Three in Bed: A Love and Lust Story

This story is dedicated to the real-life people who inspired it. Thank you for being dear friends, and for giving a pervert a chance to write about your early years!

Greetings perverts, degenerates, and other assorted fans of depravity.

This is a simple story, about a threesome, but with more of an emotional foundation than just sex.

But it’s also very personal to me, as the three characters in this story are based on three people I have known for a very long time, and who are very dear to me.

All three characters in this fictionalized version of their earliest sexual encounters are adults, starting as eighteen-year-olds and aging as we follow them through the first few years of college.

Like most things I write, this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about std’s, or the need for birth control.

I hope you enjoy!



My name is Isabella, and I met two people who would change my life while I was in college.

At that age I wasn’t looking for a romantic partner. Just some fun and new experiences as I threw myself into exploring sex and orgasms with partners and set about learning just exactly how much pleasure my own body could give me.

Finding sex in college is easy. And if you’re careful you can find partners who care about your orgasms as much as their own.

But finding someone who wants to explore your body’s capacity for pleasure is a rare gift.

I found two of them.

As college freshmen Tracy and I were roommates, and I had a custom-built bunk bed installed in our dorm room with a desk in place of the bottom bunk and a queen-sized mattress up top.

Tracy and I often stayed up late talking and giggling and had become quite comfortable together, and one night when she’d spilled a mug full of tea all over her bed, I’d invited her to sleep with me and deal with the laundry the next day.

She’d joined me up in my top bunk and it became a regular thing for her to climb up there with me after dark.

We shared backrubs and foot rubs and whispered confessions and worries and dreams with each other in our nightly conversations, and our favorite topic of conversation was sex.

We found that we shared an almost fetish like devotion to our own masturbatory habits and to a deep love of hearing, watching, and feeling the orgasms of a partner.

One night we had a particularly intense conversation where we wondered what exactly would create the most intense orgasmic reaction in a woman, and we ended up talking about our favorite masturbation techniques.

And then, alone in the mostly dark room, we both confessed to a pent-up amount of sexual energy due to being unable to masturbate as much as we wanted to.

And that night we both ended up doing something neither of us had done before.

We masturbated together. Neither of us had ever masturbated in front of someone else before, and the thrill of cumming while someone watched was exhilarating.

It had seemed so strange and exotic that first time.

I loved feeling my fingers strumming over my clit as my body moved closer and closer to the edge of sexual release, looking into the eyes of my best friend eight inches away as she did the same thing.

And that quickly became a nightly ritual.

We’d get into our pajamas and go to bed, lighting a small votive candle before crawling under a shared blanket in my big bed.

We’d talk about school and life and guys and movies and music and everything else, but sooner or later the conversation would become sexual and we’d start whispering.

Often we’d add a backrub or some friendly handholding to this or even a foot rub. I discovered that a nice slow foot rub would get Tracy so horny she’d be squirming.

After a while we’d end up lying next to each other under the covers, and after a few minutes one of us would ask the other if she was touching herself.

And by that time both of us were, and on that cue we’d squirm out of our clothes and return to the middle of the bed, staring at each other’s nakedness and trying to time our orgasms so they’d happen at the same time.

Each of us loved feeling those first pangs of orgasmic tension gathering momentum deep within us as we stared at the face of someone else feeling the exact same sort of pleasure.

I continued to explore sex with guys, perfecting my handjob and blowjob skills, and no longer worried if my partner didn’t reciprocate for me.

As much as I loved sex with the various young men I was encountering, I was also infatuated with the idea of making myself cum every night staring into Tracy’s eyes as a soft votive candle provided the only light.

But then one night I returned to our room and described a handjob I’d given to a particularly large cock, one that smelled of recent cunt juice.

Tracy’s arousal got the best of her, and as soon as she started fingering herself her orgasm arrived, causing her to twist and grunt next to me in surprise at the intensity and speed of her release.

In an emotional post orgasmic need for contact she pressed her body against mine and kissed my neck as I fingered myself.

I loved the heat of her body and slowed down my frantic rubbing, savoring the feeling of her undressed body pressed against my own, combined with my own lust from my earlier cock handling.

A half an hour later when I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer, she was rolling my nipple between her fingers and had thrown one of her legs over one of mine.

Cumming with her fingers on my breast and her wet cunt against my thigh was too much, and I whimpered my way through my first orgasm and then kept moving my fingers as my body leapt to a second more satisfying climax.

This was followed by a third that would have awakened the entire campus if Tracy hadn’t clamped her hand over my mouth as my eyes rolled back in my head and I pounded my feet on the mattress as my entire body spasmed and shook.

My orgasm turned her on again, and as soon as my own pleasure began to ebb I took her in my arms, holding her as she fingered herself.

She took her time like I had, letting the orgasm come at its own pace without any rush, staring into my eyes as I held her breasts and whispered encouragement in her ear.

Her fingers brought her closer and closer to the edge, and I realized that I was enjoying her arousal as much as I’d ever enjoyed my own.

At last she came again, and I pinched her nipple and pushed myself against her as the pleasure made her cry out, and I held on as her orgasm coursed powerfully through her, wearing her out and inspiring us to new heights of self-exploration.

From that night on we made it a point to orgasm one at a time, each of us taking erotic delight in sharing the buildup of pleasure and the eventual loss of control as we took turns sharing our orgasms with each other.

We’d often start together, and then she’d hold me while I touched myself and after a while I’d let my pleasure back away as I held her during her own finger-play session.

We’d switch back and forth, each of us letting our orgasmic pressure build until neither of us was really in control of our own bodies, staring into each other’s eyes as lustful hunger took over.

The summer after our freshman year she started dating Jimmy, and I continued my own slutty research with various frat guys and grad students. I also bought my first vibrator.

That fall we moved into a small one-bedroom apartment and added her real sex stories to my own growing list of adventures, and some battery inspired orgasms to the mix.

We put my queen-sized mattress on our bedroom floor as we groaned and screamed our way through a series of orgasms that became even more intense and erotic with the freedom to be a little noisier.

When she got serious with Jimmy, I offered to stop our nighttime masturbation routine, but she assured me that as far as she was concerned it was just masturbation, and in no way was she being unfaithful to him.

We never went any further than massaging each other’s breasts and nipples or holding each other in a tight embrace or cuddling through that never-ending series of body quaking orgasms.

By our third year we’d moved into a bigger apartment, and had separate rooms, although at least twice a week we’d sleep in the same bed, and we continued our almost nightly masturbation sessions together, in one room or the other, or sometimes in the living room.

More than once one of us would be masturbating and we’d hear the other one moaning in the bedroom next door, and we’d start getting louder to encourage each other and turn each other on.

Whoever gave in and made herself cum first would have to get in bed with the other one and play with her breasts until she caught up.

By that point Tracy was in love with Jimmy, and had announced that she’d be moving in with him the next semester. I really liked Jimmy and was beyond happy for her, especially when she promised to join me as often as she could to share some orgasms.

A few weeks before the end of the winter semester we took a break from helping Tracy get moved in with Jimmy, and the three of us took a road trip to visit Tracy’s parents.

To save money we planned on sharing motel rooms on the way there, with the understanding that I’d have my own room at her parents place while the two of them fucked and played in her old bedroom.

We stopped for the first night at quiet little motel on the edge of a small town, tired after a day of driving, and dreading the long miles still ahead of us.

The first night we’d swum in the motel pool and then gone out for pizza, before going to bed.

Since we were sharing a room with one bed, Jimmy had offered to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor and let Tracy and I share the bed.

However, the heater wasn’t doing a great job, and the three of us were shivering while watching an old movie on tv. Given the temperature in the room it seemed only fair to let him share the bed with us.

Tracy had taken the middle to keep things as comfortable as possible.

About an hour after we turned the tv off and I was still awake and could hear Jimmy and Tracy shifting around a bit and by the way the bed was moving it was obvious that they were cuddling and that at least one of them was awake.

But it wasn’t a bit deal.

None of it would have woken me up if I’d been asleep, and it wasn’t enough movement or sound to keep me awake either.

I was only awake because I have a hard time sleeping away from my own bed, and I was preoccupied with thoughts about the next day’s long drive.

Besides I loved Tracy and thought that Jimmy was one of the best guys I’d ever met, so I had zero reservations about anything the two of them did together. Even if they were doing it twelve inches away from me.

At one point I rolled over trying to put the drive out of my mind and get comfortable, and I realized that there was a gentle and steady movement from their side of the bed, and that it had stopped when I rolled over.

I suspected that she’d been stroking his cock and had frozen when I’d turned towards them.

But it was also possible that one of them had been scratching an itch.

As curious as I was, I decided to just wait and see if it resumed. I made sure to stay perfectly still, and with my eyes mostly closed I concentrated on breathing steadily.

Sure enough, after about five minutes I heard the blankets rustle a bit, and then the slow and steady rhythm returned.

Watching in the darkness I could definitely make out the rise and fall of the blanket over Tracy’s shoulder as it followed the motion of her arm.

What they were doing didn’t bother me, but I was starting to feel a bit left out.

Not in a relationship way.

But in a purely sexual way.

I’d considered fingering myself in the shower earlier but had decided against taking the time to make myself orgasm in favor of getting dressed so we could all go eat.

Now I felt my cunt responding to the thought of her hand holding his stiff prick as she tugged him closer and closer to the point of spilling his load.

I carefully put my hand against my breast, feeling the stiff point of my nipple through the t-shirt I’d worn to bed, and feeling my nipple respond to the heat of my hand.

I didn’t dare move around too much more, but I gave serious consideration to how I could slide my fingers into my shorts and make myself cum.

I decided that the only real way I would get away with it was if they were both so distracted that they forgot about me.

He surely would be distracted when his orgasm arrived, but she might not be.

I realized that the only thing to do was to just stay horny and do my best to ride out my own arousal while ignoring them.

But I kept wondering what would happen when he came.

Would he be able to stay quiet? Would she have to stroke him faster? How much of a mess would he make and what did they plan to do with his sticky load?

And then I suddenly remembered a giggling conversation she’d shared with me more than a month earlier.

We’d been having one of our usual talks about sex, when she’d told me that Jimmy produced more semen than any other guy she’d ever encountered.

“You mean it’s always a lot?” I’d asked. “Or do you mean that he literally shoots more cum than other guys?”

“He spurts more than double what any other man I’ve been with has ever had,” she’d giggled.

“Sounds sexy,” I’d conceded, trying to imagine what such a heavy load would feel like shooting off deep in my cunt.

“It is,” she agreed. “The first time I gave him a blowjob I thought I would drown. I really have to prepare for it or it’s still a surprise. But when he pumps it into me it’s so fucking amazing.”

That conversation had left me wet and needing to cum, and a few minutes later when I fingered my clit to an explosive climax while Tracy massaged my nipples I’d closed my eyes and pictured Jimmy shooting his large load all over my tits, which just caused my cunt to clench harder with orgasmic spasms.

I felt guilty for weeks afterwards about the number of orgasms I had with my vibrator plunged deep into my cunt while I went over the edge imagining that Jimmy was about to unload one of his abundantly large sticky messes inside me.

And now suddenly the wetness I had a few moments ago was gone, replaced by a flood of arousal along my slippery cunt lips as I wondered how Tracy was going to handle the inevitable surge of mess.

And I realized something that had been in the back of my mind for several minutes now.

I wanted to see his cock.

I knew from her description that it was an average cock. A nice length and pleasing girth, that didn’t look larger or smaller compared to any other cock she’d seen.

But somehow knowing what it was capable of producing made me want to see it. And knowing that it was hard and straining towards orgasm several inches away from me fed my need as well.

I knew that Tracy had never told Jimmy about the relationship that she and I had. I also knew that like most guys he had made it clear to her that a threesome was one of his biggest fantasies.

And now the three of us were in bed together, and if things were ever going to progress to a threesome this was probably the most likely way that would happen.

My only hesitancy was Tracy. I didn’t want to do anything that might cause her any discomfort. I knew the idea of a threesome with Jimmy turned her on, however she’d never mentioned the possibility of me joining them.

Nor had she mentioned the idea of inviting him to join the two of us while we masturbated together.

I’d assumed that she wanted to keep the two relationships separate and I respected and understood that.

So I assumed that if I suddenly reached over and made myself a part of their play it might be something that she wasn’t ready for.

But I continued to lay there, burning with lust and trying to come up with some way to cause them to notice me, without making it obvious that I wanted to join in.

Eventually I gave up on the idea of being included. I had resigned myself to just listening until they finished and then falling asleep horny, when suddenly I heard Tracy’s voice.

“We need a towel,” she whispered.

She was so quiet that I wouldn’t have heard her if I’d been asleep.

“We’ll aim it over the side of the bed.” Jimmy whispered back to her.

“Then in the morning there’ll be a giant cum stain all over the carpet,” Tracy giggled. “Let’s hold a towel over it. I think mine is right over there.”

Silently they shifted a bit, and I opened my eyes wide and saw Jimmy grabbing a towel from the chair next to the bed.

Tracy had moved with him, snuggling a bit closer to him, probably to get a better grip on his cock.

I took advantage of their movement to stretch out one of my arms. As they settled back down, they were still for a bit, probably making sure they hadn’t woken me up.

I lay still as well, and when I heard the telltale rustling of the blankets and felt the steady movement of the bed again, I took my hand and placed it on Tracy’s hip.

Holding tightly onto her hip with one hand while I make myself cum with the other is something that I know she loves. I didn’t squeeze or rub her, I just left my hand right there, two fingers and my thumb against her flesh and two on the elastic of her shorts.

Not firm enough to alarm her. But too light to be an accidental movement in my sleep.

I was trying to send her a message, and I hoped it was one she understood.

I was saying “Hey! I’m awake over here, and want to cum. But if I can’t, I at least want to be holding onto you and connected in some small way while Jimmy cums!”

She didn’t break rhythm on his cock, but I was suddenly aware that she had bent her knee and was bringing her foot up towards me.

Moving as quietly and slowly as possible I put my other hand on her foot and began to squeeze it in the same soft and slow rhythm that the bed was moving in as she fondled Jimmy’s cock.

Tracy loved my foot rubs. She’d once told me that the way I rubbed her feet always made her horny, and as weird as it sounds, she’d had several self-induced orgasms while I held one of her feet in both hands and rubbed it.

I worked my thumb along the arch of her foot firmly and I suddenly heard her take in a long shuddering breath.

“What’s wrong?” Jimmy whispered.

“This is making me really horny,” Tracy whispered.

“What can we do without waking Isabella up?” Jimmy asked.

I squeezed her hip in time with my hand working on her foot, and she shuddered again.

“I think she’s awake,” Tracy whispered.

“Shit!” Jimmy whispered.

“I think it’s okay,” Tracy whispered, a bit louder.

“She is awake,” I said. “And it’s okay. I know what you perverts are doing.”

“I’m sorry Isabella,” said Jimmy. “It was all my idea. I’m so sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” I teased. “Except for the fact that it made me horny listening to her stroke you.”

“Do you want us to stop?” Tracy asked.

“No,” I said. “If you like I could go into the bathroom for a few minutes and give you some privacy. Or I could pretend to sleep if you want.”

“You don’t need to leave,” Tracy said. “Does she Jimmy?”

“No,” Jimmy agreed.

I smiled at how hard he was trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice.

“Want me to pretend to sleep?” I asked, moving my hand from her hip to her thigh, as I kept rubbing her foot.

“You can stay if you want,” said Tracy with a shudder.

“If I stay can I watch?” I asked.

There was a long moment of silence, while each of us was busy thinking about all the possible implications of what that might mean and where it might lead.

“Just watch?” asked Tracy.

She sat up and moved to the foot of the bed, and I glanced over at Jimmy who looked back at me with an almost pleading look in his eyes.

“Well watching will make me even hornier than I already am,” I said. “But I’ll let you decide how I should handle that, Tracy.”

With a grin Tracy pulled her t-shirt off and sat there smiling at us topless.

While my own breasts have always gotten plenty of attention from my dates, I’ve always been jealous of Tracy’s generous breasts, and I loved how sensitive her areolas and nipples are.

“Whoa,” said Jimmy softly from his side of the bed.

I glanced at him and felt my belly tighten at the sight of his cock tenting the blanket. I looked back at Tracy and the look of happiness on her face made me smile.

“This isn’t that big of a deal,” Tracy giggled. “You’ve both seen them before. Hell, you’ve both touched them before.”

Jimmy quickly looked over at me and gave me a shy smile and then looked back Tracy.

One of the reasons I’ve always thought he was a great boyfriend for Tracy was that he was smart enough to know when to stay quiet.

As I watched him, I saw him wondering when exactly I’d had my hands on Tracy’s tits, but he made his mind up not to ask any questions in that moment that might risk ruining what could be a very memorable night for him.

Tracy got off the bed and reached for the lamp on the night stand, turning it on and then returning to the bed. As she climbed back on the bed, she gave her body a quick hop that caused her breasts to bounce seductively in the soft light.

“There,” she said. “Now we can see. As long as you’re already horny Isabella, do you have any requests as far as what exactly you’d like to watch?”

I took a deep breath and then looked from her to Jimmy and then back to her.

“I’d like to watch you both cum,” I said. “I want to see two good orgasms.”

“Well then you should move over and get between us Jimmy,” Tracy said. “And take your shorts off. You might as well be comfortable.”

Jimmy pushed the blankets down and Tracy grabbed the towel from him as he pulled his shorts off and slid into the center of the bed.

I didn’t move, and instead just stared at his erection as it swayed with his movement. I’d seen other cocks of course, but none had been more erotically charged than his was in that moment.

Looking at his cock I had to fight the urge to lean over and take it in my mouth. But the thought made my pussy even wetter.

“I’m going to jerk him off Bella,” Tracy said, moving between his legs.

She took the towel and made sure it was handy next to her.

“He’s already ready to pop,” she continued, “and I suspect he’s going to make a fucking mess. We can cover it with the towel, but you won’t get a good view of it then. Maybe you better get under the blankets so you don’t get his cum all over you.”

I sat up then and kicked the blankets all the way off me, and pulled my own t-shirt off, baring my own breasts for both of them to see.

“This might be easier,” I said. “I don’t mind a mess, and it’ll just add a bit of extra scenery to make the trip more enjoyable. At least for Jimmy. You’ve already enjoyed them, Tracy.”

“And I’m enjoying them again,” she said with a naughty giggle.

She reached out and gave my nipple a tweak, and I grinned as I felt the heat of arousal course through me.

“Fuck me,” said Jimmy, staring at my stiff nipples.

“That’s entirely up to your girlfriend,” I told him. “But that cock looks so good I definitely wouldn’t say no.”

“First things first,” Tracy said.

She leaned forward and drooled a long string of spit into her hand, and then reached out and wrapped it around Jimmy’s cock, smearing her spit all up and down the shaft while using her other hand to cup and gently pull on his testicles.

His eyes were moving from watching what she was doing to looking at me.

It was as if he couldn’t stand to not watch her stroking his cock, but wanted to spend as much time looking at my breasts as he could in case he never got a chance to see them again.

I took pity on him and moved down to the foot of the bed, and pressed myself up against Tracy. She immediately linked her arm through mine and moved just bit, and then we were both centered between his legs, with all four tits pointed at him.

With our arms circled together I reached out as natural as could be and put one hand on Jimmy’s thigh, and used my other hand to cup Tracy’s boob, lifting it like I was offering it to Jimmy.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered.

His thighs tensed and I saw his balls physically draw closer to his body, and I knew he was ready to lose control.

Tracy slowed down her hand, moving it slowly up and down on his cock.

“Don’t hold back,” she murmured. “Let it fly. Show us what you’ve got baby.”

“Uh…uh…uh!” he grunted.

Suddenly a large bubble of white cum appeared at the tip of his cock, and Tracy started to pump his cock as fast as she could, and his body tensed up as thick ropes of hot cum started to jump out of his cock and rain back down on all three of us.

“Jesus!” I blurted.

I watched in awe as spurt after spurt rocketed several inches up into the air before landing all over Tracy’s hands and arms and Jimmy’s belly and thighs and even on each of our breasts.

I thrilled as the hot liquid splashed on me, and the sight of his cum all over all three of us made my cunt tingle and ache and the scent of his cum was musky and tantalizing.

At long last his cock softened, wet and shiny with his cum as he smiled lazily at both of us.

Tracy squeezed his cock one final time like she was working the last bit of toothpaste out of a tube, and then she let go of his cock it sagged against his thigh, not quite limp but no longer the throbbing member it had been just a few minutes ago.

“One down, one to go!” she announced with a grin, looking over at me. “Ready to see me get off?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I exclaimed with a giggle. “I want your orgasm as much as you do. I love watching you cum.”

Jimmy moved over a bit and Tracy lay down right in the center where he’d been.

“Unfortunately I don’t have anything as interesting to watch while I get off,” she said, wiping her semen slick fingers through her pubic hair.

“Watching your face while you cum has always been my favorite thing anyway,” I said, laying down next to her. “Plus I enjoy playing with these. I have definite tit envy.”

I put my hand on her breast and jiggled it and she sighed.

“Your touch is always so good,” she moaned. “You make my breasts feel so fucking loved. But I love yours too. They’re so fucking responsive and sensitive.”

Jimmy leaned over and started to lick at her other nipple, and I started to slowly rub my fingertips along her engorged nipple.

She pushed her fingers up into herself with a moan, and I could actually hear the wetness as her fingers pushed through her cunt lips. I was staring into her eyes as her face softened with impending pleasure.

“I’m so fucking horny,” she whispered.

“And sexy,” murmured Jimmy with her breast in his mouth.

“And beautiful,” I added, pinching her nipple.

“You two are driving me wild,” she groaned. “I’m already close to cumming.”

She reached out and took my hand, and our fingers intertwined easily as she squeezed my hand tight. Her body tensed with her approaching orgasm, and I pressed even closer to her.

“Just let it happen when it happens,” I encouraged her. “We’re both right here ready to watch you cum for us.”

“This is so fucking good,” she moaned. “I fucking love this.”

Without thought I bent over and kissed her nipple, my tongue flicking out and licking her brown areola before catching the nipple in my teeth and gently biting.

This was a line we’d never crossed before, but I couldn’t resist.

“Oh Bella!” she yelped, sitting up and tensing.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed backing away.

“Don’t be,” she begged. “Do it again.”

I did it again, this time swirling my tongue around her hot tit flesh as I circled closer and closer to her nipple.

I lifted my eyes and watched Jimmy suckling at her other breast, and I wondered what it felt like to have both nipples sucked at once.

I looked down along her body and felt my own cunt clench at the sight of Jimmy fingering her cunt.

I felt Tracy roll her hips as she worked her fingers over her clitoris, and I sucked as hard as I could on her nipple as she started to shake.

My eyes drifted over to Jimmy’s body and I saw that his cock was one again fully hard, poking against Tracy’s thigh.

It had never gotten completely soft, but now it looked like it might actually split its own skin as it grew harder and harder as he rubbed it on her thigh.

“Isabella?” panted Tracy. “Bella?”

“Yes sweetheart?” I asked, lifting my mouth from her breast.

“Can he fuck me?” she asked. “Do you mind if he makes me cum with his cock while you watch?”

“Do it!” I urged, my heart pounding.

Suddenly Jimmy was between her legs and his cock pushed at her hole before sliding all the way in as they both groaned.

“Oh sweet gawd yes!” she moaned.

She closed her eyes and squeezed my hand as she started pushing her hips against his as he began to fuck her faster.

Looking at her beautiful face I dipped my head down and took her breast in my mouth again, sucking as much of it in as I could while I reached over and pinched her other nipple with my free hand.

“I’m cumming!” she roared. “I’M FUCKING CUMMING! FUCK!”

I twisted my head as I sucked her breast, watching Jimmy pump between her legs as she shook and yelled.

Suddenly she let go of my hand and pulled at my hair as I turned to look at her.

“Do you want to cum Bella?” she panted. “Do you need to cum too?”

I nodded my head rapidly, feeling how soaking wet the fabric of my shorts were with my need.

“I do!” I gasped, my voice quavering with lust.

“How?” she grunted as Jimmy kept working his cock in and out of her.

“How do you want me to cum?” I asked her. “You decide for me Tracy.”

“Do you want his cock?” she asked me, her eyes wide.

She looked down at Jimmy and I turned to look at him as well.

“Jimmy, will you fuck my friend with this hard thing?” she asked him.

No words were spoken, nor were they needed.

He pulled his cock out of her and I saw how shiny and slick it looked with her cunt juice all over it, and I rolled onto my back and lifted my hips, and all three of us tore my shorts off and threw them away from the bed.

And then I was filled with the sensation of hard cock filling me, as he pushed it all the way into me so slow I almost wept.

But as soon as his body pressed against mine and his entire cock was inside me, he pulled it out and then slammed it in again, taking his speed right back to the edge of the lust he’d been pumping into Tracy’s cunt.

My body was more than ready for it, and I felt the familiar pressure deep in my cunt as my orgasm started to unwind within me.

Tracy put her hand on my breast and kissed me, and I sucked her tongue into my mouth for the very first time as her boyfriend fucked his cock in and out of me.

I felt her hand trail down my stomach and through my pubic hair, and then her fingers were pushing against my clitoris.

“I’m going to cum!” I whimpered.

“Do it pretty baby!” Tracy begged. “Cum for us!”

My orgasm rolled over me like a tsunami, my body heaving and flailing as I cried out with the alternating receding tension and electric explosions that happened deep in my cunt, in my clitoris, in my nipples, and in the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.

I felt my head pound with the intensity of my thudding heart, and then I came again, this one seeming to start in the middle of the first orgasm and pull me to new heights of pleasure.

And even as it ended I felt my body rolling with exhausted aftershocks of built up tension.

As if from far away I heard Jimmy speak even as his cock kept pounding against my most sensitive spot.

“I’m going to cum again,” he gasped. “Where should I do it?”

“On her tits so we can share your load!” said Tracy.

Jimmy was suddenly straddling my stomach and he pushed his cock between my breasts. Tracy grabbed it and started to stroke it as Jimmy put his head back and groaned.

And then he started to cum again, his cock spilling more cum in his second orgasm of the evening than any guy I’d ever seen manage for his first release.

Tracy aimed the tip of his cock against my left breast, and I groaned at the heat of his slippery cum coating it and running off in every direction.

I felt spurts hit my chin and shoulder and arm and I giggled as my entire body tingled with the thrill of his orgasm, and the aftereffects of my own.

Jimmy fell backwards on the bed and Tracy moved over me, pushing her breasts against mine and moving them back and forth, as we worked to get as much of his cum onto all four breasts as we could.

And then with our nipples touching, she leaned down and kissed me again, and my heart twisted in me as my favorite person in the world pushed her tongue against mine and moaned along with me.

Eventually she pulled me with her as she rolled onto her back, and we kept kissing as I rubbed my hand over her breasts, feeling the sticky cum cooling all over her hot skin.

“Fuck!” she gasped against my mouth.

I looked down and saw that Jimmy was between her legs, tonguing her slit.

I leaned down and licked her belly, as she grabbed my hand again, and then I moved up beside her and started to trace patterns on her sticky chest as she squeezed my hand.

Eventually another orgasm slammed into her and as she cried out I kissed her, our mouths staying together all through her climax.

We didn’t break the kiss, even when Jimmy pushed between my legs and worked my clit with his tongue, licking me faster and faster until I screamed against Tracy’s mouth as another orgasm tore through my body.

Jimmy then moved up and pushed his mouth against our kiss, and our three tongues swirled together, tasting both my cunt and hers on his mouth.

Then he kissed me passionately before kissing her, and he lay down between us and closed his eyes.

Within moments he was breathing deeply as sleep overtook him.

“I think we wore him out,” Tracy giggled.

“I don’t think he’ll wake up complaining,” I said with a laugh.

Tracy rolled over and turned off the light and then came back and snuggled against him, reaching out to hold my hand as the two of us lay in the dark listening to Jimmy snore softly.

We were all sticky, sweaty, satisfied, and exhausted.

I closed my eyes and smiled happily.


I woke up with Tracy straddling me and bed shaking, and I realized that Jimmy was fucking her doggy style while she lay on top of me.

She was kissing my neck and rolling one of my nipples between her fingers, and I moaned and grabbed her shoulders and wrapped my legs around her body.

I felt her fingers push against my clitoris as she kissed me, and I closed my eyes and rode the waves of pleasure as my orgasm exploded along with hers.

And then I felt Jimmy push his cock against my thigh and I reached down to help him guide it to my hole, and he was inside me again as Tracy and I kissed and I ran my fingers over her stiff little clit.

And then with a loud grunt Jimmy’s cock lurched inside of me and I felt a flood of his hot cum coat my cunt, and I screamed against Tracy’s neck as I felt his slippery mess pulse into me in waves of delight as she giggled and sucked my neck.


Sometime later it was light outside and the three of were tangled together in the blankets, naked and happy.

“I don’t think my parents are ready to cope with the three of us in the same bed, or even the same bedroom,” Tracy said, staring at the ceiling. “But I definitely think I want to spend more time exploring this.”

“No argument from me,” I agreed, stretching my aching body.

I reached over and cupped her heavy breast, and she put her hand over mine and smiled at me.

“Maybe we should fake a day or two of car trouble,” Tracy said. “We can drive on and find a room with a hot tub. Maybe spend some time watching each other fuck each other.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Jimmy. “I could spend the rest of my life just watching you two.”

“Bullshit,” said Tracy. “I really want to be in a nice big bed with all the lights on, holding onto to both of you while I watch the look on Isabella’s face while she feels your cock fill her up with your hot cum.”

I leaned over and kissed her cheek and snuggled closer to her.

“I guess I could tolerate that,” I said. “I was too busy cumming to really enjoy the first load he shot up into me.”

“If you don’t cum the next time he fills you up,” she said softly, “maybe you’ll cum while I lick and suck all of his semen out of your well fucked hole.”


Like I said at the beginning, Jimmy and Tracy changed my life.

Before that trip was over the three of us had fucked in every possible combination.

Each of us had put our mouths and fingers everywhere on and in the other two that we could reach.

When we returned to campus we continued to play together, and within a few weeks I moved into their apartment with them, the three of us sharing a large bed.

By the time graduation rolled around we moved across the country together, settling in a spacious high rise apartment, where the three of us continued to share a bed and fuck and suck like our lives depended upon it.

But that was only part of the story.

On my twenty-fifth birthday something happened that pushed the three of us in a new direction.

But that tale of depravity will have to wait for another time.


Thank you for reading this far.

There is more to cum for Isabella and Tracy and Jimmy, but please be patient as there are some other stories I need to add chapters to first.


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