Having affair with my own aunty

Hii Everyone, This is Lovely I don’t want mention my real name . I am just 20 years old from T.N . Actually this is my 1st story here , So if any grammatical mistakes plz forgive. I don’t want waste your time So lets get into the story .It’s a little boring story But I want to describe every moments. So please do adjust.

It was happened in my childhood days when I am studying 7 th standard , when I came to know about sex. Basically I like aunties from my childhood even now also I don’t know what’s the reason. So whenever I get the chance to see aunties my eyes must going to measure her figures, and If I could see any aunties hip ,I just look their hip folds, I have hip fantasy.

When I am studying 7 th standard my uncle got married, from onwards I am sighting my aunty . Then she maybe at her 26 and her figures 34 30 32 . My uncle’s house is very near to my house So whenever I got free times i went there and speak with my aunty , suppose if she was alone and doing any household works I just stay there and speak with her , she is little traditional so she always wear saree . When she doing works in kitchen I just went behind her and try to touch her navels like helping her She didn’t tell anything.

Once I went to my uncle’s house And no one is there except my aunty , so I ask her it’s very boring come we will play games she also agreed that so I put task and said to her if tail comes it’s my chance or head comes that’s your chance, she asked what type of game is it . I told her that who own the task they will ask the runner to something The runner should must do that, she laughed then agreed . Then I put the task It’s came tail So I asked her I want to lift you for check your weight, She just hesitate Then she told you are small guy so you can’t lift me , Then I didn’t wait a sec I just went to behind her and hugged her back it’s my 1st hug with my aunty then I lift her it’s little tough to me but I tried and lift her a minute while I lifting her My hands pressing her breast it’s so soft , Then she asked me leave her so I left her down . Then she asked me to watch T.V with her Then I accept that while watching TV I just sat beside her and kept my hand on her hands then slowly i moved my hand towards her now my elbow is touching her hip she didn’t move so I took some advantage and give little press , while I am doing this my grandma came so I just drop and leave that place .

After that I just imagines while I lift my aunt. Then one day we went to somewhere with family ,My luck my aunt also came with us . It’s 4 hour journey we went by bus when we returning our home it’s 8 pm we got bus and everyone caught a seat My luck I sat with my aunt and my family members are sat before seats, and all are very tired so they started to sleep when bus reach main road bus lights are off just some blue dim light only in on mode. So bus seems very dark .

On that day my aunt wore yellow colour saree so I can clearly see her in the dim light , my aunt also very tired that day so she slide her head on the bus window , I am very happy because me and my aunty were sat very close, I just kept my head on her shoulders she asked me do you want to sleep I said no just tired then she said take rest . Then I slowly put my left hand on her belly she thought I was slept , then slowly I adjust her saree , Now I can touch her bare belly just few minutes robbed her belly .

After that she asked me are you comfortable? If you not comfortable to sleep Then keep your head on my lap and sleep. I want to utilize that chance So I kept my head on her lap and wait some minutes then I just shake my head while I am shaking my head her saree saree pallu was lift so now I just turned her side now my face touching her bare belly I took chance and just licked her belly then slowly put my one hand behind her hip my luck my hand went inside her saree so now my hand between her back hip and bus seat.

Then I slowly lift my head now my face touch her blouse then I tried to bite her nipple with her blouse suddenly she shake her body I just afraid again kept my head on her lap, then after few minutes I again start to licking and kissing her hip and belly until we reach our place.

This is what my childhood experience which was true incident happened with me and my aunty.

I knew it’s not erotic story but it’s true incident That’swhy I want to share it here. With your support next I will try to describe full erotic story..

Expect your valuable comments , feedbacks and suggestions especially aunties and married womens you can send to this mail I’d: [email protected]
Definitely I will do reply all your mails.

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