An exciting affair with my cousin

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Hi to all readers. This is Kumar and I am from Bangalore. I have been working in a MNC from many years. Today I am going to share about an interesting affair with my cousin. Let’s say her name is Alisha (name changed for obvious reasons).

She is in late 20’s and little younger to me. Talking about her stats 34 – 28 – 30. We both stay not much far from each other’s place. She is almost my height at 5 ft. 6 inches. Her body structure can make go mad over her.

I had crush on Alisha from a long time but I did not know how to express my feelings to her. Once we were staying alone in my place as everyone else in our families had gone out of town. I was sleeping in the hall and Alisha came to wake me up.

She said that she had a bad dream and not able to sleep now. I convinced her not to worry and gave some water. The devil inside of me was giving me sexy thoughts but I was trying to hold back. The air was so romantic during mid night and I placed my hands on her thighs. At the same time, our eyes met.

After which I proceeded to place my other hand on her neck. I placed my lips on hers for which there was no resistance. She actually kissed me nicely and it went on for a while. We then broke the kiss and went inside the bedroom. Alisha gave in to her lust and hugged me tightly.

I started kissing her from the forehead to all over her face. Then I kissed over her neck and ears. I was caressing all over her body and started pressing her boobs. I then removed her top and she was wearing a petticoat underneath.

Then I kissed her over the boobs and then went down to her belly. I was playing with her belly for some time. All the while, she was holding my head and pressing it towards her belly. I gave her a nice lick over her belly.

She was feeling so excited with this act and then I threw away her petticoat. Her nipples were erect and she had good sized boobs and I was sucking them nicely. Alisha was in full mood and she was pressing my head towards her breasts. I sucked her boobs to my heart’s content and kissed her everywhere on her upper body.

It was her turn and she removed my T-shirt. She played with my nipples and kissed all over my chest. She also kissed me on my neck. I took the control back from her and I went down below her belly.

I made her completely naked and I placed few kisses on her thighs. That was an amazing feeling for her as she told me. I kissed over her panty and I also rubbed my fully erect dick over her panty. She was trying her best to control her moans.

After which, I completely removed her panty. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and I was inviting me to take it in my mouth. I kissed her well on her pussy and she shivered when I had touched her pussy for the first time. I explored her pussy with my tongue and she was on the way to heaven at that time. She held my hair and pressed my head against her pussy.

Then I proceeded to lick her pussy harder and she was feeling uncontrollable pleasure. She had her orgasm and I drank a little of her juices. She took the control again and took my dick in her hand. She went to stroke my dick but hesitant to take it in her mouth. But she took it in her mouth after sometime.

I was in so much pleasure as Alisha was sucking all over my cock. She kissed all over my balls and I was about to let out my juices. She did not want to stop and she wanted to taste my juice. She took all of it in her mouth and then she licked my dick with her tongue to make it clean.

We both kissed each other passionately. In the meantime, my cock was back to form. Then we were ready for the next level. Alisha took my cock and sat over on it with a cow girl position. My entire dick was buried in her pussy and it had entered without any trouble. It was well lubricated by Alisha after she had given me the blowjob.

Alisha then started riding my dick and her body movements were sexy. That kind of pleasure is not describable through words. She was moaning loudly and her butt was making splashing sound. I could feel the tightness of her love hole while her lovely melons were bouncing up and down.

I would pinch her nipples and she would often bend to give her boobs for me to suck. She continue to ride me for few more minutes then fell on me. My dick was still inside her but she was tired already. We then changed to missionary position.

Now I pushed my dick even more inside her. She was about to moan loudly and I had to kiss her to stop the sound. I kept ramming her pussy and I increased the speed slowly. She held my butt and kept her eyes closed. I continued to fuck in this position for some more time and she had more than one orgasm in that time.

I was able to feel her juices touching my cock and flowing outside. I took my dick outside and made her stand on knees. I entered her in doggy style and I grabbed her waist for support. Then we both fucked like crazy after which I burst in her pussy and she let out her juices too.

The next day, I apologized to Alisha that I tricked her into having sex with me. But she told me that she willingly had sex with me and she also likes me from long time. She was actually happy for what happened and luckily no one was around.

We both made a deal to keep this as a secret always and she insisted to treat her like a girlfriend until she gets married. I accepted this offer and we had sex many times whenever it was possible. I used to take safety control to avoid any trouble and sometimes she used to take tablets. My favorite position to fuck Alisha was in doggy style while she preferred the cowgirl style of riding over me.

That’s about the interesting affair with my cousin. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] for any comments or feedback

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