Priya’s sexual journey

Chapter 1: The Phone sex

This is a real sex incident in the life of Priya, a divorce who is sex deprived, happened to found by her girl bestie Aishwarya and how it changed her life.

Hi Guys this is my first story here which happened in my life recently. I’m Priya, aged 26 and a divorce. Currently working as health care professional in a reputed hospital in Trichy. I’m living alone in a PG and I’m separated from my own parents and family. Since divorce I went into depression and went out of radar. This real story is about how my best friend found me and aroused me to have a greatest sex and awesome threesome in my life with her hubby. Enough of my personal details let’s get into the story.

Me and my best friend Aishwarya(26) are college mates and workmates we shared same room for five years and we been into softcore lesbian activities. We both are good looking and have perfect assets which other girls envy and boys enjoy. We used to watch a lot of porn, sleep topless, hugging and kissing each other but not scissoring. We eventually fell in love with respective guys and mine turned out to be a disaster and theirs a super success. Her guy name is Gowtham(28) and he is smart, fair, well built and handsome. I know him since their premarital relationship. He used to take out Aish for vacations and fuck her for days. I used to give lot of sex tips as I was lot more experienced than her at that time. She comes back and tells everything that happened between them. I used to go out occasionally with them on city roaming and he is a gem of a person. Me and Aish are so open with each other and I tell every sexual thing that happened between me and my ex and exes. I seen their sex chats, many of his nudes which he sent to Aish. During our college days I used to tease Aish by flirting with Gowtham that he has a strong build and he looks super cute when he is shirtless. I had a great crush on him but also happy for my friend. After my divorce, Aishwarya and I lost contact for two years. In the meantime they got married.

One day in the evening when I was getting ready for the night shift I got a call from her. She somehow (through my family) found me and on hearing her voice I got emotional and cried. After all the years of loneliness I felt really happy I got her back. I narrated all my story and she felt sorry for me. We exchanged photos and Aish retained her beauty and Gowtham is very hot as always. We chatted for months and she narrates about Gowtham with great pride that he is so caring, lovable and great in bed. She completely narrates her Andaman honeymoon which turned me on so blissfully. I used to masturbate on hearing her fuck sessions. Frequently Aish allows me to speak with Gowtham and I get butterflies while speaking with him. We three become so close again and the relationship starts a sexual turn.

One Sunday morning Aish did a video call. I just woke up and it was around 9 AM. On attending I was surprised to see her in bed with only blankets closed. She is nude inside and her face was so tired anyone can say on seeing her face that she was rough fucked the entire night.

Me: what happened de? your face is so tired?

Aish: Gowtham came back from a week of business trip. He fucked me the entire night de. We went 5 rounds and did it for almost 6 hours. I’m having a severe headache and body ache

Me: Enjoy de u got a great hubby give him as much sex he wants he will always revolves around you and won’t cheat on you.

Aish: Gowtham is very genuine de. he shares all his fantasies with me. we have a great trust in each other.

Me: Very happy for u de. What’s your Sunday plan? any outings ?

Aish: We are in no mood to go out de. he is in beast mode. I’m also horny so we ll fuck for entire day de. What about you ?

Me: wow great de for me it’s holiday, will order some food and watch any web series.

In the meantime she got up from bed and I saw her topless.

Me: Hey what you doing don’t turn me on de

Aish: don’t act de, we have been sucking each other’s boobs for years now you act like you have seen something new. Wait I ll give phone to Gowtham and you guys chat for a while and I ll go to the bathroom.

She went straight to Gowtham who was exercising in a nearby room. He is shirtless and wearing sports shorts. I seen him and he is having a ame azing fit and sculpted body. She went there and lip locked him and made sure I’m seeing the kissing thing.

Me: enough enough I don’t want to disturb u guys I ll catch up later.

On hearing my voice Gowtham broke up the kiss. Hey who is there and Aish replied it’s Priya, for a while speak with her I ll go to the bathroom. He grabbed the phone and saw me. I was wearing a loose low neck sleeveless crop top which exposed my breast, shoulder and navel. I felt shy initially

Gowtham: Hi Priya, it’s been a while since we did video calls. What’s the matter in the morning?

Me: Aish called me And said she has a headache and bodyache, her face is so tired. Handle my bestie gently.

And I winked at him

Gowtham: No Priya it’s her who wanted me to be rough. I just did what my master ordered me to do.

Me: you two make an awesome pair even myself envy you two, be like this always.

Gowtham: don’t worry Priya, you’ll get a very nice person soon.

Me: I don’t want to get married again. I like to be single. Not all husbands are like you. I’m not willing to take any risks again.

I got out of bed and started walking. My boobs were bouncing and I was casually showing my assets to him.

Gowtham: hope you’ll change your mind. Any way you are looking gorgeous and sexy

Me: thanks. You too still maintain the perfect body which I saw years back.

Gowtham: Have you seen my body ?

Me: I peek into her phone and seen your nudes too.

He: what? Does Aish know this?

Me: I do it secretly and tell her later. She’ll scold me and I’ll pacify her in bed.

Again I winked at him

He: You dirty girls

And he laughed, showed his entire body to me and myself exposed my body to him. Meanwhile, Aish came from the bathroom. She is wearing a towel around her waist and walking topless.

He: see your bestie, how is her body now?

She came and tied her hair using both hands and exposed her entire upper body to me. She has clean shaven armpits, perfect boobs and perfect waist,lot of hickey on her boobs

Me: Aish is a sex goddess and I asked her how you are still in shape even after marriage. Do you exercise ?

She: I’m not exercising anything, it’s him who does regular gym things. I think I’m in shape because Gowtham burns all my energy and fat in bed itself and laughs.

He: Aish don’t you feel shy to stand like this infront of her.

She: she has seen me like this for hundreds of times during our working times.

But secretly I felt new and became horny on seeing her like this. After two years of my sex deprived life solely surviving on masturbation I genuinely wanted someone to penetrate me.

She: What Priya ? right now you should have enjoyed seeing my darling body right ? and laughed.

She: Go and masturbate thinking about my hubby.

I felt awkward on how Gowtham could take this.

Me: hey stop it de.

She: don’t act de. during our past times, u secretly watch his nudes now what?

Gowtham gave a shock reaction.

Me: don’t take this seriously Gowtham for fun she says like this.

He: No not like that I ll feel proud if you masturbate on seeing me and winked at me

Me: you naughty couples don’t waste your time and start your fuck session I ll catch you guys later.

She: ok de I need to prepare breakfast will catch up afterwards and kissed me

I kissed her back and said bye.After that call I was aroused and my vagina was wet. I was smiling and thinking about them and went to the bathroom. I was imagining like having sex with Aish and Gowtham. And started masturbating. After five minutes Aish pinged me and said I know your hand will be in your vagina so for added pleasure enjoy this and sent shirtless sexy photos of Gowtham to me. some sexy photos of her. With a lot of kiss smileys. I was shocked and felt very happy and sent a lot of kisses and continued masturbation. After some 10 min of masturbation I orgasmed and took shower but still I’m horny. My ordered food came and went in a short crop top and mini shorts. I never exposed my body like this but the delivery was done by a women 😔

While eating I’m still thinking about them and it makes me even more horny. I was just swiping across the photos she sent and zooming the photos. I scanned all the photos and enjoyed the body of Gowtham. I removed all my clothes laid down naked in bed and started stimulating my clitoris at a slow pace. I pinged Aish saying I’m very horny and waited for a reply. I know they may be fucking now I thought of not to disturb them but somehow I again pinged her and she replied me immediately.

Me: What doing ?

She: Guess

Me: fucking ??

She: s. Call me now

I was very happy to hear they are fucking and called her and said sorry de I just pinged you casually. you finish your round and in free time call me back. I was hearing a lot of moaning sounds of Gowtham in the background.

She: I can’t type de that’s why I asked to call you.

Me: Ok, I will call you later.

She: No wait I need you, you used to give sex tips to me during our love times right. Now I need you to give live sex tips.

I don’t understand what she meant, Aish converted voice call to video call and I was lying completely naked. I immediately grabbed a blanket and covered my body and attended it.

She: oh madam went for second round it seems

Her video was turned off

Me: hey what tips do you want de ? Why did you turn off the video ??

She: it ll be a surprise for you

She turned on the video only to see Gowtham lying naked and his hands legs are tied. His eyes also tied. She tied him up and doing BDSM sort of sex. His penis was half erected. I was very surprised and I’m flying high and got very horny.

She: you are the master and we are slave and say what to do and I’ll do that to him

Me: Are you joking? What should I say?

She: I know you are horny just enjoy this sex show de. Just cooperate and Gowtham is the one who gave me this idea. We both are really comfortable doing this in front of you.

Me: I don’t know what to say but I’m horny to the core.

Aish took the phone and moved around Gowtham’s body and stroked the penis to get a full erection. She shown me his full nude body his fully erect penis which is 7″ and shown her boobs and vagina to me

She: Be our master de, please command us and first remove your blanket

I was spellbound by their actions and collected all my senses and agreed to it. I slowly removed my blanket and showed my full nude body to her. Luckily that day I shaved my pussy in shower.

Me: ok de I ll command you.

She: ok master. You have a very hot body and perfect boobs to play around. You are still very sexy.

Gowtham: Shall I see her body?

She: you are not allowed to speak just enjoy what I do

I laughed

She: master please command our moves soon I’m very horny

Me: ok we start first add one more camera, call me from Gowtham phone too.

I just asked to have a group video call so that I can have two views which prevents Aish from blocking the view. One phone was set straight to Gowtham position and the other was set perpendicular to him. One phone was muted to prevent echo. Aish hurried and did all this and the phone was placed perfectly. I asked whether they had honey, Aish nodded and I asked her to bring some hot oil, ice cubes and honey. She ran to the kitchen. In meantime I said to Gowtham I going to fuck a hell out of you through my bestie. He laughed. Do whatever you want. I can take any punishment. In the meantime I hurriedly opened my laptop and started playing BDSM videos. Thoughts that ran through my mind are I need to enjoy him but not by repeating anything they would have done before. I wanted to give them something new which makes them think of me as a very valuable sexual asset. Aish came back taking all the things. I asked her to bring some cloth clips too. She obeyed and did.

Me: shall we take hardcore or softcore ?

Aish: He has a great stamina, with that he fucks me relentlessly to the core, I need to show I can break his stamina. So be a hardcore. master

Meantime I was searching porns for new ideas

Me: Aish makes his penis hard and erect till he gets pre cum by stroking it

She: ok master

After a few strokes his penis is fully erect and I asked whether pre cum came ? She nodded. Now I asked to drip honey on top of the penis. I ordered her to dip two ice cubes in honey and to place it on his chest nipples. To prevent ice cubes from slipping away honey was used as paste. She did. Now I asked her to cover his mouth with a cloth. I told Gowtham if it is too painful or you want to stop, just show your middle finger we will stop immediately and he too agreed. He was silently enjoying all our advancements. Now our session has started.

I asked Aish to lick his fully erect penis from bottom to top. She did and now asked to deep throat him. He started moaning, ice cubes are melting on his chest, I asked her not to cushion the oral stroking with lips but with teeth which means lips don’t rub the penis skin. It’s the teeth that will rub the penis outer skin which gives a painful pleasure. She nodded and did it slowly and I ordered to do it hard and fast. His moaning has gained sound. I was constantly watching his hand for any signal. She literally bit the entire penis shaft while doing it. Gowtham endured it and his penis became even harder and he is about to cum. I ordered Aish to stop. But Gowtham desperately wanted to continue. Aish said this is the first time I did blowjob like this and it’s awesome. He is nodding his head continuously to continue it. Aish said even if I did it for one more minute he would have released it in my mouth. Tip is full of saliva and pre cum. I asked Aish to bite his inner thighs scrotum while squeezing his chest till his erection was completely gone. He is moaning hard. She bit softly and I screamed at her to bite hard and the skin should turn red. He bit all over the thighs and after a few minutes penis settled. Inner thighs are marked with her teeth. Now I asked her to stroke his penis. After a few minutes of stroking it became hard and Gowtham believed he would reach orgasm. But now I asked her to bite his chest till his penis collapses. She bit his nipple and sucked it very hard. She bit so hard he screamed but endured. After a few minutes penis collapsed and now I asked to remove his cloth from mouth. After removing he screamed at us what you people are doing whenever I’m in peak pleasure you are stopping. We laughed and said that is our play. I said we’ll put you through a constant cycle of pain and pleasure and it’ll be very different. He nodded. I asked Aish to get cloth clips and get it clipped on Gowtham penis and nipples. She did. Now I asked Aish to get a honey dipped ice cube and insert it inside her pussy. She asked if I really wanted to do this. I said I’m your master obey me. She did that and now asked her to sit on his face and asked him to do oral. He nodded. Ice cubes melts and mixes vaginal fluid, honey and flows into his mouth. It seems he did an awesome tongue job that Aish was moaning like hell. She squeezed her boobs so hard. His penis started to erect again and the clips that were clipped are flying off as it is erected. When the clip flew off Gowtham made a huge noise and it seemed to pain him more. After around 15 min of licking and biting vagina Aish cummed on his mouth and ice too fully melted. He drank the juices mixed with honey. His face and neck are wet with melted vaginal fluids and honey. This made me to finger and myself started moaning. After orgasm Aish collapsed on him and kissed him. On seeing that I got angry and yelled at Aish who asked to kiss him. You are disobeying me as a punishment lick his face and neck till the vaginal fluids are gone. She obeyed. Gowtham gasped some breath and begged Aish to fuck him as his penis is fully erect. She said ask Priya, she is the one who fucks you not me. I asked Aish to again insert cloth in his mouth. Now I ordered the remaining ice cubes to be placed on his penis. There were 4 more cubes all put on his penis. He is shaking his body out of the cold but still not giving up. Due to the cold, penis collapsed and became numb. Till the time ice are getting melted I ordered Aish to clip clippers all over his body. He is moaning heavily. now asked her to lay over him to bite his chest till both chest becoming red and simultaneously pulling his hair in head. Now he is experiencing pain all through the body but enduring. After a few minutes ices were completely melted and penis started to respond. Almost an hour had passed.

Now I asked Aish to pour mild hot oil over his penis and asked her to stroke it as hard as possible. Clippers are placed in and around the scrotum. His nipples are clipped with high tension clippers. She used both of her hands to stroke and did it very fast and even the screen lagged. After around 10 minutes Gowtham is screaming in pleasure and this time we made him to cum. He cummed so bad it was like in a porn movie. His ejaculation flew off and hit on the TV screen in front. Semen flowed down his shaft and it was way more than normal. Aish was also surprised on seeing this amount. She said I had never seen him cum so much like this. His orgasm lasted very long , about a minute and his body was shivering. I asked Aish to remove cloth from his mouth, eyes and clippers. I asked Gowtham how it is? This is the first time he is seeing me nude and surprised. He thanked me and my slave Aish . He said I never had this pleasure for this long. I felt like I fucked Aish for 10 continuous rounds. Meantime one of the phones ran out of battery and I got feed from the side angle.

He felt very tired and Aish too just laid our him. He asked to free his hand and I said wait this session is not over and asked Aish to liplock him. She smooched him very hard and bit him over his neck. After around 15min of playing with his body. I saw his penis again responding and asked Aish to clean all the oil and semen from penis. Now I asked her to do a blow job. She immediately did all and again started sucking his penis from top and bottom. She is an expert in blowjobs and handjobs. Penis took some time to get erect fully but Aish did a great deep throat and managed to get full erection. After some 20minutes penis leaked it’s juices completely in her mouth. She drank half and split half in his belly. This time his moans were slow and silent. It’s clearly visible that his body has greatly toiled. His penis shrank very quickly. On seeing his condition Aish was also surprised and said he easily fucks me for three rounds. How come he flattered in two rounds. I said the continuous process of erection to the point of ejaculation and retrieval may take a toll on the body. Slowly he collected his senses and seen his body was full of seminal fluids face full of vaginal fluids. For all the punishment you took, just sit and watch us masturbate. Me and Aish together masturbated and reached orgasm. I had a great orgasm for a long time. Gowtham wasn’t even able to walk properly after that and Aish took him to bath. Later Gowtham said it is the best sex session he experienced. He and Aish thanked me.

I asked Aish to send nudes of them and they sent. Half of Gowthams body turned red around chest , thighs, neck and a lot of hickey. His penis tip also turned red. I felt pity on him. I sent my nudes for them to enjoy. Then they took a bath together and had a long nap. I was scrolling through their nudes and mastrubated multiple times for the entire day.

I was really surprised how our normal, sub par sex chat ended up in a hardcore video sex with in a day. I was shocked to find the truth of my life when we started to plan for the meetup. Let’s narrate my meetup with them in my Chapter 2: The meet-up

This story is real with no fictions and I narrated it as it happens with only name changes. With full consent from Gowtham and Aishwarya this incident is shared here.

For readers practicing BDSM, be safe with things you handle. It may cause serious injury.

For feedback write to me at [email protected]

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