Daughter proves to her daddy she’s not a little girl anymore

I love my daddy. Like really love him. Ever since my mom died he’s always been there for me, and been an amazing Daddy. When I tell him I want to be with him for the rest of my life, he just laughs it off as me being a Daddy’s girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Daddy’s girl, but I want to be Daddy’s woman. I want to touch and rub his big penis, have him put it in me, feel his stuff shoot in me, and have his babies. I know Daddy would never make love to me on his own accord, so ever since I turned 18 I’ve been scheming to get my way.

I first needed Daddy to see I’m not a little girl anymore. Sure, I’m still pretty small, but I have actual boobs now that can be touched and held. My butt has started looking good too, almost like a real woman you’d see on bikini magazines, but not quite. Daddy always called me a “budding woman”, not quite his same little girl but also not a woman yet. I’d been wearing just panties and small shirts around the house, but that was stuff he always saw me in.

The best way to do that was to have him see me naked, I thought long and hard about it and I figured the best way was if I was pretending to be asleep. It was after school on a Friday, Daddy would be home at sundown, so when the time came I laid on the couch in the living room in a towel, and let the towel fall off of me. I made sure to shave everything for Daddy, and keep my legs open so he could see all my lady parts.

I touched myself as I laid there waiting for him, imagining it was his big strong hands touching me instead, until I finally heard the garage door open, signaling that Daddy was home. I was barely able to contain my excitement as I lie there in the nude, waiting for him to lay his eyes upon my body.

I heard him walk into the living room, but then everything was silent. After only a few seconds I felt his presence very close to me, but he just put a blanket over me. ‘No! Daddy didn’t have enough time to see me naked.’ I thought to myself. I felt his hand stroke a few strands of hair from my face and then he cupped my cheek before walking upstairs.

I decided to stay there, feigning sleep, and hoped I would have another opportunity for Daddy to see my body. God seemed to be on my side because the perfect opportunity arose after about an hour. As Daddy sat watching TV in a recliner next to the couch, a thunderstorm rolled through. Fear ran through me, I was always super afraid of thunder, but my fear was overtaken by excitement. ‘This is it!’ I thought.

The next loud rumble of thunder, I jumped up in a mix of real and fake fear, leaving the blanket and towel behind, then quickly jumped onto Daddy’s lap with my butt on his crotch, my legs over the armrest of the chair, and my shoulder pressing into his chess. “Daddy!” I yelped.

Daddy grunted as I landed in his lap, but his arms instinctively went around me. I felt so safe in Daddy’s arms. “Millie, baby, you’re naked.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, I’m scared.” I said, and pulled one of his arms around my waist, resting the palm on my thigh. His hands on my naked body felt electric.

“I know sweetheart but you really gotta get up. Go get the blanket over yourself and you can come sit with me.”

“Okay, if you really want me to.” I said, getting up. I slowly made my way to the couch, grabbing the blanket but not covering myself until I was right in front of Daddy. I took my position back in his lap, but this time he scooted me so my butt was on his thigh, not his crotch. It didn’t matter though, because I laid across his lap with my head on the armrest and my legs hanging off the other. His arms had nowhere to go but on my belly, his right arm dangerously close to my boobs.

I was going to try one last thing, I was going to act like I fell asleep again, and do a big stretch, letting the blanket fall to either side of me. Hopefully Daddy would touch me when I was naked and asleep in his lap, even if just for a moment.

About 30 minutes is all the patience I had, I stretched my arms above my head and rocked my body, and just as I had planned the blanket fell off of me. I placed my legs down over top the bottom section, and my arms the top section to at least make it difficult for Daddy to cover me back up, but he didn’t!

My heart pounded a mile a minute as I lie naked and exposed in Daddy’s lap. I felt his left hand on my side, fingers wrapping around my ribcage, and felt it inch upwards until it was just under my right breast. I waited and waited for it to move higher and touch my boob, but it never did. He eventually stood up with me in his arms, Daddy’s so strong, and carried me to my bedroom.

I knew this was my last chance of the night for Daddy to see what a woman I was becoming, and when he laid me I down I kept my knees bent and let them fall flat, pointing outwards. This gave Daddy the best view of my lady parts he could ever ask for, and I was barely able to contain my delight as he stood there looking at me for a moment before covering me.

The second Daddy left my room I shove my hand between my legs and rubbed at my kitty, feeling so horny I could barely contain myself. I rubbed on my clitty like I was trying to start a fire, wishing Daddy would walk in and catch me.

Now that I was finished with step one, it was one to step two: Figure out what Daddy likes in a woman, and be that. I had it on my side that I resembled my mother, so I at least I knew I was his type, but I wanted to dress how he wanted a woman to dress, and be into what he’s into.

Daddy would always grumble when I wore skirts, saying that I’m going to attract too much attention from boys, so I started there. The next morning I came down the steps in my shortest skirt, a plaid one with a frilly hem, and a white tank top belly shirt. I gave Daddy a kiss on the cheek as I sat next to him. “Good morning Daddy.”

“Morning sweetheart.”

“Thanks for taking me to bed last night.”

“It’s no problem baby, just make sure you wear some clothes if you’re going to nap in the living room.”

“Sorry, Daddy. I’m sorry I grossed you out.” I said, my voice filled with sadness.

“Oh Millie, it’s not that. I just shouldn’t be seeing you naked like that anymore.”

“Why not?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

“You’re growing up, becoming a woman now.”

“So? When I was little I used to run around nakey all the time.”

“You’re not so little anymore.”

“But what does that matter, Daddy?”

“Are you really going to make me say it?”

“Say what?” I asked, really selling the innocence.

He sighed and said, “Baby, daughter or not, my body will react to a beautiful woman.”

I couldn’t contain how much hearing my Daddy say that pleased me. “Really Daddy? I made you horny? You mean it?”

“Millie, this is inappropriate.”

“Sorry, Daddy. I won’t do it again if you really don’t want me to. But it was fun being nakey around the house again.”

“I know, and I’m sorry baby girl, it’s just not right.” He said, kissing me atop the head. Daddy had work today, he worked most weekends because he owned a car dealership. He made lots of money but also had to work lots of hours, I was so grateful for how hard he worked.

While he was away I got onto his computer and tried to find what sexual stuff he liked, and I hit the jackpot. I went to Daddy’s sent folder on his email, and the first one was from a few nights ago and was him sending a photo to someone named “Jasmine Hicks”. Sounds like a whores name. Anyway, it was a picture of a penis. Daddy’s penis!

It looked gigantic, sticking straight up and all hard looking. The end of it looked like a mushroom, thicker than the rest which had big veins bulging out. It looked so scary, so sexy. I wondered how it was ever going to fit in me.

I put my hand down my panties and frigged myself in Daddy’s office chair, looking at the picture. I did it so long I lost track of time, I didn’t stop till it got too sensitive. I forwarded the picture to my own email email before I kept looking.

From Daddy’s history it seemed he liked watching girls suck penis and “creampies”. I was delighted upon looking up its meaning, and hoped Daddy would want to creampie me.

Daddy texted me that he wouldn’t be home till late because he was celebrating with his employees, this disappointed but also excited me because sometimes Daddy would come home drunk and go right to sleep. If he did it today that would help me get right to step 4, touch Daddy’s penis.

After an evening of drinking, Daddy would go right to bed and sleep like a rock. He wouldn’t wake up unless I really tried to wake him up, I could touch him or even shake him a bit and he’d still be asleep.

When he finally got home, Daddy was pretty drunk. He hugged me, picking me up in a bear hug and shook me around, making me squeal. I kissed him on the lips really quick, figuring I could get away with it, and I did. “Gonna go to sleep baby girl. I love you, goodnight.”

“Goodnight Daddy. I love you too.” I said as he sat me down.

I laid in my bed, touching myself to the photo of Daddy’s hard penis while I waited for him to fall asleep. I imagined him atop me, rubbing it on me before he pushed it into me and filled me up. I wanted it so bad. Less than an hour later I was outside Daddy’s door naked, working up the courage to go inside his room.

I cracked open the door and whispered, “Daddy? Are you awake?” He didn’t answer, and was obviously knocked out. I snuck to his bedside and lightly shook his arm. “Daddy?” Still no answer.

I pulled the covers off of him, exposing Daddy’s muscled and hairy chest, down to his boxers. I was shaking in a mix of excitement and fear, and my hand trembled as I placed it on his crotch, feeling his soft penis through his boxers.

I slipped my hand in the hole he was meant to pee through, and touched it for the first time, sending an electric shock straight through my body to my kitty. I opened the hole with my other hand, and pulled his penis out into the open. It looked a lot smaller like this, floppy and squishy in my hand.

My heart was pounding in my ears as I tried to make Daddy hard, rubbing it up and down with my hand. It was awesome to watch it grow, and I couldn’t help but rub myself as I touched Daddy. As it grew and hardened I really wanted to get closer, so I took the covers off Daddy completely and laid on my belly between his legs.

Daddy’s hard penis was now right in front of my face, I could smell his man smell and it made my mouth water and lady parts tingle. It being right there in front of my face made me want to kiss and lick it so bad, so I pursed my lips and pushed them against the top bit, kissing Daddy’s penis.

The I kissed it all over, down the front, bottom, and sides making sure I didn’t miss a spot, before doing the same with my tongue, licking Daddy all over and tasting it. It tasted so good and I was getting so excited. I got lost in the moment as my tongue ran up and down, enjoying the taste of Daddy on my tongue.

I put the top bit in my mouth and sucked on it like I saw in dirty videos, and his penis seemed to expand before his stuff shot into my mouth. It was super warm and salty, but knowing it came from Daddy made it delicious. I moaned with my lips still around his penis as it continued shooting in my mouth, once it stopped I swirled the big glob of goo around in my mouth with my tongue, coating it with the taste. As I kept swishing it around my mouth Daddy started to get soft, so I quickly swallowed the goo and continued licking and sucking at Daddy, taking more and more of his penis into my mouth.

I was proud of myself for being able to keep Daddy hard. I just wanted to suck it all night, so I staid there on my belly playing with Daddy until my jaw started to hurt. I was so horny and wanted Daddy to touch me so badly. I crawled up and sat on my shins next to him, grabbed his closest hand with both of mine, and laid it flat under my kitty, palm facing up. I lowered myself down and felt Daddy’s hand on my lady bits for the first time, making me shake in an instant.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” I moaned repeatedly as I rocked back and forth on his hand. I was quickly feeling a pressure building within me, one my body seemed to know I needed to keep humping Daddy’s hand to release. My abdomen tightened and pleasure rippled through my body, my hands gripped Daddy’s wrist tight and my hips rocked on their own. “Daddy!” I squealed loudly.

It was like nothing I ever felt, even asleep Daddy could make me feel better than I ever could myself. I collapsed on the bed next to Daddy and cuddled up next to him, clamping his hand between my thighs. It was well past my bedtime and I was very tired after Daddy made me feel so good. I just wanted to feel what it would be like to be in bed with him naked, so I only planned on staying there a few more minutes. Before I knew it though, Daddy was shaking me awake.

“Millie, wake up baby. You can’t be in my bed naked, we talked about this.” He said, pulling the covers over me.

“Sorry Daddy.” I said groggily. “I had a nightmare. I’ll go if you want me to.”

“Aww baby. Just get under the covers at least, okay?”

“Okay.” I said, getting under the covers with him, pressing my naked body to his mostly naked body. He put his arm around me and I quickly fell back asleep, naked in Daddy’s bed.

I woke up later to the feeling of Daddy’s arm still around me, but also his hand on my butt, squeezing it. Daddy was squeezing my butt! I laid there and pretended to be asleep, but only shut a moment later Daddy whispered a curse word before quickly getting out of bed and leaving me alone.

I took a shower and went downstairs to meet Daddy for breakfast. “Good morning, Princess.”

“Morning Daddy. Thanks for letting me sleep with you.”

“Of course baby girl. Any time.”

“Can I do it tonight too then?” I asked.

“Yes, just wear clothes this time.”

“If you want me to. I like being nakey.”

“I can tell. “What does my little girl want to do today? You haven’t been out with your friends in a while.”

“I want to stay home with you Daddy, you’re my best friend.”

“You’ll hear no complaints from me.”

Daddy and I cuddled on the couch together while he watched football, even though I didn’t care much for it I still loved listening to him talk all about it. During one of the commercial breaks, I was feeling a bit excited and asked, “Daddy, can I get naked?”

Daddy let out a long sigh before saying, “Go ahead baby.”

I squealed with joy and jumped up, quickly pulling my shirt over my head and panties down my legs, then threw them right at Daddy. He smiled as he caught them, and tossed them on the floor.

I sat in Daddy’s lap and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you Daddy.”

I sat in Daddy’s lap sideways like I’d done the other night, one of his arms went around my waist and his palm rested against my upper thigh, the other he used to rub up and down my shin on my other leg.

Daddy and I watched football for a few more hours, and being naked in front of him was quickly becoming normal for the both of us. This was both good and bad, because while it meant I could be naked in front of Daddy, it also meant I wanted to do even naughtier stuff.

“You can get nakey too, if you want to.” I said to Daddy.

“Now that would really be inappropriate.”


“Because baby, it’s like I told you. Even though you’re my daughter, my body will react to you like any other woman.”

“I won’t mind if your penis gets hard, I promise.” I said, almost pleading.

“Princess… No.”

“Okay. I was just saying.”

“Uh-huh.” He grunted, like he knew what I was up to.

I spent the whole day naked with Daddy and it made me so horny. I had to run off to the bathroom and rub myself like 5 times. I caught Daddy looking at me a few times which made me so happy and excited, and he saw just how excited it made me too. When I got him looking at my kitty one time I was so wet that you could see it on my thighs.

When it was bedtime Daddy told me to go upstairs and get ready for bed and he’d be in soon. I don’t know what he meant by get ready, cause I just laid in Daddy’s bed naked and waited for him. When he walked in and saw me naked laying on the covers, he groaned. “I said get ready for bed, baby doll.”

“I am ready for bed.” I said, sitting up leaning on my hands, shrugging. He just stood there and looked at me for a minute, like he was debating on making me go put clothes on, but then he just took of his shirt and pants and got into bed with me. I was so excited I wondered if he could smell it.

I kissed Daddy goodnight and we got real close. He wrapped his arm around me and I snuggled into his side, putting one of my legs over his leg and the other under. If Daddy wanted too, he could easily reach my butt again, and I hoped he did.

It was so hard to stay awake, I was so cozy with him, but I really wanted to touch his penis a little bit again. I knew I couldn’t suck or lick on it like last night cause Daddy wasn’t drunk, but I still figured I could play with it a little bit.

But that plan didn’t stick, cause about an hour after bedtime I was between Daddy’s legs again, licking his hard penis. I imagined Daddy complementing me and encouraging me to lick and suck on him ‘Good girl Millie, you’re so beautiful, suck Daddy’s cock.’ I imagined him. I was deep into the fantasy and took Daddy’s penis as far as I could into my mouth, making him moan and move.

“Millie?! What the fuck are you doing?” Daddy yelled, wrenching my hands off his penis.

I quickly sat up, scared. “I’m… I’m sorry Daddy, I-“

“Get out.” He said in an angry tone.

“Daddy I-“

“Out, now!” He yelled, pointing to his door. I jumped up and ran out of his room, tears streaming down my face, into my own room.

‘Oh no, Daddy caught me, he’s gonna hate me, he’s gonna send me away.’ I thought to myself as I cried in bed. I berated myself for getting so carried away, I was supposed to just touch it a little, not kiss, lick and suck on it. Now I ruined everything.

Daddy was going to hate me, and now I would never get to be his woman or feel him inside me, and I hated it. I cried all night till I fell asleep.

The next morning, Daddy never came to wake me up for school, and I didn’t want to leave my room to face him. I just couldn’t. I hated him being mad at me, but this was much worse. It was a bit past noon when he knocked on my door. “Millie baby, open up.” He said.

I hesitated for a moment, but knew disobeying Daddy would only make it worse, so I opened the door naked. I had prepared my apology all night and it came pouring out in an instant. “I’m sorry Daddy, I’ll never do it again. I just really wanted to touch it and then when it got hard I wanted to kiss it a bit and then when I kissed it a bit I wanted to lick it and I just got carried away. Please don’t be mad at me Daddy I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me, please don’t.” I said, hugging him and burying my face in his torso.

His arms went around me and rubbed my back, which felt nice. “It’s okay baby girl, I’m not mad, and I could never hate you. You just surprised me last night is all. We can’t be doing stuff like that together, Millie. You know better.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“No, I’m not. Just a bit surprised you’d want to do that to your old man.”

“I love you Daddy. Of course I would.”

“I love you too baby girl, we just can’t love each other like that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not right, I’m your dad. Dad’s and daughters aren’t supposed to do stuff like that.”

“But why not?”

“That’s just how it is, baby.”

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I just want to make you feel good Daddy. Did it feel good?”

“It did. But that doesn’t make it okay.”

“Please Daddy? Let me do it till you shoot? And if you still don’t wanna we never do it again.”

Still hugging him, I could feel his hard penis against me, and my hand went to it outside his pajamas. He grabbed my arm to stop me, but his resistance was weak so I pressed forward, and as I wrapped my hand around it his resistance became non existent.

“Baby…” Daddy groaned. I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“I love you Daddy, I just want to make you happy.” I told him as I reached for the waistband of his pants. Daddy let me pull them down, his penis going straight out towards my face. “I love your penis, Daddy. It’s so big and strong like you are.” I said as I wrapped my hand around him, then started kissing it all over.

I looked up at him while I kissed and licked on it, feeling a little insecure about him now watching me do it. “Am I doing okay?”

“You’re doing perfect baby. You’re making you’re dad feel really good.” He said reassuringly.

I smiled before putting his penis in my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue around it. Daddy looked down at me in wonder, and by the way he throbbed and swelled in my mouth I knew he was going to shoot soon. “Are you gonna do it Daddy? Are you about to shoot?”

“Yes, baby. We should grab a towel.”

I ignored the second part, and continued sucking Daddy, unbelievably excited for him to shoot his stuff in my mouth.

“Millie, baby.” He grunted. “Millie, I’m really close honey. Millie if you don’t stop I’m gonna- Millie, I’m gonna cum!”

The word sounded naughty, and I loved it. I wanted Daddy’s cum, and he gave it to me. I felt it grow in my mouth as he started shooting, quickly filling my mouth up.

“Shit, oh my god baby.” Daddy moaned after I swallowed his cum and kept sucking on his head. He stroked my hair out of my face before saying, “Good girl, good girl. Thank you Millie.”

“You’re welcome Daddy. Does this mean we can keep doing this?”

“Yes, baby. We can do whatever you want.”

I smiled widely, but even more wide internally. Daddy had no idea what he just agreed to.

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