Anal wife

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Anal wife

Kerry come through here I called to my wife, who at the time was clearing up after lunch. She came through an enquiring smile on her face, stand there I asked her pointing to a spot a metre in front of where I sat on the sofa. She did as asked wondering where I was heading, turn round, yes now lift your skirt up round your waist. Kerry looked at the large picture window that overlooked the front garden and started to speak…do it please I said firmly.

Before I go further let me tell you how we got here. Kerry and I Peter met 3 years ago on a dating sight within a year we were married at a registrars, with Kerry being 38 and me 42 we had little or no family so it was a very quite affair, a couple of friends from both sides. And we were married just like that.
Neither of us had any sexual experience, so that year was difficult and very clumsy. That was until I was clearing the computer history, it was more by luck than anything else I noticed a word in one of the tabs then another and another. That word was anal, anal lover, anal queen and so on. I opened them one by one first the stories then the video’s these made it clear that Kerry had very unusual fantasies.

Kerry lifted her skirt slowly still glancing at the window, people did pass but that wasn’t often being bottom of a cul-de-sac. Take your panties down, do it Kerry slowly. Her firm white cheeks came into view, I thought what a glorious ass my wife had. She looked back at me her face flushed red either with excitement or embarrassment only time would tell, then the ultimate test reach behind and open yourself up, once more she glanced at the window but as her hands started to spread herself I could hear her breath hear her slight moan, I knew then this was what she wanted.

Back up to me Kerry keep yourself wide, that looks so good Kerry come back further, she was right in front of me know inches from my face her anal ring looked like it was breathing and Kerry’s breath was coming in gasps. Like the stories and video’s she’d watched I made a point of letting her know that I had my nose close to her bottom and was smelling her odour with deep intakes of breath. Kerry had gone very quite waiting…you smell Kerry I said in my most reproaching voice you stink, what happens to naughty girls who smell Kerry…they get spanked she said ever so softly, yes they get spanked, how many per cheer do you deserve Kerry, two, you really smell, five she whispered, no you really stink Kerry, ten,ten.ten..yes Kerry ten sounds good. All the time she had been glancing at the window, in fear of someone passing.

Move to the chair Kerry I pointed out the armchair closest to the window where she’d be on full show. She moved hesitantly, hands flat on the seat Kerry yes push your ass back and up, yes perfect. I swiftly moved behind her and without warning landed the first blow. Still stay still no one said you could move, two three four on each cheek all the way to ten. Then I placed my hands on her cheeks feeling the heat from those glorious red orbs listening to her tiny moans not of pain but of release. I spread her cheeks as wide as they would go admiring her little brown ring she must have felt my breath I was so close.

What do you want now Kerry, silence, well what do you want me to do to you, kiss me there, where
On my bottom, your arse, my arse, your smelly arse…a long gap, then, yes my smelly arse. Let me get this straight you want me to kiss and lick your dirty smelly arsehole, tell me. Yes…. yes what beg me Kerry beg me. Please Peter lick my dirty stinky arsehole I need it please please. The window was forgotten now she was lost in her lust filled fetish.

Slowly I started to lick all around her pink ring taking in the smell and taste, then I lashed my tongue across her little button once twice three times Kerry was moaning into the chair. Do you want me inside that filthy hole Kerry, her hands pulled herself wider inviting me in, yes, came from her eager throat. Beg me with your filthy mouth, oh she new the words from the stories, rim my dirty shithole tongue fuck me eat my arse please. As my tongue touched her anus ‘ I felt her start to clench I rolled my tongue so it was a stiff rod and pressed hard at her opening, Kerry moaned pushing herself back onto my tongue, she felt so tight I pulled back then forward time and again until the resistance started to go I was entering her arse time and again getting deeper and deeper.

Deeper yes don’t stop god shit wonderful, no way was I stopping I could taste her inner wall smooth and succulent this was some kind of heaven I forced my tongue further in rolling it round pushing it up and down that superb sloppy gaping hole. The I felt Kerry stiffen cumming!! don’t stop cumming so quickly so good. I didn’t stop I carried on licking rimming tasting pulling back enjoying the gape of her red ring then in again sucking on her arse tasting her juices, until Kerry came for a second time I moved back slowly admiring her anal ring for the last time before we both collapsed.

After a few minutes she cuddled tightly up to me giggling while thanking me with sweet kisses, I then explained how I’d found out about her needs, then I asked her how much she’d enjoyed her first arsehole rimming. She just smiled and stroked my thigh, never mind my arsehole I want to taste your. But that’s another story friends

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