On the farm with Grandpa

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This all started when I was a little girl. I would always go and visit Grandpa on the farm for the summer. When I started having feelings for the opposite sex and didn’t know what to do. So this particular summer I went to stay with Grandpa and told him about these feelings.

He said that they were normal to have and asked what I was going to curb these urges and I said that I wasn’t ND he said that he would fix that. So the next morning at breakfast grandpa said that these were going to be the rules from now on whenever I came to visit. I could only wear short dresses, short shorts, no bras or underwear.

I said that was fine but why just those clothes and he said that I would see. That afternoon in the barn while cleaning one of the stales I could feel someone rubbing my ass and started fingering my pussy. It felt so good that all I could do was groan with pleasure. The next thing I knew there was a hand squeezing my tit and pinching it. God it was making me horny. I turned around and it was grandpa’s friend who comes and helps on the farm. Joe asked how I liked what he was doing and I said that I enjoyed it that was when grandpa came in to the stales and said he had a special surprise for me.

When I asked what it was he told me to close my eyes and stich out my hand so I did. The next this I knew was that I had something hard and warm in my hand. I opened my eyes to and there was grandpa standing there with his pants down and his dick in my hand. He told me to move my hand up ND down which I did. I could see that grandpa liked it so I continued until something gooey started coming out and Grandpa said that it was ok and that it made him feel good. Grandpa said it had been a long time since anyone had made him feel this good. He told me to suck on his dick which I did and all of the sudden grandpa squirted his cum in my mouth and boy did it taste good. Joe who was still standing there watching had removed all of his clothes and was standing there with an erect penis which grandpa said Joe was going to stick his dick in me and fuck me till I couldn’t take any more.

Grandpa removed all my clothes and told me to bend over the barrel so Joe could fuck me so I did. It hurt at first when Joe entered me but after a few minutes it started to feel real good. Grandpa made me suck his dick while Joe fucked me and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have grandpa and Joe fucking me at the same time. This went on for awhile until Joe and Grandpa shot their cum inside me. When the pulled out grandpa wanted to know how it felt and I told him it was amazing and didn’t want them to ever stop fucking me.

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