grandpa, you want to help me, on an essay, I have to return it on Monday, to school!” ”

“No problem, if I can be of help, why not! I replied.

I got up and joined her in her room. As soon as I got there, she jumped on me, she hung up, greedily. Her beautiful lips devoured mine. Then she said to me:

“Let’s do it quickly, I want your cock so much, your stake of flesh!” ”

I took out my cock, erect and very stiff, she took off the pants of her pajamas and took off her thong. I smashed it with my cock. She spread her legs way apart and squatted on the purple head of my cock. She started humping on it slow to make it go in and out of her cunt. ” ahhhhh… C C C .. ha ha ha …” she started moaning. I got hold of her hips to balance her and pulled her down very fast on my cock. I pounded her, she came hard and I, too, poured myself completely inside, knowing that she was taking the pill. Then afterwards, we dressed quickly for fear that someone would enter the room.

I thought that How could a beautiful girl be attracted to me, a balding, sixty-two year old. But the most disconcerting thing was the fact I was her grandpa. What teenager could find her grandfather sexually attractive? Maybe she was as sick as me.

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