An old professors

Hy I’m era I’m a college student studying in nyc University
I’m an Indian with big titts

Our college have a uniform of white shirt and black skirt but our college provides us that we can’t buy it on our own the average size of the shirt in nyc was tight on my tits but they said this is ur size and pls wear it

So I wore it to college nd i opened first 3 buttons of my shirt as it was too tight on my titts

For the first 2 weeks the proff.were just staring at my tits but didn’t said anything but one day

I went to the staff room in lunch to get something nd my math prof was there and stopped me and started talking but he was continuously starting at my titts i can feel my nipples get hard and i knew they are visible to him I was so turned on when he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing😩

I can’t control any more to i asked him directly if he wanna fuck me
He ofcourse said yess

Then we closed the door and Lucky i was on pills so he fucked me raw🤤

He was hugeeee and old 67 nd was so desperate 😩 he said his wife can’t fuck everyday or other nd he loves to fuck

I said I will help him 🙈

That day we fucked for about 2 hours on the table i ride him on the chair he eat my pussy and sucked it sooo hard 🥵

This was in 2022 we have been fucked almost every day or doing orals sence an year now

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