A series of story how her hate turned to the evening she would never forget

Hi! This is Sarika. I’m writing this story about the guy I hated… made me go on knees for him.

Currently in my master’s, I have a quite funky figure of 36,34,40, a bit bulged tummy.

Adi, the guy who was the showstopper of my class, getting attention from each and every girl was quite easy for him. Me not being in his radar made me feel wronged as well as he always came to me to ask for the notes.

Day’s passed, and there were association activities for students itself for 2 days. Him and I paired unexpectedly later the other two joined us. Had brain teaser activity followed by others. Lastly the day ended with a cultural event.

Second day we got to know we had a treasure hunt, running throughout the vast campus was annoying. Got the task to complete as the team relied upon 4 of us. Collecting the hints was a pain in ass. Running for that was horrible as well.

While I ran my boobs bounced up and down. It was an eye-catching scene for many.
I was thirsty, got a quickie to quench my thirst, water made a sexy remark on my dress as it highlighted boobs.

The task assigned to me to collect the hint was to propose my senior in a different style.
I said: ” you smell nice, I want that smell to be on me too, are you in for that?” It was quiet for a minute. He just slid his hand on neck and gave up the hint. His eyes were locked in mine.

Adi made a mistake thinking 6 as 9 and brought the wrong hint. I shouted at him, he grabbed my wrist lifting my hand till his face and said “I apologize but let’s win” . I was calm in an instance.

The hint was exchanged later by negotiation, we won second. That made each other. There wasn’t any absurd thing that passed through my brain, but a shock went through.
Later the snack bar was set up..we were busy filling our tummy, the senior that I mentioned before approached me and asked for my number.

I was startled as well, but wanted exposure to myself. I gave my number, he chatted for a while as his friends were teasing him he was forced to leave by the unwillingness of his feat.

My teammates noticed it and asked what was that about, Adi being more curious asked about the tiny details of how it happened. After all this I went to take a shower, changed into jeans and a deep neck top with jhumka s.

I volunteered in the official program to help me to get the extra curricular points from the professor. I was said to carry the water bottles for the deligents on the stage before the arrival. I forgot about it and the GS shouting at me grabbed people ear on us.

My senior said he will help me out. We both ran to the canteen but it was closed. So we got out of the campus to get a bottle as he didn’t carry his license, I said that I’ll ride the bike. He was in confusion, my skills made him sit at ease. The deep neck made him notice and the peadester too.

He gently grabbed my top from back and gave me assurance. We were back, me carrying all the bottles my little hand’s were about to give up. Adi saw it and jumped in to help. Accidentally touching my stomach made me shiver. The other bottles were carried by my senior while he wholesomely touched my whole hand with the sensation.

I finished my work and was sitting idle in the green room. My senior Nikita asked me to tie her blouse and hook it up.

She had eye-catching skin and figure. I have a habit of saying what I feel, her back that was snatched giving her hourglass figure, the navy blue saree that made her fair skin glow . Uff that was really tempting to watch.

Sarika: “Don’t get me wrong di, but your absolute a perfect women”

Nikita: “Women? Giggled”

Sarika: ” I mean you have maintained yourself di, you’re too amazingly beautiful”

Nikita: “Maintained? Huh, I have belly fat, see!”

She slipped her pallu slightly and my eyes were on her navel. And going up to her breast those were 32 in size might be 30.

She saw where my eye’s where they were.

Nikita: ” I envy girl’s with heavy breasts as see yours”, she poked my breast touching the nipples.

Sarika: “ah! (accidentally gasped) Di, you’re also good, don’t be inferior to your beauty”!

Nikita: ” But sometimes your mind makes you feel such thing”
You grabbed attention today from my friends…your seniors were talking about you and I overheard.

Sarika: “I’m just a fresher di! … Time passes and people fade here”, so nothing serious about it.

She got a call, hugged me and kissed my cheeks for the kind gesture.

To be honest I was aroused that day when the rain started to pour, hit the window and drew my attention to the soothing sound and wonderful smell of the rain.

I wasn’t aware that Adi was standing outside the door, so I inserted my hand in my pants to see if I was heavily wet. He saw that!!

He coughed and my hand’s were inside the pants. He locked the room and me struggling to get my hand out, he pulled me close leaving my hand way up middle.

Had a nice kiss with Nikita that made you want to masturbate yourself without thinking twice. He kept his hands on my back and others on cheeks where Nikita kissed me. So here it was??
I took a step back, what do you mean??

The kiss and the boob poke, you checking her out… I understood he saw the whole scenario. I replied to him with a heavy voice.. can’t women praise each other???

That was good until you were checking down here he squeezed my hand that was in the middle of the pants..moved it slowly to my pussy, making my hand to get those juices on. I struggled and the struggle gave up to him.

I laid back myself as it was the closed area, he noticed my ease and took my hand out, Adi smelled the juices that were on my hand.
He licked my finger that was shining a bit, swallowing my fingers as he was giving me a blow job.

He wanted to kiss my lips but dude I bit him as if it was a sudden move… Haha it was funny when I think about it. He grabbed my neck and kissed my ear, sucking the neck, kissing my boobs on top.

Placing his both hands on my ass, pulling me close and now we locked the lips. He was a good kisser though, sucking my lips one by one, eating me out.. as he took my lips at once in his mouth to suck.

Playing with tongue.. exchange of the saliva and the sound with a rainy view was worth it.
Later he made me touch his bulge… He moaned and removed his belt, loosening his buttons. Taking out the dick.

He was 5″ or a bit more… He showed me saying
Adi: “you’re the one watching it too close”

Me: “are you sure?”

Adi: “wanna know more about it?”

Me: “jitna tu jhoot bolta hai…usse kuch farak nahi sakte!”

You bet me!!… His dick hanging straight he pinched my nipples with both hands. The funky smile he had was the new thing I watched that day. He pulled up my boob from the top… Took it straight to the mouth and began to suck it.

He sucked, bit it. Moreover, he rubbed the nipples, making them wet with his saliva.. I was on cloud nine. Moaning to the extent that didn’t know when he was loosening my pants.

I stopped him saying I’m undoubtedly loyal to myself as I still didn’t have sex with others rather than my go to person. He politely kissed my lips and made me sit on the counter. He removed my pants and left me in panties.

Adi started to run his fingers on my Clit… making me moan and spreading my legs. He narrowed down the panty at one side and blew soft air on my pussy. He lifted me..made me sit on the chair, he bent and started to lick my pussy.

My body moved him to the clit and he smirked seeing the needful. He sucked well and started to use his whole tounge to lick my pussy thoroughly. The clean shaven pussy and the pink skin of the lips was too much to handle.

I was at the brink of orgasm. He let me hang in the mid air.. he stood up and pointed towards his dick. I denied as he stopped in the middle but the aroused guy manipulated me and made me taste his precum.

Starting with his tip wrapping my both lips around him as tasting ice bar…. Sucking in without leaving a single air gap… Him holding my hair was the moment. He tried to gag me…but I made my teeth be a barrier in the middle.

I loosened his grip… Again sucking in the tip while my hand squeezed his balls simultaneously was the punishment for the thing he did min ago. I took the whole dick at once and started to play with the two balls that were soothing in my hand. As I started to give him the whole blow job I slapped his balls.

He was weak on his legs, but the ego of the dominance stayed still. As he was enjoying the gagging of my mouth.. he took control of me and started to mouth fuck. Which was 6 mins … And he didn’t seem to cum.

I took my hands and started a hand job…he was in the process of Cumming… I poured water on his dick. That made him lose his temper and slapped my ass and widening my legs to hit my pussy with his bare hands. I pushed him and had a collision with a chair that made someone notice the green room.

We both dressed up and I had an idea. Let’s pretend that we had fought over something and we just pushed the chair in anger… As we were a bit actually had temper because of the orgasm we started the real fight. The loud bang on the door made us open it.

It was the professor of the civil department. He was in shock as to why we were fighting. He asked us to calm down for now and later have a conversation with him. We parted our ways with different paths. As I was passing by Nikita noticed me and my other senior, they called me and said we want this group upnext to perform dance.

My head wasn’t in the situation to think, I asked my friend to do it and went out to have some fresh air…

Next part, how I met the senior and how he shocked me. Later I came to know it was the game plan of Nikita and the senior.

Any suggestions or feedback on the narration are welcomed here [email protected]

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