Tolly Queen 1

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Episode : 1
Raima’s apartment was just 10 km away from Kader’s hotel ( Paradise ) cum office…… so it took only 30 minutes to reach her apartment. He rang the bell at seven on the dot and heard “Come on in Kaderbhai,” from the inside.

The door was unlocked so he pushed it open and stepped into the small foyer. The designs are all basically the same floor plan….. two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a combination living room / dining room / kitchen. There are four flats on each floor one in each corner of the building.

As you enter into a small foyer, you could see the second bathroom off to one side and a short hallway leading to the master bedroom on the other side. Ahead a hallway angled left or right leads past the second bedroom into the combination living room/dining-room/kitchen.

The floor plans are flipped so that the entry’s are near the elevators in the center of each floor and the living rooms are in the corners. A balcony runs all the way around the outside from the master bedroom at one end to the second bedroom. Doors in each bedroom and the living room open out to the balcony.

“Have a seat in the living room please…. I will be out in just one second,” Kader heard her say, “And help yourself to a drink if you want.”

He looked at the small bar and found an open bottle of Royal Stag sitting there, “Hmm this lady knows what I like,” he thought to himself. He poured a splash into a glass and was taking a sip when he heard…

“Hi…… stud…….” behind him.

He turned and saw Raima standing at the kitchen end of the room. He gasped at the beautiful spectacle. She stood beside the door with her hair was swept up at the back into a French Twist thing.

She was in short cocktail dress with tiny straps over their bare shoulders, bare legs and sandals. The dress was molded to her body without a wrinkle in sight and if he wasn’t mistaken, she hadn’t any panties under her clothes.

Raima wore a black Hot Pink. He could easily detect nipples poking at the fabric of her bosom…. so probably no bras either! “My GOD,” he said breathlessly, “You’re just perfect!”

Saying this he apologized for not coming yesterday in which Raima smiled generously, “I’m aware about your tight schedule…… so need to defend yourself.”

That’s when a young girl  came wearing just a baby-doll type tape frock…. from the kitchen and stood beside her. She was a carbon copy of Raima.. but much more younger than Raima. Raima has a sister, Riya…. mostly stayed at Mumbai for her shooting, but she looks opposite to Raima. So who is this little baby with so much similarities with Raima.

With a confused look, Kader stared at her questioningly and noticing that Raima quickly continued, “Oh…. meet Mina…. Mina Sarkar.”

“Hello….Mina….. how are you baby, But if you don’t mind Raima…… I can’t identify her.”

“She is Minu….. my adopted daughter cum sister cum friend cum….. any type of relationship, you can guess…. she is my all.”

“Oh… Didi, you’re so sweet….” the girl hugged Raima and kissed her cheeks.

“Thanks Minu…’re so cute and lovely…” Kader threw a loving smile to the girl.

“Mmmmmm, That’s exactly the reaction we were working for,” said Raima, “What do you think Minu, does he look worthy of me, you think we should let him take us to a dinner?”

“Oh yessss,” throwing a heavenly smile, the girl chimed, “I think he looks perfect for you.”

“Well then Mister Kader….. I mean Kaderbhai, that settles it! I think you look delicious, so you have a date,” Said Raima. “Where are you taking us?”

He had done some consulting work for a very popular, classy little restaurant near.

“I know just the place, I’m taking you to Tasty Inn….. near Nicco Park.”

“Oh, I know it,” said Raima, “but without a reservation we might have a long wait, it’s usually very crowded. Did you make a reservation?”

“No let’s just go and see….. if we have to wait a few minutes. But I’m sure, I will be the envy of every guy with the company of such two gorgeous ladies in the bar while we wait.”

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