Three in Bed: A Love and Lust Story

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This story is dedicated to the real-life people who inspired it. Thank you for being dear friends, and for giving a pervert a chance to write about your early years!

Greetings perverts, degenerates, and other assorted fans of depravity.

This is a simple story, about a threesome, but with more of an emotional foundation than just sex.

But it’s also very personal to me, as the three characters in this story are based on three people I have known for a very long time, and who are very dear to me.

All three characters in this fictionalized version of their earliest sexual encounters are adults, starting as eighteen-year-olds and aging as we follow them through the first few years of college.

Like most things I write, this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about std’s, or the need for birth control.

I hope you enjoy!



My name is Isabella, and I met two people who would change my life while I was in college.

At that age I wasn’t looking for a romantic partner. Just some fun and new experiences as I threw myself into exploring sex and orgasms with partners and set about learning just exactly how much pleasure my own body could give me.

Finding sex in college is easy. And if you’re careful you can find partners who care about your orgasms as much as their own.

But finding someone who wants to explore your body’s capacity for pleasure is a rare gift.

I found two of them.

As college freshmen Tracy and I were roommates, and I had a custom-built bunk bed installed in our dorm room with a desk in place of the bottom bunk and a queen-sized mattress up top.

Tracy and I often stayed up late talking and giggling and had become quite comfortable together, and one night when she’d spilled a mug full of tea all over her bed, I’d invited her to sleep with me and deal with the laundry the next day.

She’d joined me up in my top bunk and it became a regular thing for her to climb up there with me after dark.

We shared backrubs and foot rubs and whispered confessions and worries and dreams with each other in our nightly conversations, and our favorite topic of conversation was sex.

We found that we shared an almost fetish like devotion to our own masturbatory habits and to a deep love of hearing, watching, and feeling the orgasms of a partner.

One night we had a particularly intense conversation where we wondered what exactly would create the most intense orgasmic reaction in a woman, and we ended up talking about our favorite masturbation techniques.

And then, alone in the mostly dark room, we both confessed to a pent-up amount of sexual energy due to being unable to masturbate as much as we wanted to.

And that night we both ended up doing something neither of us had done before.

We masturbated together. Neither of us had ever masturbated in front of someone else before, and the thrill of cumming while someone watched was exhilarating.

It had seemed so strange and exotic that first time.

I loved feeling my fingers strumming over my clit as my body moved closer and closer to the edge of sexual release, looking into the eyes of my best friend eight inches away as she did the same thing.

And that quickly became a nightly ritual.

We’d get into our pajamas and go to bed, lighting a small votive candle before crawling under a shared blanket in my big bed.

We’d talk about school and life and guys and movies and music and everything else, but sooner or later the conversation would become sexual and we’d start whispering.

Often we’d add a backrub or some friendly handholding to this or even a foot rub. I discovered that a nice slow foot rub would get Tracy so horny she’d be squirming.

After a while we’d end up lying next to each other under the covers, and after a few minutes one of us would ask the other if she was touching herself.

And by that time both of us were, and on that cue we’d squirm out of our clothes and return to the middle of the bed, staring at each other’s nakedness and trying to time our orgasms so they’d happen at the same time.

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