A sweet wife slowly learns to let go on vacation

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Swingers storie – A sweet wife slowly learns to let go on vacation

We were empty nesters and it was mostly going pretty well. I have heard it said that the primary problem that many empty nesters have is that they can’t stop smiling. While my wife Jennifer missed the kids somewhat, texting made things much better than it would have been 30 years ago. She was slowly starting to become someone who was not a non-stop mom, but a regular person who occasionally thought of herself.

And if she wasn’t always thinking of herself, well, I often was. My wife had this almost eternal youth thing going. She was in her very early 50’s but she honestly looked about 20 years younger except for the random sprinklings of gray in her brown hair. Jennifer was probably in better shape than she was back then when the kids were younger, and the fact that about 2% of her hair was light gray against the rest of her darker hair looked really hot on her for some reason. Her skin was a beautiful light brown, and she had a dazzling smile that drew people to her. She didn’t have enormous breasts, but they were amazing. They had survived age and children proudly and defiantly, and they were topped with prominent nipples that made the package perfect.

On the face of it, I had nothing to complain about. I had a beautiful wife, and indeed a willing wife. She loved my passion for her and knew how to excite it – within limits. Unfortunately, she also had classic morals to go along with her classic beauty.

In the beginning of our relationship, I figured this would evolve as sex usually does in a relationship, but it didn’t. Well, it did, but at a glacial pace. After 30 years, she had reached a place where she was okay with me talking about fantasies for fun as long as I understood that she didn’t really think about these things as much as I did. And after 30 years of relatively vanilla sex, albeit with a gorgeous woman, I had a lot of fantasies.

I tried to talk her into a few of these fantasies, but she wouldn’t really bite on any of them. She didn’t hold it against me at all, even when I occasionally talked about having sex with another woman just for fun, but she mostly just laughed them off. Mostly.

While she made some very strong statements about not being interested in anything that didn’t look like a model marriage situation, you could tell that she didn’t really push back in a big way when I started talking about her showing herself off for other people, especially guys. She used slightly different language when I started talking about her being the center of attention poolside in a bikini that would become see-through when wet or maybe at a topless beach with a bunch of young men walking by. She wouldn’t say she wouldn’t do it, she’d just say something like, “That’s not the sort of thing a nice woman would do.” And then she’d start getting just a little more excited, sometimes so much that I think she was embarrassed that her body was betraying her.

Occasionally, when I wasn’t talking about it she’d clearly be trying to lead me into it in a way that didn’t make her look bad. “Wouldn’t it be terrible if people were watching us?”, she’d say in mid-fuck. “I’d be so embarrassed…they’d probably think I was a total slut”, she would say in the most innocent way possible so she could look like a good wife. But she knew where I’d pick up that conversation, assuming that her mentioning it didn’t get me off right then and there. The thought of some guys seeing me drill my wife while her tits bounced around and her legs wrapped around him was often just the thing that made me come like a teenager.

After decades of waiting for her to come out of shell a little, I decided I had to stop being patient and take a little more initiative. It was becoming clear that she didn’t hate the idea of being a little more free-spirited, but was paralyzed by the notion that her very large circle of conservative acquaintances might find out something and her reputation would be ruined. I needed to get her somewhere that she could be a little freer, where the atmosphere was just a little more sexually charged, and where she didn’t know anyone.

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