Priya’s sexual journey

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Chapter 1: The Phone sex

This is a real sex incident in the life of Priya, a divorce who is sex deprived, happened to found by her girl bestie Aishwarya and how it changed her life.

Hi Guys this is my first story here which happened in my life recently. I’m Priya, aged 26 and a divorce. Currently working as health care professional in a reputed hospital in Trichy. I’m living alone in a PG and I’m separated from my own parents and family. Since divorce I went into depression and went out of radar. This real story is about how my best friend found me and aroused me to have a greatest sex and awesome threesome in my life with her hubby. Enough of my personal details let’s get into the story.

Me and my best friend Aishwarya(26) are college mates and workmates we shared same room for five years and we been into softcore lesbian activities. We both are good looking and have perfect assets which other girls envy and boys enjoy. We used to watch a lot of porn, sleep topless, hugging and kissing each other but not scissoring. We eventually fell in love with respective guys and mine turned out to be a disaster and theirs a super success. Her guy name is Gowtham(28) and he is smart, fair, well built and handsome. I know him since their premarital relationship. He used to take out Aish for vacations and fuck her for days. I used to give lot of sex tips as I was lot more experienced than her at that time. She comes back and tells everything that happened between them. I used to go out occasionally with them on city roaming and he is a gem of a person. Me and Aish are so open with each other and I tell every sexual thing that happened between me and my ex and exes. I seen their sex chats, many of his nudes which he sent to Aish. During our college days I used to tease Aish by flirting with Gowtham that he has a strong build and he looks super cute when he is shirtless. I had a great crush on him but also happy for my friend. After my divorce, Aishwarya and I lost contact for two years. In the meantime they got married.

One day in the evening when I was getting ready for the night shift I got a call from her. She somehow (through my family) found me and on hearing her voice I got emotional and cried. After all the years of loneliness I felt really happy I got her back. I narrated all my story and she felt sorry for me. We exchanged photos and Aish retained her beauty and Gowtham is very hot as always. We chatted for months and she narrates about Gowtham with great pride that he is so caring, lovable and great in bed. She completely narrates her Andaman honeymoon which turned me on so blissfully. I used to masturbate on hearing her fuck sessions. Frequently Aish allows me to speak with Gowtham and I get butterflies while speaking with him. We three become so close again and the relationship starts a sexual turn.

One Sunday morning Aish did a video call. I just woke up and it was around 9 AM. On attending I was surprised to see her in bed with only blankets closed. She is nude inside and her face was so tired anyone can say on seeing her face that she was rough fucked the entire night.

Me: what happened de? your face is so tired?

Aish: Gowtham came back from a week of business trip. He fucked me the entire night de. We went 5 rounds and did it for almost 6 hours. I’m having a severe headache and body ache

Me: Enjoy de u got a great hubby give him as much sex he wants he will always revolves around you and won’t cheat on you.

Aish: Gowtham is very genuine de. he shares all his fantasies with me. we have a great trust in each other.

Me: Very happy for u de. What’s your Sunday plan? any outings ?

Aish: We are in no mood to go out de. he is in beast mode. I’m also horny so we ll fuck for entire day de. What about you ?

Me: wow great de for me it’s holiday, will order some food and watch any web series.

In the meantime she got up from bed and I saw her topless.

Me: Hey what you doing don’t turn me on de

Aish: don’t act de, we have been sucking each other’s boobs for years now you act like you have seen something new. Wait I ll give phone to Gowtham and you guys chat for a while and I ll go to the bathroom.

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