Exploring my friend girlfriend

My name is Sky and my friends call me Walker.. This is a story of how i fuck my friend girl.. Her name is Dorcas and she has always been a good friend since i met tolu(my friend)..

Tolu and i met at the hood where i use to have fun like drinking and smoking, so i met at with tolu and we became very good friend and always hang out and spend time talking about the future and talking about women..

Tolu was living in a motel where had been staying for 2years and i was lucky to be invited one day to have a good time talking and smoking ,that was the day i met Dorcas ,she was short and slim had a fallen breast but they always look awesome when she dress..

I thought it would end there after the whole merrymaking of drinking and smoking ,so i had to take a kiss and i could not complain when they pointed to the toilet that was just beside the door leading out of the house…

The toilet had no door and all i did was just stand making sure anyone looking was seeing my back,after pissing i flap my cock and did my zip..i came back outside to see that my friend tolu was asleep and Dorcas was just staring and asked if i wanted a smoke and i said yes and we started smoking ,she wasn’t showih me any attention but i was staring at her for a long time and finally i said i was going ..i decide not to wake tolu and i pat Dorcas on her back and left…

Week later
I came over with some drinks and smoke and decide to sleep over at tolu place ,i asked him about Dorcas and he said she is not around and may not be home that day.. I told him it was late and that i can not leave that night if i can sleep over and he said “sure you can, just manage the bed with me since i have no couch in my room” i said to him “cool bro”..

So he slept by the right i slept by the left..after a while at 10:30pm we had a knock and it was Dorcas who is back with some food in her hand she greeted and later shared the food and we hate then she became all chatty with tolu and i was busy pressing my phone..

Tolu was the first person to sleep has he was now in the middle of the bed where three of us is suppose to sleep..i was still in the left and now Dorcas was at the right..i was trying to sleep but i waited for Dorcas to be done with what she was doing so that i can put out the light, surprisingly she started changing into her night cloth and pulled her top and removed her bra ,i could see her breast because she was at her back facing me..she wore her night top and then pulled out her skirt now i could see her as and her panties ..

She was wearing a rope pant that exposed the middle of her ass and any other movement she make like bending could reveal her pussy ,now i was getting really hard and i was wondering “is she was a stripper at a night club or was i just assuming because she wore a rope pant?”

She got into her night short really soon and the light went off and we all went to bed .
But i couldn’t get her picture off my head and i was really horny ,then i started massaging my clock in the dark room and i was fascinated by what i have seen

But i was not getting enough of the moment, then i slightly touch my friend to know if he was asleep and i was right about it.. So i strecht my left hand above the pillow and i as able to locate Dorcas who was not asleep too..i out my left hand on her head first and then her pretty face ,then her lips…I put my finger in her lips and started fingerings her mouth for some minute while my right hand was busy massaging my cock, the feeling was over the cloud and i was getting really interested in more ..then shifted my left hand to her breast that were so flat and had good soft nimple.

I put my left hand in her cloths and massage her breast ,she was still sleeping like a dead girl but i was not worried because she was tired ..
The sensation grew larger a large after a hour touching her breast to her belly button..i wanted to do more like getting her pussy fingered but it was soon going to be uncontrollable as i was already close to cumming…
Then i let out a soft moan and cummed in my pant that night ..I slept off

When it was morning i made sure i was the first to leave so that i won’t reek of cum smelling …later that day i saw Dorcas with this look in her eyes like she knew everything that happened that night and wanted more ..

Some month later i met her and this time we started hugging and her as was growing big ..she does not talk about my friend tolu most of the time

To be coninuted…

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