The things a slave will do to prove his love to his Mistress

Story contains graphic and extreme sexual fetish activity, including toilet play. If this is not your kink, do not proceed.

Most of my friends, old college bro-brah type buddies, if they knew I was part of an elite secretive swinger’s sex club with nearly a hundred drop dead, gorgeous women, would be insanely jealous. They have met Aurora, my current girlfriend, of course. The girl of my dreams, who I met out there, and who, on those occasions when we are around the old oly-stubbie drinking brew crew, is supremely cute, fun and flirty. They see me as a guy with a hot girlfriend who goes to an island full of beautiful models to swap partners with more beautiful women. So yeah, they probably are jealous of me. Unless they find out the whole story. Aurora has dropped little hints now and again, that I pick up on and cringe at (which makes her smile) but so far, the rest of the guys don’t suspect a thing.

Yes, I am part of a swinger’s sex club. It is in a gorgeous setting, a private island off the coast of Santa Barbara. Yes, there are many, many drop dead gorgeous women here, who come here for the express purpose of getting laid by hot, hunky guys. And yes, the parties out here are wild and outrageous. But how did an average guy like me, clearly not your typical underwear model, end up involved with this scene?

Well, ahh, that’s the secret. Part of that is Aurora’s fault. If it were not for her, I would have actually found my way out of this mess long ago. So, why would any unmarried young man in his sexual prime want to leave a swingers club full of hot women? Well, that’s just it. Other people there, including Aurora, get to have all the sex they have the endurance for, going all night with multiple partners.

Me, I get none. Ever. And this is by Aurora’s choice. In fact, I seldom even get the chance to orgasm! Except in front of her, on rare occasions, as a “Reward for good behavior.” My blissfully clueless college bro-brah buddies who are so jealous of me- they actually get laid far, far more than I do.

There are four classes of people on this island. Those who are “In Heaven” get all the sex they can with whomever agrees to hook up with them, along with all the full benefits of membership. Those who are “In Purgatory” are temporarily banned from any sexual activity and other benefits due to some transgression. The council who oversees the club, led by the billionaire owner of the island himself, weighs in on the punishment and the duration. Those who are “in the Abyss” are people who are either ‘eighty sixed” from the club, or those who, when they petition to join, are judged unworthy of membership for whatever reason and not allowed in.

Then there are those “In Hell.” These are the ones who do all the grunt work on the island; the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance, while still being considered members. The catch: The seven “Sisterhood of the Lash” rules over them, overseeing their work, and subjecting them to physical punishments if they do their work poorly. Meanwhile, when the chores are done, the Sisterhood of the Lash get their kicks playing dominatrix over them, subjecting them to humiliating and degrading punishments and tasks, for the amusement of them and the rest of the guests. And they are not allowed any sex, at all, with anyone on the island. Ever. In fact, they are forced to wear a locked metal cage around their cocks at all times, to prevent them from having sex with anyone when they are NOT on the island.

As you guessed, Aurora is one of the Sisterhood of the Lash, and I am “In Hell.” Why would any sane man put up with this kind of treatment? Well, many don’t. These are quickly sent to “The Abyss” and ejected from the community, partly so as to avoid any kind of legal non-consent issues. And there are some put up with it out of fear, embarrassment, and, at least partly, the inability to remove their metal chastity cage (which doubles as a shock collar if any slave ever gets too disobedient.) As it happens, one of the members of the Sisterhood of the Lash also works at the one and only local sex store, where these devices are custom made for the slaves of the island. But there are some, men like me consigned to a hell of whips, chains and humiliation at the hands of beautiful women, who seem to enjoy it, in ways that are hard to explain.

Me? That first night there, when I was brought before the council and subsequently condemned me to Hell, I wanted so badly to simply be eighty-sixed. But yet, somehow, over the course of days, even weeks, Aurora and I; we just bonded. I loved her wit, her persona, thought she was beautiful and fun, and we had common interests. And oddly, I soon realized that I took a perverse enjoyment out of the treatment I received there at her hands, and instead of making me hate her for it, as most sane guys would, I oddly became more attracted to her over it, and the bond became deeper.

Sometimes, it was fun playing “Mistress and servant.” She was the hottest girl I could ever wish for as a mistress, I’ll give her that.

There is something so powerful about being vulnerable, on your knees, in front of a strong woman. She taught me this. It’s indescribable, a mix of fear, lust, and a total peace with myself. So over time, I accepted this, even though I found myself doing things for her that would have sickened the “old me.”

There is an old flame of mine, an old crush, who I still see from time to time on the island. She was a former co-worker, blonde, petite, tanned, and really sexy. She used to flirt with me back in the day, but I was too shy to know how to proceed. Her name was Melanie. Aurora knows about this, and of course that gives her ammunition to torment me. I don’t care about her anymore though; I now only have eyes for Aurora, and nobody else.

And I proved that to her, one special night.

I should talk a little about what life is like for the slaves. We come out here on evenings a couple times a week for a few hours, and on weekends for party times. Mostly, during the weeknights, it’s cleaning and laundry type stuff, small errands, chores, and so on. The girls inspect our work and if they don’t approve, we get strapped to the wall and flogged. (And of course, sometimes they flog us anyway, always finding excuses to do so, simply because it’s fun for them.) At first, it was Kayla, Arielle and Danielle, along with Aurora, who would administer my punishments, but eventually, Aurora took that mostly on herself, saying “This one is MY responsibility.” While we work, we wear humiliating pink frilly shorts, with an opening in the rear, to show our station. And of course all of us wear the metal cock cages. Any hint of willful resistance, they have the ability to literally bring us down on our knees. The cages are linked to an electrode that can be remotely operated. Aurora has the key to my cage, and the “Zapper button” to make sure I don’t have second thoughts about submitting to her disciplinary ways, or even disobeying her orders. I don’t, believe me. Getting zapped in the balls is not something you want to experience more than once. Plus, I have long gotten past that desire to resist. I really do want to make her happy.

But the things I would do, though! The first month, after she found out that I still had a crush on another girl on the island (Melanie) she ordered me to dress in drag, and suck her current lover’s cock, right in front of everyone! I couldn’t believe she was serious! But she was. Though of course I protested, it was no use. Doubling over in agony after a shock to my balls, I did the unthinkable.

Aurora has reassured me that performing a homosexual act for her, does not make me one myself. Not that there is anything wrong with it either way; I have no problem with gays, but it took all of the courage I could muster to do what instinctively made me convulse with horror. In a way though, I later realized it was kind of a turn on, to be subjected to such humiliating behavior purely for her sake.

So anyway, one day, she had arranged a special test for me. Though of course, I didn’t know it at the time. I only knew that, that day, I needed some relief. The pressure in my loins was becoming unbearable. After having my cock locked in a cage, surrounded by hot girls all day and yet, not even able to even have an erection- it was torture! Plus waking up in the mornings with a boner that simply feels like putting your cock in a vise. She kept my cock resolutely locked up, and though I begged for a release- Just please, allow me the necessity of relieving some of the pressure!- She said no. “Good slaves need to earn their reward.” She said. But that didn’t stop her from deliberately flirting and teasing me, laughing about how I couldn’t get a proper boner anymore. The day before, we had been out for dinner on the mainland, just like a normal couple. (Slave-mistress protocol was typically reserved for either on the island, or when we were intimate at home) She had gotten up on my lap and ground against me, until I moaned for her to stop. I would have probably cum my jeans at that point, had I not been caged. This only made her squeal with laughter. I dropped her off at home. We kissed, she invited me in, and we slept together. Only, she slept. With her laying against me, still caged, I couldn’t sleep hardly at all and the warmth of her body next to me was like a torment. She had let me orally service her, and had even told me I was really good at giving head, but her rules, she said, were that her pleasure mattered more than mine. And I was fine with that. So…no penetration, not even a blow job. Nothing but nearly two weeks of pent up sexual frustration. She liked this, she said, because one of her sayings was “A horny man is easily led by his balls.” I couldn’t argue with that. With her, sometimes she meant that literally.

That was how our intimate lives worked, both on the island and off. Sometimes, it’s better to give than receive, I guess. In most other respects though, off the island, we were just like any other romantic couple.

And the next day, we were both supposed to go out to the island again.

So, that day, I was finishing up cleaning the toilets in the second floor of the island’s main mansion and party house, when Aurora strode in. She was wearing those knee high boots and that tiny red pleated skirt that drove me so wild when I first met her, that first day out on the island.

“Is that clean and sanitized?” She asked.

“Yes mistress.”

“Prove it.” She snapped.

I leaned over, and licked the rim of the porcelain.

“See?” I said.

She then raised her leg, and pushed my head into the bowl with the toe of her boot.

“NOW prove it.”

I couldn’t answer, my face underwater, but I gave her a thumbs up.

“Good little bitch toy!” She said, laughing in that flirty way I love so much.

“Hey, I have an errand for you.” She said, suddenly.

“What’s that? Yeah, whatever you need!”

“Arielle has reserved one of the private cabins for tonight, she has Tony and Gusher all lined up. But they want to ‘toilet’ Danny Binz for tonight. So I need you to take one of the slave toilets from the basement down to Cabin number two. And…” she added, “Make sure it’s clean. Disinfected and clean. YOU know the drill.”

“Yes Mistress!” I said eagerly.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Danny Binz, though. The guy probably didn’t even know what was in store for him. First of all, out of all of the women who dabbled in the Dark Arts of Female Domination, Arielle was notoriously cruel and heartless toward the slaves. While others, especially Aurora, could be flirty, friendly and fun (When they were not cruelly ordering us around or administering punishments) Arielle never spoke to the slaves except to bark orders at them, and was always cold, imperious and cruel. She was also known as the most sadistic, and her corporal punishments knew no mercy. You didn’t even want to look in her direction if you were a slave on the island. She would notice, and have you whipped for it. She didn’t seem to have a “Favorite” slave, but I was always afraid that Aurora would “loan” me out to her, which thankfully she never did. Of course, to the other (non-slave) men on the island, Arielle was as bubbly, sweet and sexy as could be, especially around the man (or men) she had chosen as companions for that evening. But I knew poor Danny would be in for it tonight. Although, being “toileted” might not be as bad as what could happen. At least he would be locked out of sight in the bathroom and away from her wrath.

Only, to be “Toileted” was exactly what it implied, and either way, frankly it was kind of gross. Especially if you didn’t have the stomach for it. You really had to be conditioned for it. I only hoped for his own sake, Danny was.

I walked through the opulent mansion, crossing the main ball room, through the office and opened the door leading to the “Dungeon” down in the basement. Here was where slaves would be punished or abused, should Arielle (or even Aurora herself) get the whim. Kayla was down here, giving the third degree to one of the slaves who had apparently screwed something up, but I didn’t see who he was; in these situations I just averted my eyes. In a closet, I found one of the toilet contraptions under a plastic bag. I pulled it out to inspect it. It LOOKED serviceable, and pretty clean. The contraption consisted of a square box, maybe 20 inches high by 30 inches square, with a toilet seat on the top and a hole cut into the front of the box. For the hapless victim’s head. Inside was a plastic bucket, with a similar hole cut out of it, and on the side were two metal rings, for handcuffs. There were two of these contraptions, who knows where the other one currently was- or who was imprisoned in it. It was simply not polite to talk about such delicate matters, Aurora had insisted. “People’s private bathroom matters are not your business.” She had told me once. Though, if it was YOUR head inside one of these things, it certainly WAS your business- and that of whoever was on the seat above you.

Tonight, apparently, it would be old Danny who was the unlucky one with his head inside this particular commode. So, I carried the toilet box up the basement stairs and out through the back door.

It was a warm afternoon on the island, with one of the typically warm breezes blowing through. There were a few people by the pool when I walked past. Gorgeous girls in bikinis sunbathing, guys with Chippendale bodies diving and swimming, and flirting with them. I would have fallen in love with any one of these girls, had Aurora allowed it. But yet…even without the maddening cock cage, I was realizing something- I was simply in love with Aurora.

The private cabins were located in the grove of trees overlooking the ocean and small beach on the southwestern edge of the island. The island was small enough- according to the USGS survey its total land mass was less than 200 acres- so that it was only a short walk from the main mansion and pool complex to the cabins. Though my arms still got tired carrying this stupid thing. One of those butch meatheads wouldn’t have had this problem, I thought, shaking my aching arms. Oh well, if I had lifted weights more, maybe I would have BEEN one of those guys- and not in this predicament, I thought to myself sadly. Sometimes, from time to time I wondered how it much better it would have been if I wasn’t in this position out here, if I had never been lured out here with the promise of sex with hot models to begin with. Well, I wouldn’t have met Aurora, and my friends wouldn’t have been so jealous of what they THOUGHT happened to me out here.

Cabin 2 was the largest and most luxurious of the four small cabins, but it was still small; only about 20 feet by 30 feet, with a back porch overlooking the water. I fumbled with the key to cabin number two, and opened the door. Before I could carry the box inside, I stopped still.

Melanie Woods, my old and long forgotten crush, was in there, sitting on the bed.

She smiled at me, the same beaming radiant smile that had driven me so mad back when we still worked together. How long ago and innocent that seemed. Now, I was the lowest of the low to her, a man who had even been degraded into performing a homosexual act of “Fluffing” her lover for her, to the sadistic amusement of the girl who currently occupies all my thoughts.

All those old thoughts came flooding back. I rarely saw her when she was out here. She understandably kind of avoided me. And man, she looked good. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she was wearing a blue bikini that left little to the imagination. Around her neck was a necklace with what appeared to be a metal key, but this detail momentarily escaped me. I was admiring her face, her half-naked body. Melanie Woods, my former crush, who I had never even had the chance to be with, sitting there radiant in the sunlight streaming through the full bay windows. My cock strained against its cage.

“Melanie!” What are you doing here!” I asked.

“Ben, oh my God! How have you been!”

“Great, but…you know…” I sighed. “Still running around like a mad road runner doing chores for Aurora. You know, she’s actually really cool once you get to know her. So, how come you’re here?”

“Oh… nothing,” she said, dreamily. “I was just…resting here. I actually slept here last night. I love these little cabins, aren’t they cute!”

I half wondered who she slept with here last night but decided not to ask; it wasn’t my business anyway.

“Yeah man, these are great, so you booked this place last night, huh? Great views, and it’s private and all, plus they even got a sound system and a kitchen.

“Yeah, but number two is the only one with a full kitchen. That’s why I like it.” She said.

“Well, I guess, it sounds like Arielle has it tonight. Arielle and I think Gusher Martin and…uh I forget. Vince DiNunzo I think.”

I knew that it had been Tony that Aurora had mentioned, but I also knew that Tony and Melanie had hooked up many times, and I didn’t want to say anything to make her suddenly jealous, so I let it drop.

“Oh yeah? Whose the lucky guy whose going to be in that?” She asked, pointing at the toilet box on the floor.”

“Uh, Gusher!” I said jokingly. To be truthful, Frank “Gusher” Martin was kind of an asshole, at least I had thought so. He got his nickname, of course, from the many women who slept with him who all claimed that he was so fertile that he went off like a geyser each and every time he orgasmed.

“Wow, he heh, he’ll probably like it. Do you think he’ll like being peed on?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe you should ask him. I kinda doubt it. Frank’s kind of a dick.”

“Well yeah, but his dick’s so, you know…” she said, blushing dreamily.

“I can imagine.” I said, flatly. “Yeah, actually Danny Binz is going to be in this thing. I guess it doesn’t matter if Danny liked being peed on…”

“He doesn’t. Trust me.” She interjected. (Wow, how do you know? I wondered.)

“Looks like he won’t have a choice. I’d still rather that, than, you know, Arielle can get pretty vicious. I’m glad it’s him rather than me.”

“Listen,” she said. “I think it’s terrible what those mean girls have done to you. And I want to show you something.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Come here,” she said seductively.

She reached for her necklace and held out the key attached to.

“You are wearing one of those chastity cage things around your dick, aren’t you?” she asked, quietly.

“Yes, they make us wear them all the time.”

“So I’m just wondering…you can be honest ‘cuz I know this is kind of personal. But, how long has it been since you had sex?” She asked quietly.

“Oh geez…” I shook my head.

“How about, how long since had an orgasm?”

“Too long. Two weeks or more. How long for you?”

“Well, that doesn’t’ matter about me,” she said, with a slight giggle. “What matters is…I nicked one of the keys to those chastity cages!”

“No WAY! How?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, but my point is this. Come here…” She almost whispered this.

I walked over to the edge of the bed. She leaned forward. Her head was at my waist level. I could almost feel her hot breath against my crotch. My heart started racing.

“I know it’s been so long for you, but I just wanted to know, even though we never hooked up back in the day, we can do it now. Right here. Just the two of us. Here, pull down those silly pink pants and let me unlock you.” She whispered seductively. She held out the key. My cock was aching in the cage. I could not only have a release, but a blowjob from this amazing girl, my old heartthrob dream girl, right here….

Her face, framed by her honey blonde hair, looking gorgeous and radiant, was at my crotch level. My cock ached in its tight confinement. “So, what do you say? Can I help you relieve some of that pressure?”

I was so tempted. God knows, I was tempted. I was so ready to at last have a sexual release, but not only that, oral sex from Melanie Woods- her beautiful honey blonde hair and tan body- oh, how many times over the years had I fantasized about this very thing, with this woman, and now…

“Um…. I can’t.” I said.

I couldn’t believe myself, but yet, something pulled me back. What was it? I searched my thoughts. I know in my heart I wanted this so bad, in fact I used to fantasize about this very scene many lonely nights back when we were friends who worked together, and I still had my schoolboy crush on her. But yet, suddenly I thought of Aurora. Somehow I felt that it just wouldn’t be right.

“Why not?” She drew back, as if disappointed.

“Because, I think Aurora would find out. That’s why.”

“How would she find out? It would be our little secret.”

“I just know she would. She has her ways. She would sense it. Smell it on me, Or she just might be able to tell that someone else unlocked the cage. I dunno…I just…she’s crafty, that one. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to risk it.”

I was backing away, embarrassed at both myself and at the situation.

“Well, I had hoped that you might still have a little bit of manhood left in you, but I guess I was wrong,” she sighed.

“I’m sorry, but I guess I owe it to Aurora to, you know, not piss her off. I actually do care about her a lot. It’s not like you think. I kinda…I…I’ve kind of got a thing for her, I guess. And this would constitute cheating on her. I know it’s weird, you know, given how it is, and this IS a swinger’s club and all but, I just…I can’t. Okay?”

With a sad smile she said, “That’s okay. A part of me was actually kind of hoping you wouldn’t go through with it either. You see…”

At that moment, I heard a sliding wood door and then heard Aurora’s voice behind me.

“Congratulations, Slave. You just passed my test!”

And if I had thought that Melanie had looked hot, seeing Aurora standing there, in those boots, tiny pleated red skirt, and her dark brown hair in a bobbed cut, made me instantly forget all about her.

“Hey, what, what’s going on?” I asked. Aurora had been hiding in the closet the whole time. With her was Frank and Tony, who stepped out behind her.

“We put you up to a little test, to test your loyalty. It was Arielle’s idea, but I liked the idea so I went with it” she said. “But don’t worry, you passed with flying colors!” She then walked up to me and kissed me.

“Uh, thank you. But then, what about Arielle, and how did you get Melanie to go along with it?”

She explained, “Arielle had this cabin booked for the next three weekends, but since she’s going out of town, she decided to make a deal with the two of us. Originally I was going to get the cabin, and Tony and Frank all to myself for the next three weeks, but I decided to let Melanie have it the next two weeks- Along with these two” (She put her arms around Tony and Frank as she said this)”… in exchange for her helping me with my plan with you.”

I looked at Melanie, who simply looked down at her feet.

“So, I hope I proved myself, mistress…”

“Oh, of course you did. But still, I just want to let you know what would have happened if you had failed.”

She reached into her purse. What she pulled out was a contraption that looked like the cock cage I was wearing, except slightly smaller and more confining, and with one key important difference.

It was lined with sharp spikes, even at the head.

“I would have let you out of that cock cage you’re wearing, but I guarantee you would have liked THIS one a LOT less. After an hour in the Cock Torture Chamber, I guarantee you would have been in agony, begging me for forgiveness. And I would probably have never let you out of it.”

It made me shudder just thinking of wearing it, actually.

“But don’t worry, I’ll not only let you out of the one you’re wearing soon enough, but if you serve us well tonight, I promise you will earn a reward.”

She turned to Melanie. “So, do you think he’ll earn his reward tonight, Melanie?”

Melanie just blushed and looked away. “I don’t know. I hope so.” she said, weakly. I could tell she was kind of embarrassed by all of this, actually. I kind of wonder why she had even gone along with this little plan in the first place.

“So, Ben. I guess that means, we’ll have this cabin to ourselves. You won’t be serving Arielle, but rather, me and my guests, as my little plaything.”

“Well, then, what about the toilet? Doesn’t Arielle still need it for Danny?”

“Oh, yeah, don’t worry about that. Arielle’s not even here. She’s on her way to Hawaii with Paul. You’re the one being toileted tonight. I forgot to mention that. But don’t worry, it will just be us. We don’t want the entire club clogging you up, do we?” She laughed. “And, I won’t need your toilet slave services right away. I still need you up and about for a while.”

The “We” Part made me a little uncomfortable but this was not the time to bring it up. Tomorrow, maybe, after all this was over. The first couple hours before sunset were almost too relaxing. After getting the cabin ready, making sure the sheets were clean and the refrigerator stocked, She told me I could watch TV or hang out at the beach until they were ready, as long as I didn’t disturb any other couples who would occasionally steal away to the beach for romantic trysts. She left me there to hang out and get things ready, saying that she would page me when she needed me. After the sun went down, though, things got serious.

Without knocking, she burst into the cabin, leading Frank by the hand.

“Greet our guest, slave. On your knees.”

I obeyed, and crawled over to Frank. “Greetings.” I said.

“I decided to let Melanie have Tony for tonight, since you made her feel guilty. Maybe you should be punished for that, although maybe it’s not your fault, but…what the heck, I want to spank you anyway. Pull down your pants. Get against the wall!” she snapped.

She carried her small flogger in her purse at all times, whenever she felt the need to “correct my behavior.” Even off the island, she once broke it out and swatted me with it while we were at the grocery store together, to my intense embarrassment and the puzzled stares of casual onlookers. Only now, in this cabin, it was not just one or two playful strokes. She was whapping my bare ass with it, the hits coming harder. I was biting my tongue not to cry, but wanted to be tough, be strong, for her. Make her proud that I could take it. Meanwhile, Frank “Gusher” just stood there, watching her vent her frustrations on me, shaking his head. “Holy fuck,” was all he said.

“You are now going to pour us drinks and cook us dinner. Do it now slave!” she commanded then.

“Yes Mistress Aurora,” I replied.

I quickly got to work cooking up some pork chops and sautéed vegetables, that I had stocked in the refrigerator earlier that day. There was, I noticed with some distaste, some asparagus tips as well.

“Oh, you may cook something for yourself, too, after we are done.”

“Thank you mistress!” I said, gratefully, as I had been getting hungry.

But after dinner, things got more serious.

“Slave. Come here.”

I walked over.

“On your knees.” I knelt in front of her. I loved being in this position in front of her, but with Frank there, it was kind of awkward. I was, of course, totally stark naked in front of both of them.

“Frank and I are going to need some privacy, but before I put you in your place, Frank needs his dick sucked. Don’t you.”

I groaned inwardly as she said this.

Frank nodded. “You look so pretty there with my dick in your mouth, bitch,” he said, like every schoolyard bully everywhere. Aurora elbowed him.

“Ben? Go down on him. NOW! And give it to him good, but make sure he doesn’t cum. Just get him hard and ready.”

He pulled down his pants, and sat on the bed. His cock hung limp in front of him. I grabbed it, gave it a couple strokes, and put it in my mouth. As I had been trained.

I remembered what she had said, that being ordered to suck a cock for your mistress’s sake does not make you gay. I was doing this for her, for the one I was attracted to. I told myself this as I took him in my mouth. Fully erect, he was nearly ten inches long, putting my average length member to shame, and I could feel his cock pushing down my throat. She had made me practice, several times, on a plastic appendage before graduating to this, so I was no stranger to it, but having a real cock in my mouth, especially one as large as this, was something I don’t think I could ever get used to.

“The things I do for love,” I told myself, as I eagerly devoured his cock, to the delight and giggles of Aurora who stood by, cheering me on. It actually helped me to visualize me as her, pretending I was her sucking ME off, thinking of how I would have wanted her to go down on me, should I ever have the chance. He was ramrod hard by then, and he pulled back just as it seemed he would explode into my mouth. “That’ll do for now, pussy. Thanks for sucking me real hard so I can go fuck your girlfriend now,” he said, with a laugh.

“Okay, that’s enough for now. Look, you get a reward! Aurora said. “You get to remove your chastity device. Of course, your hands will be chained so it’s not like you can pleasure yourself, but at least your tiny pathetic cock won’t be confined.”

“Go into the bathroom and lie down” she ordered.

I lay on the ground as she placed the box with its white plastic toilet seat over my head. Then she placed the bucket inside, over my head with the cut out arch resting tight on my neck. She then closed the lid. My head was now encased in a white cylinder of plastic, allowing almost no movement. It always felt like being inside of a diaper pail, I thought to myself. She then grabbed my hands and attached handcuffs to each one of them, and affixed the other end of the cuffs to the side of the box. I felt her attach a chain to each leg, immobilizing them, and then stuck a wide-mouth bottle around my now erect penis, and placed that between my legs. In case I myself had to pee, she said. I knew the drill. I was now going to serve as her personal commode- and unfortunately, Franks, as well, for the duration of the evening.

She lifted the lid and leaned over and peered down at me.

“Look at you, all down there in that bucket. You look so pathetic, you and that tiny little pathetic cock. I bet you are just waiting eagerly for me to piss all over you.”

Yes, Mistress!” I said. Wow! I loved it when she degraded me like this. Oddly, for me, it was a huge turn on, though obviously, to most guys, not so much.

“I’m going to piss all over your face, and you are going to LIKE it. Maybe I’ll even DROWN you in it. And you better swallow every drop of it, slave. And then, I’m going to go fuck the shit out of a real man, while you get to listen to how a real man fucks your Mistress. Would you LIKE that, slave? Would you like it if I pissed all over you?

“Oh YES Mistress, I would.”

“Want some of it now? She asked, leering down at me and smiling an evil smile. She turned around, pulled her thong down, and started to sit down.

“Yyyy…yess… Mistress…” I said, trying to contain my sudden excitement.”

“Well too bad, Slave!” she said, laughing, and she suddenly stood up and closed the lid, leaving me in the darkness of the white plastic bucket.

It was like total sensory deprivation. Time doesn’t seem to pass at all. I could open my eyes and dimly see the closed lid of the toilet overhead but otherwise it was dark. I tried to listen and make out what was going on in the front room, and thought of things to pass the time. I could hear them whispering and giggling. Finally, I heard footsteps in the bathroom and a tiny crack of light from under the lid. The lid lifted but to my dismay it was Frank, standing there naked. He leaned over, his long hair framing his face.

“So, I’m about to piss on your face, then go fuck the shit out of your girlfriend over there. How do you like THAT?” He asked.

“I can’t stop you I guess.”

“You’re damn right you can’t!” Drink up, pussy!”

And then, he proceeded to do exactly what he had said he would. I sputtered, trying to swallow as much as I could so it wouldn’t make a mess. He was practically drowning me in piss. This was disgusting, and in another time and place, I might have clocked him one. But this was for her, I told myself. Endure it, for her.

“Your girlfriend is a pretty good lay.” He said then.

“Yeah, and she’s beautiful!” I replied. “She is so fine! Sexiest girl I’ve ever seen in fact, certainly the hottest girl on this island!” And I meant that, too.

“Yeah, well, too bad, YOU wouldn’t know! Least I get to bone her! Ha ha, ‘FRANK’S KIND OF A DICK!'” he exclaimed then, echoing my words he had overheard earlier that day, and laughing, he slammed the lid closed.

Lying in the darkness under the seat inside that bucket, I started hearing them. I could hear the mattress creaking with the rhythm of their love making. I could hear her gasping, then moaning, louder and louder. I could only imagine myself living vicariously through Frank, imagining myself in his place, and that I was the one in her bed pleasing her, and that it was Frank lying here in this bucket instead. Yeah, that would be good. Maybe someday.

Her moans turned to screams as he pounded her. I could hear her in the other room. The sounds of her passion were loud, her orgasmic gasps almost designed to tease and torment me. This was by design, she had said. She had wanted me to hear, wanted me to know what it was like when a real alpha man fucked her. Somehow, as she had told me before, that made it even more delicious, knowing that I could hear her having sex, but couldn’t participate. My own cock was about to explode as I continued to imagine that it was me in Frank’s place. My hands strained to touch my own throbbing neglected cock. For the first time in over two weeks I was able to get a full-staff erection. I could almost reach it. Almost, but the tips of my fingers grew tantalizingly close, barely able to graze the piss-bottle that she had attached to me, but that was about it. Of course that was by design as well. Part of her whole evil sadistic plan.

“Yess! Oh Yes…fuck me HARDER” She screamed, over and over, while I heard Frank groan passionately. I vowed to savor these sounds coming from the other room, so that when the time came when I finally had my orgasmic reward, it would give me something to think about.

After it seemed like they were finally satisfied and the sounds from the bedroom died down, I heard footsteps, and the light came on. The lid lifted, and it was Aurora, smiling dreamily, looking down at me. She was still wearing that tiny red pleated skirt, only with nothing underneath, not even her thong. Her bare naked ass and pussy were exposed as she sat down.

And she was totally covered in spunk, in both openings. It dripped out of her, and I could see gobs of It had gotten on the inside hem of the skirt. I could almost picture him, fucking her while she still had the skirt on, the hem of her skirt brushing up against his rock hard abs as he bent her over and thrust into her. I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind. But I had a job to do.

“Toilet Slave! I don’t have all God Damn day. Clean me up!” She ordered.

My heart was pounding a million miles a minute. I ran my tongue up and down her ass crack and pussy, tasting the sour goopy taste of his spunk, as well as the hot, stinking ripeness of her violated body. Her tight, tanned and gorgeous body, I thought, and oh, soooo delicious. Yes. This is what I was meant for. I eagerly licked her clean, sucking his juices out of her. Then her pussy lips puckered, squeezing out even more jizz, which I slurped off of her while longingly probing her with my tongue. A shudder and a slight moan escaped her.

They didn’t call him “Gusher” for nothing, I thought. Aurora had once shared a story that Amy Cavazo, one of his regular “Customers” on the island, would only wear a rubber miniskirt when she was with him, as she said that made the mess easier to clean. I knew that part of my chore duties would be to take her soiled skirt down to the basement laundry machines to get cleaned. Oh well, I’ll worry about that later. He certainly had left quite a mess for me to clean up, that was for sure.

After Aurora was satisfied with my job, she leaned back, and I felt a steady stream of warm, salty piss flooding my mouth. Though I swallowed it eagerly, savoring every drop, it tasted especially bitter this time. I then remembered what I had cooked them for dinner. This was deliberate as well, I now realized. Why you evil little….beautiful goddess, I love you; but you are so devious…

They went back to bed and all of us drifted off to sleep. An eerie kind of peace came over me. Just the knowledge that my mistress was satisfied, and that I was here with her, secure and under her care. Eventually I drifted off to sleep too. I ended up sleeping pretty soundly, despite the circumstances.

The morning finally came. I heard more sounds coming from the other room, waking me up. Once again, it sounded like Frank was giving it to her good. She was panting like a dog, then her pants turned to moans, then screams, and I heard a gruff male “Fuck yeah.” I could only imagine Frank geysering inside of her. A few minutes later, the light switch came on and Frank came into the bathroom, lifted the lid, and of course, proceeded to piss all over my face. He gave a mocking, “Thirsty, faggot?” before spitting on me and closing the lid. I was of course much more pleased when Aurora walked in and relieved herself a few minutes later, though, to my dismay, I saw that Frank had left another huge sticky mess inside her for me to clean off. I eagerly did so, again relishing the taste of his spunk on her hot, sweaty tight body. My own neglected cock strained at full staff. She stood up, and closed the lid. I had to pee too, had enough for three people in fact, and after some bladder-shyness I was able to let go and fill the bottle that they had rigged up.

As time passed, in the other room, I heard them kissing, laughing and giggling. Low voices and laughter. I heard the front door of the cabin open, and I heard Aurora and Frank exchange goodbyes. A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened again and I heard the light click on. I heard her voice say, “I’m going to cook some breakfast. I’ll save some for you, but I need to leave you in there for a little while longer.”

“Why?” I asked.

A kick, not so playful, to my exposed penis. “Don’t ask questions slave. You are not done in here, that’s why. At least you don’t need to do the cooking. Your mistress will cook for you. Just relax.” She said.

I could hear the stove on, pots and pans banging around, and the smell of bacon and eggs wafting in from the other room. And the faint sound of the coffee machine. My senses had become heightened, perhaps through sensory deprivation.

More time passed. I could not tell how long. When you have no frame of reference, just there lying in a bucket in a dark bathroom, alone with your thoughts, there isn’t much to do to pass the time. At one point, someone came to the front door, a woman, and I thought it might have been Melanie, though I couldn’t tell who it was. I heard them chat for a bit out front. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it sounded like small talk and giggling. Girl talk. At one point I thought I heard someone say, “Oh wait, I guess I better give this back!” with a laugh. After a bit, though, the talk died down and I heard the cabin door close. But eventually, Aurora returned.

The bathroom light came on and I heard her walk over. She lifted the lid and sat down. She was still wearing her soiled skirt, now stained with Frank’s messes, and still had no panties on underneath.

Her tight ass over my face gave me an instant hard on. All kinds of dirty thoughts passed through my head.

“Hungry, slave?” She asked.

“Yes, mistress.” I replied.

“Good, Toilet. I have a job for you.”

Oh God, this can’t be good. This cant…

I could hear her stomach let out a loud rumble. She leaned forward on the seat until her butt hole was right over my mouth. I saw it pucker. A nauseatingly foul odor escaped, a long wet fart. The smell was intense, gagging, nauseating. I breathed it in. I heard her stomach rumble again, and her ass puckered again, more noticeably.

What happened next is indescribable, so I will not elaborate further. But yet, I will say that somehow, I managed to do my job, satisfactorily. Just blocked out my mind and did it, servicing her in the most intimate of ways. I later prided myself on my strong stomach, and that few other men would ever have the guts, or even the desire, to service their women in such an intimate way. But I cannot explain further. Even now, sitting here reflecting on this, the thought of what took place in that bathroom makes my stomach turn. Was there a perverse part of me that enjoyed it in spite of it? I suppose so. It was the ultimate utter debasement, but somehow, in my own sick way, I was honored to do this for her.

Later that afternoon, both of us, freshly showered and dressed in clean clothes, sat out on the back porch watching the waves. I had made us both some ice tea, and sandwiches; ham, swiss, and tomato, the way I knew she liked them. She hadn’t even had to ask. Some things, if you are together with someone for a while, you can learn what makes them happy, and almost instinctively know the thoughtful little things to do for them every day, without them even having to ask. Perhaps that’s why Aurora and I are so good together.

It was another warm spring day. Kathi and Tarvarius were out on the beach below, body surfing the waves and laughing. I was, of course, once again, wearing my cock cage. She had re-attached it to me before she had even unshackled me from the toilet box. Soon, though, I hoped to be free of it again, even if for a short time.

After a while, we went back inside the cabin to take care of some much needed business.

“You have done well today,” she said.

“Thank you Mistress.” I replied.

“I think you have earned that reward, wouldn’t you say? I better let you out of that cage I guess.”

“Thank you mistress!”

“Pants down! Spread your legs!” she commanded.

Grabbing the key from her purse, still on its necklace chain that Melanie had so recently worn it on, she walked over and unlocked me. The metal device dropped to the floor.

“Do you want your reward?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Kneel before me then.” She said. “Crawl over here.”

On my knees, I followed her over to the corner, and knelt, naked, prostrating before her.

“Eyes DOWN!” she said. I averted my gaze, my nose touching her leather boots.

“Repeat after me.” She said. “My tiny and pathetic cock is not good enough to ever satisfy my Mistress.”

I repeated the line.

“And a satisfied Mistress is a happy mistress. And I want to make my mistress happy.”

“And a satisfied Mistress is a happy mistress and I want to make my mistress happy.” I repeated.

“Therefore, I will submit to my Mistress and her lovers, and be grateful to those who will give her satisfaction. And I will give her dominion over my cock, now and forever.”

I repeated the line, blushing.

“I shall worship you with my body and soul, and tongue, and obey your every command.”

“Mistress Aurora, I love you, and I shall worship you with my body, soul and tongue and obey your every command.” I said.

She smiled radiantly.

“I love you too. So now, I want you to stroke that tiny pathetic cock until you cum all over my boots. Then, afterwards you will clean my boots with your tongue until they are shiny clean, and clean every tiny drop of spilled cum off of the floor.”

My cock was nearly ready to explode as it was. Though I was focused on her shiny leather boots, so sexy those boots were, I couldn’t help, of course, stealing a glance up at her trim sweaty bush under that tiny pleated skirt. But if she noticed, she said nothing. I was remembering hours earlier, listening to her and Frank “Gusher” Martin in the bedroom, how Frank had made her scream and moan. In my mind, I was now Frank, and it was me, thrusting into her tight body, living vicariously through him as the pressure in my loins built up to volcanic intensity, as I stroked my cock. Maybe it was my imagination, but I would swear I heard a slight moan escape her lips as she trembled, standing over me watching me pleasure myself kneeling in front of her. Two weeks of sexual frustration, pent up, begging for release… Finally I could contain it no longer. “Aaaagggrhhh…AURORA! Oh GODDESS!! I gasped loudly and I finally erupted, All those long days and nights of pent up semen exploding out of me, all over her leather boots and onto the floor. I gasped again, my whole body shaking uncontrollably.

It was the best, most intense orgasm I had ever had.

Whatever Gusher had felt last night during their night of passion, I know that it was nothing close to as intense as this.

I lay there for several moments, a pool of submissive goo, trembling at her feet, my sticky mess dripping off her boots.

“Ohhh, you had a little accident, did you? She said, mockingly. “Now, slave, you may clean my boots. Clean them good or I’ll give you another spanking.

“Thank you, Mistress Aurora,” I said, “for taking me to those places in my mind only you can take me, to those dark secret parts of myself I never knew. And thank you, thank you, for letting me be your lover, your slave, and your friend.”

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