With my matured cousin

Hi All this is Suran, age 26 from Bangalore. This story is something which I can never forget in my life. It’s between me and my distant relative. She is 36. This story happened quite a few months back. Now I came across iss after reading stories here. Now I feel i need to share my own experience.

Now coming to the story her name is priya, she is 36-34-38 , she is a developer and working in bangalore, married with one daughter. One day I attended my friend’s pub opening in Bangalore where I met her and her husband. It’s been 3 years since i met her. We greeted each other and started drinking. Since it was friend pub we have no restriction drink as much a possible, her husband went on the days floor and she started asking me about me and my trips, she follows me on my insta so she started asking me last thailand trip,

P – how was your thailand trip
Me – ya, it was awesome with friend
P- people normally go to Thailand for sex? You had lots ha ?
Me – Nah i like to explore all countries, so i visited thailand.
P – So you didn’t do anything ?
Me – ya i learnt how to give deep tissue massage. With a great masseur
P – What more have you learnt?
Me – I wanted to learn more a Tantric sex but i couldn’t learn because i was single
P- What is Tantric sex ?
Me – i started explaining her context, because i’ve done a quite a lot of research on it
P – wow,

I can see how she widely opened her eyes and listened to all these things, and she was pretty much excited about all those things like tantric sex, using sex energy to awaken things. Then i said her you should definitely try this since you are couple, she without hesitant replied me telling they just have a normal sex and her husband is least interest on her. In a shocking voice I told her that if you have pretty good assets men will die to have sex with someone like you, she started telling someone want to have sex with me ha ?. Then her husband walked to us and asked to include him in conversation as well. Pooja replied i was asking suran about his last trip, just checking out what all places he visited, just making note of it. We had our drinks and later we waved bye.

Later after next week i received a insta call from her:

P – Hey, How are you? I hope you are not busy.
Me – No i was having drink and watching netflix
P – Did I disturb you ? Actually, I wanted to know the best massage centre in bangalore for deep tissue massage.
Me – No not at all? I said her few names
P – No, those are not that impressive.
Me- Maybe they are not trained like me in thailand haha.
P – Self praise is donkeys praise
Me – Don’t you believe me ?. If i massage you definitely you will always come to me
P – Ok ping me time and place, will see how good are you
Me – I texted her my place

After 4 hours she came to my place. She was on white long gown and she was looking stunning. I invited her inside and offered her coffee.

P – You live alone in a flat?.
Me – Yes, I like being alone and need my privacy. Offered her coffee.
P – By looking at the coffee said“Men should drink coffee before sex it will enhance your power”.
Me – Mockingly i don’t need it i am strong.(slowly our conversation started on sex)
P – is it ? How strong are you ?
Me – A couple of months back I had an ONS we had 5 times by morning.
P – surprisingly?. You are lucky. I don’t have that luck
Me – After a coffee I asked her shall we start with the massage ?
P – Sure, I’M waiting for it
Me – Shall we go into my room ?.
P – sure,

Entered my room which is light bluish dark with scented candles lit,

P – Wow what a aroma feels like i’m in a 5 star hotel spa
Me – “it’s an audh with sandalwood”, I responded and gave her a white bathrobe.

“Change to a bathrobe and feel comfortable. I’ll be back in my masseur clothes.”

After 5 minutes I entered “ are we ready?”.

Me – lay on your back
P – she said yes and started giggling.
Me – I have lavender oil ? Does that suit you ?.
P – Fuck i love that one
Me – I set the perfect room temperature and started massaging her legs.

I started messaging her legs on her calf after 5 minutes. I asked her can i move to your thigh?. She replied “ Yes” and started messaging her. I just wanted to feel her ass crack. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and then started massaging her ass cheecks she was literally biting her lips and i wantedly put more oil near her ass then the drops of oil started dipping went near her vagina “ she immediately said oil has reached her private part can you please clean it. To my surprise she turned and I saw her fully nude and she was looking at my face so drowsy I still remember her face. Then I put my hand near her private part and started cleaning it. P there is still inside please feel free to clean it. I put my finger in her pussy to clean the oil she literally screamed and and started whispering to clean it properly with two or three fingers. I just obeyed and put my 3 fingers inside her pussy. Then she started guiding me left, right up down , and i can see she was on cloud nine,
“You have a beautiful pussy”. I stammered. She cummed.

Thank you suran. Please continue the massage.

Then I moved near her face and started massaging her boobs and shoulder. Did you like it ?. she said yes i’m loving it. is it a deep tissue massage? Is this your special ?.
Then I straight away removed my pants by looking at my 6 inch tool. She was “Oh my fuck i was waiting for this pease cant wait anymore put it in my pussy”

Then i slowly inserted my my penis in her pussy by holding her big ass started fucking her like a animal this continues for 15 minutes both where drained and sleeping on my bed naked.

“You are fucking hot i just wanted to fuck you all day”

“Yes, fuck me as long as you want, whatever happens stays here i am your doll please tear my pussy so hard.

Ok time to fuck again

I grabbed her on me she was on my top and started our fucking session. I was sucking her nipples, one hand on her ass hole and another hand on her neck just humping as if the world will end by today. Then we changed to doggy style and spanked her on her ass. She was shouting please don’t make my ass red, my husband will notice, this words turned me on more and I was slapping her very hard and she was literally exhausted. To my surprise her ass is virgin, immediately i broke her ass virginity.

Now we laid in bed for 2 hours. It was almost evening 7 ‘o’clock. When we woke up she kissed my forehead and said it was the best massage ever.

While leaving I don’t know after so much of sex my pennis became harder. I just grabbed her on the couch and turned on the netflix sex life series to try the Coital alignment technique.

In my next story I will explain how I mastered that technique with her help. And we even planned to go and experience Tantric sex. Please, mail me and tell me how my story is [email protected].

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