Tolly Queen 1

Episode : 1
Raima’s apartment was just 10 km away from Kader’s hotel ( Paradise ) cum office…… so it took only 30 minutes to reach her apartment. He rang the bell at seven on the dot and heard “Come on in Kaderbhai,” from the inside.

The door was unlocked so he pushed it open and stepped into the small foyer. The designs are all basically the same floor plan….. two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a combination living room / dining room / kitchen. There are four flats on each floor one in each corner of the building.

As you enter into a small foyer, you could see the second bathroom off to one side and a short hallway leading to the master bedroom on the other side. Ahead a hallway angled left or right leads past the second bedroom into the combination living room/dining-room/kitchen.

The floor plans are flipped so that the entry’s are near the elevators in the center of each floor and the living rooms are in the corners. A balcony runs all the way around the outside from the master bedroom at one end to the second bedroom. Doors in each bedroom and the living room open out to the balcony.

“Have a seat in the living room please…. I will be out in just one second,” Kader heard her say, “And help yourself to a drink if you want.”

He looked at the small bar and found an open bottle of Royal Stag sitting there, “Hmm this lady knows what I like,” he thought to himself. He poured a splash into a glass and was taking a sip when he heard…

“Hi…… stud…….” behind him.

He turned and saw Raima standing at the kitchen end of the room. He gasped at the beautiful spectacle. She stood beside the door with her hair was swept up at the back into a French Twist thing.

She was in short cocktail dress with tiny straps over their bare shoulders, bare legs and sandals. The dress was molded to her body without a wrinkle in sight and if he wasn’t mistaken, she hadn’t any panties under her clothes.

Raima wore a black Hot Pink. He could easily detect nipples poking at the fabric of her bosom…. so probably no bras either! “My GOD,” he said breathlessly, “You’re just perfect!”

Saying this he apologized for not coming yesterday in which Raima smiled generously, “I’m aware about your tight schedule…… so need to defend yourself.”

That’s when a young girl  came wearing just a baby-doll type tape frock…. from the kitchen and stood beside her. She was a carbon copy of Raima.. but much more younger than Raima. Raima has a sister, Riya…. mostly stayed at Mumbai for her shooting, but she looks opposite to Raima. So who is this little baby with so much similarities with Raima.

With a confused look, Kader stared at her questioningly and noticing that Raima quickly continued, “Oh…. meet Mina…. Mina Sarkar.”

“Hello….Mina….. how are you baby, But if you don’t mind Raima…… I can’t identify her.”

“She is Minu….. my adopted daughter cum sister cum friend cum….. any type of relationship, you can guess…. she is my all.”

“Oh… Didi, you’re so sweet….” the girl hugged Raima and kissed her cheeks.

“Thanks Minu…’re so cute and lovely…” Kader threw a loving smile to the girl.

“Mmmmmm, That’s exactly the reaction we were working for,” said Raima, “What do you think Minu, does he look worthy of me, you think we should let him take us to a dinner?”

“Oh yessss,” throwing a heavenly smile, the girl chimed, “I think he looks perfect for you.”

“Well then Mister Kader….. I mean Kaderbhai, that settles it! I think you look delicious, so you have a date,” Said Raima. “Where are you taking us?”

He had done some consulting work for a very popular, classy little restaurant near.

“I know just the place, I’m taking you to Tasty Inn….. near Nicco Park.”

“Oh, I know it,” said Raima, “but without a reservation we might have a long wait, it’s usually very crowded. Did you make a reservation?”

“No let’s just go and see….. if we have to wait a few minutes. But I’m sure, I will be the envy of every guy with the company of such two gorgeous ladies in the bar while we wait.”

“OK smooth talker, lets go,” said Raima with a beaming smile!

As expected “Tasty Inn” was crowded. There was a line of people waiting to put their names on the list at the counter. Raima and Mina waited while Kader was somehow able to collect the pass. They were immediately shown to a table in a corner at the back of the restaurant, not secluded but away from the traffic and very quiet.

Kader then introduced Raima and Mina to Tushar, owne of the restaurant, and Raima gushed about how much she liked the restaurant and how happy she was to meet the `famous’ owner. Kader could see the wheels turning in Tushar’s head seeing the famous gorgeous actress.

Kader insisted on making a special dinner for them and eventually they had a wonderful meal. Both Tushar and his wife Tina sat beside and chatted with them over coffee and after-dinner drinks. Raima and Tina seemed to like each other.

Tina became amazed to learn Mina’s identity that Mina wasn’t Raima’s biological daughter and was only **. It pleased Mina that people thought she was older. At last Raima had even allowed her a small glass of wine with dinner.

After dinner Kader took the two beauty princesses home and they sat on a sofa in the drawing room….. talked a while as he had another Royal Challenge Black. Soon Mina said, “I’m going to bed and leave you two alone”


She gave Raima a kiss on her left cheek and then kissed Kader’s cheek too. After that she disappeared around the corner. He looked at Raima as she patted the couch beside her and said, “Come sit. I want to tell you something important.” Kader obeyed.

“After the accidental death of Mina’s parents who are our family’s longtime cook and maid, it was tough to console their only daughter. Yes, it took a long time to forget that incident, but I finally realized that life must go on. And that’s when, I decide to look after her as my daughter. For me but especially for Mina….. I decide to marry. I dated a few men…. I guess I measured them all against our choices. And none of them measured up. I want you to know that because I think…. I feel something very different with you. We haven’t known each other long and I don’t want to scare you away by moving too fast. But I feel that you might someday be very important to Mina and me and I don’t want there to be any secrets if that does really happen. I like you and I think Mina likes you also.”

Before she could continue Kader said, “I’m glad to hear that you think this might be something special because I feel that way too. And I don’t want anything to get in the way of that either.”

Raima paused for a moment thinking obviously about what was on her mind. Then she said, “I am not usually so straight forward but I feel that I don’t want to waste a lot of time getting to know you better. So I hope you aren’t pissed off if I seem pushy or forward. I’m a very sexual person and I have had sex with a few men…. however all belongs to film-industry. You know very well that there’s no love…… we, the actresses have the compulsion to maintain a steady relationship with producers, directors, actors etc….. and have sex also. But I don’t know when or if we are going to have sex and I have had a few drinks tonight…. yah, I find you to be very exciting.”

“But you maybe sure, I will never take advantage of any situation. I didn’t ever assume that we might get to that point on a first date or ever for that matter. But I want you to know that I think you are the sexiest, most exciting person I have ever met in Tollygunge film-industry and I am very attracted to you.” Kader replied.

With that they kissed. Tentatively at first and then more eagerly. Her arms went around his neck and pulled him to her. He turned to bring their bodies together. Their lips parted and tongues began to wrestle in each others mouths. He couldn’t remember how long that kiss lasted but they were both kinda out of breath when they pulled apart. Their eyes were glassy in emotion and she said.

“Wow, that was a kiss to remember. Let me get my breath. I want to be sure you understand. I don’t know why I’m telling you this ’cause I hardly know you. But I had what I guess could be called an open relationship. You may know my relation with Parambrata…. no doubt he is a good lover and we had great sex together!”

“Yes…. but I think that becomes to an end,” Kader commented.

Raima nodded as she continued, “Sometimes we tele persons were attracted to other people, we usually talked about it first. Then if he or I didn’t have any objection we would go ahead and do it. We would have sex… let’s use the word…… we would fuck with that other person. Sometimes we would be with other people before we talked with each other but not often. I would love to have that kind of relationship again. What do you think? Am I a nymphomaniac?”

“I don’t know you very well, yet, but you are clearly not a nymphomaniac in my eyes. If this is a true confession time, then I want you to know a few things about me also. I too like sex.I like it a lot! As for example, I couldn’t come here yesterday due Rachana. Not only she, after my settlement in Tollygunge film-industry before two yrs ago, I’ve some spl relationships with more than five actresses so far. Actually I really appreciate Bengalee heroines….. I think they’re the most sexy women…. just like you. And I like to flirt a lot with lots of women. I guess some people would say that I have a roving eye.” Kader also opened himself totally.

Raima looked at him with one eyebrow raised, “More than five…. spl relationship…. just flirting?’ she asked.

“No, sometimes more than just flirting or spl relationship,” he said, “I think you can understand that. I am a very friendly guy with liberal mentality. I don’t necessarily go looking for sex, or to cheat on anyone. But I think that if there is a situation where emotions are hot and the clothes are coming off, go with it. However we will discuss it later!”

“Are you telling me that you might want to be with other women even if we were committed to each other?”

He looked straight into her beautiful eyes as he replied, “Not other women generally, I’ve already told you I prefer only the beautiful Bengalee actresses. So I don’t want to ever be anything but honest with you about my personal fantasy. It was a discussion exactly like this that caused my ex-wife and I to decide that there was no future for us together.”

Raima sat for a moment just looking at him, not speaking, then she smiled and said, “I couldn’t have said it better. I feel exactly the same way. I was thinking of how I was going to tell you much the same thing.”

He took her in his arms and they kissed deeply. It was a kiss that was like no other he had ever experienced. He felt a connection, a something that he still can’t describe. He then felt a closeness and partnership with the 40 yrs old glamorous Bengalee heroine which left him breathless.

He knew at that moment that she was the other half of him. He hadn’t thought that he was a partial being, a partial existence. But that kiss showed him, showed them both what was missing in their lives. She felt it too.

He knew because they talked about it later. Their tongues wrestled with each other as he caressed her boobs through the clothes and she moaned deep in her throat. As the kisses heated up, he eased the dress’s straps off from her shoulders. He pulled her dress down to her waist freeing her naked medium size boobs to be kissed too.

He loves handfuls size titties more and these were perfect. Her pink nipples were hard like little pebbles and poked up from her brownish aureole. He moved the kissing from her lips to her neck….. to her nipples…..sucking and gently nipping with his teeth.

As he was kissing he moved his hand down across her tummy toward her crotch and she opened her legs gladly to give him better access. He slid his hand up her thighs under her dress and became glad discovering that there were no panties. Her pussy was sopping wet as he rubbed her clit and pushed a finger inside.

Raima’s hips started gentle fucking motions impaling herself on his fingers hard long fingers….. trying to get them further up inside her hot, juicy cunt. Then there escaped little shudders as she began a series of mini-cums, until she became froze and clamped her thighs together in a much bigger orgasm.

After a minute she relaxed and opened her eyes. He then curled his fingers up toward the front of her pussy. He found what he was looking for and gently rubbed / scratched her highly sensitive “G” spot.

She had a wild look in her eyes and again clamped her thighs together, trapping his hand and fingers in her vice. She said huskily, “I don’t usually fuck on the first date, but take me to bed. Take me to bed and fuck me. Fuck me hard with your massive cock. Please fuck me now…. immediately!”

She led him to her bedroom practically running down the hallway. He looked into Mina’s room as they passed it. But it seemed that she was asleep. Raima flipped the covers down on her king-sized bed. Instantly she dropped her small dress around her ankles, while he finished taking off his pants, shoes and socks.

Just like her mother Munmun, Raima’s body was also breathtaking but he didn’t take much time admiring it as she was urging him to hurry. She lay back on the bed….. her feet flat on the bed and her knees in the air…. spread wide….. inviting him with a wicked grin.

She started stroking her pussy and clit as he climbed between her legs and pushed his face into her sopping pussy. Her body jerked and she let out a long, low groan as she tried to lift herself closer to his probing tongue. He spent a few seconds there.

Then he continued his assault down to the bottom of her long juicy slit, and stuck his rough tongue in as far as it would go. Hers was as sweet a pussy as he’d ever tasted. And he loves to eat pussy. She had a nice fresh clean smell and taste.

Kader licked up to her clit sucked it…. lightly chewed it… and then down again, pressing the tip of his tongue to her dark rosebud….. her slightly crinkled asshole. Her hips suddenly jerked up with his experienced tongue’s ministrations on her dirty anus. He gripped her ass firmly so that he could tongue her musky scented bung hole.

“Oh Yesssss lick me there… no stop…not now…… I can’t hold anymore….. fuck me!!” She hissed as she reached and grabbed his arms. She pulled him up so that they were now face to face. And said loudly, “FUCK ME NOW. FUCK ME HARD. FUCK ME LONG. PLEASE FUCK ME.”

He was afraid that Mina would hear her. So he clamped his mouth over her mouth and reached between them to put his throbbing cock at her opening. He eased his hips forward and slowly slid his nine-inch cock full-length into her hot gusset.

Her pussy fit his circumcised cock like a glove. It seemed like it was caressing his cock from one end to the other. Enjoying the heavenly sensations on his rock hard tool for few seconds, he started pounding…. with long…. slow and steady thrusts…. deep fucking her. He had learned early on that starting slow and letting his partner get warmed up was always better than slam-bam thank-you ma’am.

Being a crazy bitch in heat, as Raima was urging him faster and harder as he obliged…… gradually increased his fucking….. faster and deeper. Then he switched to short quick strokes, and then back to long slow strokes.

With each stroke he could feel his cock bumping into the small opening of her cervix. She started to match with his thrusting…… pushing her hips up to meet his downward thrusts…. they were now just a fucking machine. Each one was receiving from and giving to the other. It was an incredible experience for him and he hoped for her too.

Just then she started arching her hips up toward him…. bouncing off the mattress totally… her hips was fucking back at him a mile a minute.

“Oh GOD YESSSSS… it’s sooo good….. OH GOD….. I’m cumming…… I’m cumming….. I’m cuuuuuummmmminnnnnggggg,” Raima screamed like a wolf.

Next moment her body became stiffened and then just froze for few seconds. With one last thrust deep into her convulsing pussy, he shot his boiling load and the walls of her spasming cunt milked his cock dry. It was incredible.

He rested over her soft body for few moments, supporting his weight on his arms, letting the tingling sensations on his cock and belly ease away. Then his cock popped out of her as he rolled off and lay on the bed beside her. She was still muttering “so good… so good” along with little moans and sighs.

They rested for several minutes not talking, both of them just reliving the experience. For him it was the most exciting, fulfilling sex that he had had. They gradually returned to the present, he wondered if maybe he should leave and go his office so Mina wouldn’t find him here in the morning.

He had no doubt that she knew they might have sex when she left them. But he didn’t know how it would be in the light of a new day. Raima said that it was OK to stay the night, as Mina had seen similar mornings in the past and didn’t have any problem with it.

With that she rolled on to her side and spooned into him. “Move over a little” she said, “There is a big wet spot here that I don’t want to sleep on.”

He moved and she also moved with him. He put his arm over her as she took his hand and put it on her boobs. She muttered “so good… so good…” as they both drifted off to sleep.


“Oh! Eeeuuu! Look at the mess you two made here.” He opened his eyes in the morning and saw Mina in her pajamas getting into bed on the other side of Raima.

Kader was a little startled instantly noticing the cute girl there and could see that they were still nude. Above all he had his normal morning wood that moment. Raima woke too and smiled at her adopted daughter, “Good morning sweetie, did you sleep well?”

“G’Morning Maa, only after you finished all that screaming and hissing, I can slept…… OK.”

“Oh sorry sweetie I didn’t realize we so much noisy.”

“Oh pooh Maa, you shouldn’t sorry for that,” Mina teased.

“OK dear, you’re right, I’m not sorry,” laughed Raima.

“Are you going to fix me some breakfast or am I gonna starve this morning.”

“I’ll be there in just a minute, you go to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee. We will be right out.”

“OK Maa, but you two don’t start anything silly once again or you will never get out of bed today,” giggled Mina.

“You sassy little scamp, get out of here,” with a mock anger, Raima swatted the innocent girl’s ass.

“Owwwiiiieeeeee……! Child abuse! You saw it uncle, you are my witness!”

“Me? But I didn’t see anything…. I didn’t hear anything…… I know noottthhhiiinnng!” Kader also joined into their teasing imitation like an little kid….. showing his acting capability.

They all laughed as Mina went out. Raima then turned to him and they kissed, “Uggghhh, morning breath, sorry about that” she said, “But I wanted to kiss you dear and thank you for last night that was the best sex I’ve had since my separation with Param.”

“It was my pleasure…. but you certainly don’t have to thank me for what we had together. It was also the best sex I’ve ever had. Thank you, Raima darling! But I’m sorry Mina saw me like this.”

“It’s OK. Actually I want her to learn more about sex. She is usually shyer around the men. She has never come in here like this when a man was here, maybe she likes you. I’m sure about that.”

Saying that she leaned in and kissed him again…. this time with a lot of tongue. However both of them didn’t even notice the morning mouth.

He cupped one of her boobs and lightly pinched the nipple, which immediately stood at attention….. looking for more of the same. She moaned and reached down…… grabbing his stiffening cock. She stroked it when they heard Mina shout from the kitchen.

“Are you two again started fooling around in there or want to take your breakfast… Oh God…. they’re just like a newly wed horny couple?” Mina hissed from the kitchen.

Raima giggled and whispered, “Save this for later” then said to Mina, “We’re coming sweetie….. right now.”

Kader then went into the bathroom to relieve his bladder and when he returned to
get dressed, Raima was gone. He went into the kitchen and became startled noticing her there that she was still nude…. without a stitch of clothe. He couldn’t believe his eyes as a quick gasp came out from his mouth. Instantly a sudden swelling started to create in his pants.

She then explained that they usually were very casual about wearing clothes at home and would that be ‘OK’ with him also. So he need not to be embarrassed at all.

Hearing her explanation, he thought, ‘Well, two gorgeous women who seem to like me, want to sometimes be nude around me?Would that be OK?? Hmmm??? I’m pinching myself to be sure this isn’t a dream. Uh… yah…. I guess that would be OK with me.’

Wow! His head hadn’t stopped spinning since he met these beautiful creatures…. one is a quite mature while the other one is like a blossoming flower. If this is a dream he hopes he never wakes up!’

After a light breakfast, Mina left the kitchen and went to bathroom while Raima and Kader chatted. They heard her shower running and then a little later she came back…… wearing just a red bra with a pair of matching red panties…… tiny clothes were too much thin and sheer.

He had seen her previous day wearing only a mini tape frock without any bra. But now….. his eyes popped out in surprise as he choked on a mouthful of coffee almost spraying everyone with it. Her titties were tiny……. just started growing….. but they were perfect, with hard little pink nipples in the middle of light brownish areola….. fully visible through the sheer materials.

“Oh GOD, I must have died and gone to perv heaven.” He groaned.

Mina had a shy little smile on her face, and when he looked at Raima, she was looking at Mina with a raised eyebrow as a little smirk appeared on her lips.

“I think we may have to call 111,” she said laughingly.

Mina asked if she could go to her friend’s house and after getting permission, she put her top….. a matching skirt and was out the door.

“Well here we are alone again,” Raima smiled, “Can you think of anything that might keep us occupied for a little while?”

“I think I would like to finish what we started when Mina called us for breakfast,” he proposed.

“I’d like that too, yes….. I like the way you think,” Raima grinned.

They went back to her bedroom and once again he shed his clothes off while she lay back on the bed and began fingering her already heated pussy. This time he wanted to worship her so he said, “Just lay back and let me love you darling, OK?”

Kader then started kissing her thin but juicy lips…. her eyes….. her ears….. her neck…. slowly and gently…… just brushing his lips to her smooth flesh. He started to move down her arm…… lifted each of the arms one by one….. and then pushed his mouth to her dark hair covered smelly armpits.

He sniffed the intoxicating fragrance of her armpits and licked those sometimes….. then moved down further to her fingertips….. kissing each one. Then back up to the arm….. to her boobs and nipples. He just couldn’t get enough of those nipples.

Kissing….. sucking….. nibbling…. first the right one and then the left. She was moaning now and urging him to move faster….. telling him that she wanted him in her pussy now. But he continued his kissing and caressing….. slowly very slowly.

Few moments later, he moved down and kissed her belly button….. further down….. closing in on her pussy. It was still crusty with last night’s mixture of his cum and her juices. As he kissed and licked around her opening, he could taste the combination.

He has tasted cum before…. his own, so he wasn’t the least hesitant to push his tongue into her hole and get a good taste of their combined texture. It tasted great by the way. Meanwhile Raima’s moaning and growling increased with his tongue’s continuous assault.

She was fucking her hips up against his face now….. begging him to put his cock into her burning cauldron. Instead he used his two fingers to spread her pussy-lips apart so that he could stimulate around her clit. She was already wet from her rapid secretions but at first he wanted to suck those sweet honey.

He caressed her clit and he wanted it to be protruding from its little hood before he took it in his mouth. As he moved his lips to her clit….. tongued and sucked, he slid his middle finger into her honeypot…. felt up to the front and found her G spot.

When he began to massage it she screamed as her first orgasm of the morning washed away and went rigid under him. He continued his kissing while she calm down slowly from her high.

He then kissed down her thighs. As he got back to her pussy once again, she was thrusting her hips up to meet his probing tongue…. pleading him now to fuck her. This time he kissed her clit once more…… then rose up and planted his throbbing cobra cock into her gushing cunt.

To be continued…..

Tolly Queen 2

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