Mom Sex Series – My mom had sex with my Grandpa and with my uncle (Part1)

The story starts when i was studying in 10th standard my mom was a teacher of the school I’m stidying.My consists of My dad,mom,grandpa and my Uncle (dad’s brother). My dad is working away from home so he is not available at home,he visits every month.

My mom is 36 yrs old with 34 size boobs and everyone sees her with lustful eyes.

One day me and my mom arrived home from school.My mom was asking me to concentrate on my studies,so i started to study…after a few hours of studying i was tired and goes to sleep with my mom.In the room my mom is not there…the time was around 11.30pm…i can hear voice of my mom and granpa in grandpa’s room.

The door is not closed.

I have a peep and what i saw was grandpa is undressing my mom.
She’s in her bra and panties.
Grandpa is squeezing her boobs too.
I can’t believe my eyes and I’m having an erection watching my mom and grandpa together.

Then grandpa removed her bra and panty and mom takes off his lungi..
She takes his cock in her hand starts to suck on it,His dick is erected like tower and he is enjoying her tits.
After giving a good blowjob,Grandpa sucks her pussy and inserts a finger and makes her more horny…
I can hear her moaning.

Then he slowly inserts his dick into her vagina and starts to fuck her.

Grandpa increases the speed and my mom is moaning loud.He then slows fucking her and kisses her wildly,they have a lip kiss and grandpa enjoying her boobs at that time and starts fucking hard.

After 5 minutes of fucking they switched position to doggy style.
Grandpa hugs her from back and enjoying her bobbs while fucking.
I got so horny watching her boobs shaking and Grandpa is fucking so hard.
After few minutes of fucking he is about to cum he loaded the whole cum inside her.Both of them smiled and cuddled.Mom slept with Grandpa the whole night and i went to my room to sleep.

Next day was a holiday, i was eating breakfast with uncle and grandpa mom is serving,while serving uncle was feeling her ass and she didn’t said anything.

I found something suspicious and finished my breakfast and pretend to study.
I saw my mom entering uncle’s is giving him a blowjob and he cummed all over her boobs and he spreads all over her boobs.

Then she goes to bathroom to wash uncle followed her and both enter the bathroom.
I followed them and peep inside through the ventilation,they are kissing and she is giving him a handjob,He couldn’t control and he bends her and starts to fuck her vigorously she’s enjoying the fuck.

After few minutes they are about to cum and he cummed inside her vagina and they have a bath and have a kiss.That day i understood that she is not satisfied with my dad.

Part 2 soon….

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