An Aunt, an Uncle, adds twins, and look out

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What’s a hero to do? Well now, at the moment ours isn’t doing much of anything. Although, his smugly self-satisfied grin is doing double duty as a pat on the back. Then again, why not? After all, he’s just finished restoring his pool to its proper state of pristine beauty! Only poor Alex’s grin has just evaporated. Looking around questioningly, his bushy red-blonde brows knit in to the barest of frowns. Then, and certainly not sounding very hero like, he mutters a disgruntled “Where the fuck did those fool twins get off too?”

When last seen, those erstwhile, trash-toting helpers of his had been seen headed for the garage. Now more curious then annoyed, Alex hurriedly stows the pool cleaning chemicals and equipment in his backyard’s small storage shed. Mission accomplished his grin returns, flashing wickedly beneath eyes bright with mirth. Honestly, it’s just because our heroic homeowner has decided its time to track down, and find out what sort of mischief his young nephews have hunted up.

He’s off on a quest; or maybe, it’s simply a case of hot pursuit. Whatever, our hero’s long strides quickly carry him away from the inviting sparkle of that pool’s cool waters. Passing by the Jacuzzi, he spares it a glance, once again thankful for its protective cover. Then, charging between a pair of Italian Cyprus, our hero turns the corner, swinging on to the sidewalk running beside the garage and out to the driveway. Spotting the twins he slows, his look of puzzlement morphing in to a bemused grin as he comes to an abrupt halt. Alex has noticed, of course he has, that those trash bags they’d worked so diligently to stuff with leaves and trash now lay discarded, abandoned by the garage’s side door.

Those gold bricking nephews, well there about ten feet further on down the walkway. Yes and for the moment at least they remain as unaware of their Uncle’s arrival, as they are of his scrutiny. Oblivious, at least of their uncle, they go right-on peering furtively over the gate separating walkway from driveway. With dawning realization, Alex watches as their elbow jabs and jostling give way to snickers and a flurry of conspiratorial whispers. Sure, he’s shaking his head, but his wicked grin is knowing. After all, he’s sure, positive in fact that he knows precisely why his wayward nephews are standing there, seemingly riveted in place. Aware of just what his young nephew’s eyes are feasting on, he nods his approval. Not surprisingly, his “Oh fuck no…she wouldn’t,” goes equally unnoticed.

Bemused, Alex lingers, wondering if his nephews, identical, blonde, and blue-eyed nineteen-year-old twins, appreciate the fact that they get their good looks from their mother. Unfortunately, and he knows there’s just no way around it, but Matt and Travis sure didn’t get their height from his petite, but undeniably vivacious sister-in-law. Still, and he hates like Hell to admit it, but there’s no denying that his always irksome brother could justifiably claim credit for the pair of six footers , who lean and tan, look like they might have stepped straight off a California beach. As if that isn’t enough, what really bugs him is the annoying fact that he has never been able to tell them apart; well that, and that he still can’t! Then, for that matter, neither can the svelte vixen who, just now happens to be the extremely deserving object of their hormone saturated, lust driven gawking. Yes, and that hazel eyed, raven-haired beauty, just coincidently happens to be lucky old Alex’s wife. That uninhibited vixen is Jackie, who as Alex knows is always eager to enjoy the spotlight. Uninhibited and daring, our heroine most definitely has a penchant for the erotic thrill of an appreciative audience! Only, about that her studly young nephews haven’t a clue.

If those gawking nineteen year olds were thinking at all, which of course their not, they might grudgingly admit to being a couple of peeping Toms. Of course, Alex would disagree! Our hero, having studied up on such things, would much prefer to call them a pair of lucky, make that a pair of very lucky spectators. Then again, there’s Jackie! Right and the question of what their favorite aunt would have to say on that subject isn’t likely to get within a million miles of either twin’s lust shrouded brains. Still, if it did, and if they bothered to ask Alex, that pair of young studs would get a surprising answer. First off, as he would readily, not to mention happily point out, that charming, but hedonistically inclined exhibitionist could care less about such trivial distinctions! In that tart’s erotically charged mind, peeping Tom, voyeur, spectator, or audience, whichever, to her it’s an obvious case of vive la différence! So yes, is it any wonder that Jackie is our heroin?

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