Lost my virginity being a slave to a muslim married women

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My name is raj aged 24 with 5.7 height and a 7 inch dick and is very thick. I was a virgin till now, recently a week ago I posted an add online as a slave and after 5 days I received a call from sultana (lets say). She was married women with a single child and she is aged 30. She called me directly and I was tensed a bit how to answer. She asked “IS this Raj?”

I replied “Yes, how may I help you”?
She told she saw my add and asked If I was ready to be a slave?
I was shocked and said yes trembling with fear.
She asked if I had experience. I said no this is the first time I am trying.
She told “Are you kidding me”

I told sorry and said I can do anything u want. I want to just experience and can do anything you want.
She thought for a while and said ok. The next day she asked me to book a hotel and asked me to share the location. She came out from a cab and she was in her burka with full covered. I bid her hi and directly we went to reception to take keys.
As soon as we entered I was sweating and she told me to relax and started removing her burkha. As she lifted her dress, there comes a beautiful chubby women she was totally fair like kareena kappor and my dick went into full length seeing her. She laughed seeing my erection from my pants. She told me to undress. I did it immediately as she order.

I was now standing nude and she asked me to sit on the floor. She removed her chudidaar as well and was in her bra and panty. Her size was 34-28-32. She had nice firm breasts. Seeing them I started leaking my precum.

She sat on the corner of the bed and asked me to lick her legs from her toes. I took one leg in my hand and started cleaning and licking her fingers of her legs and started cleaning. I licked them till her knees. Now she pulled her panty down and showed me a beautiful view of her pussy.
It was fully clean shaved with no hairs at all. She asked me to lick her pussy. It was full white and I justed licking outer walls of her pussy. As I opened her pussy lips it was light pink and I can see a small needle like hole and she was leaking her wet juices. She ordered me to make it fast and asked me to lick her pussy till it becomes dry. As the time moved on she started moaning, chooso mujhe behenchod, aur jhoor se chooso. (suck me sister fucker suck me fast)

I sucked her for another 20 minutes and she cummed all over my face and asked me to drink each and every drop of her cum. It was a bit thick and salty. I liked it and enjoyed drinking every drop of her cum. She said “I wanted to piss”
I said ok use to washroom and come.
She laughed and said “ You are my salve. You become the toilet now”
I was shocked and don’t know what to do. So I agreed in hesitation. She took me to the toilet, she sat on the commode and made my mouth near her pussy. She pissed so fast and she never let me take my face off her pussy.
I drank every drop of her urine. Although it looked bad but in the sense or her arousal I enjoyed drinking her cum. I then cleaned her urine dripping pussy with my tongue. She now opened her ass cheeks and asked me to clear her asshole. I t was also neatly maintained. I loved the aroma of her asshole. And the creepy thing was that when I was using my tongue to clear her asshole, she farted and uff her smell was amazing. I cant describe in words.

We then went into the room and she sat on the bed and took a nice big 6 inch dildo. She said to sit in a doggy position and she fucked me with the dildo. I felt terrible paid with the dildo but still enjoyed her doing it. Then she made her lick her both boobs and while doing so she slapped my ass cheeks till it became red. I sucked her tits and she moaned and dripped few more juices from her pussy.
She became horny again and asked me to suck her pussy. But this time within 10 minutes she came again and rested with a satisfaction and took a cigar and smoking. By this time 1 hr over and she said thanks for being a slave and gave me 10k. I said no I don’t want money.

Then she asked what u want?
I told I want to fuck you for 2 rounds in return.
She thought for a while and said ok come fuck me.

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