Roped In

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She discovered the usefulness of her pretentious demeanor ever since an early age. Maybe it was the way she was destined to be or maybe it just was the simple way that the world works. Those who request often get what they want, while those who keep silent often miss such opportunities.

Stephanie knew that pushing people was all it took for many to give in. In a world as complex as ours, we often mistake being used with being helpful. The line between the two can be so very fine sometimes that those who understand the intricacies behind it can use it to their benefit. And, besides her cunning and striking beauty, bending the will of others was a third favorite instrument for having her way. But momentary bursts of control over those around her proved to be insufficient in time, as one can only obtain so much this way.

She needed something more sustainable, more stable. She needed something that would assure her comfort and happiness. She couldn’t keep jobs for long, hating to be told what to do, or to be restricted or directed in any way. She could often avoid it, by flaunting her incredible body or acting in a way that would change the subject altogether, but not always. She was tired of having to fit in with all the people she met on a daily basis, like a cog forced into a machine. So many different subjectivities and personality types to adapt to, just in order to survive. You see, Stephanie did not come from a well-off family, so she didn’t have much assurance in life. Having to live in today’s society can be hard without proper support, so she was always looking for a way out.

Alexander, on the other hand, was looking for a way in. His background was completely different than that of Stephanie. His parents passed him down the luxury of being the majority stakeholder in a manufacturing conglomerate, when they passed away, and that provided enough comfort and wealth to last him at least ten lifetimes. Needless to say, he grew up having everything he could have ever wanted.

Being in his late 30’s, he was now past a youth filled with all the experiences, women and substances one could go through. Of course, his status and wealth made sure that things would always go his way, so much that, in time, he became less and less able to enjoy them. Always predictable, always under his control,. Having a complete freedom of choice over so many options ended up rendering the most of them equal, similar, …ungratifying. He was tired of being left with the same unmovable feeling of emptiness, of lacking, regardless of what he did.

So his encounter with Stephanie caught him completely off guard.

— — —

“What do you mean he did it?!” she asked loudly in disbelief, while covering her mouth in shock.
“Yeah, I told you, I have him wrapped around my finger.” she said, seemingly amused by the story.
“But he could lose his job if anyone finds out!”
“Yeah, I don’t really care about that. Listen, whenever I wear a skirt or, heaven forbid, leggings, he can barely focus on what I am saying, let alone reason. If I flutter my eyelashes slightly faster, he almost starts drooling.” she concluded, bursting into laughter.
The two women relished in their gossip without paying much attention to those around them. It was a Friday night and they were at a fancy club. Being Women’s Day, ladies were allowed free entrance and were being offered complimentary drinks.

Naturally, this attracted a large number of contenders set on making their night. One of these men was Alexander, who was following his old habits without much motivation or desire. He spent several of his past nights being cooked up in his manor alone, trying to distract himself with whatever activities he could think of. Once he couldn’t bear it any longer, he decided to go out, although he wasn’t expecting anything different than what he had already experienced before. In an attempt to diversify the chances of something unpredictable and exciting happening, he gave up escort services sometimes back, while also stopping telling women of how rich he was. He was tired of fake acts and behaviors based on what they thought they could gain from him. He yearned for an authentic human connection, free from any ulterior motives or influence. He just wanted to feel something again. So seeing Stephanie was an incredible surprise, as her beauty struck him senseless. Of course, he had plenty of experience with women, so the feeling was momentary, but her demeanor caught his interest long enough to make him want to engage her and see what she was truly like. What was it about this woman that attracted him? Her straight dark hair was definitely a favorite of his, although not nearly enough to charm him. Her face had beautiful features, with big, mischievous eyes. Her body was mind-boggling.

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