The New Girl-17

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I felt sorry for him and kind of liked him because he was taking responsibility at such a young age, he was only 21.

We reached the supermarket and Ramu naughtily asked if I would get delayed here too, I smiled and said no and went inside. This was one of the few big super markets in our area and was run by a man called Natthu who was easily 50+.

I met him at the counter sitting alongside his son who was managing the cash and billing. He looked at me and asked “baby why have you come alone? Where is your mother”?

I said “uncle mummy is busy at work and since I am a big girl now I have taken responsibility”. He said “baby keep you bag here”. I put my bag down and gave him the list.

He called someone and told him to get everything ready and asked “should I have everything delivered to your home or do you want to carry with you”? I said “I have come by auto so I will take it with me”.

While everything was being done he got up from his chair and told me to follow him. He had a plush office at the back and we went inside. We sat on the sofa, he said “baby I am seeing you today after such a long time, you have become a big girl now. I am very impressed with your beauty”.

I felt shy listening to his compliment and said “thank you uncle”. I felt he was hitting on me but considering his age I brushed the thought aside. He said “You are also very talented, you have already taken responsibility and I am in awe of you”.

While saying this his hands were already rubbing my inner thighs. Now I understood what he was trying and decided see where this goes. I said “uncle you are the first person who has said this. No one appreciates my talents, you are the first and I really like it”.

I looked at uncle and he got even more excited moving closer to me. He put his other hand around my back with his palm gently rubbing my lower boob. His massage on my boob and thigh rub was starting to make me horny.

He said “baby you are so much more beautiful than your mother also. Make me happy and I will make you very rich. I said “uncle you are the only person who appreciated me, I am ready to do anything to make you happy”.

I saw he already had a big tent in his pants and his hand around my back was now fully cupping my boob massaging harder. His hand on my inner thigh had progressed very close to my valley making me breathe heavily.

He said “baby you are a big girl and you are very smart also”, I said “uncle please call me Preeti”, placing my hand on his thigh. He took my hand and placed it on his cock saying “will you help me solve this problem”?

It was in the open now that he wanted sex so I asked “uncle you have put me in a very difficult situation, you are so much elder than even my dad. How can even think about doing this with you”?

He said “Preeti, if you make up your mind then you can surely do it. All these years your mother was solving this problem and I made her very rich. Today when I saw you, I immediately decided from now on it will only be you”.

I was surprised that mom was enjoying sex with him also and getting paid for it. I said “ok uncle, I am ready to do whatever you want. I have only one condition, you promise to keep this a secret and no one should know about this”.

He said “I promise you Preeti, I will not tell anyone” and stood up and quickly removed his pants. I saw he had an average size cock like Babu but I was curious to see his performance considering his age.

He said “Preeti remove all your clothes and lie down on the sofa”. I removed my clothes and lay on his sofa. He said “today for the first time in my life I am seeing such a beautiful body like yours, I am sure fucking you is going to be very enjoyable”.

He mounted me missionary style and was busy sucking my nipples. He said “I have never in my life seen such big beautiful boobs like yours”. His cock was touching my pussy and I sensed he was going to insert it.

I said “uncle please use a condom because I cannot afford to get pregnant”. He took one from his drawer and stood near my face holding it. I opened the wrapper and put the condom on his cock.

He mounted me again and I guided his cock in my pussy. He pushed it in all the way and started fucking me while sucking my nipples. Even though he did little foreplay, there was something about him which was giving me immense pleasure.

After fucking for nearly 15mins nonstop he got me on my knees and entered my pussy from behind. I was mighty impressed with his stamina even at this age and he was fucking me equally good as Babu.

He continued for another 20minutes and he came in my pussy, we sat on the sofa catching our breath. He said “your pussy is amazing, it feels as good as it looks beautiful, you have made me really happy. Now tell me your price”?

I said “uncle I have never ever experienced such amazing sex before in my life, I don’t need anything from you”. He said “I pay 50k to your mother every time I fuck her, I am ready to double that for you”.

I remained silent staring at the floor without saying anything. He went to his attached bathroom and came back dressed, I too picked up my clothes and went to his bathroom and got dressed.

When I came back he was sitting in his office chair and had 1lakh cash on his table. I was dumbfounded seeing so much money for the first time ever. He asked “I am ready to pay you more, you just ask. You have earned the right to demand it”.

I sat on the sofa without touching the money saying “this is already a lot uncle, I don’t want anymore”. He smiled saying “anyone else would have surely demanded much more, I really like your attitude”.

He opened his drawer and doubled it and said “I am giving you this willingly, you deserve it. Why are you quiet? What are you thinking”? I said “I am thinking how will I carry so much money in front of everyone? If you can help me open a bank account, then you can deposit this there”.

He said “your mother works in a bank anyway, go open an account there”. I said “uncle if I open an account in her bank then she will easily find out about so much money coming in and I will be in deep shit trying to explain”.

He said “ok I understood, you wait here for 5minutes. I will solve your problem right now”. He took his phone and called someone. Soon there was a knock on his door, when he opened, his assistant said “bank manager has come to meet you Sir”.

The manager came and sat in the office and uncle told him to open a bank account for me in his bank. I signed some forms, uncle took one bundle of notes from the pile and gave the rest to the manager telling him to deposit in my account.

Manager left asking me to visit the branch after 2 weeks to collect my welcome kit. Uncle gave me the bundle and said “keep this in your pocket, I cannot let you go empty handed, now tell me when will you come again”?

I said “uncle I can only come on Saturday because the school closes early and I have free time. Is it ok if I come every Saturday”? He said smiling “excellent I will wait for you”.

We came back to the billing counter where he slipped the cash in my bag. He told his boys to keep everything in the auto. When I came back to pay, uncle said “don’t worry about this, I will collect it later”.

I thanked him and got into the auto. Ramu was again naughtily smiling at me saying “madam you seem to get delayed everywhere you go”. I said I am sorry Ramu for being late because some items had to be brought from the storage.

He said “I was joking. Why are you so sweaty madam”? I said “it was very hot inside the store and no fans nearby”. We reached home and Ramu helped unload everything and keep in the house.

I asked him to sit on the sofa while I prepared tea for him. I asked “how much is your bill”? He said “by the meter 100rupees madam”, I asked “what about the waiting charge”?

He said “I will not take that madam”. I said “Ramu how will you earn if you give such freebies” He said “for a beautiful customer like you I cannot take anything”.

I told him to sit here while I went to my bedroom to freshen up. I wore a dark green blouse top and maroon skirt with black underwear. When I was coming out I realised my room door was slightly ajar.

I suspected Ramu had opened it to peep inside watching me change. I came out behaving normally, I saw Ramu was sitting on the other side of the sofa with both his hands on his crotch.

I smiled and went to the kitchen and prepared tea. Now I knew for sure he had seen me naked while changing because that could be the only reason for him having an erection and also sitting on the other side.

I started getting horny and wanted to trying him out too. So I looked at my blouse top and opened the 3rd button also. I went with two cups in a tray and bent forward offering him tea.

As expected his gaze went straight to my cleavage and I also stayed that way for longer. I asked “are you thirsty and want to drink some water also”? He said “yes, yes very thirsty madam” gasping for air.

I came back with a glass of water again bending to serve him giving him more eye candy. He took the glass then I sat next to him. He drank the water quickly, I asked “do you want more”?

He said “no madam” while still staring at my cleavage. I decided to make the move now, I went and locked the main door and sat with him. I asked “Ramu is there something you liked”?

He said “err yes madam” still staring at my boobs while talking to me. I asked “are you going to stare only or take what you like”? For the first time he looked at me in the eyes still gasping for breath.

I unbuttoned by blouse top removing it completely and buried his face in my boobs. He said “madam you have the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen even in the movies”.

Then I opened my bra throwing it aside, he quickly got busy sucking my nipples like crazy for a while. I asked “Ramu how many women have you been with”?

He said “none madam, you are the first”. I was very happy to find another virgin. I removed all his clothes, revealing a decent cock. about 6” long and 1.5” thick.

I got on my knees giving him a blowjob. Thanks to all the practice in the last few days I was able to take him fully inside my mouth. I sucked him for 5 minutes and got up removing the rest of my clothes.

To be continued….

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