The Descent

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“Would you like to eat my ass?” she asked nonchalantly, while biting down on a piece of carrot she brought to her mouth.

It was the clear late evening of a sunny August day. They were having dinner in the living room, while the distant city lights would peer through the giant window installed as one of the walls for the kitchen.

“What?” he asked dumbfounded, with his mouth half open, forgetting to chew.
“You know, I was wondering if you’d do it. I’m not bent on it, but I am curious about it and I thought I’d ask”.

Blanche was an incredible woman. She had a petite figure with a fantastic ass topped by a thin, beautiful waist that was only intensifying the attractiveness of her butt by contrast. She had dark, wavy hair, big black eyes and a pair of lush, plump lips that you couldn’t get your eyes off of.

He loved her. He was obsessed with her. Not in an unhealthy way (he thought), but simply so that his life revolved around her. He would always think of her first and make sure that her every need and desire has been met, before taking care of his own. It was a sort of natural dynamic of theirs and they were both feeling comfortable with their roles. At the same time, they have always respected each other and treated themselves as equals. That is why this change of direction seemed sort of odd to Tom.

“Lick your ass? Well…I guess?…but how come you’re curious about this, all of the sudden?”
“EAT* my ass out, Thomas, eating* is what we’re talking about here” she specified, seemingly annoyed by the fact that he did not get it right the first time.
“Um, what’s the difference?” he asked, confused.
“Oh, you’ll see,” she replied, smiling confidently.

They were in their late twenties and were already married for over 5 years. Having met in college and hitting it off almost instantly, she was now working in publicity and he found a career in a corporate office. They were always open to trying new things, but they never really went past the classic oral sex, occasional ass slap and all the potential positions they could think of.
“Yeah, so it’s something new, you know?” she continued answering his question. “I really enjoy making love to you and I am satisfied, honest to god, but why not try something different once in a while? Diversify our repertoire?” she hinted, by winking suggestively at him, while returning to her plate.

“Oh, ok, sure!” he complied, regaining the awareness of his mouth and closing it, after comprehending the situation. Hmm, licking her ass, eh? I read about it online, I think I might have known someone that did it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it about who it was, he was thinking to himself, while eating the rest of his meal, looking through the food, caught up in his own mind. I guess it is kind of sexy, when you think about it. We’re all attracted to ass, but we don’t do too much about it. If you can fuck it, why not kiss it? But even lick it? I mean, I am sure she would make sure to be clean, after all…I need to keep healthy, right?”
Blanche was noticing her partner already thinking the entire thing over and was loving the look in his eyes. It was the same look he had with every thought process that ended in approval. She could tell he wasn’t all in yet, but she was sure that he would do it eventually. After all, she knew him.

It was never hard for her to get what she wanted out of him. Especially since, from the very start, he had this habit of asking her if she ever needed or wanted everything, followed by him always satisfying her requests, almost without hesitation. He had moments of rebellion, when he would “wake up” all of the sudden dissatisfied with their situation and the ratio of effort being invested towards him, but he would quickly come around. Blanche shortly noticed a pattern where he would lose his patience with her, after masturbating.

For 24-48h she would have a harder time with him. He was not that obedient anymore and would put up a lot of resistance to her demands. Lucky her that he was wired to want to make her happy. Picking up on that, she started asking him not to masturbate anymore. At first, he wouldn’t even want to think about it. They had arguments on the topic and it was a recurrent talk. But she was insistent and he was biased. He wanted to satisfy himself when he felt like it and not have it depend entirely on her, but he did love her a lot and noticed they were sort of fighting more after he was masturbating. Slowly, in time, he tried doing it less and less until he eventually stopped doing it altogether, maybe only once or twice, per month, while she was on her period. So by now, Blanche knew she had him wrapped around her finger. She had purposefully delayed his orgasm for the last 4 days, for various reasons, mostly revolving around her not getting an orgasm yet and how she needed his full erect potential for it. He really loved her and wanted to satisfy her, so he put up his best to try and do that. Naturally, with each day that was passing by without him cumming, only to be teased, excited and denied an orgasm, he was lustier than before and more susceptible to any sexual activities or proposals.

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