Hot wife seduces men at a pub

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Hot wife seduces men at a pub

When we arrived home Rob took my hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom. He carefully undressed me, then sat me on the bed and knelt between my legs.

“Rob, please, you don’t have to do this, I’m so sorry for what happened. Please forgive me, I don’t want to lose you.”

“I have to do this, I have to finish it. You have no need to apologise, and I’ve no plans to leave you. Please let me lick you, I need to be a part of what happened, do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you my love, I love you very much.” I was so relieved I could have cried.

I lay back and let my husband lick my lover’s cum out of my cunt. He was very gentle, cleaning up the sticky mess then swallowing it, and for quite a while he didn’t go near my clit, although I was still getting very aroused. Then he started just giving my engorging bud a little flick of his tongue, then went back to my lips, and then also my arse. Then the single licks became two or three licks, and as my arousal built he just concentrated on very fast licking around and around my clit, side to side, up and down, until my orgasm came rushing at me. It was wonderful, powerful, high up inside me, and went on and on. I pulled Rob’s head into my sex, as hard as I could, but he kept on licking, keeping me convulsing.

“Fuck me Rob, I need you to fuck me.”


“Just do it!”

Rob climbed onto the bed, got between my legs and I reached out for his limp cock. It only took a few seconds for me to get him erect, and then I guided him into my well used pussy. As he pushed into me I felt a wave of love for him, and huge appreciation for what a fantastic cock he had.

“You don’t need to wait for me, my love, just go for it and cum as soon as you want.”

I knew I wouldn’t cum again.

“Thanks, I don’t think I can last long.”

He was right, it can’t have been more than two minutes before he was making his final climactic thrusts, and, as he came I thought about the fact that he was the second man to cum in me that night.

“Wow, I was so turned on. Are you ok, you aren’t cross with me?” I asked.

“Why on earth would I be cross with you?” He reassured me.

“Because of my fantasy, thank you anyway, for fulfilling it, it was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had.”

“Really, why weird?”

“I was so turned on, and it was what I had asked you to do, but I also felt hurt, and guilty, and betrayed, all at once. About this lunch with James, I don’t really want to go ahead with it.”

“Neither do I, I’ll ring and cancel in the morning. Why don’t we go somewhere nice for lunch, and we can chat about what we do next.”

“Sounds lovely, I must shower and then sleep, I’m knackered.”

“Me too, in fact I’m fucked.”

“True, well fucked.”

We both slept soundly and woke late. Rob didn’t even ask, he just rolled on top of me and pushed his erect cock into my eager pussy, and started slowly pumping in and out. It was the most conventional, vanilla sex between a husband and wife on a Sunday morning, and I loved it. We both had really good conventional orgasms, me first then Rob, in fact, by the time he climaxed I was starting to build up again.

“Oh, that was so good,” he said, rolling off me.

“It was so good, I was getting aroused again.” I confessed.

“Oh well, we don’t want you being left part satisfied,” he said, pulling my leg over his and putting his fingers on my pussy. He found my erect clit, and started playing with it. His fingers are actually magic, no other man has ever been able to make me cum so readily with just his fingers. I knew he would make me orgasm, and I wasn’t disappointed.

We lazed in bed for a while, then I went off to cancel James, while Rob showered and shaved.

“How did James take it?” Rob asked, walking naked from the bathroom, drying his fairly long hair with his bath towel, his satiated cock bouncing as he towelled.

“He wasn’t surprised. He said he assumed I wouldn’t be seeing him again, and I confirmed that. He said to apologise to you if he went over the top with the humiliation. He did, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, but it’ll fuel my fantasies for quite a while. I don’t think I can go back to that pub for a few months though.”

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