An Aunt, an Uncle, adds twins, and look out

What’s a hero to do? Well now, at the moment ours isn’t doing much of anything. Although, his smugly self-satisfied grin is doing double duty as a pat on the back. Then again, why not? After all, he’s just finished restoring his pool to its proper state of pristine beauty! Only poor Alex’s grin has just evaporated. Looking around questioningly, his bushy red-blonde brows knit in to the barest of frowns. Then, and certainly not sounding very hero like, he mutters a disgruntled “Where the fuck did those fool twins get off too?”

When last seen, those erstwhile, trash-toting helpers of his had been seen headed for the garage. Now more curious then annoyed, Alex hurriedly stows the pool cleaning chemicals and equipment in his backyard’s small storage shed. Mission accomplished his grin returns, flashing wickedly beneath eyes bright with mirth. Honestly, it’s just because our heroic homeowner has decided its time to track down, and find out what sort of mischief his young nephews have hunted up.

He’s off on a quest; or maybe, it’s simply a case of hot pursuit. Whatever, our hero’s long strides quickly carry him away from the inviting sparkle of that pool’s cool waters. Passing by the Jacuzzi, he spares it a glance, once again thankful for its protective cover. Then, charging between a pair of Italian Cyprus, our hero turns the corner, swinging on to the sidewalk running beside the garage and out to the driveway. Spotting the twins he slows, his look of puzzlement morphing in to a bemused grin as he comes to an abrupt halt. Alex has noticed, of course he has, that those trash bags they’d worked so diligently to stuff with leaves and trash now lay discarded, abandoned by the garage’s side door.

Those gold bricking nephews, well there about ten feet further on down the walkway. Yes and for the moment at least they remain as unaware of their Uncle’s arrival, as they are of his scrutiny. Oblivious, at least of their uncle, they go right-on peering furtively over the gate separating walkway from driveway. With dawning realization, Alex watches as their elbow jabs and jostling give way to snickers and a flurry of conspiratorial whispers. Sure, he’s shaking his head, but his wicked grin is knowing. After all, he’s sure, positive in fact that he knows precisely why his wayward nephews are standing there, seemingly riveted in place. Aware of just what his young nephew’s eyes are feasting on, he nods his approval. Not surprisingly, his “Oh fuck no…she wouldn’t,” goes equally unnoticed.

Bemused, Alex lingers, wondering if his nephews, identical, blonde, and blue-eyed nineteen-year-old twins, appreciate the fact that they get their good looks from their mother. Unfortunately, and he knows there’s just no way around it, but Matt and Travis sure didn’t get their height from his petite, but undeniably vivacious sister-in-law. Still, and he hates like Hell to admit it, but there’s no denying that his always irksome brother could justifiably claim credit for the pair of six footers , who lean and tan, look like they might have stepped straight off a California beach. As if that isn’t enough, what really bugs him is the annoying fact that he has never been able to tell them apart; well that, and that he still can’t! Then, for that matter, neither can the svelte vixen who, just now happens to be the extremely deserving object of their hormone saturated, lust driven gawking. Yes, and that hazel eyed, raven-haired beauty, just coincidently happens to be lucky old Alex’s wife. That uninhibited vixen is Jackie, who as Alex knows is always eager to enjoy the spotlight. Uninhibited and daring, our heroine most definitely has a penchant for the erotic thrill of an appreciative audience! Only, about that her studly young nephews haven’t a clue.

If those gawking nineteen year olds were thinking at all, which of course their not, they might grudgingly admit to being a couple of peeping Toms. Of course, Alex would disagree! Our hero, having studied up on such things, would much prefer to call them a pair of lucky, make that a pair of very lucky spectators. Then again, there’s Jackie! Right and the question of what their favorite aunt would have to say on that subject isn’t likely to get within a million miles of either twin’s lust shrouded brains. Still, if it did, and if they bothered to ask Alex, that pair of young studs would get a surprising answer. First off, as he would readily, not to mention happily point out, that charming, but hedonistically inclined exhibitionist could care less about such trivial distinctions! In that tart’s erotically charged mind, peeping Tom, voyeur, spectator, or audience, whichever, to her it’s an obvious case of vive la différence! So yes, is it any wonder that Jackie is our heroin?


As things happen, Alex’s brother Tom, his wife Phyllis, and their twins of course, are on vacation. That makes it a family vacation, right? So naturally, they decided to spend a few days of that vacation at Jackie and Alex’s. It’s about time too! Even though they live only about nine hundred miles apart, the families haven’t gotten together since the twins attended middle school. Now, having just graduated from High School, and despite their determinedly vociferous protests, the twins are suffering through what they sure hope is their last family vacation. Shuddering with dread they’ve conjured up images of, “Ugg, please God, not like in that stupid old summer vacation movie!”

In serious need of a fun fix, they aren’t thinking that a weekend at their aunt and uncle’s offers much promise. Still, when their parents head out to spend the day visiting old school chums, hopes soar! After all, their aunt and uncle are, well, almost cool! For sure, or so they’ve agreed anyway, at least they’d never do anything quite as dorky as dragging their kids along on a family vacation. Anyway, that slim hope was enough for Travis to have told his doubting Thomas of a brother, “Well fuck bro, Maybe this whole stupid weekend won’t turn in to a total bore fest after all!”

Resigned to their fate, the twins have agreed to help their uncle cleanup the mess left by last night’s gusting winds. Alex is working on the pool, while the boys rake, sweep, and diligently bag. Then, back from a trip to the neighborhood Super Market, Jackie comes strolling out on to the patio. Despite her eye-popping entrance, Alex catches the brazen glint of mischief flashing in her eyes. Never mind what she’s wearing, Alex figures her walk alone would be enough to get her stoned ins, oh say Saudi Arabia.

Ignoring a trio of appreciative, hungry eyed stares, Jackie stops, hands planted challengingly on her hips. Dismissing Alex’s loud wolf whistle with a haughty snort, her shoulder length black curls get a coquettish flip. Cocking her head provocatively to one side, she swirls the pink tip of her tongue over lips, full and ripe with sensuality. Then coyly, if not quite discreetly, she checks-out the telltale swelling in a couple of suddenly nervous twins shorts. Dressed in cutoff jean shorts, very short and very tight jean shorts in fact, and looking utterly cool, she exudes a fiery sensuality. Her hot pink tank top leaves a taught flat midriff bare, while doing a masterful job of highlighting a pair of nipples, jauntily jutting from the tantalizing swell of her luscious 36-C breasts. Her sexy lilt full of tease, she warns, “Hurry boys!” Then, spinning gracefully away, she looks back over a shoulder, announcing with an arched eyebrow, “Because, I’m off to wash my car, and then I’m going to lie out and soak up some of this yummy sunshine!”


Having just crept stealthily up on the twins, and unnoticed, our hero stands quietly, positioned where he can look between their heads and out on to the driveway. As expected, sure enough, he’s caught sight of, whom else, his eye-captivating wife! After all, hadn’t Jackie announced her intention to wash her latest toy, a fiery red, sleekly curved Mini Cooper convertible? Which explains why she’s bending over, carefully drawing a chamois across its gleaming hood? Which of course, is why there’s a whole lot of exceedingly delectable looking ass cheek on display? Then too, there’s the tantalizing fact of our heroine’s tiny hot pink tank top. To be sure, it’s doing a sensational job of clinging to a bountiful pair of prettily rounded breasts. Of course, it did a fine job of that, and even before it was sopping wet.

Just now, poor Alex, he’s looking stumped! Our clueless hero just can’t decide which of his nephews, is it Matt, or is it Travis snickering around his whispered, “Fuck bro, check out those tits…awesome, just fucking awesome!” Whichever one it is, he likes the sound of his, “Oh shit, I wonder if Uncle Alex would mind if I yanked up that fucking tank top? Oh man, wouldn’t I’d just love to grab a double handful of those tits!”

Fascinated, Alex figures his young nephew’s question is rhetorical. Getting a kick out of their overflowing exuberance, but not quite ready to reveal his presence, he shakes his head as he stifles a chuckle. Too bad, he’s thinking, because, as our hero knows, Jackie loves a little audience participation! Of course, what he’d really like to do is to tell his young nephews, “Right on, so go for it already!”

Instead, he’s nodding as he sees that other, and equally indistinguishable nephew drive an elbow jab in to his wincing brother’s ribs. After all, he may just have figured out who’s who! That not exactly playful poke is followed-up with a boastful sounding, “Fuck that, who cares what Uncle Alex thinks!” Sure enough, that did it, and now Alex is certain, well almost certain, that he’s listening to Matt. Because he’s seen it before, Alex knows just which one of his precocious nephew’s likes to play the smartass. Taking after his father, Matt is the twin with the reputation for being quick to declare himself a smartass. Only the young smartass is apparently still Oblivious to his uncle’s presence, proving it with his snickered, “Shit bro, one tug and those freaking shorts would be down around her ankles. Oh fuck yes, and I just bet she’s got one pretty pussy too!”

Responding with an exaggerated groan of misery, his brother replies with a long-drawn-out “Shut up!” Then, and suddenly sounding a lot more serious, he asks, “Oh fuck, do you suppose Uncle Alex would let us get her naked?”

Delivered, along with an exasperated snort, his brother’s disgusted, “Well duh,” is followed-up with an optimistic, “Hell bro, they probably do that swing thing too!” He’s laughing though, when he says, “Hey, well you’re at it, why don’t you ask him; because, oh man, I’m betting she’s got the thing shaved bare!”

Labeling it a lucky guess, Alex figures Matt’s on a roll. After all, what teenager with vivid visions of bare pussy flashing in his overheated imagination wouldn’t be? So, as his uncle nods his approval and with his brother shaking his head in disbelief, matt blurts out, “Dad says she loves it, so fuck yes, I’d go for it!” Then, boldly emphatic, and with an even bolder exclamation point, he growls, “Damn straight, I’d fuck her alright!”

Definitely getting a kick out of his nephew’s outrageously bawdy commentary, Alex decides it’s time to shake things up some. Reaching out, he closes his hands on the shoulders of a pair of seriously, and suddenly thunder struck teenagers. Not surprisingly, startled gasps and convulsive flinches send them rattling off the gate they’d been so intently peering over. Delighted with the way his ambushed nephew’s practically jumped right out of their skins, Alex manages to sound deliberately, if suspiciously casual, when he suggests, “Gee guys, relax already!”

Luckily, our hero wasn’t trampled by that pair of panicky twins. Instead, he’s still standing, watching as his Red faced nephews exchange nervous glances. Too bad, and sure it’s understandable, but neither of them notices their uncle’s slowly spreading grin. Wanting to forestall a total meltdown, laughing, he holds his hands up in surrender. Speechless and looking decidedly sheepish, they stand their ground, goggling at their Uncle in stupefied incomprehension. They don’t know how could they! Not only did their Uncle thoroughly enjoy listening to their x-rated fantasies, more importantly, he’d actually love the chance to watch them carry them out. So sure, he might be teasing, but he isn’t exaggerating when he tells them, “Honestly guys, its too bad she didn’t hear you!”

It’s unfortunate, but those skeptical twins are thinking, yeah right! They’ve misread their Uncle’s smirking grin, so don’t know he’s slipped in to the role of instigator. They don’t know it; but actually, their Uncle is giving it to them straight. Still, there’s mischief evident in his voice as he tells them, “I’m sure she would have been flattered; Hell, knowing your Aunt, you boys would’ve probably had to put up or shut up!”


Bopping along to the sounds blasting from her car’s stereo, Jackie hadn’t heard any of her nephew’s so graphically expressed desires. Too bad, our heroine would have reveled in, thrilled in fact to such wickedly erotic possibilities! Although, alerted by a finely honed sixth sense, and always hopeful, she was on the lookout for an audience. Sure enough, she spotted that pair of peeping Toms reflected in one of her car’s freshly cleaned windows. Right, and didn’t that put a little extra zing in to her already saucily gyrating hips!

If our cavorting heroine’s bending and stretching just happened to leave her tank top riding-up; well, so what! After all, it’s not as if her gawking nephews actually saw nipple, not bare nipple anyway! Of course, the twins never gave up the hope of spotting a little nipple slippage. Then, there was the irresistible distraction of all that tan ass cheek left so invitingly exposed by her clingy jean shorts. Although, as the Twins well know, thanks to the thong bikini, there’s more bare skin exposed on any California beach. Only, and they’d noticed alright, but at the beach, even the girls who flaunted it didn’t move it quite the way their Aunt did. No, but then neither did they make a production out of bending over, legs spread conveniently to show-off a tantalizing hint of camel toe.

Jackie was bored; worse, she was getting annoyed! No doubt about it, she hadn’t liked the restrictions imposed on her impromptu driveway shenanigans. As if that wasn’t bothersome enough, she had also taken her little tease just about, as far as she could. Besides, and equally important, she’s finished detailing her car. Luckily, with his timing as opportune as it is accidental, Alex comes to her rescue.

Welcoming the commotion Alex’s timely interruption has created, she turns to see what the ruckus is all about. Spotting the twins, she’s disappointed to find them with their backs turned. Not pleased, Jackie can’t help wondering, why when they could be ogling her; why instead, are they talking to their Uncle? A pouty lip giving way to a withering glower she heads their way. Glowering or not, she’s flushed with excitement. Then, seeing that Alex is watching, her saucy grin warns that she’s ready to stir up a little mischief. In fact, delightfully aware of his wife’s wilder side, Alex figures she’s looking forward to it! Even better, with there backs turned, the twins haven’t seen it, and don’t know their Aunt is headed their way.

Making it to the gate, Jackie is in time to hear Alex say, “Seriously guys, she’d much rather have rowdy spectators, then an audience sitting on its hands! Trust me guys, when you’re Aunt’s thinking audience participation…she isn’t thinking applause!” Then with his dubious nephews exchanging questioning glances, he adds “Anyway, don’t hold back on my account! I mean, it’s cool…those sounded like great ideas to me! Hey, I say if you get the chance go for it! Shit, I just might want to watch, who knows!”

Thinking that her husband, well meaning or not, was beginning to sound just a bit overly eager, Jackie banged a hip against the gate demanding attention. Then, butting-in, she cheerfully announced, “Hi guys, gosh I sure hope I’m not interrupting…well you know, some silly guy thing!”

With her still red-faced nephews studiously avoiding eye contact with their Aunt, Alex says, “Hi honey, I was just telling these two that you love an audience, and that you’ve been known to welcome a little audience participation! Right?”

Very aware that Alex is winding his young nephews up, and just incidentally enjoying his role as chief instigator, Jackie tells her nephews, “Ignore that lecherous old goat!” Then grinning mischievously, and doing a little instigating of her own, she says, “Anyway, I think it’s sweet! After all, you two wouldn’t look so guilty, if all you’d been doing was watching…right? Anyway, I can’t wait to hear all about it…maybe, out by the pool?” Pausing, she waits until they look up, reluctantly, but finally meeting her eyes. Then, nodding in satisfaction, she turns away, turning back to say, “Hey, you boys can join me…sure, I bet you could use a nice cool dip in the pool! Un-huh…and right after I back my car in to the garage, that’s where I’m heading!”

On the move, the twins scurried past Alex, and right on past those forgotten bags of trash. They were already pelting up the stairs, moving fast toward their room by the time Jackie’s shiny convertible slid in to the garage. Laughing and bursting with erotic energy, our heroine doesn’t bother opening the door, but like some dashing TV hero, vaults gracefully over it. She’s still laughing when Alex sweeps her in to his arms. Her arms wrap around his neck, as her lips find his, eagerly returning his kiss. Passion flaring, she crushes his lips as her probing tongue invades his mouth. Responding to that incendiary kiss he greedily sucks her wildly swirling tongue. Hands reaching for her ass, he pulls her hard against him, letting her grind hungrily against the cock throbbing hot and hard in his shorts. Impatient and demanding Jackie’s teeth rake his ear, and she growls an insistent, “Fuck me…now…oh God yes, fuck me!”

Grabbing a handful of hair, Alex pulls her head back, ravishing her exposed throat with fiery kisses and a wickedly swirling tongue. Then, stepping back, he takes hold of her wet tank top, and rips it off over her head. Spinning her around, his hands close around, enveloping a double handful of breasts, hot, firm, and silkily smooth! A jutting pair of stiffly erect nipples pinched between his twisting fingers, he tells her, “Well now, one of your not so innocent nephews thought this would be a terrific idea!” Then, while he’s tugging open the snap and yanking down the zipper, he tells her, “Right…and the other one wanted to do this!” A pair of tugs and voila, those shorts are sliding over softly rounded hips, down long legs, and on to the garage floor. With Jackie looking back over a bare shoulder, Alex pauses to survey his handiwork, chuckling as he explains, “Yup, and would you believe he was telling his brother, that oh yeah I’d fuck her alright…and gosh, that’s when I showed up?”

A chuckle rumbling huskily in her throat, Jackie kicks those shorts half way across the garage. Then, legs spread and ass wagging invitingly, she bends, folded arms braced on the lid of her car’s trunk. Only poor Jackie, instead of feeling our hero’s hard cock sliding in to her, what she gets is the biting sting of a solidly delivered swat. Smack on target, it cracks hard against her still saucily wagging ass! Ignoring her squeals, he adds a second carefully aimed swat to that irresistible target. Then, thoroughly enjoying himself, he explains, “Sorry baby, but I do believe you have a date…yeah, and with two young gentlemen at that!” Affectionately patting our smirking heroine’s flaming posterior, he orders, “Now scram baby!”

When her glaring glower of affronted outrage doesn’t leave her evil-minded husband in flames, Jackie starts to laugh. Reaching out, and patting the bulge tenting Alex’s shorts, she coos a taunting, “Well fine then…but buddy boy it’s your loss!” Abruptly spinning away, she heads for the door. Turning back, she eyes a grinning Alex speculatively, then says, “You know things might get a bit more interesting if …”


Alex is waiting, his story ready, when his nephews come charging back down the stairs. Deciding it’s probably for the best, but still sorry they’d missed seeing their bare ass naked Aunt scurrying up those same stairs, he stops them with a gesture and a, “Whoa there!” Then, as they exchange nervous glances and shuffle impatiently, he reminds himself that it’s only a white lie after all, and explains, “Sorry guys, but I need to put in some office time!” hoping he isn’t laying it on to thick, he tells them, “Cheer up guys! Hell, you’ll never miss me…and anyway, Jackie’s here! So shit, try to have a little fun…OK!” Poor Alex, our hero’s feeling just a wee bit guilty. After all, even if it’s Jackie’s plan, he’s the one deliberately, if only slightly misleading his nephews.

One anonymous twin delivers an almost sincere sounding, “Wow, that’s a bummer!” The other one calls out, “Yeah, that really bites,” and together they bolt for the back door. Surprised when one of his nephews stops at the door, he isn’t surprised to hear him ask, “Hey, but you’ll be home for dinner right?” Alex’s nod is affirmative, but he’s already through the door, calling back over a tan shoulder, Cool, so maybe we can do pizza?”

Alone in the kitchen, our hero is wondering if he should wait around for Jackie. He figures it could be a long wait, and decides he’d much rather be in position, ready when she makes her grand entrance. Mind made up, he grabs a cold beer, and starts for his office. Of course, and wouldn’t the twins be surprised, but that office is upstairs, and not in some imagined downtown high-rise.

Settling in, Alex leans back, propping his bare feet up on his battered, old, but much loved cherry wood desk. Meanwhile, down in the pool, busy with their loud and rowdy horseplay the twins don’t have a clue. So OK, it’s not exactly a ringside seat, but Alex figures he’s going to have a terrific view of whatever hyjinks go down! Not only that, but our hero knows that kicked back in his darkened office, no one is going to spot him playing the peeping Tom.

Waiting is a bitch…right? Sure, and it’s left Alex time to speculate, and to worry. Isolated up in his office, he’s wondering if he’s actually being a voyeur. Horrors, and isn’t that awfully close to being a pervert? Whoa there, luckily he’s read the definition. If he’s remembering correctly, doesn’t it say, “One who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point?” Well yeah, it does, and sure, Alex supposes that his office could be construed as a secret vantage point. OK sure, but then, so what, he’s thinking? Maybe he’s isolated, but like a game day announcer perched up in the broadcast booth, he feels more like a spectator. That silly sounding comparison teases a rumbling chuckle out of our hero. After all, what he’s anticipating could qualify as a sporting event; which as he knows, watching Jackie in action certainly is! Still, and no doubt about it, our hero would much rather be in the audience; right there, up close and personal.

Not surprisingly, Alex prefers team sports. Why not; after all, our hero knows that where Jackie’s involved, team sports are always more fun! He’s been there too, sometimes playing audience, satisfied to watch, utterly captivated by the sensual spectacle of one of her wild, uninhibitedly erotic romps. Still, and whether it was one of the times with another man, a woman, or better yet, one of the wickedly erotic combinations, there was always the possibility of his joining in. Sometimes he did; and OK, maybe that’s usually! Then, sometimes, the kick was in being close enough to reach out, playfully push her head down, and bury some lucky guy’s penis deep in her throat. Sure, and then sometimes it was enough to stare in mesmerized awe, panting encouragingly, or maybe even to toss out the occasional helpful suggestion. Just now though, poor Alex figures he might just as well be watching TV. Only, yippee, he knows whatever goes down, at least it’s going to be live!


Eager and about ready to burst with anticipation our hero spots Jackie. Our Heroine gets things off to a breathtaking start, making a dramatic, eye-popping entrance! Naturally, the twins instantly spot their Aunt, decked out in a shimmering black, barely there thong bikini. Alex stares too, wondering if it’s new. Anyway, he’s sure he’s never seen it before, and figures no one with less then 20/20 vision would be able to see the practically microscopic thing at all!, Whether the twins see it or not, their splashing horseplay comes to an abrupt end.

Jackie’s black shoulder length hair, pulled back in to a ponytail, swings in time to the motion of her suggestively swaying hips. No one’s noticed, and no wonder, but she’s carrying a towel in one hand, and a bottle of sunscreen in the other. Whistling and hooting, her gaping nephew’s feast their eye’s on their Aunt’s barely restrained, truly spectacular breasts. Poor Alex, with only a rear view, he’s forced to settle for a terrific view of her delightfully curvy ass, bare except for the thong nestled between its firm round cheeks.

Still doing a slow strut across the patio, Jackie tosses that bottle of sunscreen, sending it arching, high above a pair of suddenly focused twins. Ignoring the playful tussle as they fight for it, she turns her back on them. Then, flashing Alex a wink, she drops her towel on a recliner. Bending over, it isn’t by accident that her long legs are spread so invitingly wide apart. With that gorgeous ass of hers on proud display, our heroine takes her sweet time arranging that towel to her satisfaction.

Watching his sexy young wife stretch out face down, Alex asks himself, why? Of course he knows why! Why else, it’s so she can better tantalize, flirt, and play the tease! So naturally, Alex is expecting it when she reaches back and unties her bikini’s top. When she pulls it free, holding it up before letting it drop, Alex wants to applaud, but he’s too busy smothering his laughter. Shameless, Jackie glances over her shoulder, coaxing, “Come on boys…you can…what, each take a side!”

Quicker even then he can think, go for it, Alex’s nephews were slathering oil over every exposed inch of her curvaceous bodies glistening tan skin. Only, and he’s noticed alright, but they aren’t daring to reach under for a feel of his wife’s bared breasts, or to slip slippery fingers in to her tiny black thong either., too bad, he’s thinking , knowing the temptation must be driving those boys just about fucking nuts! Anyway, all he’s doing is watching. It’s enough, and it has him about ready to scream, and about ready to reach for his cock too! Not about to tear his eyes away from that erotic tableau, he watches their hands slip sliding up and down Jackie’s long legs. Groaning, he almost covers his eyes when they paused to, oh so sensuously stroke the glistening, silkily smooth skin of her inner thighs. He’s still watching though, as their hands move up those sleekly muscled thighs, and begin fondling and caressing the succulent swell of her waiting ass. Damn if he isn’t right too, Jackie does look like she’s about to start purring!

Jackie finally shoos the twins away; but like a pair of pesky mosquitoes, they keep circling back. Not that Alex blames them. After all, he knows if he had a hard stinger throbbing in his shorts the way his hovering nephews do, well sure, he’d be buzzing around Jackie too. Our heroine is glistening, glinting like an oil slick in fact. Alex figures she’s in serious need of about a gallon of degreaser. He’s also quite sure those poor twins are in serious need of either some hot pussy or a cold shower. Their options limited, they opt for a cool dip in the pool. Wanting to whoop himself, Alex watches Jackie, whooping like a banshee as she splashes in right behind them.

Sun shimmering off bare breasts, Jackie stands in waist deep water, fists planted challengingly on her hips. Grinning mischievously, her head’s cocked coquettishly. It would appear, for the moment at least, that she’s content to watch a pair of speechless twins hungrily eyeballing the strikingly erect nipples jutting from her perfectly sculpted breasts. Knowing the effect it’s going to have, the tease tilts her head back, giggles, arches her back, and reaches around to slowly squeeze the water out of her ponytail. Of course, Alex isn’t exactly immune, in fact, our hero’s intimately aware of the effect of those provocatively and oh so deliberately thrust out bare breasts.

Understandably, the twins are looking positively ravenous. Alex sees, and isn’t surprised when without as much as an exchanged glance his nephews are suddenly on the move. Their eager scramble is of course aimed straight at Jackie. Laughing, and obviously ready for the onslaught, our heroine takes a hasty step back, ordering, “Whoa there, not so fast boys!”

They stop alright! Frozen in place, they both mutter the same, “Oh fuck,” because their Aunt’s standing there, using her hands to swipe glistening droplets of water off the tan perfection of her breasts. It ‘shows, and Alex isn’t the only one who thinks they look ready to pounce. They are, but not giving them the chance, Jackie coolly turns away, and climbs out of the pool. That leaves Alex amused, but wondering just what her next move is going to be. One thing is certain, at least in his over heated mind, and that’s that his sexually adventurous wife isn’t down there looking for a tan!

Nailing our hero with a discreetly delivered, but absolutely wicked grin, Jackie grabs both the sunscreen, and the towel. Then, returning to the edge of the pool, towel swinging and snapping, she does a brief, but sizzling, and downright nasty little dance. Once again, poor Alex is left wondering who’s who. He couldn’t tell which twin yelled, “Come on, take it off,” or which one added a growled, “Yeah, do it, let’s see you get naked!” Sure he’s Disappointed, but not surprise when Jackie doesn’t oblige.

While expectations soar, Jackie stands there, a hip shot, one knee bent, and her smoldering eyes locked on her nephews. Only Alex can’t tell whether she’s snickering or giggling. Delightfully distracted, he no longer cares! Jackie sits that bottle of sunscreen down, grinning wickedly as she carefully folds the towel. Loving it, he mutters a quiet, “Oh fuck me,” when, with a dancer’s grace she kneels on it. That did it alright, apparently banned from the stage, their in frantic need of a front row seat, leaving them crowded right up against the edge of the pool. Only, Alex is pleased to see that Jackie is strategically positioned just out of their reach.

While a couple of frustrated horn dogs gawk and moaned theatrically, Jackie gets busy, sensuously and maddeningly slowly smoothing more sunscreen over her thighs, belly, and of course what the twins think of as a pair of, fucking awesome tits. No dummy, Alex correctly supposes that his unstoppable wife is only getting warmed up! Anyway, there’s heat flashing in the glittering depths of her eyes, as our heroine toys with her audience, provocatively rolling a duo of darkly swollen nipples between thumb and finger. In a sultry voice laced with a teasing challenge, she asks, “Bet these things aren’t the only things hard and throbbing…huh boys?” Considering his own condition, Alex figures that’s a pretty good bet!

Jackie’s fingers are dancing over the waistband of her thong. Only it’s a tease, and Alex knows it. He just wishes he could tell the incorrigible wench to get on with it already! Of course, he’s ready to forgive the tormenting tart, when she taunts her nephews with a chiding, “No…gosh, it’s a shame you boys had to go and wear those silly swimsuits!”

Like maybe they didn’t get the point, she hammers it home. Once again fingering her thong, she leans back, giggling as she spreads her legs even wider apart. Unfortunately, from his position Alex can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what she’s up too! It’s a Bummer alright; because, our hero is sure Jackie is watching her nephews stare, entranced as she runs fingertips teasingly over what he’s positive is an absolutely gloriously exposed bit of camel toe. Well yeah, she is! She’s also hoping the twins are thinking , oh fuck, maybe we could be staring in to the bare, glistening wet pink folds of her pussy…if only!

Point made, Jackie relents, huskily announcing, “Umm…but then you both did such a yummy job with that sunscreen…and well, I did promise…so, how about I return the favor?” Sure now that it’s going to happen, Alex is nearly as giddily delirious as those twins, only he isn’t looking nearly so dazed. Dazed or not, the twins don’t waste any time hauling their young butt’s up on to the deck.

Dodging, and laughing, Jackie playfully bats their groping hands away. Finally, our impatient heroine manages to get them turned around. Then, with an impatient Alex ready to holler, “Go for it already,” Jackie starts massaging sunscreen in to one twin’s broad shoulders. Their uncle’s still clueless, he doesn’t know whose. Well, Jackie doesn’t know either; but, at least she can ask.

Sliding slippery fingers down his back and under the waistband of his trunks, she pops the question, teasing, “Like OK, so come on, which one are you?”

Predictably, she gets a smartass answer. Its bound to be Matt laughing, jabbing a finger as he proclaimed, “Hey, I’m the good looking one…so yeah, that makes him Travis, right!” Oh sure, Alex tells himself, you’re also the lucky son of a bitch with my wife’s hands all over his bare ass.

Jackie leans forward, whispering something Alex doesn’t hear. Whatever it is, he knows it made Matt blush. Our hero is still pondering the possibilities, when Jackie slides her hands around his waist. Only they don’t stop there! No, she’s got one hand busily urging his legs apart. The other one has moved down, sliding over gaudily patterned trunks, and is wrapped around, what Alex has to admit is an impressive bulge. It’s still there too, stroking Matt’s cock through the fabric of his trunks, when she leans over, giggling as she whispers something in Travis’s ear.

Whatever it was, Alex didn’t hear it, but he hears Travis’s whooped, “Damn straight!” Hoping it was a question, Alex figures it’s the right answer. It must have been, because Jackie just slid a hand in to his trunks. Then, barely muffling a whoop, Alex watches Jackie’s other hand as it disappears, sliding out of sight in to Matt’s trunks. Ecstatic, he can barely believe he’s actually seeing his wife, down on her knees, with a hand wrapped around each of her twin nineteen-year-old nephew’s cocks. Only, and he doesn’t like it, but those damn hands of hers are still out of sight. Sure, but our hero knows that’s not going to last, oh Hell no!

While his nephews groan, Alex watches Jackie wriggle her hands back out of their trunks. Then, before they have time to pitch a bitch, she’s squirming her way between them. No doubt wondering what’s up, they look down right startled when she slips in to the pool. Turning quickly back to face them, she doesn’t even give Alex a glance; forget about a wink and a grin!

Alex never even noticed! Our hero was much to busy, sure, trying to figure out what made Jackie decide to go for Matt first. Whatever it was, and he meant to ask alright, but it was Matt’s trunks she latched on to. Then, with his unseen Uncle, silently egging him on, Matt lifted up, watching his Aunt yank them down his legs. Squealing an unmistakably jubilant, “Oh…yes,” Jackie pulled them off, and sent them flying.

Alex is left shaking his head, marveling at his ballsy wife’s style., Even before she leaned in to plant a lingering kiss on Matt’s balls, Alex saw her slide a hand back in to Travis’s trunks. Out of sight, that hand was pumping busily away, on what he sure hoped was a big, hard hunk of cock! In any case, she’d gone for it even before her fast flicking tongue had made it even half way up the jerking length of brother Matt’s cock. Only Alex couldn’t help noticing there wasn’t a whole lot of long for her to lick her way up; but then, there was an awful lot of thick! So, he’s left to watch, while our heroine races her tongue Up, down, and all around, pausing only so she can swirl its darting tip caressingly around a seriously fat cock’s even fatter head. Then, Alex thinking she looks awfully cute; she sucks Matt’s balls in to her mouth, tugs Travis’s trunks off, and tosses them aside.

So what if it wasn’t particularly thick? Alex could see there was a whole lot of Travis’s hard cock poking out above the fist Jackie had wrapped around it. That’s when it occurred to our hero that finally, there was a way to tell their twin nephews apart. Right, and a chuckling Alex tells himself, if that boy’s cock turns out to be as thick as his brother’s, wow now, won’t my cock-loving wife be in cock heaven! No wonder that even from his lofty perch, he could see the glint of a mischievous twinkle in her dark eyes. Why not, after all she was greedily working on a whopping mouthful of one nineteen year olds thick cock, while energetically slamming her fist up and down the long hard length of another one’s!

Catching everyone off guard, Jackie makes a sudden switch. Going right for it, she swoops in, closing her lips around the dark head of Travis’s cock, and sends them rocketing down its full length. Definitely impressed, Alex murmurs an unheard, “Way to go baby; wow now, that has to be a good nine inches of hard cock you just gulped down!” Of course he’d also been suitably impressed when she’d easily deep-throated, what he figured was six fat inches of Matt’s dangerously thick cock.

Familiar with his wife’s wicked ways, Alex has a good idea of what’s on her erotically inflamed mind. Sure, as he knows, Jackie can get positively orgasmic using her skilled mouth, working it until, with hunger flaring in her eyes, she’s gulping down streaming torrents of thick hot cum. This time, not only does our heroine have two cocks to tantalize, but she’s actually going down on her twin nephews, and doing it with her husband playing voyeur. Alex is certain their aunt’s plan is to get them off just as fast as she can. Even better, he’s betting the greedy little show-off takes both her nephews, with her lips locked around the base of their cum erupting cocks.

Our intrepid heroine has a fist slowly pistoning up and down the chunky length of Matt’s cock. Multitasking, she’s got Travis’s nine inches sliding through her lips. Twisting them teasingly up its spit slicked length, she pauses, then drives them down, slamming that long cock’s swollen head in to her throat. Then, what else, she does it over and over again! Excruciatingly slowly, or a rapidly pistoning blur, it doesn’t matter, with every round trip that cock drives back in past her lips, and on through the fiery wet heat of her mouth. By now, Alex doubt’s that she’s even aware that she’s working in front of an audience of two, and of course, a solitary spectator. He’s wrong of course, and our hero should know better!

Alex sees Travis’s back arch, while Jackie’s cheeks work like bellows. She’s obviously sucking hard as her lips continue to rocket up and down. When her furiously pumping lips come to a halt at the bottom of that nine-inch shaft of rigidly erect cock, Alex knows it’s OK if she stops sucking. Travis’s hands tangle in her hair, while Alex and Matt watch her swallow every fountaining spurt of her wide eyed nephews cum.

Watching her tongue flick out, licking up every wetly glistening trace of cum left clinging to Travis’s rapidly shrinking cock, Alex hopes Jackie’s triumphant one armed fist pump is aimed at him. Maybe it is too! Anyway it’s him she’s looking up at, when she gives Matt a push, insisting, “Down big boy, lay back…I’ll take care of everything!”

Sweeping a swirling tongue down the underside of Matt’s jerking cock, Jackie pauses before sucking a pair of dangling balls in to her mouth. This time though, when Alex catches her looking his way, it’s up past the skyward pointing head of a monumentally thick length of cock. Apparently through with her appetizer of tender young balls, Jackie pops The huge head of Matt’s cock in to her mouth, cheeks hollowing as she sucks. Then, while Matt squirms, Travis gawks, and our hero watches intently, she treats that cock like it’s a fast melting Popsicle. Our heroine’s tongue caresses, flicking out to sensuously lick every intensely sensitive bit of it.

Meanwhile, up in his office, sure that with the way Jackie’s working , Matt isn’t likely to last any longer then his brother did, Alex’s eyes remain riveted! It surprises him, but it’s a move Alex heartily approves of. Reaching out , Matt caught his Aunt’s bobbing head between his hands. Wishing he could clap the young stud on the back, Alex watches, enthralled as his nephew helpfully adds a bit more impetus to his Aunt’s already vigorously pumping mouth. Still, the results are the same! Matt’s back arches. He’s got Jackie’s head pushed down, her lips snugged around the thick base of his cock. Alex naturally assumes, and correctly , that there’s a thick hot river of cum gushing in surging spurts straight down her throat.

This time around, our heroine delivers an enthusiastic two-armed fist pump; and, she does it with six thick inches of her nephew’s cock in her mouth. Then, managing to bat Matt’s hands away, Jackie comes up for air, apparently not caring if the entire neighborhood hears her whooped, “Awesome, a double helping…yippee!” Maybe; but her, “Hey, so whose your favorite aunt…huh boys,” is only somewhat more restrained!

Alex can’t figure it, for a couple of guys who just got the blow-job of their young lives, the twins’ sure look sheepish. One thing he is sure of though, it isn’t because they both just happily and rather enthusiastically blasted hot cum in to their Aunt’s mouth! Or is it? He just heard the nasty minded darling inform them that she never swallows a man’s cum, not unless she’s kissed him first! Admitting she’d some how managed to overlook that requirement, she delivers an emphatic, “So, come on…all right already, who’s first?”

He’s been there, so sure, Alex figures they can handle the sort of lip blistering, cum flavored kisses Jackie is famous for. Whether it’s the hands on the hips glare Their Aunt blasts them with, or something she said; whatever, there’s a two man stampede as they jostle for the chance to be first in line for a second kiss! Then, to Alex’s amusement, she leaves them exchanging, what the fuck looks, and climbs out of the pool. She’s heading straight for the house. Hot damn, Alex tells himself, yippee, Hell yes, I know that lip-licking grin!


Charging in to his office, Jackie is swept off her feet, and in to Alex’s arms. It’s a no brainer! Passing on a kiss, Alex tosses her on to the bed. One hard yank, and her bikini’s thong isn’t in his way any longer! His dive wouldn’t win him any medals, but it does leave him on top of her. Pinning her arms above her head, he rather needlessly pushes her legs even further apart. Only when all he wants to do is slam in to her, what the fuck, she wants to talk!

“Oh my God, oh my God,” she squeals! “Did you see that? Oh fuck Bob, I want to fuck those boys…well…until they can’t get it up any more!”

Eight thick inches of red-hot cock pressing hard against his squirming wife’s belly, our hero manages a dry chuckle, explaining, “Yeah, I’d sort of like to see that too! But baby girl, first things first!”

Hot with need, breathless, Jackie grabs his shoulders, her husky voice ordering, “Fuck me…do it, fuck me…oh God yes, fuck me hard! ” Only the insatiable tart just can’t resist asking, “Oh fuck Bob, did you see it? Travis was already hard again, and I hadn’t even got Matt off yet! Oh God, do you believe it; Matt actually fucked my mouth! Fuck that, and I don’t think that boy ever lost his hard-on either!” Not being an idiot Alex doesn’t mistake her, “You’re going to let me fuck them aren’t you,” for a question!

Chuckling at the prospect, Alex reaches for his insatiable wife’s ankles, then lifts her legs, pushing them back above her head. With her gasps insisting, “Yes, hard…fuck me hard,” one forceful thrust drives him fully in to her. Then, hot, wet, and ready, our heroine gets the hard, pussy pounding, vagina filling fuck she’s been demanding .

Not by much, but somehow, screaming her lungs out, she actually manages to cum before her hard pounding hubby. It’s Jackie, so she isn’t about to stop at one! So after adroitly resurrecting our hero’s flagging cock, she scrambles on to her hands and knees, demanding, “Yeah, do it Again, only this time hard…come on lover, fuck me hard!”

He’s in control now, taking her, sometimes with fast, hard, deep thrust, and sometimes with slow twisting strokes that leave her panting out gasps for more. When her loud screams turn in to begging shrieks demanding, “Bastard…do it…oh god yes, yes, yes…like that hard,” what else, our hero delivers! Primed, hot, wet, and horny; her vagina’s a slippery tunnel convulsing around Alex’s jack hammering, pussy pounding thrusts. So it isn’t long, before our heroine’s cock crushing, vagina-clenching orgasm ends with her whimpering, “Oh fuck yes, oh God yes…yeah, and that one should hold me!”

Alex doubts it, but figures what the Hell! Our hero isn’t through, not hardly! After all, he’s kneeling there manning a fully loaded cock. Yanking the dripping wet thing out of her, he cracks a pair of wicked swats off her ass. Then, holding her face pushed in to a pillow, Alex puts his flaming rod of red hot cock back to work, bitch slapping her ass’s soft cheeks, and thundering, “It’s my turn now bitch…fast and hard…damn straight!”

It’s after that second ball rattling fuck that they, well Jackie anyway, comes up with another one of her sneaky little plan! She reminds our hero that she’s come up with a foolproof way to tell her twin nephews apart. What she has in mind, is a fun little game, one where she plays off that one distinguishing characteristic, and gets to find out if she can really fuck her nephews until they cry Uncle! Alex of course is betting on Jackie! Sure, our hero is willing to play along, only he has this devious little twist rattling around in his mind.


Later, over a pizza, Jackie manufactures an opening, and goes for it! Apparently bragging, she claims, “What, oh sure I can tell them apart…piece of cake!” Catching the set-up, what else, Alex dares her to prove it. That leads to a couple of dazed looking nineteen year olds agreeing to play along.

Not bothering to hide the fact that she’s up to something, our snickering heroine explains, “What…if you guys expect me to do it with you still dressed…well gosh; I just might have to cheat!” Then, not giving them a chance to respond, she plays off her set-up, and launches in to a sizzling, cock hardening strip tease. Well, by the time, she’s naked, and down on her knees, she’s left the twins a couple of awestruck guys trying real hard to play it cool. Alex is pretty close to awe struck too. In fact, our hero is convinced her spellbinding, and unashamedly erotic performance would be the envy of any pole-dancing stripper. What do nineteen year olds know anyway! Not much, but at least they know enough to nod approvingly at what they figure is their Uncle’s attempt at a witty compliment. Poor Jackie, she’s left giggling, “Ah shucks,” through the hands unsuccessfully trying to hide her blush. Jackie, naked and on her knees is Alex’s cue. Not quite fessing-up, he explains, “Relax guys! Jackie told me all about this afternoon…and all I can say is…wow!”

Satisfied with that bit of half-truth, our hero moves around so he’s standing behind Jackie. Grabbing a handful of her black curls, he gently pulls her head back, grinning as he orders, “Time to put up…or, pay the price!”

Picking up on her cue, Jackie excitedly confirms, “Piece of cake!” Eyes darting between her nephew’s faces, she snickers. Then, reaching out she yanks down the shorts of one very surprised twin, deftly extracting an undeniably erect cock. Alex recognizes that impressively long bit of equipment, and of course, so does Jackie. Still, totally hamming it up, our wide eyed heroine cries, “Oh my, I’m just not sure…so maybe!”

As if, Alex muses, while Jackie, never one to wait around, already has half of a nine inch cock in her mouth. Inch by inch, four pairs of eyes watch that laughing nephew’s cock slide through her lips, and way, way deep in to her throat. Not right away, but eventually she does stop popping it’s already darkly engorged head in and out past prettily puckered lips. She looks up long enough to coo, “Yummy, it’s so hard…oops…well gosh, I mean, it’s really hard to tell!” Not that it should have been necessary; but then, it’s only a game after all! Sure, so after giving it another taste test, she declares “Gosh, well maybe after I check out the other one!”

Obviously Jackie’s thoroughly enjoying her performance, and why not? With a growled, “Yes,” and a whooped, “Yippee,” she yanks down another pair of shorts. Then, even though Jackie’s lips are wrapped around an obviously thicker and noticeably shorter length of proudly erect cock, she somehow manages to look confused. Wondering how he can connive a turn, Alex is about to interrupt his wife’s oral adventure, when her head pops up. A drama queen through and through, there’s a dramatically drawn out sigh, before she declares, “Gosh, I just don’t know…but!”

To no one’s surprise, certainly not Alex’s, Jackie guesses wrong. Pretending to pout, our game playing heroine complains, “No way, whatever you’ve got planned, no way am I going to pay up…well not if I’m the only one naked, I’m not!”

Eager to play his part, our hero’s shirt hits the floor, followed by his shorts. Exchanging questioning looks, the twins give a mutual, what the fuck shrug of their shoulders, and start stripping. Our hero isn’t one to pass up an opportunity, particularly if it happens to be a naked woman down on her knees! While his nephews are shrugging, Alex is on the move. He stops in front of Jackie, who’s trying to smother her snickers. Reaching down, he pushes her hair back from her face. Then, pinning our grinning heroine’s head between his hands, our cock wielding hero slowly pushes it’s full length deep in to her mouth. Slow strokes pistoning eight thick inches of hard cock in and out of their Aunt’s mouth, Alex figures it’s time to tell his nephews , “You know guys; your Aunt told me all about how she sucked you both off! That’s cool, But…and here’s the good part…she’s absolutely dieing to fuck you both!”

Jackie is trying to talk around her mouthful of cock, so Alex leaves it parked in her throat, just so he could explain, “Now where was I…right! Seriously, she practically begged me to let you guy’s fuck her! Lets see now, how did she put it…oh yeah…until they can’t get it up anymore?” Sure, Jackie was holding his balls in her fist, but she hadn’t bitten him, so leaving her gagged, he tells them, “So if you guys want to see if you can make her cry Uncle…well then, I just happen to have a plan! What do you say…want to play?”

The twins are nodding. Jackie’s nodding…well sort of anyway! One of the twins, and Alex knows its Matt, finally chokes out, “Well shit…you really knew? Oh fuck…damn straight, you bet we want to play!” Agreeing, Travis’s head is nodding like a bobble head dolls, only he’s doing it without taking his eyes off his still cock gagged Aunt. Alex figures the only thing wrong with that predictably affirmative answer is that now he’s going to have to pull his cock out of their Aunt’s mouth. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…right? Sure, so after hammering in a few more rapid-fire thrusts, our hero lets his cock slip out of his snickering wife’s mouth.


Those lucky twins trail along as Alex leads Jackie in to the den. He’s reasonably sure she doesn’t know what he has in mind. At least he is, until she blurts out, “Oh you nasty minded bastard…no, you wouldn’t!” Except of course, he would! No one’s ever accused our heroine of lacking balls; which explains why she’s laughing as she chokes out, “But then…fuck yes, bring it on!”

Waiting in the den, is a over stuffed chair. A while back, Alex or maybe it was Jackie, whoever, one of them came up with an alternative and most intriguing use for it. Bypassing the chair without giving it a glance, Jackie hustles over to the closet. Her nephews are watching, curious as our heroine reaches in, and pulls out a small wooden box. It’s a toy box, but the twins are eyeing it like maybe it’s a treasure chest. Jackie sits it down, and swings it open, and hurriedly backs away. Good thing too, because her nephew’s are all over it, pulling out one intriguing piece of hardware after another. Travis is the one who pops up holding a shiny black dildo, excitedly blurting, holy fuck, this monster has to be at least ten inches long…and oh fuck its thicker then yours Matt!”

By then matt’s holding up a black leather dildo harness, swinging it around, wanting to know, “Oh shit is this what I think it is?

Playing it cool, Jackie ignores him. She’s more interested in Travis, whose busily adding to a growing pile of vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, lube, and other more exotic goodies. All of it, well most of it anyway, Jackie is ready to bet her nephews have only seen on some internet porn site.

Striking with the stealthy speed of a panther, Jackie manages to snag both that oversized dildo, and her harness. Sliding her ten-inch toy in to place, our heroine holds up that formidable, and almost ready for use bit of heavy-duty equipment. Wishing she could strap it on and blow a couple of young minds, smirking, she tells herself later…yeah, later! Sitting it aside, she settles for teasing threateningly, “Behave…or maybe I’ll decide to show you boys just what your Aunty can do with it!”

Travis pipes right up, jabbing a pointing finger, and busting his brother with a hooted, “Yeah, well try Matt…hey, he’ll try anything!” Then, and almost solemnly, he asks, “Aunt Jackie…oh man…will you model it for us,” blowing it with his exuberant, “Fuck yes…now That would be just about to fucking hot!”

Wielding a slapper he’s dug out of that pile of risqué toys , Matt gives his unwary brother’s bare ass a nasty whack, along with an admonishing, “Doubt that dude!” Then, seconding his smarting, smartass brother, he asks his Aunt, “The jerk’s right…man, we’d love see you sporting that big old thing…ah, but later…after what ever Uncle Alex has planned…OK?” Of course Alex figures what he really means is something more like, “Yeah, well after Uncle Alex watches us fuck your brains out, we’d love seeing you strut your stuff like one of those dyke chicks…fuck bitch, yeah, that’d be hot…you strutting your bare ass around sporting that fucking monster!”

Our hero is digging around in that toy box looking for a set of soft leather restraints. Only poor Alex is distracted. He’s trying hard to picture it; because, count on it, Jackie’s going to end up parading around, wearing nothing but her ten-inch rubber cock. One thing he knows, bottom line, his nephews are going to go positively ape shit! Right now though, those twins aren’t paying any attention to their Uncle. Their on the move, ducking and dodging, trying hard to stay a step ahead of the slapper swinging demon chasing them around the room.

Calling a halt to their shenanigans, Alex tosses a pair of restraints to Matt. Before Alex can order it, Jackie does a saucy ass-churning strut, stopping to stand, fists on her hips, grinning as she waits beside that big overstuffed chair. Nodding his approval, Alex tosses a pair of restraints to Matt. “Like this buckaroo,” he tells his nephew, helping him secure his Aunt’s ankles to the legs on one side of that chair.

“Cool, what’s next,” Matt wants to know. Alex shows him, giving our heroine’s ass a smack that leaves her sprawled across the chair’s wide arms.

Excitedly calling out, “Got it…fuck, this is wild,” Travis is already squatting in front of his snickering Aunt. Reluctantly his scowling brother hands over the other two restraints. Then, Travis gently positions his Aunt’s arms, then quickly secures her wrists to the chair’s other legs.

After motioning the twins back, the three of them stands together, marveling at, OK, ogling their handiwork. The twins aren’t laughing anymore, not with their Aunt, lying spread-eagled, face down, utterly exposed and totally accessible! Alex isn’t expecting either one of them to make the first move, but liking the view he isn’t in a hurry anyway. Waiting patiently, he listens to Matt utter a lame, “Oh Fuck…that’s just fucking awesome!”

Shooting a nervous glance his brother’s way, Travis utters an equally inane, “Unfucking real…wow!”

Hearing his chair bound wife’s dramatically exaggerated sigh, our hero decides, hot damn, its show time! “OK guys…game time,” he announces, explaining, “Only one rule…she’s all yours, anything goes…unless of course she says stop! But, trust me that just isn’t going to happen! “

Remembering Matt had gone first out by the pool, Alex tells a jubilant Travis, “Yo dude, your call, heads or tails!”

Jackie’s guessing Travis is going to choose tails; after all, he’s already enjoyed the forbidden fruits of her exceedingly talented mouth! She’s right of course, whooping a triumphant, “Yippee,” when he steps up behind her. Then giving her well exposed ass an encouraging waggle, she decisively orders, “Come on Travis, hard…yeah, lets see you fuck me hard…like real hard!”

Ready to please his favorite Aunty, our grinning nineteen-year-old steps right up. Eager, our inexperienced young stud gives his shoulders a tentative shrug, then reaches for her hips. Then, like an experienced cocksman, one powerfully driven thrust of his hips, drives every inch of his hard nine inches in to her.

Alex is impressed, and sure Jackie’s sharp gasp is only one of surprise. Her nephews follow up thrust is slammed home with equal force, ripping another gasped, “ooh,” out of his Aunt. Not that it’s necessary, But Jackie’s urging her Nephew on anyway . Always vocal, she’s enthusiastically cheering her nephew on, squealing an encouraging, “Yeah, go for it Travis! Do it lover…fuck me…like that…come on…yeah, fuck me with that big thing!”

Shaking his head, Matt sidles over. Squatting, he’s mere inches away from where his brother’s cock is slamming fully penetrating thrusts in and out of their Aunt’s vagina. Right then anyway, he appears content to, well gawk. Showing off, Travis shifts his hands, lifting and spreading Jackie’s ass cheeks, giving his brother an absolutely eye popping look at his cock ripping in and out of their aunt’s vagina, penetrating her over and over again. Reaching out, Matt carefully slides a hand up Jackie’s slick thigh. His fingers come to rest; almost close enough to feel his brother’s cock pumping in and out of slippery wet pussy. Finally, his fingers almost as wet as his twin’s cock, he rasps out, “Oh fuck bro, that’s fucking hot!” Barely believing his eyes, Alex shakes his head, amazed to see Matt actually touching his brother’s cock. When he sees Matt push a finger in along side that still pistoning cock, he’s surprised at Jackie’s lack of reaction. Sure, he knows his ready for anything wife would approved, whole-heartedly in fact. He figures, she’s just afraid of spooking them.

Alex wanders over, wanting a closer look. A firm believer in that old saw, snooze you lose, Alex saunters on around, lifts our heroine’s head, and with a not so gentle nudge slips eight inches of cock between her lips. Playfully, he pops just his cock’s head in and out of Jackie’s pouty lips. Catching the dangerous flash of annoyance in her eyes, he wonders if maybe its time he uses his hips, and sends another deep thrust in to his wife’s very accommodating throat. Compromising, he watches his nephew hammer hard thrust after hard thrust in to her. Meanwhile he slowly eases his full length between her lips, luxuriating in the feel of his cock’s big head moving between his wife’s soft lips and the tight wet heat of her throat.

Alex has been keeping an eye on Travis, and sees his hands move back, locking on to his Aunt’s hips. Matt scrambles back, his eyes never wandering. Totally unaware of his audience, Travis slams home a rapid-fire flurry of ass slapping thrust, letting loose with a single savage, “Yes!”

If Travis’s position on the floor is any indication, it’s over. Alex is nodding his approval, intending to give his nephew a big at a boy, only later

While Travis sits on his ass, looking up at the pink, wetly glistening pussy already beginning to leak trickling rivulets of his cum, his brother stares, nodding his approval. Meanwhile, Alex, who’s still contentedly sliding slow throat penetrating thrusts in and out of their Aunt’s mouth, looks up in time to catch Matt moving to kneel between her legs. From his ringside seat on the floor, clapping madly, Travis starts to laugh. It’s a sight he never expected to see, and one he isn’t likely to forget. Right there in front of him, his brother is going down on the pussy he just finished pumping full of cum.

Maybe it’s the wet slurping sounds being forced out around his Uncle’s rapidly pumping cock That catch Travis’s attention. Or maybe he just got bored, because really, with his brother’s head between him and his Aunt’s pussy, there really wasn’t much to see. Abandoning the floor, he’s wandering Alex’s way. Alex, being way cool greets him with the obligatory fist bump and that at a boy.

Maybe his Aunt wants to give her studly nephew an at a boy too! Her eyes are cut in his direction, and he can tell she’s watching him watching her getting her mouth most thoroughly fucked. Worried about the frown on his young Nephews face, Alex, never missing a stroke, tells him, hey, honestly Jackie…loves having some guy fucking her mouth! Besides, a guy damn near has too, because, well…she has this nasty habit of getting distracted when someone’s eating her pussy!”

Suddenly our hero, who’s been holding back, is consumed by his own fast onrushing needs. Deciding it would be a kick to fill Jackie’s mouth with a big hot load of cum, he pulls back, leaving only the cum spewing head of his cock nestled between her lips. Alex is prepared to swear she was still working to gulp down that first overflowing mouthful, when Matt’s tongue apparently launched her in to what otherwise would have been a screaming orgasm. Sure, so how can it be his fault, when his next fountaining spurt ends up splashed across her face?

Never one to stop at one, with her mouth free of cock, Jackie is loudly urging Matt on, pleading, “Yes, yes, yes…oh God don’t stop!”, Alex doesn’t think his nephew has any intention of stopping. He won’t either, not if he knows what’s good for him he won’t!

With his Uncle out of the way, Travis decides to get back in the game. Only, Jackie’s sees with horror that her nephew is working with a less then fully inflated piece of equipment. No problem, after his teasing Aunt makes him work to get the head of his cock wedged between her lips, she takes over. Lickedy-split, her nephews cock is nine inches of hard.

It’s his first time holding a woman’s head between his hands; certainly, when there’s nothing to stop him from taking her mouth anyway he likes. Ask Alex, in his book, it’s a recipe for- one: Instant, fully raging hard-on. Doing his best to imitate his Uncle, Travis proves he can multitask, Laughing while he tells Matt, “Yo bro, make her cum again! Uncle Alex says, she can cum…and suck cock at the same time…really!” Our insatiable heroine proves it too, a couple of times, even with nine hard inches of pussy flavored cock filling her mouth.

Jackie’s just caught the taste of precum, when Travis sees his brother is about to try substituting cock for tongue. Egging his brother on, Travis challenges him, panting out, “Cool, sure fuck her dude…but remember…she likes it hard…you can do hard…right?” Free to whoop his approval, Alex can crow, and watch Jackie getting just what she wants, a double helping of cock, nineteen-year-old cock. Only, Our heroine’s been here before, restrained, with nothing to do but entertain two lovers. Not when it’s twin nephews though, one of them pounding hard twisting vagina filling thrusts in to her, while the other one’s feeding her generous helpings of his nine inch cock.

Matt’s holding his Aunt’s ass cheeks pushed wide apart, apparently liking the sight of his thick cock’s even thicker head repeatedly penetrating her vagina. Meanwhile, Travis has discovered a lazy trick. He can bob Jackie’s head up and down, making her lips glide caressingly over every throbbing, wet and slippery inch of him. Alex can see it coming; sure Travis is working up to something. He is, and wondering who’s going to be more surprised, his cock hungry Aunt, or his equally fun loving Uncle. His Aunt’s anticipated his move, but it catches his unsuspecting Uncle. Wearing a grin as wide as one cut in to a jack-o-lantern, Travis bellows, “Oh fuck…hey Matt, watch this,” and yanked his cock out of Jackie’s mouth. Barely believing the young punk has the balls; Alex watches his nephew hold Jackie’s head in place with one hand. Then yanking his cock out of his Aunt’s mouth, he uses his free hand to direct a gushing rope of cum, absolutely burying her up turned face in the gooey white stuff.

Such timing, cum is still lying thick on our heroine’s face, when Matt gets in on the act. Not about to be upstaged, not by his brother anyway, his voice ratcheting up, Matt tells the world, “Fuck me…yeah…yeah…I’m going to cum…oh fuck…I’m going to cum!” Pulling out, he unleashes one spurting stream after another, sending a drenching river of cum splashing over her ass. If his Aunt’s ass is the cake, well then, Matt just iced it!

With his laughing nephews slapping a high five, Alex wants to applaud, realizes he can, and does! Thinking so far so good, he can’t wait for round two; after all, he’s sure his pussy-crazed nephews are just getting warmed up! He’s right too, but then so is he! Besides, Jackie is practically insatiable!

Jackie does eventually call for a time-out. By then, Alex had watched his young nephews use a dizzying combination of fingers, tongue, and cock, as they energetically fingered, tongued, and fucked their Aunt through one orgasm after another. Sure, he helped out; chipping in with helpful advice, making sure none of their Aunt’s erogenous zones got overlooked, and manning up to plug any prematurely vacated openings. Our hero was there, when, heroic and demanding, Jackie sarcastically announced, “So hey, what the fuck, aren’t any of you bastards interested in my ass…I mean really!” Hey, it’s a good thing somebody was there to tell them to go for it!


Later after showers, Alex and his nephews are downstairs enjoying a cold beer and munching on reheated pizza. Waiting for Jackie, their enjoying a lively discussion about the differences between voyeurism, an audience, and the spectator. Figuring its as good a time as any to come clean, our hero tells his shocked Nephews about how he’d seen everything from up in his office. Convincing his doubting nephews that it was all in fun turns out to be a cinch; after all, they have sure enjoyed the results! Convincing them its loads, more fun to be part of an up close and personal audience then it is to be a lonely spectator turns out to be just as easy. Of course, as he’s quick to point out, his nephews have been part of an audience for most of the day. He reminds them that they’ve been getting a kick out of watching each other, and later their Uncle too, and that their wile and crazy Aunt has been playing off that fact. Point already made, Alex reminds them that back when they’d been spying on their Aunt, he’d told them several times that she absolutely loves an audience. Finishing off his argument he tells them, “Fuck no, I’m no voyeur. Your Aunt knew I was up there the entire time…shit, who’s idea do you suppose it was?”

It’s later, but not much, when Jackie rejoins them. Looking radiant and drop dead sexy, she strolls in wearing a clingy black silk robe that almost makes it to the bottom of her lovely ass. Playing his part, Alex gets up and pours her a glass of wine. Only he isn’t the only one who notices she’s drinking it standing up. Sure, it’s contrived, and even if it isn’t exactly original, Alex intends to go along with his wife’s little game.

Playing along, whether he knows it yet or not, it’s Matt who asks, “Ah, well OK, so if that robe was an inch shorter I wouldn’t have to ask…but, well you know…OK, I’m betting you’re not wearing anything under it!”

A long leisurely sip of her wine later, Jackie purrs “Really darling? Gosh, you’ll just have to come over here and find out…won’t you?” When matt hesitates, his Aunt’s sultry purr challenges, “No… gosh…I guess it’s going to be a bet then!” Pausing for barely a heartbeat, her throaty purr suggests, “I do love oral…yeah, let’s play for oral!” Then, our ballsy heroine adds a teasing, “Yeah…come on stud!”

Looking cool, her would be stud walks over, takes the glass out of her hand and sits it on the bar. Admiring his nephew’s game, Alex watches him move around to stand behind his Aunt. Then, chuckling softly, he reaches around, cupping the soft ripe roundness of Jackie’s breasts. Pinching first one silk clad nipple, then the other, he gives each a moan inducing twist. Sliding the robe off her shoulders, tongue flicking over his Aunt’s ear, he whispers “I really…really like the way you suck my cock!”

Breasts bared, Jackie grins impishly, letting her dark eyes come to rest on Travis. Her daring Nephew loosens her robe’s tie, letting black silk slide down to puddle around her feet. Thinking about the copious quantity of cum Jackie’s already swallowed, Alex is half expecting to find her standing there wearing a smile and a pair of micro thong panties. Instead, naked and grinning, the twins conniving Aunt, takes Matt by the hand. Leading him toward the den, she pauses, saucily inviting, “Come on boys…a girl should have an audience!”

Bypassing the over stuffed chair, Jackie pushes Matt down on a leather sofa. Growling throatily, she coolly demands, “Off, take them off…now!” Alex is surprised a guy could get out of a pair of shorts so fast. Then, down on hands and knees, and Alex thinks looking hotter then Hell, she crawls forward, growling a menacing purr. Crooking a finger, Jackie tempts her expectant nephew, urging him to scoot forward. He does, and growling like an outraged panther, Jackie bats his legs apart, leaving his balls swinging free. Working her tongue in lazy swirls, she teases it’s lightly flicking tip over every inch of her squirming nephews balls. One at a time her soft lips suck a ball in to her mouth., then with Matt’s brother doing the groaning, she sucks them both in to what Alex knows from experience is a wickedly soft molten heat.

Even Alex is groaning by the time her tongue has worked its sensuous way up the thick shaft of his nephew’s cock. Jackie still hasn’t so much as touched that big cock’s huge head, and already her tongue’s left its shaft an iron hard glistening rod. Her tongue begins to swirl around that darkly engorged head. Unable to hold back Matt reaches for her.

Coming up on her knees, Jackie bats his hands away, and then grabs them. Still holding tight to her nephews hands, Alex watches her pop that big head in to her mouth, then take her time, slowly, oh so slowly gliding her lips lightly down, taking every bit of that cock in to her mouth. Just as slowly, she works her way back up, sucking all along the way. Hoping for whimpered pleas, she picks up the tempo. She stops, giving her Nephew an appraising look, then releases his hands. Knowing how close to the edge he is, she can’t resist the temptation, and takes one more slow, tantalizing round trip up and down his full length.

Travis is sitting on the arm of that overstuffed chair next to his Uncle. Looking like he’s about to reach for his cock, he mutters, “Fuck…how’s she do it,” beating Alex to it with his, “Shit…I’m about ready to cum, and she hasn’t even touched me…fuck!” He’s still watching though, when his Aunt slaps a hand around his brother’s cock, closing her fist tightly around it. Peeking between his fingers, he’s watching, when with an audible slurp she sucks Matt’s balls back in to her mouth.

When his Aunt’s fist begins to slowly pumped, Matt throws his head back and howls. Like a kitten with cream, while her fist pistons, her tongue lavishes her nephews balls with hot wet licks and tender teasing flicks. Only as much fun as playing spectator is, Alex notices that poor Travis is getting edgy. Why not, the poor guy’s feeling left out!

Nudging his nephew, Alex points to the wetly glinting folds of pink pussy showing between his Aunt’s wide spread legs. Telling Travis, “They wouldn’t be spread that way if it wasn’t an invitation,” he gives him another nudge. That does it, and after offering his grinning Uncle a high five, he jumps up and shrugs out of his shorts. Then, naked, stiff cock pointing the way, Jackie’s neglected Nephew ambles over to join the party.

Jackie’s busy, so of course she doesn’t bother to stop and welcome Travis. His Aunt goes right on popping the glistening head of his brother’s cock in and out of her mouth, while her fist continues to fly up and down its thick shaft’s slippery wet length. Considering what his wife’s doing to Matt, Alex puffs out a sigh, telling himself, man, that boy has some serious staying power. Then, hoping Travis will put on a good show, Alex watches as he settles between his Aunt’s legs, greeting his brother with a fist bump. With the preliminaries out of the way, he reaches down, sliding his hands over his Aunt’s ass. Then using his thumbs he lifts and spreads apart her ass’s cheeks. Running a finger around her vagina’s opening, he adds a second, then pushes them deep in to his Aunt. After giving those fingers a few hard twisting pumps, he rips them out, and noses the head of his long cock up against that inviting opening.

One hard thrust, and for the second time that night, Alex’s erotically uninhibited wife has nine inches buried in her vagina, and another thick six inches pushing in to her throat. Then, considering, Alex recalls that she’s already had it the other way around too. Ah well, and in a move Alex really admires, Travis catches Jackie’s wrists, pinning them to her back. Seeing that, Matt slides his hands in to Jackie’s dark curls. Unfortunately, that’s just when our hero thinks he hears a car door slam.


Predictably, the twins aren’t hearing anything except the wet slurping sounds of their favorite Aunt’s bobbing mouth, and the wet slaps of Travis’s thighs crashing hard against her ass. So naturally, no one but Alex hears the front door. It’s not until after his sister-in-law shrieks, “Oh my God,” that anyone but Alex notices they have company.

Their Uncle is proud; his admittedly preoccupied nephews haven’t panicked! Travis does stop pounding in and out of his Aunt, but Alex figures it’s just so he can call out a somewhat shy sounding, “Ah shit, hi mom!”

Matt, always the smartass one, waves, going with a lame, but creative, “Hey, Aunty Jackie’s been giving us a crash course in…ah, well like sex!”

Phyllis sits beside her blushing son, ruffling his hair, while she holds her sister-in-law’s head pushed down. “Gosh guys, don’t let us interrupt,” she teases, snickering as she adds, “Gosh, I sure wouldn’t want you to flunk out or something!” Then, leaning forward, arching one blonde eyebrow, she peers down at where her other son’s cock is out of sight, buried deep in his Aunt’s vagina. Alex figures she’s only trying to be helpful, when she suggests, “Gosh Travis honey, I seem to remember your Aunty likes it hard…yeah right, at least that’s the way your daddy fucks her!”

Looking amused, Phyllis lets go of Jackie’s head and leans back. Grinning like the Cheshire cat, her cock-loving sister-in-law pops her head up long enough to wave. Then, swooping in, she swallows the entire six fat inches of Matt’s waiting cock. Obviously, in a hurry, to anyone paying attention anyway, our heroine appears determined to get her nephew off, and just as quickly as she can! Her cheeks working like bellows, Jackie’s sucking hard, doing it while she pumps her fist in a pistoning blur.

Jackie’s still hard at it too, when her brother-in-law walks up behind Travis. Tapping his son on the shoulder, tom suggests, “Yo dude, you don’t want to be greedy…so, like hurry it up!” Eager to please, Travis grabs his aunt’s hips, and gets back to the serious business of pounding in a furious onslaught of fully penetrating thrusts. Only with their mother clapping and cheering her sons on, it’s Matt who blast through the finish line first. One look at Travis’s face, and Alex was pretty sure his hard pumping nephew was about to explode through his own finish line.

Alex watched Phyllis jump up, and pull her dress off over her head; sure Matt was still firing hot blast of cum in to his Aunt’s mouth. A lacy blue bra and matching panties quickly follow his sister-in-law’s dress to the floor. Then, nudging her still ejaculating son with an elbow, she ordered, “You’re done…so move it buster!” Only, it’s her sister-in-law’s eyes she’s looking in to when she adds an emphatic, “Yeah, its my turn!” Looking curious, Matt shot one quick glance up at his mother, and hurriedly scooted over. Phyllis took his place, leaned back and folded her arms under, what Alex has always considered a superb pair of perkily upturned tits. Then, staring straight in to Jackie’s eyes, she slowly opened her legs, and scooted her ass right up to the sofa’s edge.

Thinking it looked really cute, Alex watched his wife stare right back, shrug her shoulders, and then sensuously lick what was left of Matt’s cum off her lips. Then, with one of her nephew still driving slow thrusts deep in to her from behind, our unstoppable heroine dives right in, burying her face in her sister-in-law’s waiting pussy.

Looking up at his mother, Travis manages to get out, “Unreal…fuck, I do not believe this,” and starts to laugh. He still is too, when he starts vigorously jack hammering thrusts in to his Aunt, obviously getting a real kick out of the fact his hard thrusts are pushing her face in to his mother’s pussy. Raucously announcing, “Fuck yes…now,” Travis pulls out. His timing is perfection. His cock erupts, spewing what to his Uncle seems to be an unending geyser of cum, every drop of it splashing down to decorate his Aunt’s ass.

Tom is beaming like a proud father, or maybe it’s just like a guy whose turn had come! Clapping his sheepishly grinning son on the back, he congratulates him with a chuckled, “Hey Travis, buddy you’re a chip off the old block…damn straight!” Then ignored by his ecstatically moaning wife, and their pussy munching sister-in-law, he gives his son’s ass a fatherly swat, demanding, “Move it boy…let me show you how an man does it!”

Sure Alex knew his nephews at least suspected their parents were swingers. Still and he supposes even after the rousing round of debauchery his nephews have found themselves smack in the middle of, they aren’t likely to be worried about whatever’s coming next. Too bad; because our instigating hero has another wicked little plot twist in mind. That’s why; with Phyllis’s orgasmic cries shrilling behind him, unnoticed, he’s heading for the den.

Jackie’s tongue is still working it’s magic, ripping screamed pleas for more from their sister-in-law, when our hero gets back. By then, she’s holding tight to a double handful of Jackie’s hair, making sure her face remains planted precisely where she wants it. Stopping to watch his brother lustily bang one ass slapping thrust after another in to Jackie, Alex understands the reason behind his sister-in- law’s two-handed grip. Holding on to his prize, and not bothering to hide it, Alex patiently waits for the commotion to die down.

Well, by the time Phyllis stops repeatedly bellowing, “Again…yes…more,” Tom is sitting on the floor, a limp dick dangling between his legs. No longer distracted by the sight of his father fucking his Aunt, or his mother’s orgasmic cries of bliss, it’s Matt who finally notices what his Uncle is holding. Exhilaration dripping from every word, he blurts out, “No way…that’s so cool,” quickly adding a hopeful, “Aunt Jackie’s going to model it for us…isn’t she?”

All eyes are on Jackie, watching her slip ten inches of thick rubber dildo in to a leather harness, before slowly buckling it in place. Not surprisingly, no one utters a sound. Like she always does when packing, she prowls, strutting around the room, her rubber cock thrust out challengingly. Aiming a mischievous smirk at her sister-in-law, she’s growling like a panther on the hunt. Seeing that look, and Phyllis’s bemused grin, Alex figures everyone in the room knows what’s coming. Damn straight, and every one of them can hardly wait to see her put that big rubber cock she’s so proudly sporting to work.

Pointing to the floor, Jackie orders her sister-in-law to her knees. Looking proud and dominant, she stares down, watching Phyllis’s mouth turn ten inches of fat rubber cock in to a slippery rod of glistening ebony. Then, with her twin Nephews, egging her on, Jackie gets down to it, putting on a stunningly erotic demonstration. Ordering Phyllis to grab the sofa’s arm, “And bend the fuck over,” Jackie fucks her with the same enthusiastic zeal every hard-on sporting man in the room had already fucked our heroine with. Surprising Alex, she even lets her pleading sister-in-law use a flicking fingertip to add to her whirlwind of orgasms. Then with Phyllis on her back, legs up over our cock wielding heroine’s shoulders, she didn’t need those fingers, not with the way Jackie took her! Skillfully maneuvering her big cock, Jackie twisted in powerfully delivered, fully penetrating thrusts, sometimes slow pelvis grinding jabs, and sometimes slowing to work it’s monstrous head expertly over Phyllis’s G-spot. That sizzling performance leaves Phyllis limp, quivering, and satisfied; not to mention, exceedingly well fucked! Why not, Phyllis absolutely loves a big cock, and for sure, Jackie knows what to do with one! As our hero knows, it’s just one more thing, like being quick to get naked that she has in common with our heroine.

In a show that’s pure Jackie, she struts around the room, excitedly pumping a victorious fist. Stopping, legs spread challengingly; her fist strokes the dripping length of her thrust out rubber phallus. Her smoldering glare sweeps over her audience, a taunting snicker giving way to an impish grin. Finally, Jackie coaxes, “Alright then, come on guys…yeah, this bitch needs another volunteer!”

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