Roped In

She discovered the usefulness of her pretentious demeanor ever since an early age. Maybe it was the way she was destined to be or maybe it just was the simple way that the world works. Those who request often get what they want, while those who keep silent often miss such opportunities.

Stephanie knew that pushing people was all it took for many to give in. In a world as complex as ours, we often mistake being used with being helpful. The line between the two can be so very fine sometimes that those who understand the intricacies behind it can use it to their benefit. And, besides her cunning and striking beauty, bending the will of others was a third favorite instrument for having her way. But momentary bursts of control over those around her proved to be insufficient in time, as one can only obtain so much this way.

She needed something more sustainable, more stable. She needed something that would assure her comfort and happiness. She couldn’t keep jobs for long, hating to be told what to do, or to be restricted or directed in any way. She could often avoid it, by flaunting her incredible body or acting in a way that would change the subject altogether, but not always. She was tired of having to fit in with all the people she met on a daily basis, like a cog forced into a machine. So many different subjectivities and personality types to adapt to, just in order to survive. You see, Stephanie did not come from a well-off family, so she didn’t have much assurance in life. Having to live in today’s society can be hard without proper support, so she was always looking for a way out.

Alexander, on the other hand, was looking for a way in. His background was completely different than that of Stephanie. His parents passed him down the luxury of being the majority stakeholder in a manufacturing conglomerate, when they passed away, and that provided enough comfort and wealth to last him at least ten lifetimes. Needless to say, he grew up having everything he could have ever wanted.

Being in his late 30’s, he was now past a youth filled with all the experiences, women and substances one could go through. Of course, his status and wealth made sure that things would always go his way, so much that, in time, he became less and less able to enjoy them. Always predictable, always under his control,. Having a complete freedom of choice over so many options ended up rendering the most of them equal, similar, …ungratifying. He was tired of being left with the same unmovable feeling of emptiness, of lacking, regardless of what he did.

So his encounter with Stephanie caught him completely off guard.

— — —

“What do you mean he did it?!” she asked loudly in disbelief, while covering her mouth in shock.
“Yeah, I told you, I have him wrapped around my finger.” she said, seemingly amused by the story.
“But he could lose his job if anyone finds out!”
“Yeah, I don’t really care about that. Listen, whenever I wear a skirt or, heaven forbid, leggings, he can barely focus on what I am saying, let alone reason. If I flutter my eyelashes slightly faster, he almost starts drooling.” she concluded, bursting into laughter.
The two women relished in their gossip without paying much attention to those around them. It was a Friday night and they were at a fancy club. Being Women’s Day, ladies were allowed free entrance and were being offered complimentary drinks.

Naturally, this attracted a large number of contenders set on making their night. One of these men was Alexander, who was following his old habits without much motivation or desire. He spent several of his past nights being cooked up in his manor alone, trying to distract himself with whatever activities he could think of. Once he couldn’t bear it any longer, he decided to go out, although he wasn’t expecting anything different than what he had already experienced before. In an attempt to diversify the chances of something unpredictable and exciting happening, he gave up escort services sometimes back, while also stopping telling women of how rich he was. He was tired of fake acts and behaviors based on what they thought they could gain from him. He yearned for an authentic human connection, free from any ulterior motives or influence. He just wanted to feel something again. So seeing Stephanie was an incredible surprise, as her beauty struck him senseless. Of course, he had plenty of experience with women, so the feeling was momentary, but her demeanor caught his interest long enough to make him want to engage her and see what she was truly like. What was it about this woman that attracted him? Her straight dark hair was definitely a favorite of his, although not nearly enough to charm him. Her face had beautiful features, with big, mischievous eyes. Her body was mind-boggling.

From head to toe, she struck Alexander as perfection reincarnated. Jesus, I must have drunk too much! he thought to himself. I mean, I don’t mind finding such beauty in the wild, but it sure has been some time since a girl impressed me like that!

He decided to study the conversation she was having with her friend from afar, while waiting for a chance to introduce himself. Soon enough, her friend left, probably for the bathroom, and he considered this to be a good opportunity to move in and start a conversation.

“Hey! How come no one is buying drinks for a girl like you?” he tried for an ice-breaker.
She measured him from top to bottom and retorted:
“Maybe I don’t want just anyone buying drinks for me.” while turning her head away.
Sheesh, what an attitude on her! But hey, this could be interesting…
“I get that,” he said, trying to indulge her. “Not anyone would deserve you.” he concluded, by sitting down next to her.

She measured him again with a scornful look.
“Listen, what exactly do you want?” she asked, seemingly annoyed.
“Well, that depends on what you’re looking for in a place like this.” he said, right before her friend would return to the table.
“All good here?” she asked, checking on Stephanie.
“I don’t know.” she replied, looking Alexander straight in the eyes.

Her confident, superior approach turned him on in a way he did not experience too many times in his life. Usually, women would try to please him and throw their best in sucking him off, wrecking their asses in his cock and overall just devoting themselves to him. He knew it all inside and out. But this? This was something unusual and exciting. At least for him. What could this girl make him feel? His interest became more and more pronounced and, unbeknownst to him, she was a master at identifying such hints and signs of availability. And, by availability, she meant windows for exploits and potential abuse. Just another opportunity for her to take advantage of.

He looks pretty well-off. Seems to be wearing expensive clothes. And he is quite well-groomed. He might just be of use to me. She thought to herself, while staring Alexander down.
“I think we might be.” she finally said after a few seconds of silence. Turning to her friend, she continued, smiling kindly:
“Would you mind if we caught up tomorrow?”

Her acquaintance threw them both a meaningful look, then winked at Stephanie, kissed her on the forehead, grabbed her purse, and left the two alone. After just a moment, Alexander was asked:
“So, contender, what are your intentions?”

He smiled awkwardly, taken aback by her frank approach. “Well, firstly, I’d like to get to know you better. You seem like an interesting person.”
“I see.” she replied coldly, almost as if uninterested. “You know,” she continued, tapping one of her long, dark manicured nails on her almost-empty glass, “you can start by offering me that drink you were so surprised no one offered me before. I’m thirsty.” she concluded.

Alexander was head over heels with her attitude and unbreaking eye contact, constantly measuring and, in a way, devouring him even. He had never received this kind of attention before. Not like this. He didn’t waste a second notifying the bartender and not long-after he had their drinks.

“What’s your name, admirer?” she asked him blatantly.
He couldn’t help but notice how she chose her words in a way that leveraged her position. He didn’t mind it, as he was curious to where it would all lead.
“Alexander, oh, my Princess!” he replied, bowing down in a jesterly manner, which made Stephanie chuckle.
Ha! I made her laugh! Good going, Alex! he thought to himself.
She quickly regained her composure and pushed her hand in front of his face, saying:
“Princess Stephanie.”
He picked up on her hint, took her hand, and kissed the back of it.
“Be blessed by my presence.” she continued, making him laugh in turn.

The rest of the time they spent at the bar went on pretty naturally, with the two of them getting along better than either would have expected. Every now and then, she would make remarks or comments that somehow placed him beneath her, and every time he would play along. It was a childish but enjoyable game for both of them.

Once they got drunk enough to loosen up and hint their way towards leaving the place, he tried convincing her to go to her place since he didn’t want to reveal anything about himself just yet. The less she knew about his status, the better.

“Pfsh, what do you mean go back to MY PLACE?” she said, almost yelling the last two words, without any regard for what those around them might hear or think. “I barely met you, I’m not going to let just any stranger know where I live. Why can’t we go to your place?” she asked inquisitively.
He had to come up with something.
“To be honest, I had a fire last week, so I am living with a friend until I get the insurance money for the apartment.” he told her, faking shame regarding his situation.
“Mhm” she replied, squinting her eyes at him. “Yeah, I don’t know what to think about that.”
He looked at her disappointed, almost in disbelief.
“Listen, listen, listen. I like you. You’re a nice guy. You kissed my hand and all.” she said, almost laughing. “Tell you what, there is a way we can actually do this. If I am going to bring a stranger into my apartment, I need to be absolutely sure that nothing bad will happen to me, do you understand?” she asked, pausing, waiting for his confirmation.

“Well…yeah, I guess, yeah, of course.” he replied, caught between validating her fears and the uneasiness of being associated with a rapist or god knows what else she was fearing him to be. But she was right, though. She didn’t know him and he was well aware of what kind of people there can be out there. A lady must protect herself.

“I really do.” he replied understandingly.
“Ok, ok, alright,” she said, her speech clearly affected by her intoxicated state. “Ok, tell you what, I’ll take you, I’ll take you, but you must be under my control. You get it? There must be no variable outside of my control. I must feel safe.”
She was a stranger to him, as well.
“Well, what do you mean by that?” he asked cautiously.
“It’s simple. I’ll cuff you. What do you say? You can look at it in a kinky way, if you want.” she said, winking at him provocatively with a seductive smile.

Alexander thought it over for a second. Something at the back of his mind was prompting him to avoid exposing himself like that, avoid being in such a vulnerable position. But his conscious self wasn’t really hearing that. It wasn’t hearing that at all. What he was under the impulse of, was a few days’ worth of unspent sexual tension, coupled with his need for something new, unpredictable, and completely distracting. Being at the mercy of a hot girl like Stephanie was pushing all the right buttons for Alex right now, and that was all that he could process at the moment. After a very slight initial hesitation, he prompted with a large smile:

“Where do we go?”
“Oh, yeah, can I also blindfold you? Sorry, I just want to make sure! I will keep your arm the entire time, you won’t leave my side.” she reassured him.
“Ok”, he complied, chuckling awkwardly at her strange request.
What a strange chick. But god fucking damn it, she’s so hot!
“Alright, so remember how I said I want you under my control? That’s not just for security reasons. Are you up for it?” she asked, taunting him.
“Sure” he replied, bursting into a short laughter, thinking about what she could have in mind.
“Ok” she said, while leaving her drink on the counter and reaching beneath her skirt.
What the f…

She pulled down her panties, revealing lace Brazilian ones, mostly see-through, with only the part covering the pussy being opaque.They proved to be just large enough to cover both of his eyes when she pulled them over his head.

“Whoa” he said instinctively.
“What?” she asked, giggling, “does this impress you?”
“No, no, I just didn’t see it coming. It might come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never had a woman pull her panties over my head.” he informed her, trying to contain his amusement.

The fragrance of her pussy was pronounced, as part of the fabric pulled against his nostrils tightly. The combination of her body perfume and natural scents filled his nose, instantly making him hard.
“If only I had a second pair to shove into your mouth…” she said, pulling his arms behind him to cuff him.
“Wait, what the fuck, why do you have a pair of handcuffs on you?” he asked, dismayed.
“Precisely for evenings like these, cowboy. This isn’t the first time a guy wants to come to my place and I have no better choice for the night than him.”

There it was. For a while, she loosened the constant provocations, the more drunk she got, but by now she was probably starting to come off of it, as she started debasing him again.

She finished cuffing him, grabbed his arm and pulled him aggressively in an unknown direction. While she would amuse herself at him tripping over all sorts of obstacles, he would start to experience more and more a tingling sensation, while being under her control.

This definitely hadn’t happened in a very long time. If it ever happened. Of course he had some escorts play rougher or go through some role plays, where they would have a dominant role, but an escort is an escort. This was real life, with real life events and real consequences. So far, however, he was exhilarated with the way things were going. He understood her catty demeanor ever since he first laid eyes on her, so he couldn’t have gotten upset with how she would amuse herself over his troubles now. Even more so since they were going to fuck. He was totally ok with putting up with her games, as long as he would end up inside that beautiful, tight pussy (as he lasciviously envisioned it, from what he could see through her dress). The ride home did not last for too long.
“Servant?” she asked him, by placing the back of her hand over his lips.
He understood the reference to their earlier game and kissed the back of her hand once more, while still blindfolded with her panties, before asking reverentially:

“Yes, Princess?”
“Will you continue being my money servant and pay for this ride, as well?” she pushed.
“Anything for you, Princess.” he complied.

Truth was, the money he spent tonight was less than scraps to him. Usually he would mingle with some very high-end audiences, some being family connections, other business or personal ones. However, all of these people had a very annoying thing in common – the desire to protect themselves, their lives, status and comfort, which prompted them to always put up a front, a wall, a formal distance between them and most others because anyone who got too close or too personal could potentially hurt them or their business. In a way, he understood it all. However, he was tired of living like this. He wanted a change for something more personal and informal, prompting him to give one of the “regular” clubs a shot, popular as it might have been still. His usual posse would have never met in places like this for fun.

Once in her apartment, she guided him to a room (on the way to which he stubbed one of his toes in a piece of her furniture), where she pushed him on his back. Blindfolded, he braced himself for the worst, unsure of what to expect. He realized with relief that he was pushed on a bed, where he landed comfortably.

She wasted no time in tying his legs apart, securing one to each of the front legs of the bed, then took another rope, which she brought between his cuffed hands and tied to the headboard, while sitting on his face, to keep him from moving. His excitement didn’t last long as she quickly moved away from him, and the next thing he knew, a bright light blinded him suddenly. Though he realized that she had removed her panties from his head, the sudden contrast in lighting caused him to squint and slightly gape his mouth in surprise.

Once again, she swiftly took advantage of the moment, by shoving her panties in his mouth. She looked him in the eyes and said:

“You smelled them for so long, it would be unfair of me not to let you taste them also, don’t you think?”
Surprised and confused, he looked at her baffled, as if not knowing what to say.
“You’ll thank me later.” she concluded with a mischievous smile, before leaving the room.

What a situation Alex got himself into! His heart was pounding hard and, in his mixture of concern and excitement, there was also room for having a boner, apparently. Being tied to the bed of a complete stranger made him think that this was just a game and that he could, in theory, break loose, if wanted. To test his theory, he lightly pulled at the rope and realized that it was tight and rigid.

He applied more pressure, checking for any flexibility or fragility in the knot or bed legs, but to his surprise, he discovered that the bed was made of solid wood and the rope was securely knotted. He realized that he was literally at the mercy of this hot (and a little bit crazy?) stranger and his heart skipped a beat. Just at that moment, Stephanie returned to the room, dressed (if that is the right word) in a very skimpy lingerie, sewn in such a way that it would enhance and pull on all of her divine body features. His dick was almost drilling through his pants, although his face was still carrying the worry of his realization.
“Awwwww, puppy!” she addressed his anguish, as if worried, empathetically. “You thought you could escape, didn’t you?” she asked, approaching him with an impish look. By the time she climbed over him, with her crotch over his and her face inches from his, she asked, gently caressing his cheek:

“How do my panties taste?”
He continued to stare at her, still shocked by the situation he was in.

The shockwave her slap applied to his face traveled almost instantaneously to his dick, making it throb into her crotch.

From an expression of irritation, Stephanie’s face changed abruptly to one of slight surprise and sensuality.
“You naughty, naughty boy!” she exclaimed, caressing the cheek she just hit. “This was supposed to be punishment for not answering me, not reason to get hard.”

Alex continued to remain speechless, while the panties she had deposited into his mouth were getting soaked by his saliva.

“What am I going to do with you?” sounding somewhat hopeless. Then, all of a sudden, her demeanor changed again, turning serious and firm. She grabbed his face tightly between her fingers and asked once more:
“How. Do. My Panties. Taste?”
Her eyes were piercing his very soul. His dick was pulsing with excitement in her crotch. They both knew very well what the other felt or wanted at that moment. Alex was caught between the strangeness of it all and the strong impulse to play along with this weird, exciting game.

“They-mpf, taste ghood, Prinsess”, he offered his muffled reply, choosing to continue on this path for now.

A sly smile blossomed on Stephanie’s face, satisfied with his answer and she got up, while facing him, then sat down on his crotch, setting her feet on each side of Alexander’s head.
“You know? Since I am your Princess and you are my servant, it would only make sense that you treat me properly, right?” she asked, just as always, staring him directly in the eyes, while slowly tapping the sole of one of her feet on his lips.

Ah, of course she is one of those, I should have known. She is not just impish, she is straight up dominant. I had girls that would play hard to get and this seemed very much like it. But while Alex’s mind would think of these associations, his eyes would engorge her beautiful, rich breasts, her thin waist and her angelic face. She could feel his desire and enamourment, both in his eyes and in his dick, so without waiting for anything else, she adopted a cocky smile and pushed her foot right into his mouth.
“Woops! Forgot about those.” she said, while pulling out her panties with her toes.
“There we go.” she continued, leaving them aside and then pushing her entire foot down Alexander’s mouth again. The difference between them was noticeable. He was tall and well-built, while she was dainty and delicate. As a consequence, all of her five toes had plenty of room in his mouth, with her being able to also shove a part of her toe mounds in there, as well.

“Mmmm, what a warm, soft sock you are for my foot” she said, relishing the moment, laying on her elbows, head laid back, eyes closed, with his dick throbbing beneath her.

Alex, partly intoxicated, partly driven by lust, gave up on whatever worries or concerns he had and, led by his cock, was now greedily slurping away at her toes.

“Auch, easy, you animal, it hurts!” she said, pulling out her foot, only to lightly kick him over the face with it. “Be careful with those teeth!” she instructed, filling his mouth again with her perky toes.

He suddenly realized that this was more about her enjoyment, than his (obvious as it should have been) and started thinking about how he could facilitate a pleasant experience for her, even more so since he was at her mercy. He closed his eyes, and focused on his task.

He could feel her toes jammed inside his mouth, reaching almost at the back of his throat, with her big toe resting in the pocket of his right cheek, separated by his teeth from the rest, which were lying on his tongue. She would lazily graze them over the soft surface of his wet gustatory organ and he could feel a small roughness at the bottom of each of her toes, probably from the pressure they had to support daily. He wanted to caress those parts with his tongue, but suddenly remembered about his teeth, so once again he tried to focus on mapping the interior of his mouth, along with the precise location of each part of her foot.

With everything being mushed together inside, he didn’t realize at first how his lower teeth were lightly pressing against her sole, while his upper ones were almost biting down on her foot. He quickly regained control of his jaw muscles and put in some effort to forcefully extend his gaping mouth, in order to not bite her anymore. However, big as he may have been, her foot was large enough to pack his mouth full so this effort was not an easily sustainable one. He thought of a strategy that would allow him to relax his aching muscles, so he decided to envelop his upper set of teeth in his lip, biting down on it and using it as a cushion to soften the impact that her foot would have felt, while pulling out his tongue, extending it outside of his mouth, beneath and along her sole, in order to keep it as a buffer between his lower teeth and her.

Blocking most of his teeth from directly reaching her skin, he could now relax his jaw muscles only to discover that, by extending his tongue as much as he did, he was involuntarily pushing her foot further down his mouth, almost making it touch the back of his throat.

And while she would carelessly play with her toes on his tongue, she would every now and then also lightly scrape his palate with her toe nails, causing him a very uncomfortable gagging sensation. But the entire episode was way too exciting and interesting for him to stop, so he did his best to suppress the instinct, so that she could enjoy herself at his expense.

Alexander was not the first boytoy Stephanie had. She loved breaking or using men however she deemed fit. She found it easier and easier to do it with time, the more experience and skills she gained at pushing them. Letting her sweaty toes soak into the mouth of a stranger was one of her ways of doing just that. Debasing and treating others as expandable objects felt…right to her. Of course, she would always enjoy this activity without remorse, but above all, it felt to her that this was how things should have actually been. And the more men she subdued to her wicked desires, the more this thought got cemented into her mind. Whatever willing men there were out there, they were for her to take advantage of. If it wouldn’t have been this way, she couldn’t have done all the things she did to every bastard that bent to her will.

By now she was pretty aware of what her victims felt or went through, since she had so many, and found exquisite pleasure in reacting to the personality of each. Those that would oppose her, would offer her great satisfaction when they would finally break down. Those that willingly submitted to her allowed her to experiment with whatever unhinged desires or ideas she had, without restraint. But those like Alexander, that neither rebelled, nor debased themselves obsessively, were her favorite ones.

No one is truly balanced, when you look profoundly at the way they live, the things they do and the choices they make everyday, but those keeping a neutral, natural approach to things were the closest she saw to what a balanced individual might have been. People that have a certain level of control over their lives, people that could amount to something. It was those “well-functioning” men that she found great pleasure in using. Taking someone who seems to live a normal life, who has a certain status in society, someone with no apparent obsessions and turning him into her pet, her property, she was always getting wet at the thought of twisting people’s lives like that. Rendering their entire existences to expandable instruments meant only for fulfilling her whims. It made her feel powerful. As one may imagine, such games always had to run their course, since regular human beings need to perform a lot of other tasks in order to survive. From means to make money, to socializing, to personal hobbies, to living a normal life.

Rebelling or willing, she could never keep pets for too long. They would either get tired of it or they would prove to be completely unsuitable for her to retain. Not to mention the realistic aspect of keeping another human being as your pet. It involves several risks, investments and, just like with any other pet, a certain level of sacrifice. She never wanted to turn this into a chore or a tiring responsibility, she just wanted to have fun. So her plan for the night was to play around with Alex for as much as she could and then turn him loose.

Because some of her first pets reacted quite aggressively, once set free, she learned to adapt her games (as much as she disliked it) to whatever reactions her victims would have. She didn’t care about their discomfort or rebellion, as long as they weren’t brutally smashing against their restraints for dear life, in a desperate attempt to escape. When they would reach that level of terror, she would stop having fun. She wanted them to willingly subdue themselves to her torments, she wasn’t a psychopath. She was just a bit sadistic <3 And needless to say, she would never take them to her home. Neither did she do it now, but it was an easy excuse for cuffing him up and testing his reaction, when putting the panties she wore all day over his face. Having people easily subdue themselves to whatever she could think of, just because she asked them to was a major turn on for Stephanie.

So, at the moment, while partly aware of Alexander’s discomfort, she would continue grazing her toes over his tongue, despite it, every now and then catching it between them and releasing it in order to once again scrape at it. Sensing his subtle twitches, whenever she would scrape his palate was a constant stream of pleasure for her. It couldn’t have been comfortable at all. She loved that he was putting up with it without complaints.

She also appreciated his effort of enveloping his teeth and using his tongue as a sole mat for her. As she was thinking all of this while studying his nice facial features, he would constantly try, with his eyes closed, to match and rub the sole of her toes with his tongue, in order to soften her almost-rough patches. Her toes felt so tender and delicate in his mouth. He would ever so often have to fight gagging, but it was not a constant sensation, recurrent as it was still. Having her foot shoved down his mouth was also preventing him from swallowing, so a lot of his saliva would end up as drool outside of his mouth and down his chin or her leg. Soon enough she picked up on this and took out her foot, wiping it firstly on his face and then onto his hair, knowing it to be a much better towel substitute than skin. She loved smearing his face first, though, as another humiliating test for seeing what he would put up with. Alex was reveling in his new-found bliss, completely at the mercy of this beautiful stranger, completely out of control, completely out of…choice.

Finally! I never felt so alive, so light, so…free. So careless and so blissful. He wouldn’t waste any time analyzing the nature of his emotions or the depraved situation he was being put through. The gratification he would receive by being used and abused by such a beautiful creature was a high he has been looking for a very long time. Should he have processed the entire context this event was happening in, he would have realized that the natural remedy to his predicament was any sort of bondage, physical or psychological, any situation where he would no longer lead, decide or push.

One where he would simply follow, fulfill and let go. Let go of all that he wanted, of all that he thought, of everything that ailed or excited him. A situation that, in all honesty, he wasn’t put through in a very long time. The contrast between most of his life and this experience was staggering and the emotional effect it had on him surpassed any rational balancing his mind could have tried to create. But his rational side was just as tired of the effort it had to sustain, as he was, so completely unabated and undivided, he accepted Stephanie as a decider of his fate, be it only if just for tonight.

“Did you enjoy my foot?” she asked, smiling at him.
He took a few seconds to reply, gathering himself from the overwhelming blissful state he was in.
“It was incredible!” he replied, looking happily at her. Somehow, she seemed disappointed with his answer. The way she was looking at him made him realize instinctively what she was expecting, so he quickly continued:
“Thank you, Princess!”
“Good slave!” she purred, while placing her other foot over his face.

More than willing, he opened his mouth and extended his tongue over her sole, which he then started licking vigorously. This made Stephanie chuckle with contentment as she started trying to catch his tongue between her toes. He wouldn’t try to avoid it and, the moment she would catch it, he would let it limp, for her to do with as she pleased. She would rub it between her toes, squeezing it every now and then, before letting it go only to catch it again between another two of her toes. Once bored with her game, she slapped him with the back of her foot, then brought it back to his mouth and ordered:

And lick he did, although he could only reach her sole, being tied up as he was. Stephanie took out her phone and stopped paying attention to her feet cleaner. He dutifully continued debasing himself at the sole of her foot, initially eagerly and vigorously for about five or ten minutes, after which he switched to a more thorough, slower rate of licking, trying to reach her heel, in order to be able to lick all the way up to her toes. He would also make sure to stop and swallow whenever necessary, surprised at how much he enjoyed the salty taste of her sweat.

Still sitting directly over his crotch, Stephanie was exerting considerable pressure on his dick, making every single throb and pulse lead him closer to a new type of orgasm that he had never experienced before. It didn’t take him long to shoot his shot, which of course she felt and recognised for what it was. She chose sitting there on purpose, having done so many times in the past. It was yet another one of her humiliating tests, one that was showing her the true nature of the victim that she had reeled in that day. Not all were cumming at this point. Some never would during the entire night. She knew, however, how to enjoy everyone’s predicaments. The ones that did, though, were the ones that she knew she could really play with. Those that not only put up with her demeaning treatment, but actually longed for it.

“Alright, sockmouth, so you really enjoy licking my feet, don’t you? You know I wore heels the entire day, right? I am anything but clean. But you don’t seem to mind, do you?” she concluded, smiling condescendingly at him.

He was looking at her with a mixture of emotions showing on his face, from shock, to satisfaction, to desire and euphoria. She smiled cruelly at him, while shoving her foot down his mouth, for him to lick and suck on, just as he did with her other one.

While having just orgasmed, Alex’s perspective shifted slightly regarding how turned on he still was by licking her feet, but the way she mercilessly forced him to re-apply the same treatment once more, regardless of what he felt or wanted, made him feel that strange tingling sensation again, which slowly led him to yet another boner. Stephanie returned absently to her phone, this time grazing her toes over his tongue much less often, unlike earlier.

This had no effect on Alex’s dedication who, although less driven than before, found a new kind of motivation in the dehumanizing way he was supposed to keep warming her foot with his mouth, despite aching or getting tired. This type of abuse which he was never put through before was madly fueling his hard-on, despite the growing number of minutes she would ignore him, as he worked tirelessly on her foot.

Once she decided that he paid enough attention to her toes, she shoved her heel into his mouth and laid back. Without having to be told, he started rubbing his tongue all over her callous surface, applying lots of saliva, while involving his lips in the softening process as well. Truth was, he would often have to repurpose his lips as buffering cushions between his teeth and her skin, but due to the sucking and slurping motions he was going through, he was having intermittent occasions where he could use his lips, as well, for caressing the sole of her foot.

After a considerable amount of time, Stephanie switched her heels, letting her other one soak and seep into Alexander’s mouth. Although getting more and more tired, with his lips hurting from the constant pressure that the weight of her foot would apply against his teeth and with his muscles aching, he gave his best in licking and softening her sole as much as he could. His performance was not as efficient as his first one, especially since he did not have any experience or resilience for such tasks, but he was trying to make up for it through willpower and perseverance.

In the end, it couldn’t have been more than one hour, an hour full of bliss, of effort and of a weird, new kind of gratification.

“I think we’re done here, pup!” she said, taking her foot out of his tired, aching mouth. One of his lips actually got perforated by his teeth, due to the weight of her foot having pressed against it and it was now bleeding softly down his throat. She couldn’t see this however, but should she have realized it, she wouldn’t have cared. Not for him, anyways, as it would have caused her a great deal of pleasure to know this.

She got off the bed and left for the bathroom. Shortly after, she returned in the dress he met her in and seemed to be getting ready to head out.

“What is happening?” he asked, distressed.
“I’m leaving.” she said, smiling, while grabbing her panties from next to his head, before heading for the door to put her high heels on.
“What? But for how long? Are you going to leave me all tied up in your home?!”
“No, silly,” she replied, chuckling, “did you really think I would have brought you to my place? We just met. This is a hotel room, a maid will eventually find you and set you free.” she concluded, winking at him.

He looked at her betrayed.
“Oh, what did you expect, pup? I blindfolded you with the panties I wore all day and led you handcuffed to an unknown location. What did you think would happen? That I would suck you off and fuck your brains out?” she asked, bursting into laughter. “You must really learn how to read the signs, you know? They are out there.”
“So…what now?” he asked. “Will I ever see you again?” he asked, already longing for what she had just made him feel.

A canny smile appeared on Stephanie’s face, as she stopped putting her shoes on. Approaching him, she looked down at him and said:
“That depends on what you are willing to do.”
“Anything!” he blurted out sincerely.
“Hmpf!” she scoffed in disbelief, while looking away. Raising her one socked foot that she did not put her shoe on yet over his face and resting it over his mouth, nose and eyes, she told him:
“I only bring here men that look well-off enough to afford paying for the night. I am not renting rooms for giving you the pleasure of licking my feet. You must cover the costs.” she informed him coldly.

He couldn’t help himself and had to ask.
“But what if I refused? I mean, I want to, I do, it is done! -but what would have happened if I never would have stopped you from leaving me in the first place?”
She burst into an enchanting, yet boisterous laughter and only after laughing wholeheartedly for a few seconds she was able to stop, in order to tell him:
“Think, mouth-washer! YOU would have paid for it, either way. I wouldn’t have checked out and you would have been forced to do it, when you left.” she explained with a candid smile on her face.

“Yeah, right, you’re right.” he said, looking down embarrassedly, realizing his omission.
“Don’t you worry, Alex, I know it is hard to think with all that blood absent from your brain.” she said, chuckling, while pointing at the bulge in his pants. Calling him by his name was definitely a first.

“Why are you leaving, Stephanie? When will I see you again?” he asked nervously.
“Don’t worry, I will let you know. You’re a fool for not having a pin or password on your phone, you know that? I got your number, I’ll tell you when I want to have my feet licked clean again.” she ended, heading for the door. Just before she would get out, Alex said:
“Wait! Why did you dress in that incredible lingerie set, if you weren’t about to fuck me?”
“Oh, puppy!” she exclaimed, rolling her eyes amused. “To tease you, of course!” she concluded looking him straight in the eye and with that, she was out the door.


Hi there! I’m Mercy Belle, the author of this first chapter of my book. I would like to thank you for the support and the time that you invested in my work. I have many ideas waiting to be put in writing and I will always welcome your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or through my Amazon author page!

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