Sister fears incest

I drove home around six that Friday and I saw Jenna’s car parked in front of my apartment. She had a key to my place and she visited regularly. She was watching a talk show as I walked in.

“Hey Brad, I got us pizza, beer and some of your cinnamon buns, hope you hadn’t prepared anything else for tonight.”

I lived alone since my wife had left, a year ago now. As fate would have it, Jenna had lost her husband in a car accident barely a month after my wife moved out so Sis and I had suddenly found ourselves alone, the only remaining members of our family. She lived in a house she now owned outright, fairly close to where I lived and, as we both lived alone, we simply started getting together for dinner and movies on weekends. As I owned a huge digital TV, we soon decided we preferred enjoying our meals and movies at my place.

Jenna had known I would be home that Friday evening as I had no one new in my life since the breakup with my wife. My sister and I got along fine, even if we had not been close before her husband’s death.

“Thanks, sis, that’s great.”

She stood and we rubbed cheeks as she made her way to the kitchen. I asked her to get dinner started while I showered and the meal was ready when I came back. We sat on the couch and watched a sitcom as we ate.

Jenna and I were our parents’ only children. I’m almost thirty years old, light brown hair, not quite six foot tall but fairly muscular and in good shape as I exercise regularly. Jenna is a brunette, twenty-seven, five foot five and rather pretty. She had been very popular with the boys before she and Tom started seeing each other, and they had married when she was twenty-four. They would have loved children but, unfortunately, my sister never got pregnant.

On that particular evening, something special happened. Jenna and I watched a movie about a man and a woman, strangers who had just met by pure chance and who had begun a sexual relationship almost right away. It turned out they had both been without sex partners for some months and they just fell in each other’s arms after talking about their mutual predicament over dinner at a restaurant.

As I watched the movie, I began thinking about Jenna’s and my own situation. My seven-year marriage had not been a success but sex with my wife had always worked out fine for both of us. Getting married had probably been a mistake, as we did not have much in common. As I had yet to start looking for someone new since my wife had left, the lack of sex was killing me and I masturbated almost every evening, using internet porn and magazines as stimulants.

The movie got me wondering about Jenna and her own sexual needs. As she and I had never discussed our intimate lives, I had no idea of her needs or if she had sexual longings like me. Before that day, I had never seriously thought of Jenna as a possible sex partner but I was getting so desperate for a fuck that, after seeing that movie, I could not avoid thinking about Jenna in a sexual context. The idea of incest sprang immediately to my mind and this time, instead of dismissing it as I had always done before if I happened to look at my sister’s body with more than passing interest, I found myself glancing at her covertly, even as a guilty feeling was overcoming me. She was sitting next to me, so close I could smell her usual perfume. Her white top draped nicely over her breasts and her short blue skirt was riding at mid-thigh over her bare legs and feet. Her dark brown hair almost reached her shoulders and it curled out and upward from there gracefully. I realized with a pang that, for the first time, I was looking at my sister with a frankly sexual appreciation. My cock hardened and I had to shift my position in order to hide this development from her. Yikes! She was watching the movie’s end credits, seemingly unaware of my newfound interest. I suppose I should have kept quiet but I just couldn’t stop myself.

“I can relate to these two. I can’t say I particularly miss having a girlfriend but the lack of sex is killing me. How about you?”

Jenna turned to me, clearly startled, her face slowly turning red.

“Just what do you have in mind, Brad?”

She seemed flustered and I realized my question had not been exactly tactful.

“Well, I haven’t had sex since Carol left and it’s driving me bonkers, I just wondered if you were having a hard time of it too, that’s what. You’ve been alone for months too, like me… Well, for my part, I’m getting fed up having to masturbate all the time, I mean, I so need a woman’s touching me it’s driving me up a wall.”

Jenna was looking at me with a strange look in her eyes.

“You can’t expect me to help, Brad, you’re my brother. You’d better not start thinking of me for sex, I hate to even think about what you’re suggesting. Where did that come from?”

My sister appeared almost in tears and I realized I had seriously blundered.

“Sorry girl, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Please excuse me, there was no good reason to say what I said, it won’t happen again, ever.”

Suddenly ashamed, I reached for Jenna. For a moment, I thought she would draw away from me but she remained as she was and let me put my arms around her and I rested my head against hers. Our parents had died some years ago, we were alone now and I was ready to do anything to avoid spoiling the great relationship I had with my kid sister.

“There, there, don’t worry, I’ll never say things like this to you again, I made a mistake and didn’t think things through, I was a fool to imagine you’d respond to my stupid feelings and, you know, it’s the first time, really, that I’ve seriously thought about you in that way.”

Jenna nuzzled her nose against my neck and I tightened my arms around her in response.

“I don’t know what came over me, I think the story in that movie got me thinking things. About my needs and, as I watched the film, I got the idea in my head that you must probably feel the same I do. Guys seem to have needs all the time and girls less so, maybe that’s why, but I won’t make the same mistake again, please forget what I tried with you just now.”

Jenna raised her head and kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay, Brad, I understand. I forgive you, what happened, happened, that’s all, we’ll just have to stop thinking about it, forget it’s ever happened.”

She kissed me again then drew away from me and stretched her arms, yawning.

“Will you put me up for the night?”

Jenna had slept over several times in the past, even if her house was not far away. We found comfort in being together and I was glad that she had asked to stay the night. We had to smooth things over and this being Friday evening, we did not have to work the next day so it was kind of natural to have her around for the whole weekend.

Jenna did not wait for my permission, sure it would be granted. She got up, stretched again and walked toward the second bedroom, the one she always used. Reaching it, she turned around and came to me. I got up and opened my arms. She pressed against me, got up on her toes and kissed my lips briefly.

“I love you, Brad. You know that. Good night.”

Her scent lingered as I watched her walk back to the bedroom, thinking she must have felt the hard-on I sported because of her. If she did, she gave no sign. Try as I might, I could not shake the sexual need I had felt for her earlier. Jenna’s bum swayed lightly as she walked and the sight of her beautiful legs made my shaft jerk. I realized that from that day on, no matter if I tried to deny my feelings, I would not be able to help looking at my sister in a sexual way. My hard-on was all the proof I needed. And, probably, all the proof Jenna needed of my deviant sexual desire for her.

That night, I masturbated thinking of Jenna. I couldn’t help thinking of her as I sought my release.

Saturday morning. We had breakfast and tried to act as normally as possible but there was strain in our manners, perhaps unavoidably. In the afternoon, we went for a walk in the park nearby and we fed some ducks.

On Saturday evening, we watched one of my DVDs, an action comedy. I had changed to a T-shirt and tennis shorts, Jenna wore a short nightshirt she kept at my place and her legs were bare, like mine. We sat comfortably on the couch in our usual movie position, close to each other, our legs touching on the coffee table and often entwined or rubbing. I could smell her perfume faintly. This was no different from what we usually did as we watched movies together but, on that Saturday night, I had not expected Jenna to sit close to me and, even less so, to twirl her shapely, beautiful legs all around mine as she now did. It was not long before I had a huge hard-on and, while I tried to hide it by untangling my legs from hers, Jenna give no indication that she had noticed.

Well, the bulge just would not go away. When I got up for some beer, Jenna noticed it right away.

“I’m sorry, Brad, I’m not trying to be a smart ass but I can’t help seeing your problem. I hope you find a woman soon to help you out.”

I could see my sister was trying to make light of the situation since she could hardly ignore what was happening to me. When I came back with our beers, I sat a bit further away from her and we remained apart until the movie’s end. I turned off the TV, we kissed good night and went to our rooms. Jenna slept in the spare bedroom, as usual. I went to my own bedroom but sleep was long in coming and I finally had to masturbate to thoughts of my sister before I could sleep.

Jenna went back home after lunch on Sunday. Things seemed fine between us and she said she would be back the following Friday before supper. With a quick light kiss on my cheek, she was gone. I began missing that wonderful woman, my sister, right away. I could not believe the change in what I felt for Jenna. Only three days before, she had been… just my sister. I loved her very much but, other than that, nothing had been special about our relationship and I had never consciously entertained lascivious thoughts about her. What was happening to me?

On Tuesday night, around eleven, I called her. I just had to do so. She had been asleep but said it was all right. I asked if I could speak to her frankly and, after some hesitation, she said yes. I supposed she had guessed what I wanted to talk about because she asked me not to say anything that would embarrass her.

“Well, Jenna, I’ll just have to say what I have to, embarrassing or not, I can’t help myself. You must help me. You’re not a virgin, you know all about sex, and the need there is, how we feel. I know you’re my sister but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore, I’m going mad with need and I need your help, please. I want to come over, okay? I need you to give me a hand job. Just me, I promise I won’t touch you.”

I waited for my sister’s reply but I could not hear anything. Hadn’t she heard what I said?

“Please, Jenna, I need a woman’s touch right now, get me off just this once, and I’ll leave you alone. I know you don’t feel about me like I do you, that’s okay, it’s just me, the lack of sex. You’re beautiful and sexy and when I think you’re going without sex just like me, I feel a bit of touching wouldn’t be so bad. It’s crazy, I know, but please, Jenna, say yes… “

There was only silence. She must have been on the line but I could not hear anything. Then…

“All right Brad, you can come. It’s okay… come on over. We’ll work something out.”

I could not believe that my sister had said yes. I dressed quickly and left as soon as I could, my body throbbing with need all the way to her place.

Jenna had been watching as she opened her front door as I walked up the drive. She wore a nightdress and her hair was a bit mussed from sleep.

She poured two stiff drinks, we both downed them quickly and she made us two more right away.

There was no talk; we just stood in her den and sipped our second drinks. Things were awkward and I figured I had better keep quiet, in case she decided to change her mind. I had no idea of how Jenna felt.

Drinks finished, Jenna led the way to her bedroom. I followed, stripped to my boxers and went to her attached bathroom, telling her I would not be long. I showered quickly and put my boxers back on before coming out. Jenna asked me to wait and she went to the bathroom as well, leaving the door open. I saw her go to the sink and apply makeup, just as if she wanted to make herself beautiful before a date. She finished with lipstick then she combed her hair, leaving it down to her shoulders. What gave? My dick was getting harder and harder with expectancy as I watched my sister.

Once back in the bedroom, Jenna removed her nightdress. She wore a black bra and matching panties and had on a pair of nylon stockings held up by garter straps attached to a lace belt around her waist. Seeing her like this, I thought she figured doing me would be over faster if she looked sexy.

Finally, my sister sat on the edge of the bed and motioned me over.

I went to her, my hard-on huge. Jenna pulled the boxers down, working them over my erect shaft, and it sprang upward toward her face. Her head jerked back but she did not say anything. I got my feet out of the boxers, kicked them away and she moved her hands toward my dick. I noticed she had put on some bright red nail polish that matched her shapely lips perfectly. I watched Jenna’s beautiful hands touch my dick and my whole body twisted with lust as, with light fingers, she gently pulled my foreskin back, fully uncovering my cock. When she released it, it throbbed with desire as I waited for what she would do next.

Jenna lowered her head and spat in her hands then wrapped her fingers delicately around my cock and frigged me. The feeling was indescribable, so exciting that I soon started to moan and, as I expected, I did not last long. It seemed that in no time at all I felt my orgasm well up and my dick erupted in long, milky ropes as I came so hard I could not remember having ever felt such intensity before. My moans increased and became grunts during my orgasm and I am certain I did not last more than a minute. My sister had tried to contain my cum with her hands but some of my stuff ended up on her neck and shoulders.

Jenna kept her hands wrapped around my cock for a moment as she glanced at me, smiling weakly.

“That didn’t go too badly, did it? I hope you feel better.”

I smiled back at her. I felt I should apologize to her but I did not exactly manage to say the words.

“My balls were hurting, what you did was perfect, exactly what I needed.”

I was about to pull away and get dressed but Jenna surprised me. Keeping her cum-soaked hands on my cock, she began masturbating me again.

“I know you’re not done, Brad.”

My shaft had barely wilted after I came as Jenna had not let go of it. Now, with her left hand wrapped around its base, she caressed the end of my dick a few times with her right fingertips. I could feel my rod growing quickly and it was not long before it had reached its full rigidity. Jenna released me at this point, got up and made me sit on the side of the bed. She pushed my shoulders until I fell backward on her mattress. Giddy with lust, I grabbed one of her pillows and placed it beneath my head for a better look at what my sister would do. She knelt between my legs and reaching for my cock with her left hand, she wrapped it around the middle and moved her hand down slowly to keep my foreskin fully down. As she held the base of my shaft securely with her left hand, Jenna looked at me and, smiling shyly, she began getting me off again. I suppose her hands were still slick with my semen as the friction was highly pleasing and I abandoned myself to the heady sensation with my head moving side to side and my eyes closing despite my desire to watch as Jenna did me, spitting in her hands as she worked me. I lasted longer this time but not very much so because the feel of Jenna’s fingers stroking the head of my cock was almost too much to endure. The right thumb and first finger of her right hand had formed a tight circle around the ridge beneath the head and I could not help moaning as she moved her hand up and down with short but fairly rapid movements. My sister was moving her hand barely a half inch or so back and forth along my cock but, as the pleasure was concentrated so directly on the head and the ridge underneath, my neck arched backward on the pillow and my breath hissed sharply between my lips with the intensity of the feeling. I could feel my thighs shaking as my pelvis pushed toward the source of the sensation and I knew the feeling could not continue, the pleasure was too acute and, indeed, after a couple of minutes, my feet were pushing my pelvis upward as I came off again. My jizz shot out in more long, milky strings and Jenna just let it fly, continuing her ministrations gently until I had nothing left.

“Okay now, this has taken care of you. You’ll be able to sleep now.”

Sis got up and went to wash her hands. Coming back, she dropped a partially wet towel on my softening dick. I wiped myself clean, rolled off the bed and put my clothes back on as my sister looked on. I went over to her, this beautiful woman who had valiantly come to my rescue that evening. With my heart full of love for her, I drew her close. She stood against me, her head barely reaching my chin so I bent and kissed her forehead.

“Thanks, Jenna dear. There’s no way I can show you how grateful I am for what you just did. I love you, as a brother first but also in another way now, as you must feel. But, as I promised to behave, I will. You don’t have to worry I’ll come running to you every night, I promise this won’t happen again, I’ll probably have to start looking for a new girl, soon. But I love you, Sis. I wish you would let me give you the same pleasure as you gave me, I wish that you’d at least let me try. To let me get you excited, in the mood, you know. I know I could and I’d love to make you get off too. You must miss having sex as I do and I would love to do you. Please let me do this for you in turn. Just my hands… Please?

Jenna wrapped her arms around me after I stopped talking.

“I love you too Brad and, surprisingly, I did not find what I did to you a hardship. Not at all. I kind of enjoyed it even, if you can believe it. Wow! And it’s me saying this! But it is incest, you must realize this, and I’m not ready to go further. The very idea of incest bothers me no end and I can’t see how that would ever change. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. I appreciate you offering to help me the way you said and I love you for it but you’re my brother and I can’t get past that. Also, well, you’re a man and I’ve always heard that men, uh, like you said, need sex more than we women do, so I understand your desire for me and your need to help me in return tonight but, for me, sorry, I don’t think I’d be able to let you touch me sexually. Even after I touched you like I did. You can see that, Brad? It’s not you, you know I love you, and that’s not at all the question, it’s just me… just my… my feelings about this…”

I hugged Jenna tightly and left after telling her I understood how she felt and that I was okay with it. I really was, too. As I drove away, I felt sorry for her, for the way she felt but also because, in the back of my mind, I knew I would have loved giving sex to her, making her reach orgasm at my hands, a whole lot.

Jenna was right. I slept like a baby that night, drifting off blissfully with images of Jenna and me as we had been, together, on that wonderful evening.

When I got home the next day, there was a message from Jenna on my home phone answerer. Why hadn’t she called my mobile? Maybe she preferred saying what she wanted without speaking to me.

I listened to her message:

‘Hey, Brad? I just wanted to say this: You can come to me like last night whenever you feel you can’t take it anymore. If you simply must, I don’t mind. I don’t know… me doing you with my hands sounds okay, even exciting now, if you can believe it. I suppose I’m blushing furiously as I’m saying this to you but, last night, while trying to sleep, I kept thinking about what we had done, and, believe it or not, I realized I actually enjoyed touching you. There, you know? I loved the idea that you were able to get off because of my touching you, me, your own sister. Boy! I really enjoyed relieving you of your manly urges! WooooHoooo! And that’s me telling you this, I don’t believe it. Well, that’s all. Call me.’

I did. She answered right away. Had she been waiting for my call?

“Hey Jenna, what’s up?”

“Busy, Brad? How about coming over, I’ll make us some dinner.”

This was Wednesday, a weekday! We never saw each other during the week. What was going on?

“Okay, be right over.”

My sister greeted me in a short red dress and high heels! Boy! My imagination ran wild as I recalled how her hands had touched me only last night. She looked scrumptious, so absolutely feminine with her wavy black hair and dark eyes enhancing that delicious short-sleeved red dress. I saw she wore some make-up and I thought my sister looked good enough to eat.

“It’s great seeing you, Sis, you look marvelous. I was afraid we would not see each other for a while.”

“That’s exactly the point, Brad. I want us to remain close and I’m not going to let last night bother me. If you want to know, I guess what I did with you got me turned on more than I realized. I had to get myself off last night. I tried avoiding thinking of what we had done but I kept remembering stuff and imagining it was you doing it, as I touched myself. My climax was very strong so I’m blaming you for it!”

She giggled nervously as we sat down but I got up almost immediately and made martinis as I felt like celebrating after my sister’s intimate declaration. I was elated and hoped it didn’t show too much.

“Here’s to you, Sis. And to your talented hands.”

We laughed together at this. We clinked glasses and sipped our drinks slowly. Then I made another round and we sipped that, taking our time as we watched something about the world’s rain forests.

Jenna served some of her delicious lasagna and we washed it down with red wine. We finished with apple pie and coffee and moved to the couch. Jenna sat on my left, as usual, and close to me. Closer than normally, I thought. The TV was still on but the sound had been turned way down. Everything considered, it almost looked as if she was trying to seduce me. That made no sense after what she had said before I left her place last night and yet, there was today’s phone message to consider so, I was really in the dark as to the exact nature of Jenna’s intentions toward me. I could only hope she had come around to my way of handling our sexual needs but I could not be sure of anything, at this point.

Jenna shifted position as she sat on my left, close to me. She folded her right leg beneath herself and turned toward me, facing me kind of sideways. She put her right hand around my neck and leaned toward me, nuzzling her forehead against my left shoulder. She had on a new, light yet exotic perfume and this, too, surprised me. Was she coming on to me?

“Brad, I… uh… Are you clean? I want to do you again, thinking about doing this with you I… uh… well, I’m turned on and, uh… I like the feeling I get down there, all right? Okay, I said it. I don’t know where it would lead, maybe nowhere given what I feel about incest, and I still think brothers and sisters having sex is just… weird, you know? I’m having a hard time thinking it could become that between us, after all our years as family, and all. Anyway, here’s what I was thinking, uh, that I could get you off, and after that… just how can I say this, if I became horny, like, I thought you could, maybe, feel me up, my tits, you know, maybe even finger me there, below? That would sort of make us even! It doesn’t make sense, I know, thinking this, and I just don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

She moved her head away from my shoulder and looked at me, probably very unsure of herself.

“Sounds fine to me Jenna, if you’re okay with it. Just let yourself go, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, really, we’re adults, alone, both of us lonely. Okay, so what, you’re my sister but we have each other, right? And we love each other, I feel it. And no one’s getting hurt. It felt wonderful when you did me and I think maybe it felt this good for that reason exactly, that we are siblings. The more I think, the more I find the idea of you and me… uh, hugely erotic and it’s exciting to think of sex and you, having this little bit of sex with you, and I think it’s so intense because you’re my sister. If you want to know, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never thought of what sex would feel like with you. But, a few days ago, since I began thinking I could try to get sex from you, I’m turned on more and more by the idea of you and I doing it.”

Jenna caressed my hair gently as I spoke, letting me go on. I had so much to tell her!

“It’s not that I’ve never had incestuous thoughts before about you, I’ve thought about it but it always felt so taboo I tried to forget even thinking about it. Maybe that’s why I never really believed I could end up having sex with you, I feel dazed every time I think of your hands on me, your touch was like magic, my rod had never felt so big and hard… I don’t know if it’s the idea of incest that excites me, all I can say is I wish the same feeling would take hold of you, would grab you in your panties, because it’s amazing, the feeling that it’s your own sister touching you, there are no words… Just thinking that you will soon be touching my cock with your beautiful hands… feel me… make me cum, you, my own sister, well, can you imagine what I feel…?”

“I know, Brad…”

Jenna pressed gently on the bulge in my pants. I could feel my cock throb beneath her hand and I got up shakily, trembling with lust as I went to the bathroom to prepare for her.

Jenna waited in the bedroom. Coming back, nude, I sat on the edge of the bed and lay back, feet on the carpet, hands beneath my head. Jenna, still wearing her little red dress, kicked her heels off, put a pillow on the floor and knelt on it. Seeing her reach for my shaft, I spread my legs wide as I, giddy from lust, felt my body twist with anticipation as my pelvis arched upward over the mattress.

“Not a word now Brad, just enjoy the sensation that you get, that your sister, gives you.”

Jenna blew a kiss on my hard-on as she put her hands on me. She pulled my foreskin down and spread my pre-cum over the head with her fingertips, making my body shudder and twist rather violently. As she had done before, still pulling my foreskin all the way down with her left hand, she massaged the head part of my cock, sliding her hand up and down over it, from its tip to the ridge at its base, jerking me off me slowly and causing my cock to experience a most intense pleasure. I groaned loudly when my orgasm surged all of a sudden, taking both of us by surprise. Jenna’s face must have been close to my dick and above it because, when I came, jizz shot up and hit her on the mouth and chin. I had been looking at Jenna almost until the end but, shortly before the orgasm, my eyes had shut involuntarily due to the extreme sensations I felt from Jenna’s hands. I opened my eyes just as my cock first discharged as I wanted to see what my sister would do at the moment I came. I saw her snap her face sideways and close her eyes as her hand reached up and wiped sperm off her lower lip.

I would have loved just lying there for a while to enjoy the aftereffects of my orgasm but I quickly rolled off the bed, grabbed Jenna’s hands and licked them clean of sperm. I fetched a towel and cleaned her face gently with it. It seemed the least I could do as I remembered Jenna had once told me she had never given a blowjob, not even to her husband. She seemed to have no inclination for that kind of sex and I dearly wished to keep her from tasting my sperm.

I cleaned myself off as well then I hugged my sister, trying to see if she might let me try to get her to orgasm. It seemed only fair and I would have loved to do it. She seemed to sense this.

“We’re done here Brad, I’m tired and I have to go to bed. I’m exhausted so, good night Bro.”

I could not tell if her tiredness was real, or if she wanted to sidestep the whole “me doing her” thing. I got dressed and went home, thinking sexy thoughts of Jenna. I was still thinking of her as I fell asleep.

We did not speak during the next day. But in the evening, as I was reading before getting ready for bed, Jenna called.

“It’s me, it’s my turn to call for help… For you know what. Can you get here?”

I drove to her place in no time at all. Jenna opened the door, barefoot and wearing a short nightgown.

“I showered just before I called, Brad, so I’m ready. Let’s give this thing a try.”

I was more than ready but I sure hoped to get something out of it too. I was horny as a horse.

Well, as it turned out, Jenna lost her nerve once in her bedroom with me. She would not even lie on the bed so things were far from promising and I began to think I would have to go home with blue balls.

“I’m sorry, I can’t possibly let you see me naked, for some reason. Or touch me. It’s that incest thing… and you’re my brother, that’s all I can think of. I’m very sorry but I will do you, Brad, that’s okay.”

My beautiful sister was standing there, confused, and my heart went out to her. I put my arms around her and held her tightly, trying to comfort her as best I could.

“Hush now, Jenna. It’s okay, take it easy. Nobody’s forcing you into anything you don’t want. I love you, you sweet, beautiful girl. I love you and I understand you, don’t worry about a thing.”

We remained close together for a little while, swaying gently, and her perfume was making me hornier still, if possible. I was thinking that if I let her do me she would be turned on and maybe, just maybe, she’d let me do her then.

“Brad? I know this will sound weird but I’ve been thinking, you know, about all this. I told you some time back that I didn’t know the first thing about blowjobs and it’s still true. Maybe it’s a foolish idea but, if we were in darkness, I would feel less shy, like, less inhibited, you know? Could we try the oral way in the dark? Doing it to each other? I think I should experience that, the oral, I’ve read about it and, with you, I guess it might feel okay, as we would be doing it to each other, at the same time, do you think that might work?”

The thought of doing a sixty-nine with my sister blew my mind and made me extremely giddy.

“I think it might be the best way for you to try, Jenna, for both of us, really. Oh, I’m getting so excited now, just thinking about what you said. I would be so willing to show you what it’s about, it’s something that would feel very, very special, if you can just imagine our mouths on each other, the pleasure, man, I’m so horny… I’m about to burst. You too, you’ll see!”

I turned all the bedroom lights off. The nearest street lamp barely shone through the window. Dimly, I heard Jenna remove her gown and the panties she wore. I stripped and dropped my things in a corner.

“Just lie on the bed, I won’t be long.”

As I got ready in the bathroom, I thought about what my sister had proposed. She was probably horrified at the thought of our having full incest with penetration so a sixty-nine had likely seemed less wrong to her.

When I came out and turned the bathroom lights off, it was very dark in the bedroom. I could not see anything at first and I made my way to the bed cautiously. Reaching it, I could faintly make out Jenna lying on her side and I slid in facing her.

“Listen, your body is fantastic, Jenna. And one day I’ll be delighted to see it at last. For now, here’s what we’ll do. First things first: I won’t cum in your mouth. I’ll tell you just before I cum, just finish me with your hands. Got that? No sperm in your mouth. That’s the main thing, right?

I touched my lips to my sister’s mouth and kissed her gently, savoring the feeling. Jenna started breathing faster, she grabbed one of my hands and brought it to her breasts. The nipples were erect and I fondled each one in turn, gently at first, then a bit more roughly. Releasing her mouth, I licked her tits then pressed my teeth around one of her hard little buds, biting it ever so softly. Jenna sighed and moaned, pressing her tit against my mouth and breathing harshly.

“It’s time, Jen. Get yourself over me. The idea is, you have to get your sex close to my mouth. I’ll be on my back and when you get your pussy close to my mouth, I’ll be able to pleasure you. I won’t be able to move my head much so once I begin licking, move your pussy around and get it settled against my tongue the way that feels best. Your climax will depend on what my tongue can reach and on how well you position yourself. Got that? After I start doing you, wait a couple of minutes before starting on my cock as I don’t want to cum too soon. My cock in your mouth will be one of the best sensations I can get from a woman so don’t worry about a thing, about you or about me. Work mostly on the tip of my cock as it’s my most sensitive spot and what I enjoy most. Remember, this is all about getting off with the most pleasure you can get. I love you, Jenna, you know it and all will go well. Now, I can’t wait any longer, let’s do it.”

I felt Jenna get up so I lay on my back and stretched my limbs expectantly, moving my bum until I was centered on the bed. My whole body throbbed and twisted from side to side with the intense lust that possessed me. With my arms alongside my body, I waited. By now, I could see Jenna pretty well, despite the lack of light in the room. I could see her getting on the bed beside me and supporting herself on her hands and knees, with her head toward my feet. I saw her swing one of her legs over my head then felt her thighs pressing on my shoulders as she brought her body down over mine. Jenna’s head bumped against my rigid shaft and she wrapped a hand around it’s middle. Jenna’s pussy had a faint musky odor and my body twitched as I thought I was about to taste her sex, something I could not have envisaged happening in a thousand years only a few days before. Soon, my sister’s sex was coming down over my face. As her pussy touched my mouth, I licked around its lips gently. My sister had an exciting female taste, something like a mix of salty and tangy flavors yet rather mild, and I liked that. Jenna adjusted her position on my mouth a couple of times as I licked gently around her female parts for a few moments. I then grabbed Jenna’s buttocks and held her tightly against my mouth as I worked my tongue within her pussy lips, licking her everywhere except on her clit so she would not go into orgasm too soon. I considered putting a finger or two in her but figured we were both too close to orgasm so I groaned instead and tapped Jenna’s shoulder. I felt a breath over the tip of my rod then there was gentle, moist heat surrounding my cock. Jenna’s mouth had just closed over the swollen head of my cock and my body reacted with a long involuntary quiver, twisting and throbbing with the extreme giddiness that I felt. Jenna moved her mouth down only a short distance but kept her mouth on the end of my member. I was in ecstasy, almost swooning with the sensation of her warm mouth enclosing the head of my cock. She stopped once my hard, enlarged head had filled her mouth, so I spoke to her, trying to help her go on.

“Work your mouth up and down my cock, about an inch, maybe two, and suck me fairly tightly, as you did with your hands. You really don’t have to take me in very deep. I’ll warn you just before I cum.”

Jenna did what I had just asked. I first felt the tip of my cock lodge between her lips but she was barely taking me in. It felt like she had brought her lips down on my cock very shallowly and had stopped as soon as her teeth touched my bulbous tip. Some seconds later, I felt her tongue swirling over the head of my cock but soon, blissfully, I felt my sister’s mouth begin the fellatio. My pleasure soared, I could not keep my pelvis flat on the mattress and, as I sighed and moaned loudly, the extreme feelings were making me want to push my shaft deeper into Jenna’s mouth. After maybe a minute of the most exquisite sensations, I knew I would not be able to hold off any longer so I asked Jenna to let go of me. Jenna stopped moving but she kept my cock inside her mouth. I began licking and sucking all around her clit, moving my tongue closer and closer to it, feeling the effect on Jenna increasing the closer I got to her little nub.

Her orgasm overtook her seconds later. As I felt my own orgasm well up at the same time hers was surging, I shouted to Jenna to let go of my cock but she moved her mouth up and down my dick vigorously instead, even as she herself was still undergoing a powerful orgasm. Jenna had moaned loudly then cried out as her body quivered and shook uncontrollably as the spasms had taken hold and she still had my cock in her mouth when I erupted. There was nothing I could do so I just let myself go, feeling a long series of spasms as my cream erupted. Because this was my own sister fellating me, I knew this was incest. For some reason, that very thought increased my sexual excitement and my pleasure became even more intense, excruciatingly so, bringing me sensations that were probably much stronger than usual. I became absolutely giddy with the lust I felt for my sister and, once it started, my orgasm lasted, and lasted, certainly much longer than usual.

I felt completely spent when Jenna finally let go of my shaft and rolled off me. There was a strong sexual odor in the room and I thought she would go wash her mouth and hands right away but she stayed on the bed and lay down beside me. Taking hold of my head, she kissed me, a hard, seriously long kiss, our tongues mixing it up aplenty. I can say I definitely know what my stuff tastes like. After our kiss ended, we lay in each other’s arms and talked things over, Jenna first.

“I wasn’t sure what to do about your cum, I was so into the lust I felt at what we were doing, it felt important to have you get off in my mouth. So I swallowed it all, me who thought I’d never be able to. I suppose it’s because I care for you so much, Brad. The sensations you made me feel were so powerful, the pleasure I felt down there was so intense I couldn’t believe it was caused by you, my own brother! So I love you, love you, love you, just for being you.”

I caressed the wondrous girl who lay in my arms, my heart full of love for her.

“I’ve never been so turned on, you know. Of all the girls I’ve known, you’re the one with whom I’ve felt the most intense orgasms, can you believe that? You turn me on something crazy and I love you, my dark little bundle of joy, I know I’ll always love you. I think I would like us to live together, I don’t want you to leave from now on. Why shouldn’t we be together? We could split expenses you know, what’s not to like? We’ll just have to see what happens when we start thinking about having boy and girl friends, some day. It shouldn’t be a problem for a while. For me, at least.”

We kissed again, a bit more gently, then just held hands for a while before falling asleep.

The next morning, when we got up, Jenna kissed me and told me she wanted me to make love to her the normal way that evening. I was beside myself with lust thinking about this all day and had great difficulty concentrating as I worked. I went home at five and jerked off twice in an effort to delay my orgasm once I penetrated my sister. I was certain I would explode in her pussy much too quickly otherwise.

When she dressed for dinner that evening, Jenna put on her little red dress and she looked so sexy when she arrived at my apartment I could barely contain my lust until we finally finished eating. We had a couple of glasses of wine during our meal and we were feeling great when we entered my bedroom. I kissed Jenna until our tongues got tired and my dick, already hard, almost hurt from need. I removed Jenna’s dress feverishly and she finished undressing as I got rid of my own clothes. When we were both nude, I wrapped my arms around my sister and raised her off the floor until my erection nuzzled her groin. Her perfume seemed magical and I could not help swinging Jenna around in a kind of dance as I anticipated the feeling of my shaft finally penetrating my sister’s beautiful body.

Then, hurriedly, I took Jenna to the bed and placed her on her back. The lights were low and just the thing for what we were about to do. I knelt between Jenna’s legs and spread her knees wide apart, exposing her beautiful pink inner lips. Jenna watched as I began kissing her inner pussy lips and plunged my tongue inside the place where my big, swollen shaft would soon pierce her. It was not long before Jenna began to moan and trash about. Her orgasm brought about a high keening sound and, when her pleasure finally abated, I was ready. My dick quickly forced itself inside Jenna’s tight love passage and, once I had penetrated her fully, I began the natural rhythm that I enjoy so much. I was experiencing lust so overwhelming, however, that I soon felt the familiar, almost excruciating ache welling up my shaft and I came extremely hard inside Jenna. I think my sister had just begun getting her second orgasm and she seemed to reach completion soon after I did.

I can’t know for sure what my sister had felt during that first penetration but, for me, becoming incestuous with her made me feel a much more intense sexual stimulation than ordinary lovemaking had ever caused. Jenna too had seemed completely dazed with lust as we made love. Later, she told me she was ecstatic because she was finally feeling sexually fulfilled and she joked we would simply have to indulge in sex at least once every day from now on.

I gave three months’ notice on my apartment and moved into Jenna’s house. Our house, now.

My sister and I are looking forward to being together for at least a year or two. Or longer. Who knows? We are happy together and cherish each other just as regular lovers do. Too much probably, I suppose. I fear the day when one of us wants to leave to get married. With luck, that won’t happen soon and we’ll remain together. And, what if I got Jenna with child? She hadn’t been able to get pregnant with her husband but who’s to say she couldn’t become a mom with me?

Our little house is fine for now, thank you, but we might just need more space, some fine day.

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