Holiday experience

On a recent holiday to tenerie the hotel had an exexutive  roof area a few beds and a couple of jacuzzis and a self service bar  me and vicki spent the first few afternoons relaxing there as it  emptied by around tea time ,vicki felt comfortable and relaxed maybe the drink and took off her top to sunbathe as she joined me  topless in the jacuzzi we where flirting i could tell she was feeling horny .

I slipped a couple of fingers inside her as we kissed ,unnoticed by us a guy appeared and  kind of invited himself  to join us  ,we got chatting i noticed him looking vicki up and down when the bubbles stopped. 

Her 38c boobs stood proudly out in front of her WOW he gasped  if you dont mind me saying your mrs  has a  lovly pair  ,the wife knows that and enjoys been a tease thanking him for the compliment as she cupped them ,confessing that they where false looking at me as if for aproval his hands slowly  moved towards vicki and carressed them toying with her stiffening nipples. that certainly broke the ice ,introducing himself as rob. taking what i call a big big  chance  he openly spoke explaining to us  how he could read poeple and knew instantly my wife  vicki wanted him and claimed  also he knew i wanted her to desperately have him, asking her to openly answer if he was telling the truth .she had fucked other guys through out our marriage  looking for the thrill of sex keeping it secret from me ,he told us  not to fight it as  we would regret  missing the opertunity  and  that we wernt unique  in any way as lots actually most  couples fantasies about it but are too frightend to try it in case they enjoy it , as he  continued to explore vicki he told her he could  now scence how horny and desperate she now was and he was going to fuck her here and now for all our sakes ,

Then  he even had the confidence to tell her to ask him to fuck her  for me i knew by  her reaction and how they then kissed each other he had flicked a switch inside her to my suprise vicki seemed  really hot more turned on than i had ever seen her  enjoying the whole buzz of it .nervoisly but obediently  she looked submissively to him to take the lead asking him what he liked .he replied juzt sex with a wanten married women who was apreciative . unsure with the bubbles what was going on but when her head flung backwards and shevc began biting her bottom lip  i knew he was inside he bikini bottoms some how this was blowing my mind i was so turned on he then  pulled away from vicki and stepped out of the jacuzzi keeping hold of her hand as he helped her out, and led her to our sun bed as they again kissed with skill he effortlessly removed her bikini bottoms  revealling her clean shaven  but heavly swollen pink flesh she lay back and gave herself willingly to him as he slid between her now parted legs no gentle forplay as he pounded my wife to a rather vocal orgasm as she begged him to fuck her harder and harder he slowed and teased an extra orgasm out of her she was in heaven  delerious by the time he stiffended as he shot deep inside her he turned and told me you enjoyed that as much as i did didnt you .look look at your wife is that the happiest yove ever seen her vicki eagerly nodded in agrement as he told me to tidy my wife up  ,disappearing as quick as he turned up ,it was awsome the sex between us later was fantastic we where still reeling ,that evening in the hotel bar it was a massive shock  to us both as he was sat with his wife as if butter wouldnt melt ,during the evening he  did come over chatting to us on his way to the bar telling vicki how sexy she looked  asking me for our room number and told us same time tomorrow but he would sort her out good and proper for me next time

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