The New Girl-18

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-17 ). Now let’s continue

I got on my knees giving him a blowjob. Thanks to lots of practice I was able to take him fully inside my mouth. I sucked him for 5 minutes and got up removing the rest of my clothes.

I lay on the sofa calling him to come over me. He said “I am very nervous because this is my first time”. I said “Ramu so what, give it your best shot because such opportunities don’t come every day”.

He got on top and I could sense his nervousness. I guided his cock in my pussy telling him to push. He did and entered fully in my pussy, I recollected that I had not used a condom.

I thought let me make an exception for his first time. I told him to start humping me now. He did and every other stroke he was slipping out. I said “Ramu fuck me with shorter strokes”.

He tried again and now he went on for over 10minutes before cumming inside me and collapsed on top. I too remained still catching my breath and waiting for Ramu to recover.

I held his face and kissed his lips, I asked “Ramu how was your first time”? He said “it was beyond my wildest dream madam. Thank you for making it so special and memorable”.

I said “I also really enjoyed and want to enjoy with you more often but how to contact you is the big question”. He said “my old classmate is a big guy in Mumbai, he has given me a mobile so he can contact me when he comes to town”.

Ramu gave me the number and said “whenever you want me you call and I will come”. I was not done with him yet and wanted more, so I asked “can we try to do once more”?

He exclaimed “yes”. Just then the doorbell rang, I said “Ramu go inside my bedroom with all the clothes”. I quickly put on mine and opened the door. It was Amir, he asked “can I come inside? And whose auto is parked outside your gate”?

I said “I have no idea about the auto but I will meet you in the playground later because I am leaving for my tuition classes now”. The sex I had with Natthu uncle had sent my schedule haywire.

I decided I was going to only enjoy with Raju for now. I knew Vikas sir would be pissed because I did not turn up but I did not care because sex with him was very boring anyway.

Amir left and I locked the door, Ramu came from my bedroom stroking his erection and sat on the sofa. I got on my knees and began sucking his cock again till he was rock hard.

I quickly removed all my clothes and straddled his lap guiding his cock in my pussy. I rode him for a while and asked “do you want to try a different position”?

He said “you are my sex guru, I am ready for anything you say madam”. I got on my knees and told him to enter me from behind. Ramu pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking me.

I was already in heaven because he was giving me so much pleasure going deeper than before. After sometime I lay on the sofa and told him to come on top again, he followed and resumed fucking.

I had underestimated his stamina earlier. I saw the time and second time he fucked me for nearly 20minutes. When I felt him slow down, I asked “are you going to cum”?

He said “yes madam very soon”. I said “I want you to cum in my mouth”. I took his cock in my mouth and he came like a fountain. I relished the taste of his cum and sucked him clean.

Then I lay down on my back panting. I asked “tell me honestly how many women have you been with”? He said “I swear you are the first”. I smooched him lovingly and we both went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

He sat on the sofa while I went inside the bedroom and came back with two thousand rupees telling him to keep it. He refused saying “you have already given me much more than that”.

I said “I like you a lot and you will always remain my favourite because you made me feel very nice. When I pay you, please accept it quietly. I know this will help you to take good care of your mother”.

Ramu asked “when can we meet again”, I said “I will surely call you very soon”. We smooched again and he left. I ate something and took a power nap.

I was feeling very proud of my achievements so far. It was feeling like wherever I went sex also followed. I got ready putting a few condoms in my pocket and went to the playground thinking about the boys now.

I reached the ground and saw Hardeep was wicket keeping, Amir and Amit were fielding. Vivek was waiting for his turn to bat. I looked around and did not see Mahesh anywhere and felt very happy.

I went and sat with Vivek, he asked “why are you so late”? I said “mom had given me a big list of things to do hence”. He asked “can we go behind the bushes now”?

I said “it is not safe because the last time we had sex there Amit saw us and blackmailed me to have sex with him to keep his mouth shut”. He asked “why are you so scared”?

I said “if the rest of the boys find out then I will be branded a colony whore”. Vivek said “look around other than me, Amit, Amir & Mahesh only four other boys are left and they already know about you”.

I was shocked to hear this, I panicked and asked “did Mahesh tell everyone”? He said “no because I already took care of him. When I came to play yesterday they were discussing how to approach you for sex. So besides Hardeep everyone here knows”.

I thought adding the four left to my list is no big deal but how was I going to find the time for all of them. I asked “what do you suggest I do about this now”?

He said “if you are looking for more sex buddies and can handle it then you should try them”. I said “let’s say even if I am ready then how do I approach them with the topic”?

Vivek asked “are you going to be home tomorrow”? I said “no I will be out with my parents”. He said “fine then on Monday evening after we three leave from your place, I will send them to your house”.

I said “let’s forget it, I find it very risky to be with 4 boys alone in my house, anything can happen. Just forget it”. Now his turn came to bat and he left. The guy who got out was Dinesh, he came and sat next to me directly placing his hand on my thigh.

I pushed it away asking “what do you think you are doing”? Dinesh said “I want to fuck you bitch and make you this playground’s whore”. I said “I have standards, I don’t let boys like you even close”.

He grabbed my hands and pushed me down on the grass trying to get on top. I tried wrestling him off and thankfully everyone saw what he was doing and came running.

Hardeep was the first to reach and pulled him off me and started bashing him good. My other three studs also joined and broke a few of his bones. I rushed and separated them before the situation got worse.

They all left warning him with worse consequences if he ever tried getting within a few hundred feet of me. All the commotion and Dinesh’s tugging had torn the buttons of my top leaving my chest exposed in front of everyone.

I covered my top to hide whatever was left of my modesty and Hardeep also helped cover me up with his jacket. Nothing more was spoken in the playground and Hardeep escorted me out of there.

We reached his place where his mother also stared at me suspiciously. To cover up I said “nothing happened aunty, I fell down while playing and my top got stuck in the bushes”.

Once inside Hardeep’s room, I removed my top and bra. Hardeep brought some antiseptics and ice to soothe my bruises. He said “this was bound to happen one day, remember I had told you earlier”.

Today’s incident had sent alarm bells ringing in my head too warning me of the potential dangers that lie on this path I had chosen. I decided this is it, I will stick to my regular buddies that I already have and stop fishing for more.

I said “yes, I realise it too. I am really sorry Hardeep. I have decided I will stay content with what I already have on my plate”. While I was sitting there contemplating everything in my head, Hardeep kissed my lips.

I looked at him guessing he might be heading towards foreplay followed by sex but before I spoke, he said “Preeti I know how you must be hurting, let me make you feel good”.

He made me lie down on his bed and kissed my every bruise and rest of my body till my ankles. He did not remove the rest of my clothes, he did not massage my boobs or suck my nipples.

He only kept kissing and talking sweet things to me. These small actions of his were enough to trigger my arousal. I pulled him to me and kissed his lips passionately.

After the long kiss, he said “no my love, not today. I want you to rest and feel better. I said “you have already made me feel better and you have got me feeling horny too, now all I need is you to do it to me”.

Hardeep said “Preeti you are the craziest person I have ever known. Despite everything that happened today, you still want to have sex”. I said “Hardeep, you know how good sex makes me feel, I beg you. let’s do it once at least”?

I already knew sex is his weakness too so he gave in easily. Due to today’s events I was having sex with Hardeep only instead of my four other fuck buddies but still this felt more intense and very satisfying.

I realised getting fucked back to back was not as much fun anymore as compared to having quality time with fewer partners and enjoying it to the fullest.

Hardeep fucked me good frequently switching to foreplay giving me many orgasms before finally cumming himself. We went to the bathroom and showered together where I gave him a blowjob.

Luckily I had kept two spare sets of clothes in Hardeep’s room, so after the bath I changed into them and he escorted me home. I was feeling much better now.

To be continued….

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