Step mother takes full control of me

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Step mother takes full control of me

“Drop your trousers,” she commanded. “I don’t want to tell you again.”

I was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, eyes locked on my voluptuous stepmom. My father had married her while I was away at University, and now that I was home it took everything I had not to perv on her. This was difficult, seeing as she, Scarlet, was drop-dead gorgeous, with an amazing body, the sexiest accent around, and a very domineering attitude.

For the most part, I thought I’d done fairly well, but today, luck was no longer on my side. I’d noticed her in the kitchen washing dishes, and stopped to have a look. Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a bit of a thing for rubber gloves and was desperate to catch a glimpse of Scarlet wearing some. She did not disappoint.

She was over by the sink, flowers in her hair, wearing a purple top and a floral dress, topped off by a pair of tight, yellow rubber dishwashing gloves. The moment I saw them on her hands, I could feel my cock begin to grow in my pants.

I should have walked away right then, but I was distracted by the sight in front of me, so much so that I didn’t realize Scarlet and noticed me until her voice broke me from my trance.

“What do you think you’re doing over there?” She asked, stopping her dishwashing and taking a step towards the door. I tried to turn and leave but the moment I did she spotted the bulge in my pants, and her attitude changed almost immediately. “Are you getting a hard-on watching me? You naughty little wanker!”

I tried to protest, but no words came out. Before I knew it Scarlet was standing right in front of me, and a still-damp rubber finger poked at my crotch. “You are, you dirty boy. Getting a stiffy for your stepmother. That won’t do now will it?”

There was no answer I could give, nor did she expect one. Instead, she commanded me to drop my pants, and the order shocked me so much I couldn’t even react. Which only made her angrier with me.

“Drop your trousers,” she commanded. “I don’t want to tell you again.”

This time I did as she asked, and once they were curled up around my ankles, Scarlet grabbed the waistline of my boxers in her gloved fingers and pulled them down as well.

Within seconds I was half-naked in front of her, and though it was quite an erotic scene, I was terrified of what she would say or do. Would she tell my father? Throw me out of the house? I didn’t know, so all I could do was wait.

She didn’t make me wait long.

“Now then, we need to make some things clear, don’t we? As long as you are under my roof, you will have to learn to obey my rules. Think you can do that?”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but Scarlet quickly took hold of my chin with a rubber-gloved hand.

“Seems you’ll need some proper training. Look at me.”

My eyes were drawn to hers, and though I’d seen them countless times, something about looking into them now felt different.

“That’s right, stare into my eyes. You’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you?”

I thought to nod, but her grip on my chin made it impossible to move my head. All I could do was try and answer as best I could. “Yes…”

“You’ve wanked that cock of yours thinking about your sexy stepmom, haven’t you?”

As much as I didn’t want to answer, to admit the obvious truth, I was in no position to do otherwise. Even lying seemed impossible, given my half-naked state as well as her deep, penetrating gaze staring at me. “Yes…”

Within seconds her grip grew tighter, and I struggled against it. “Yes, what?”

I don’t know why I said what I did, but somehow, at that moment, it seemed right. “Yes, Miss Scarlet.”

Seeing as she relaxed her grip somewhat, and smiled those lovely red lips of hers, it seemed to be the correct answer.

“That’s right. You’re learning already…Now then, let’s see what we have to work with, shall we?”

Her other gloved hand moved towards my cock, and much as I wanted to look, to see what she intended to do, she refused to allow my head to move even an inch. All I could do was stare at her beautiful face as her hand explored my crotch.

After a few seconds of teasing, her hand gripped my cock, and I almost jumped as the sensation of slick, soapy rubber engulfed my erection.

“Hmm, not that much really,” Miss Scarlet said, almost dismissively. “It’s even smaller than your father’s. Must run in the family… Such a shame.”

I’d always considered myself at least average, but hearing her call my cock small sounded right. As if everything Miss Scarlet was saying was the truth. Her eyes kept staring into mine, and the more they did, the more I felt… tired? Yes… it was as if I were slowly being drawn into her gaze, like a moth to a flame.

“That’s right sweetie, keep staring. Don’t you dare look away…”

Her voice, with its incredibly sexy accent, crawled right through my ear and into my brain, and along with the gaze as well as the feeling of her glove around my cock, was turning me into complete and total mush. But she was only getting started.

Slowly, her gloved hand began to stroke the length of my shaft, making sure the slick rubber slid from the base to the tip and back again in an amazingly teasing motion. If she weren’t still holding tightly onto my chin I likely would have fallen to the floor from the sensation, but Miss Scarlet kept me firmly in place.

“Do you feel that sweetie? Bet it feels good… Up and down your itty-bitty dicklet. See, I only need one hand, that’s how pathetic your cock is…”

She was right, it felt amazing, and though I knew I should feel embarrassed, even humiliated at her words, I simply let them wash over me. They sounded right, were right. After all, Miss Scarlet would know- it was her hand wrapped around my cock.

“Keep staring into my eyes. You like staring into my beautiful eyes, don’t you sweetie? Just as you like feeling my gloved hand stroke your tiny dick…”

I moaned “Yes,” and nearly closed my eyes from the pleasure as well as the sudden tiredness that was overtaking me.

Miss Scarlet wasn’t having that at all. “Keep your eyes, open sweetie. If you dare to stop looking into my eyes I will stop touching you right this instant!”

Fighting back against my desire to shut them I forced my eyes open, much to her delight. “Good boy,” she said softly and continued to stroke my cock.

“Now then, I refuse to have a dirty, filthy, tiny-cocked wanker in my house. If you’re going to stay, you’re going to obey. Can you repeat that sweetie?”

Almost instinctively, I did as she asked. “If I’m going to stay, I’m going to obey.”

She stroked a little faster. “Very good… Again.”

“If I’m going to stay, I’m going to obey.”

A little faster. “Goood. One more time.”

My head was growing lighter by the second. The power of her intense gaze, the feeling of her glove on my chin and my cock, and her words… I barely even knew where I was anymore, but I knew one thing. “If I’m going to stay, I’m going to obey.”

Miss Scarlet smiled, then slowed down her strokes once more. “Yes, you will. Your father obeys me without question, and now you will as well…”

The slow, deliberate strokes were driving me crazy, but she continued to gently edge my cock for a few minutes before continuing. “Such a tiny little cock. I bet I don’t even need the whole hand. Two or three fingers ought to do just fine.” Miss Scarlet smiled, those red lips of hers pursing together quite wickedly.

I felt her grip around my cock loosen, then return with only half as many fingers, yet it still felt good. She was right, she did only need a few fingers to stroke my tiny cock. I moaned as her assault on me continued. “Please…”

“Please what sweetie?”

“Please, don’t stop…”

She smiled once more. “Don’t worry, we’re not stopping yet. After all, we need to finish your training, don’t we?”

I let out a weak “Yes,” although I had no idea what she had in mind nor did I even care anymore.

“Keep looking into my eyes, that’s a good boy… Now then, you like what your stepmother is doing to you, don’t you?” Miss Scarlet didn’t even let me answer. She knew what I was going to say. “Of course you do… But nothing comes for free sweetie… You’ll need to earn your keep around here, and I know just how. Do you want to know how?”

Again, she didn’t wait for me to say a word, not that I would have been able to. My mind was fixated on her eyes and the pleasure of her gloved fingers around my cock. “You’re going to be my new house subbie. You’ll do the washing, the cleaning, anything and everything I’d rather not bother with… You’ll be my little tiny-cocked maid, won’t you?”

“Yes Miss Scarlet,” I finally managed to utter, barely even caring about what I had just agreed to.

“Yes sweetie, you will… When others are around you’ll be yourself, but when it’s just us, you’ll do whatever your stepmother asks, won’t you?”

Her strokes were starting to get faster, running the length of my pathetically small erection, and I was completely lost in her eyes. There was really only one answer I could give, that I wanted to give. “Yes, Miss Scarlet.”

She smiled, and as she did her grip on my face relaxed a little, but she didn’t let it go. In fact, her gloved fingers started to rub my cheeks in time with the strokes on my cock. “Good boy… But if you’re my little sub, I think another title is in order… When we’re alone, you will call me Mistress Scarlet, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Scarlet.”

At that point, I would have said anything she asked regardless of the hold she clearly had on me. My body was bracing, the explosion she had been teasing out of me imminent, but she was not finished yet. No, she had one more trick up her devious sleeve.

“This is a good start, but I’m sure you’ll require much more training… Whenever you see your Mistress wearing these gloves, you’ll know it’s time. You will listen to everything I say, obey my every word without question, won’t you?”

She stopped rubbing my cheeks and gripped my chin once more, and her deep eyes stared into my own once more, and I knew at that moment I was finished. Mistress Scarlet had me in the palm of her hands- quite literally, and there really was no other choice. Only one thing for me to say. “Yes, Mistress Scarlet.”

“Good boy,” she whispered, bringing my face closer to hers. “Now, in a moment I am going to kiss you. When my lips touch yours, that pathetic little dicklet of yours is going to blow its load all over my glove. The moment that happens you will be mine. My itty-bitty cocked subby, forever. Won’t you?”

Before I could say a word, Mistress Scarlet pulled my face towards hers and pressed her soft, sexy red lips against my own. And once she did, her rubber-gloved fingers gave my cock one last, long, teasing stroke from bottom to tip.

I came like I’d never come before.

My tiny dick exploded, sending warm, sticky cum all over her gloved hand. Her lips remained pressed against mine, holding me in a kiss that seemed to last forever even as she slowly milked every drop out of my body until she was satisfied with her handiwork.

Only then did she release me, though I could still feel her lipstick on me. A mark of ownership.

As I stood there, my knees ready to buckle and my body all but spent, Mistress Scarlet rubbed my cheeks with her gloved hand once more. “Good boy. Now then, you have some cleaning to do, don’t you? Open up.”

I did as she ordered, and could only watch as she brought her other hand up toward my mouth. Offering it, I knew exactly what she wanted, and though it should have disgusted me, I knew if I wanted to stay, I had to obey.

Without a word, I licked every drop of my cum off her glove.

“Such a good subby you are,” Mistress Scarlet replied. “Now, pull those trousers back up and get to work. I want the kitchen floors swept and mopped before dinner.”

Then she turned away and walked back towards the sink. But before she slipped off her gloves, my stepmother looked back at me and smirked. “What do you say?”

What else could I say?

“Yes, Mistress Scarlet.”

She slipped off the gloves. “Good boy. We’re going to have lots of fun together… Perhaps I’ll pick up a nice little cage for your cock, or a proper maid outfit… So much to do.”

Then pointed over at the broom and mop and walked away, leaving me alone, naked, humiliated, and owned.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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