Fucked by Dad

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When i was growing up was close to my dad but things changed once i developed. I have long black hair green eyes nice plump round curved ass 36c breasts light skin tone. My Dad would check me out I felt his eyes undressing me .

One night i was in my bed the door opened I looked up it’s my dad stroking his cock. I try to get up but he pushed me down back on the bed .

I.scream get out get out he laughed mom’s at work your mine. He pulls off my top showing my breasts pulling off my shorts .

I say no no no no .

I try to kick him but he blocked it said bitch and slapped me across my jaw I see stars fall back as he opens my legs wide he shoves two fingers into my tight pussy finger fucking me .

Then he starts to eat me out sucking my clit licking me out . I wiggle as he eats me out my back arches and I cum saying no no . He very well endowed 11inches thick fat cock. I feel his cock head penatrate my pussy lips as he slides into me . He starts fucking me hard and fast going deeper and deeper into me I’m moaning loud moans I start Cumming and Cumming.

Then he takes me turns me around fucks me doggie style I hear him yelling yes yes yes as he cums into me flooded my pusssy with his cum then he shoves his cock up my ass and fucks it . I’m Cumming hard now with his cock deep inside my ass he cums in my ass .

When he’s done he says clean up bitch. I lay on my back can’t believe what just happened

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