Chuchi azad

Well I m a girl of age 32 . I am married to a nice looking guy. I have 2 kids. We are lovely couples. I m quite satisfied with him too. But newness always attracts me. Once my husband was away on some tour. And my second child -meera was only 5 months old.

So my husband’s brother had come to stay with us. His name is satish. He is only 27 year old. Nice, handsome and muscular. I always found him attractive. Always imagined scenes of him and me. He had a flat, broad chest. I am a typical bahu. So I wore saree. But when satish was around, I took care to wear deep cut blouse and saree such that it exposed my navel. Whenever I fed meera, I fed her in front of him covering my chest. Sometimes my two year old son ravi would come and sit by me and insist that he too wants to drink. As he was young, I allowed him. My boobs are too big of size 34. Satish used to b amused. One night while a was sleeping ravi insisted to drink milk of my boobs. So i had too feed him. And as he fell asleep, he bit my nipples so hard that i shrieked. Satish came at once. I said what happened so he smooched my boobs. And kept ice bag on it. I said I felt very cold. So Satish asked permission to make it warm by putting his hands on it. I pulled him on me. He picked me up and tooknme to another room. And threw me there. Then he started kissing me on my lips biting it some times. And then he came down to my neck kissed it.

I grabbed his head and seized his hair. I opened his shirt. I was pleased to see his masculine body. He removed my pallu and then my blouse. And then my big boobs hanged out bare.

He said “bhabhi aap apni bade chuchi ko kaise samate ho blouse me” I smiled.

He said “aapke bache bahut sukhi rehte honge”…. ” Bhaiya ka dil khush ho jaata hoga”… I said “sukriya dewar ji… Apni hi biwi samjho”…

He smiled. He massaged it and pressed it hard. My boobs were on fire. They longed for someones touch since long. And he sucked milk out of my nipple as hard as possible. And then pulled my nipple with his hands and then with hi teeth biting it to maximum extension. I moaned both with pain and satisfaction.

He carressed my nipples then. My niples went red. He oppened my saree and the petticoat completely. He removed his pants too. And we were completely naked…i saw his erect 8/3 inch big penis. That was bigger than my hubby’s. He raised me and I was in a “ghodi position” He put his penis in my mouth. I sucked his cum. It was indeed delicious. It is one of the favorite tasks of women and men. I licked it and teased it. And then he put his dick in my pussy Which was very watery. He pulled out and in many times. I moaned with pleasure. I was feeling better. He then put me on my bed and started licking my pussy.

He said “bhabhi kya swad h aapke chut ka”…. His tongue running all around my pussy. And then he played with my boobs as if he were making a dough of atta. Beating my boobs, biting my nipples very hard, tried to join two nipples. I love rash treatment. So I moaned ” Aur jorse kariye devarji”. Then he licked my navel. And he again out me in “ghodi position”. He started patting my gand or hips. First slowly and then rashly. He then squeezed my boobs like that of a cow while milking.

Milk gushed out of my boob and he drank every drop. Ge again put his dick in. And so the night went like this. In this process all my boob and body went red. All my milk was finished. Next day meera cried a lot for she was hungry. But we had sex the every night till my hubby returned. Satish said ” Bhaiya roz chale jaye toh maza aa jaye”. I smiled and said “u r always welcome devarji”

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