Hot Sex with Manasa in Bangalore

Hello all and this is my first Sex 4 stories. So, bear with me if there are any mistakes and also feel free to give opinions after going through it.

Before jumping into the story, let me briefly about myself. For the purpose of this story let me call myself Praveen. I am currently 25 from Bangalore and during the time of this story I was 23 and working in Bangalore. Also, the heroine of the story, let’s call her Manasa.She was a year and a half younger than me and also she was my far cousin. But since we both had our childhood in Bangalore, our families regularly met. But since our childhood, I always had a bit of an inferiority complex towards her because she was my very first crush and her family was very well off compared to ours. She also used to be the center of attraction in all family functions. So, I always kept my distance from her.

During our college days, she went to a different city for her education and after my graduation, I landed a good job in Chandigarh and moved here. So, in between, we had a good 4-5 years where we never met each other. Now, getting into the story.

It was already a year and a half that I moved to Chandigarh and I was enjoying my best time away from home and responsibilities. I had a girlfriend here who was also pursuing her final year of graduation during the time of this incident. (I’ll tell my girlfriend’s story some other time.)

Coming from the south part of India, it was very hard to get used to the local food. Luckily, I was an average cook, so I used to cook my own food here for that reason and also for a bit of privacy, I moved to a 1 bhk apartment very early.

One fine afternoon when I was in my office, I got a call from my grandmother saying Harsha uncle (Manasa’s father) needed to talk to me.

Once he got on the phone, we greeted each other and then he started explaining to me that Manasa was going on a girls’ trip to Manali, but also had some research work in Bangalore.

So, she would be staying there after her trip for a couple of weeks and got to know it was my grandmother who was insisting I host her. So, when Harsha uncle asked me, I said no problem and I would coordinate with Manasa regarding it.

After the call, I took some time to calm myself and thought of what happened just then. It was just unbelievable. I gave myself a bit of time and waited for some time expecting Manasa’s call or message. But once an hour passed, I was very anxious so decided to text her and send her a WhatsApp.

Me: Hi Manasa, how are you doing? Harsha uncle just called and said you are coming to Chandigarh and asked me to co-ordinate with you regarding your plans and timing. Let me know the details.

After some time, I got her reply –

Manasa: Hi, Rahul Anna. I am doing good. Yes, I am coming to Chandigarh for a trip and some research work. I will call you in the evening with all the details. Bye.

Me: Bye.

I went home early that day and waited for her call. As expected around 4.30, I got her call and she explained to me her plans. She and her 3 more friends would come to Chandigarh around 7 in the morning which was a Thursday. They had their bus to Manali at 11 the same day and they planned to spend the next 3 days in Manali with her friends.

They planned to return back on the Monday afternoon bus which would reach Chandigarh by midnight 1 am, where Manasa would get down and her friends would continue their journey towards Delhi, where they had a flight back the next morning. Manasa would stay in Chandigarh for another couple of weeks till her work was completed. She had not booked her return ticket yet because she was unsure when her work would be completed. As discussed with Harsha uncle, I told her that she could stay at my place only and also invited her friends to come only on the day they reach Chandigarh. We talked about a few more details and then bid each other goodbye.

Later, I went out with my girlfriend and told her about the details of Manasa’s visit. Since my relationship was not known to my family, we decided not to talk much during Manasa’s visit. I also planned to transfer some of my girlfriend’s items which were in my apartment.

After coaxing my girlfriend and getting some shopping done, we came back home and had some fun. Then the next day, we transferred all her items to her hostel. Then I dropped her off at her college before leaving for my office.

After ten days, it was finally the day when my cousin Manasa was coming to Chandigarh. I took leave that day and went to the airport to pick up Manasa and her friends. I got a call from Manasa that she reached and would be out after luggage pickup. After 15 minutes, I saw four girls coming out of the airport.

Finally, after four to five years, I was again looking at Manasa. The current Manasa was looking just wow! She was more mature and beautiful. She was not like those girls with hot bodies who looked very sexy, but she had an average body with a round face. Also, she was only 5’1″ tall whereas I was 6’2″ tall.

From childhood what I liked the most in her was her beautiful face dimples when she smiled and her pure eyes with a small birthmark under her eyes. My eyes were fixed on her for a long time till she came near me smiling. She had worn a white skin-tight t-shirt, a leather black jacket, and blue faded jeans. I went near her, thinking of shaking hands, but she came near me for a side hug, so I reciprocated the same way.

She had a very alluring sandal fragrance on her. I recollected myself, took a step back, and complimented her that she had gotten more beautiful now. She blushed a little and told me not to pull her legs. Then she turned towards her friends and started introducing them to me.

My cousin first introduced me to her friends and then started introducing them to me. By then, I too checked each of them once. The first girl was named ‘Neha’ who was also from Bangalore. She was fair with average beauty, but very skinny and also her height was similar to Manasa, around 5’2″. Unlike Manasa, she was wearing a loose top and jeans with a jacket.

Then she introduced me to the girl who was best looking in the lot named ‘Nancy’. She was around 5’6″ with an almost perfect figure for her age, a very fair and beautiful V-shaped face with few pimples here and there, bright lips, and a very hot body. She was a girl from Pune. I greeted her too, then moved on to the last person.

Her name was Arpita who was again around 5’6″ and had an average body and face. But her smile was very pure and beautiful. Also, she was the only one in a kurta and jacket and looked a lot more orthodox compared to the rest and she was from the Malnad region. I shook each of their hands and we started going towards the taxi stand.

Once we got them a taxi with all the luggage, only 3 people could comfortably sit in the taxi. So I told Manasa to come with me so she could hit a ride with me on my motorcycle. After telling the cab driver my address, I took Manasa towards motorcycle parking.

Me: Then, how is life going on, Manasa?

Manasa: All good, Anna. How about you? Hope I didn’t disturb you, Anna?

Me: I am doing good too. You didn’t disturb me at all. In fact, I am happy to see someone our own after this long.

Manasa: There should be very few people from the south here, right?

Me: Yes and the only place we meet is in the theatre if some superstar movie comes (lol).

By then, we came towards my bike and I started it. Since Manasa was wearing jeans, she chose to sit double-sided and I took her back in a relatively crowded and underdeveloped area. So, from time to time, I got to apply brakes and there would be some body contact. But I didn’t overdo it.

Initially, my cousin held my shoulder with a grip, but during the ride due to the speed, she had changed it to my waist and I was enjoying it. It had always been my dream since childhood and I was living at that moment.

We came to my apartment building before the cab came and we waited for them. Then once everyone came, we got the luggage and started moving towards my apartment. Manasa had most luggage as she was staying for a longer time here and I helped her with her heavy suitcase. Then my apartment lift was a bit congested for 5 people and all that luggage. But still, we squeezed in.

I went in first and got to a corner and kept a suitcase and a big bag on top of it. Then Arpita and Neha also entered and moved to my opposite corner. Then only at my side, there was space and Manasa moved in and stood facing me. Our height difference was too much and even before Manasa turned the other side, Nancy rushed in. She was having a pig bag pack on her back and it squeezed everyone.

She immediately apologized. But by then, Manasa was already lying on me and I was front hugging her and holding her tightly. She tried to turn but it was not an option, so she settled for that position. It was a lot harder for me to control my manhood from acting up while Manasa was hugging me and her big round boobs were tightly pressed on me like that.

Also, Manasa’s body fragrance was hitting up my brain. But then, I suddenly realized that the lift was not moving and all of them were looking at me with their eyes asking me for the floor number. I laughed internally and told Nancy to press on the 7th floor. Once we came to my floor, I got out of the lift, opened my apartment door, and invited the girls in.

Then I placed all their luggage in the hall and asked them what they would have for breakfast so I could order it from outside. Meanwhile, I took them to my room for them to freshen up.

Then I went to the kitchen to make some tea and Manasa followed me to help me out. I simply took a backseat and just helped Manasa with all the stuff when she started making tea.

Once the tea was ready, we came towards the hall and saw Nancy and Neha standing on the balcony connected to my hallway. Arpita was inside the room freshening up and changing.

Out of all the girls, Nancy was very open-minded and started talking about all kinds of stuff and her plans for Manali. During all these, she also spoke about having good liquor. Suddenly, the room went into a silent mode while Neha and Manasa were glaring at Nancy she slowly looked at me.

I got that she was not supposed to tell me that, but I acted naturally, smiled at her, and told her it was okay. Then I asked if they have enough liquor to carry or need to buy anything from Chandigarh. By then, everyone was shocked and even Manasa and Neha were looking at me. I told Manasa that it was okay and I had tried everything and I rarely drink at an office party or with friends. But I told her to keep it from my parents.

She smiled and told me, “Anna, you have changed a lot” to which I replied, “You changed a lot too, Manasa.” But by then, Nancy started laughing and told us that Manasa had strictly warned them not to talk about these things and projected me as a very orthodox and good boy. I smiled and asked her if she wanted to buy any liquor from Chandigarh as it was cheap here and also asked her who all used to drink. For that, she said that she was a good drinker whereas Neha and Manasa used to drink, but it was hard for them to hold their liquor after 3-4 pegs.

Arpita was a non-drinker and the one who made sure to look after everyone. I just smiled and then we started discussing the whole day’s plan of going out to visit Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden, then buying the liquor and coming back.

After having breakfast, all of them started to freshen up and by 12, we planned to go out for lunch followed by shopping at Elante Mall, then Rock Garden, and finally Sukhna Lake. This time, to my surprise, Nancy came to me on my bike and all the others took an auto. I didn’t think much and Nancy was very open, she held my waist from the beginning, and I was enjoying the feeling too. Towards our journey, she started talking and pulling my legs.

Nancy: Rahul, do you have a girlfriend?

Me: No I don’t.

But she was not ready to believe me and started teasing me again. By then, suddenly I took the initiative to ask her –

Me: Are you single?

For which without answering my question, she questioned me back.

Nancy: Are you checking my status quo now? And what if I say no, will you make me your girlfriend? (followed with a laugh)

Me: Since you were pulling my legs, I thought of returning the favor (and laughed).

Nancy: What? Am I not good-looking or Mr hero is mad that I didn’t allow Manasa to come with you? I can see how you look at her.

Me: What? Manasa is my sister.

Nancy: She is just a distant cousin, and don’t give me that shit. I have seen you checking Manasa out.

I didn’t know how to reply and just said nothing like that and ended my conversation there. We then reached the restaurant.

It’s all for this part and will continue this story in the next part. Feel free to comment and give feedback here or on my email.

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