My Loving Step Mother Ch. 01

Just one week after high school graduation, I moved to live with my father and step mother. I was just 18 at the time. I had always spent at least one weekend a month at their home while growing up, and my father and step mother had been married for over 10 years. Terri was in her mid-forties when I came to live with them. She really was like a second mother to me.

Terri is an attractive shapely woman with sassy short blond hair, not fat, but not athletic either. She was built like a woman, curvaceous, full hips, thick thighs, soft but flat stomach, and 36D tits with dark areolas and thick nipples that like to stand at attention. She always dressed up, even if just staying home. Always wore lipstick and some eye makeup, and I don’t think she owned any shoes without several inches of heel. Terri always wears clothing that is on the snug side, always shows off her curves, and once in a while she sports a bit of a mouth-watering sexy camel toe.

I found myself looking at my step mom in more and more of a sexual way as I spent more time around her. It was difficult not to have a raging hard-on when watching her wiggle her ass around the house in Daisy Duke shorts, and 3 inch heels.

Terri loved to spend the afternoon sitting on her chaise lounge in the sun on warm days. Our back yard was fenced and private. No neighbors had a view into our yard, so Terri felt comfortable in her tiny bikinis, often with the top undone to avoid tan lines.

It wasn’t long into that first summer until I found myself watching her through a window while stroking my cock. My father travelled a lot for work, so I often had free reign of the house for a week at a time. When Terri was at work I would go through her dirty clothes hamper and find a pair of her worn panties to aid in my masturbation. I loved the scent of her panties, the mixture of her perfume and sweet and pungent cunt was intoxicating. I’m sure that I came in the crotch of ever pair of my step mother’s panties. I even started taking her clean panties and bras from her dresser and cumming in them, knowing that my semen would be on her body soon. I had become truly consumed with my incestuous infatuation.

One particularly warm afternoon while I was stroking my hard cock and watching Terri sunbathe, she suddenly started calling my name. I had no idea what she wanted, but I was fully erect and trying to stuff my hard cock back into my pants. I went out to see what she needed and found that she wanted me to oil her back. It was all I could do to not cum in my pants as I rubbed oil into her gorgeous tanned skin. I kind of lost track of time and realized that oiling her back was becoming something more of a massage.

Terri finally said “I think ya got me covered,” and gave me a wink.

I went right back into the house and used my oiled hand to rub out an amazing orgasm.

This oiling became a daily ritual throughout the summer, as did masturbating while watching Terri sunbathe. After a couple weeks I hatched a naughty plan. Terri always had me oil just her back, from her neck to her feet, and she often had her head covered with a t-shirt. In any case though, I quickly noticed that she didn’t open her eyes to look at me while I oiled her.

One day, knowing the call from the back yard was bound to be coming soon, I stroked my cock and kept myself on the verge of orgasm until Terri yelled for me. She was lying face down on the chaise, wearing only a small, too small, bikini bottom. I stood over her, fumbling with oil bottle so she could hear me, but with one hand I was stroking my aching cock. I put one foot on each side of lounge, straddling Terri’s ass while stroking my cock. I was so close to orgasm now, and I poured a small amount of oil onto her back just as my cock began to throb. I ejaculated several thick ropes of semen straight onto my step mother’s bare back.

Terri let out a little “ooooooo” then said “you warmed that up for me, nice.”

I stood over her, cock in hand, surveying what I had done to her body, and enjoying my dirty work.

I quickly stuffed my cock back into my shorts and leaned over and began massaging my cum into her skin while listening her say, “mmmmm, that feels so good.”

This became a regular part of my week during that first summer. As time went on I even found myself pushing more limits. I would let my hand linger on Terri’s lower ass, and even let my fingers brush against her pussy while oiling her inner thighs. Once in a while I would catch her taking a quick breath when I would lightly drag my thumb up the crotch of her bikini, and I could tell she was enjoying the attention of a man’s hands on her body.

As the summer went on, I even began oiling her neck and shoulders from the head of her chaise lounge. My hard cock bulging in my shorts, resting against my step mother’s head, and sometimes even against her face, although covered by her t-shirt. My thoughts became filled with how to get my cock into Terri’s mouth.

Little did I know at that time that I would soon cum in her pussy, and up her ass, before she ever sucked my cock.

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