My ex- GF Patty

Patti was really nice bitch

Break up happen by my stupidity and missing some little detail, what I forgot it could be harmful.

We were together some times already but we didn’t live in one town. Big distance made we could meet weekends only. Not each weekend but quite regular way. But young bloke needs good hard fucking very often, or even lick nice pussy for some blow job. It was normal for me that if girl who I was with wasn’t in my area and I knew no shagging in that time, I was in the web and watching movies and masturbating as every next girls put her tounges, faces and tits to be drenched in sperm.

No other was with Patti. When we were together in one place it wasn’t big problem and everything was all right. She had tits after some correction from big A into middle C and she was hot. She could even suck my dick and nail her cunt on my cock in the car when she was waiting for a plane.

But when she wasn’t close, I had to do something. Of course watching porn movies as girls are covered in cum shots or next loads flowing out from their pussies started to be boring and I started to looking for another categories as well. I started to like movies with toys, some sub/ dom, public sex, gang bang, bukkake, or even shemales or girls with strap on or dildo, vibrators etc in their hands who were stretching tight ass holes of guys out. Maybe some people think it’s gay but even in some teaching movies about anal sex it was said each guy should try at least once in his life anal sex as passive and feel it inside. Anyway young chicks or mature ladies were “fighting” as long until men’s asses were fucked hard.

I was wondering very often what women feel when they are fucked and I simply bought one, and another but plug, dildo, and even glass dildo. Rather it was unreal to make proposition to gf if she could fuck me with it, so I started to nail my ass on my own. I liked it very much and sometimes I put it in my ass when I was taking shower until it slipped out when my muscles were used to be stretched. But all these toys I started to buy before I started relationship with Patti.

The thing what ruined our relationship was curiosity how girl feels when she is fucked hard in the ass until cum. I found an idea to put into anus a lot of lube, just to inject it inside and next fuck the ass by one of toys to check how it when cum flows out from ass hole… Even if lube is just sperm imitation. The problem was I had filmed it.

It looks filthy and disgusting but not to many things pulling me out in sex. If Patti was able to do ass to mouth for very first time of our anal, not too much could surprise me…

Anyway. When Patti was coming to me I was cleaning up browsing history in my pc just in case, but it never seemed she would be happy to check it and dig in my pc. But as it was easy to find later, she liked to check what she shouldn’t.

And she has found I was watching porn movies, and I was registered on some adult portals where are other people as well. She used it and she caught me as little boy. She created fictional profile and invited me to friends. She asked me for email address and we started to write in private. She asked me for some pictures, sent me as well, of course not her. “More naughty than better, I want to know you from each side”. So she received from me pictures of my naked cock, with my ass, with dildo put deep into my ass hole, staying hard dick and sperm flowing from it down to the balls…

Short after that she was in my house and as usually we had sex, she wanted really rough, into the ass as well, what started few months before. As a “gift” I gave her one of my dildos, but I didn’t know she has seen it already. And I fucked and stretched her ass with dildo in her cunt. And as before it was happening, she asked to put my dick out from her ass, she turned and wanted my cum into her mouth what she swallowed with smile on the face, straight from my cock pulled out from her ass…

I came to her house one week later and that day she told me she knew everything and in her opinion I was cheating her. On the end she put on my stuff dildo- “gift” which was stretching her cunt week earlier.

I went back home. I had emptiness in my head. But from the other side… I could fuck her in the ass, drench her tits in sperm and watch it. Patti’s gone, toys remained…

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