Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 5)

Hey this is maddy. Continuing from part 4 Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 4)

Next day when i woke up late.I freshened up and searched for her but saw her young son and puzzeled to see him. Aunty was in the hall and have brightness in her face and it was glowing.I asked her why he didn’t go to school to which she said he had holiday because of function in school.I became dull hearing it.Then I had breakfast and waited for her rest time.Her son was along with her all the time without break.I became upset as it was my last day to freely fuck her because her husband returns tomorrow but plans were ruined because of him.

I took viagra tablet one for me and her and came her hall with water and told her to drink it.But she refused as her son was present.I forced her to take it.My cousin interfered asking what is was.I convinced him that his mother is not feeling well and she should take it to become well.He also told her to take it and she took it.

My cousin was still playing with her.Tablet started to work so I called her to kitchen for some work, she came.I quickly grabbed her and started to liplock her she resisted as her son was around but I didn’t care and started smooching.All of a sudden her son came and asked what we were doing.I still holding her told him she was unable to breathe because of sickness and it was giving her air by mouth.She was amazed as I started to suck her infront of her son.I kept on kissing by pulling her towards me holding ass and as her son watched by.I took her to the hall along with her son and sat on sofa and pulled her on my top and started to press her both boobs from behind.He again puzzeled as asked what I’m doing i told “I’m giving pressure to her chest to breathe properly.”He saw me as I knelled her boobs and nipples over her dress.

She wanted to distract him and told to play with toys and he did as she told.I pulled her face towards me and started to kiss her while my hands were busy with boobs.

I told her to tell her child that she is sick and your cousin with take me to bedroom and do massage for her sickness.She denied to which I said I would rip her her infront her son and fuck her while he watches everything or inside the bedroom without knowing to him ,The choice is yours.

She has no option but to follow me.She told her child the same but this time refused telling her that he also wanted to come .But she denied to which he started to shout and cry.
I told him okay to come but on one condition that he comes only after I call him.He accepted but she confused.I told her that I would explain everything but first to come and she came .He yelled “should I come?” to which in refused.I told her to remove dress quickly and I started to remove my dress but she was still confused so I undressed her fully and put her on bed and I came over her.I pulled the bedsheet over me.We were both naked.He again asked and I let him in.He was baffeled to see us like that and asked what I was doing.I told him I’m giving her massage therapy so that she could recover and play with him.

He blankly accepted and watched.She turned her head other side because of shame.I pressed my cock to her pussy while she moaned.

He asked his mother why she was crying to which I answered The massage is painfull and don’t ask questions or massage will not happen properly and his mother will not get cured.She have to take heavy pain to cure herself and I’m trying to cure herself with my strength. I have to use my hands legs and mouth over her body for massage.Dont ask questions simple stand and watch the work.If got bored just go outside and play or else I would not cure her and she will not play with you today.

He nodded his head and stood dumb while his mother would be mercilessly fucked.

I position my cock and half pushed it as asked her to see me .She turned her face towards me but her eyes was closed because of shame that she would be fucked infront of her own son who doesn’t know anything.I asked her to open her eyes to which she did.I liplocked her and pushed my cock inside and started to ram.
It was a wonderful sight to watch and I fucked her desperately.She was moaning loudly when in go in out of her.I told her to lock her leg and she did the same.I started to lick her face and puch puch sounds started to come.I fucked her and asked how does she feel.But she didn’t reply.I turned her face towards her her son and asked ” Bitch how is my good is my fuck?”.But she was silent so I asked her son to asked her how is the massage and how does she feel.He asked the same to which she replied” Ahhhaa ummmm I lovveee ittttt give it to me more”.

I mocked as fucked her with my full strength.I was about to cum and told her” I am cuming, take my seeds “.I gurnted as I spilled the sperms inside her.I fell on her as I got exhausted.I said to my cousin that “See how much work I have to do to treat her and make her heal.There is much work pending and smiled at him and licked her face.

Then is proceeded to the boobs and started to lick and suck it.My cousin doubtfuly asked why I’m sucking her momma (Chuchi).I chuckled and replied that I was sucking her boobs to pull outside her disease from her body.I pointed her boobs to him and asked him to suck her disease and take inside him.He relucktantly refused and I got a hard slap from her for my idiotic idea.So i bit her boobs firmly as she screamed and started to suck one boob while played with another.

Now I started to lick her navel and chest and played there for some time.I slep beside her and told her to turn around.She slept on her chest and I positioned myself on her in lazy doggy style position.She moaned as I pressed my tool inside her and said to her kid see how much his mother is in pain, your father couldn’t do it because he is always busy so I’m doing it.Then i started to hump her,I bit her back as I increased speed.The sounds of her howl and my groin hitting her ass where echoing the room.This went on for 20 mins and her kid got bored and went away.

I rammed her until she cummed and then I cummed inside her.She said that she would surely get pregnant and I was shocked because it was my new experience. I regretted for my immaturity as I could have used condom.I asked her what to do now to which she replied “I will give birth to your baby and I will leave my husband ,come with you”.I got tensed and got up from her and dressed myself.I got afraid foreseeing the future and my legs got trembled as it walked outside the room.

She also came outside the room cleaning herself and wearing nighty and seeing her kid got happy and hugged her and she took him to kitchen seeing me.

I was fully upset and thought what will happen she refuses to take i-pill and become pregnant.Would she divorce my uncle who is richman.Does she is in love with me.These types of several questions started to run over my head.

Later I went to kitchen and asked her same questions.She asked me what happened to your masculinity, dominance, wildness and mercilessness?where did the manhood go while your fucked me while I begged?All you men are same you want only pleasure but not responsibilities.Then i convinced her that I fucked her only because of her beauty and my lust,not because I love u or want to live with you.I told her love and lust are not same.I fucked u only because I wanted to enjoy your milf body.I want to have only cusual sex and sex with benifit type of relation.I want you to my fuckmate or fuckbuddy not anything more or less.She laughed as I said these words and said I know what young man like you want and what I said earlier was just for fun.I also don’t want to ruin my marital life and family.

As she said this I exhaled my breath and became free.Later we had lunch with her kid.
After eating while sitting on sofa I asked her for blowjob.She pointed towards kitchen.As i reached there she followed me.She slid my shorts and underware as she kneeled down.I hot my lund to her face.She took it in hand and kissed the tip.She kissed my balls and started to suck it.Then she proceeded to cock and licked it.Then she took it inside her mouth and stroke it.I held her face and told her to see me.She was sucking it in pace as her son entered inside.He was shocked seeing us like that.Aunty saw this quickly moved but her grabbed her and stationed my cock inside her mouth.He asked me what we are doing Before she hesitated i told him that I got pain doing massage so she is giving me massage so I can heal.He asked me what was it showing my erect cock and why it is inside her mouth.I said it is organ that big man’s have and grow when they are in pain and it’s hurts a lot.So your mother is sucking it to reduce pain like she suck your fingers while you touch heat and get burns.He asked that is it burning now curiously.I said it’s burning like i would die thanks for your lovely mom who take care of my pain.Telling this I held her head and moved to and fro of my cock.She gave me a nice blowjob in front of her son. I cummed inside her while she swallowed.Then i pulled my shorts up and made her to stand.

Now I cornered her in kitchen as we faced each other.I told her I want to suck her pussy and drink her love juice.She refused as her son was seeing us.I got a plan and pinched her stomach and waist as she cried loudly.The frightened kid asked “what happening mom why are u crying”.I told him is mom now got pain in her stomach.I quickly acted like calling the doctor and answering his questions.I told the kid that doctor has told me check her stomach if anything serious we have to go to hospital for treatment.Doctor asked me to check her immediately and asked his permission.He in fear readily accepted.I went on my knees and went inside of her nighty in sake of checking.I widened her legs and started to lick her inner thighs.I pulled her Panty and started to lick and suck her pussy as she moaned.I played in her pussy using my tongue.She pushed my head more in her pussy.This went on for few mins as she cummed over my face and i drinked some of it.

I then came out of her nighty and rubbed cum on my face with nighty.I stood up and kissed her lips.

I turned her around with her hands on slab while her son watched and lifted her nighty from back.I slid front side of my shorts and underware to remove my cock and pressed it against her ass.I widened her legs and got hold of her boobs with my hands.I plunged my cock inside her pussy with force.She loudly moaned.I asked her son to ask her if she has pain or pleasure now.I removed my cock fully and once again rammed her while he asked the same.I firmly gropped her boobs while she answered “Aaaaa haaa Pleasure aaaa” and rammed her one more time.Again i slowly withdraw my cock and forcefully pushed inside her pussy.The slapping sound was coming while my groin hit her big round ass.Her face and eyes where up due to pleasure during slapping action.This same action countinued for some time while her son dumbly watched.

Later I lifted her and placed her to kitchen slab facing me and slowly rolled her nighty upto waist.Then pulled her towards me adjusting her pussy to my snake.I placed her legs around my waist,looked her eye to eye and smooched her while I pushed her pussy towards my cock.My rod got in quickly due to wetness and fucked her in iron chef position.I licked her whole face her neck while my ass was vigorously making to and fro motion.Her hands were around pulling me more towards her.I saw her kid who was mesmerized with our actions watched his mother being fucked like she is a whore. He didn’t even had any imagination what we were doing and how his mother became salve of me and my monster.

I told him “This is the only way to keep your mother happy and this is what she really required the most.This is what your losser father couldn’t do,so I’m doing it for the sake of your mother. Your mother is so sweet and lovely for letting me make her happy.Don’t you want to see your mother to happy always like this ? Don’t you ? .

I turned my face towards her and grinned and laughed while he answered “Yes”.This turned me on and fucked her ruthlessly like tearing her pussy into two.After monsterous fuck we both cummed together.I loaded my every drop of cum inside her and removed my cock .
Then Spitted on her face like she was a hooker and said ” This is what real whores do and you are my personal slut, be ready to serve me eternally.”

Then I walked out of kitchen putting my gun inside feeling being victoriously fucking her like a courtesan of king.She slowly rubbed my spit from her face feeling like a cheap prostitute.Then slowly got down feeling pain in boobs, abdomen and pelvis region.She saw her kid who was watching all this grabbed and hugged him, and cried loudly recalling all the incidents and her fate.

It was quite for some hours later her older son arrived.Nothing happened as the time passed.It was calm till night.It was the last night because uncle will come tomorrow morning.I thought that today is my last chance to fuck her later I may not get this golden opportunity again ever.I have to satisfy all my urges todays itself.

See you soon in Part 6.

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