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Hello all.. Am Aarav, a 25 year old, good looking guy from Pune. A height of 6 feet and fair looks definitely distinguish me from the rest of the crowd. I am basically from Delhi but now currently in Pune working in an MNC. So this is my first experience of being a Male Escort.

It started in the last week of December. I was really bored and didn’t have much work in the office too. That’s when I decided to have a different experience. So I posted an ad on a website describing myself as a Male Escort ready to please Mature Ladies. I was not sure of receiving responses but the more you try the more are your chances of achieving success. And to my surprise I received a message in the evening from RB50 enquiring more about me. I was confident that this might be some guy, but still thought to play along. I described myself, enquired about her and had some casual chats. We had really got along very well. By the way, she was 43, a little plump in her own words, married with 2 kids. She was married to a good business man who loved her a lot and had everything one could wish for. But what she was lacking was some passionate love making. It was not that her husband was impotent or anything of that sort, but in India when the gap between spouses is of 10+ years, the hubby loses interest when the wife needs it.

So, for a week we were chatting casually, discussing everything under the sun, from movies to webseries, and cooking to politics. This really helped us to build a good rapport. And one day, she finally asked me to meet her. Till that date, I hadn’t seen her, not had she seen me except a face blurred pic of mine. She asked me to wear a Black T-shirt and Blue Jeans with a backpack so that she could identify me easily.
So it was Sunday, 10th January, And I was standing in front of Abhi Ruchi City Pride in Pune. We had decided the time to be 10 a.m and exactly at that time, a black Verna rolled in front of me. It wasn’t very difficult to indentify me because of the dress and my tall height. She just rolled down her windows and asked me to get in. The moment I entered, my nostrils were filled up with her tempting perfume. And the moment I glanced up to look at her, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a black saree with a red blouse which really had to work hard to hide the treasure. She had a good deal of makeup with a red lipstick one would love to lick. I could see her tummy through the gap between her saree and it was very tempting. She just cleared her throat to bring me back and we both had a small laugh. We starting having some casual chats and never really understood when we were in her house.

It was a good bungalow and we both were sitting on her sofa sipping the juice. Every moment she touched her lips to the glass, I had difficulties controlling my erection. After a while, she asked me if I could give her a massage as she was having small back pain. We both knew what laid ahead and so I readily agreed. We shifted to her bedroom and she passed me a bottle of Johnson Baby massage oil. I asked her to untie her saree as the oil would stench it. She had a naughty smile, and she removed the saree pin holding her pallu. The moment her pallu slipped, her big breasts caged into the red blouse showed their real size. I guessed them to be 36 or 38, a little saggy of course. Slowly she pulled the saree she had tucked in and in a moment she was in her blouse and petticoat.

She lied down on the bed with her back facing me. I just sat on her ass cheeks and the slowly started giving her back a light massage. The blouse only had two strings on her back and her sexy back was on Full display. I asked if I could just untie the blouse knots stating the oil reason again and she just smiled and nodded. I untied the blouse knots and also unclasped her red bra. She knew where it was leading to and didn’t say anything. I spread some oil on her back and using all my massage skills, started giving her back a sensual rub.

I could feel her goosebumps and her breath had become heavier. I started massaging her side breasts and she was moaning. I could see a smile on her face.

I asked if she could untie her petticoat so that I could massage her legs. She just raised her hips a little and I understood she had already untied the knot. I pulled her petticoat down and could see her fleshy thighs and her big ass cheeks covered in the red panty. She didn’t take her hips down, which was a signal for me and I pulled down her panties too. The panty had a wet match displaying the pleasure she was receiving. I poured some oil on her legs, massaged her calves, her fleshy thighs and then her big ass bums. Her moans had definitely got louder and In a shy and husky voice, she suggested me to remove my clothes too as the oil would stench them. She was using my trick on me and I just laughed a little. I pulled down my jeans and removed my tshirt. I was just in my jockey which wasn’t helping in hiding my hard on.

I turned her around and pulled her down a little. I sat near her head, and then removed the hanging blouse and bra to reveal her precious breasts. She had a good size which with big aerolas and nipples which were hard like a rock. I sat on my knees on both side of her head and started massaging her breasts. I caressed them slowly, and then started pressing them hard to make her moan louder. Meanwhile due to my sitting position my hard on had already rubbed her face quite a few times. And the moment I pinched her nipples, she raised her hands and caught my hard dick in the jockey. Like a hungry tigress, she pulled down my jockey and started caressing my dick. She was moving her hands passionately over my 6 inch tool and now it was my turn to moan louder.

I positioned my dick near her mouth so that she could lick in peace and I moved forward to her tempting wet pussy. We were in 69 position and I was surprised to find her pussy clean shaven and her pussy lips already showing how horny she was. I gave a small kiss on her pussy lips and then spreaded them to reveal the treasure. Soon, my one finger invaded her pussy and her mouth choked on my dick. She spitted some saliva on my dick and started licking it harder. I too moved two of my fingers inside her and started moving them in and out rapidly. My fingers were wet with her juices and her face and my pre cum all over it. Now she took my dick in her mouth and asked me to start fucking her mouth. I was really surprised to find a lady of her age so kinky. I started fucking her mouth with my dick and also licked her pussy. My fingers were all over her pussy giving her the utmost pleasure. In a few minutes, we both realised we were close to our orgasms and she asked me to deposit all my load inside her mouth. I just gave some deep strokes and finally at one moment, I released all my load in her mouth. At the same time, she too released her juices and all my fingers were drenched in it. I laid down beside her and we both were panting heavily. I could see my cum droplets on her face and her pussy dripping. She just smiled at me and told that I was only the second person to be with her other than her hubby.

She moved to the washroom to clean herself and I was just laying on the bed with my eyes closed. After a few minutes, I felt something near my dick and was shocked to find her masturbating it. She licked the dick a few times and it had started growing harder again. Benefits of Youth.. She wanted me fuck her in doggy style as she really loved it. I made her sit on the bed and the rolled a condom on my dick. I just rubbed my saliva on her pussy and started rubbing my Dick near the entrance. She was waiting patiently but then asked me to fuck her please. I slowly gave a stroke and my dick was half inside her. She moaned very loudly and her surrounding being a very silent society, I feared someone might have heard her. But then I was too engrossed and with another jerk, I was inside her. She had tears in her eyes and her pussy was tight for her age. Maybe lack of sex was one of the reason.

I waited for her to get ready and then started giving small strokes. After a while, I started ramming her hard and all the while she was asking me to fuck her hard. I bent a little and caught hold of her mangoes for support and started fucking her hard. I would press her breasts and she would moan louder. She asked me if she can ride me and I was more than happy.

I laid on my back and she moved herself upon me. She positioned her pussy on my dick and with just a swift motion she took it all in. She was bouncing hard on me and I could see her breasts swinging wildly. Her hairs were now all open and she was riding like a possessed lady. Her mangalsutra was jumping between her breasts. This was too much for me. I pulled her down and inserted my dick in the missionary position and started fucking her hard. She crossed her legs around me and and held tightly. I knew I was gonna cum soon and with few hard strokes, I had another orgasm. She too had her own and I could feel the warmth of her pussy over the condom. I pulled my dick out and she removed the condom and she was ready to lick the cum covered dick.

We both rolled over the bed and cuddled naked. She had her head resting on my chest and was very happy for the session. After an hour or so, I got ready to leave and she gave me a packet as a token for all the pleasure. So friends, I hope you all would have liked my experience. I hope to meet many ladies and couples in the future. So if you want to have a Massage or Sex Session, you can contact me on [email protected]. Hope to see you again.

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