Sex slave of my husband chapter 2

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Post my delivery my bigger breasts has become even massive and he will drink my milk on a daily basis & later on make sure to leave his load in full into my throat. My husbands sex slave

One day he told me to pierce my nose on all three sides, having a sexy big nose he got turned on by it and has got a fetish for it too. I felt really odd to do it being living in a modern society. He said he knew about my past with ex-boyfriend so you better obey whatever I say as you aren’t any virgin I know and to continue the marriage you better listen to me and am going to make you my sex slave, hearing this I seriously got a feeling in my pussy.

Next day he took me to a piercer get by each nostrils pierced making me heavy rings and at the end asked the piercer to do the septum too and he has chosen a big ring Which touches my
Lower lip too. The piercer looking at my sexy face and I was wearing a top wherein Raj hasn’t made me wear any bra and the big jugs were shaking when I was walking into the piercing place and while doing it he has got a good view and he tried to touch my hanging breasts while trying to pierce it wherein Raj acted as if he has not seen him trying to feel my breasts I felt uncomfortable but seems raj was enjoying the humiliation and sensing the same the piercer has started feeling my big breasts slowly and raj said u can touch and play with it due to my utter shock saying she is my sex slave she will obey whatever I say and asked me isn’t it slaveslut?
I said yes
then he said with a angry face yes what
II said yes master, the piercer was in for a shock seeing a beautiful married lady being at his mercy.
Once the piercing is done he has asked me to suck him I refused he slapped me and asked the piercer to pull his cock out and asked him to pull the freshly pierced septum ring and make me suck his cock, I started sucking his cock faster and faster since the pain in my nose was unbearable due to the fresh piercing and other hand he started pressing my big breasts squeezing it and hurting my nipples and later on he left his hot seed into my mouth pulling my septum ring even harder.

The ride with three rings back to home wherein I got lot of stairs and was wondering what my in-laws will think of it too.

The moment I reached home he has leashed my septum ring and ask me to walk on all fours infront of mom in law and father in law and they felt a bit surprised especially mom in law said we will have to buy heavier rings and adorn her nose as per the orthodox culture etc.

She came closer to my face and looked at my big rings and was happy looking at it and tugged the leash connected to my septum ring which made me scream in the fresh piercing.

By then Raj came and took over the septum leash and pulled and dragged me forcefully into the bedroom and made me suck him holding the septum leash and rammed his hard on cock into my mouth and made me suck and lick and after few minutes he has left his load in my throat as usual with a noise simultaneously pulling my septum leash even harder making me scream in pain since it was a fresh nose piercing.

Also once me and my mother in law was walking through the shopping mall happen to see my ex-boyfriend he came and started talking to me and see my changes in nose with three big nose rings etc surprised him and he enquired about it I said I just liked it since raj wanted me to do etc my mother in law got angry and the way she looked at me I got scared and then I said bye to him and rushed she asked me who it is I said a friend she yanked my septum ring hard infront of the crowd who was already staring at my various nose piercings and my voloptious body in saree not to be ashamed further I said he was my ex boyfriend she got so furious and asked does raj know I said yes now he is aware she yanked my septum ring and pulled me took the stairs to the basement and got into the car and once I was in car she slapped my face some 5 times harder I started crying she immediately pulled out the phone and started to call raj fearing he willl punish me I started begging her and said please don’t telll him I will do anything you say, she asked anything I say I said yes then she smiled at me wickedly and then drove the car to our house.

Soonafter she reached home she took the leash and put it on my big septum ring and asked me to be on fours which I did immediately she made me walk on all fours to her bedroom and she removed her saree spread her legs and asked me to suck her old pussy I was shocked she started yanking my septum ring I refused she took phone again to call raj I begged and then she pushed my mouth into her pussy made me suck and lick her wet and juicy pussy and while I was doing it she had yanked the septum ring tighter and tighter towards my wet pussy and finally after sometime she has cum with Scream into my mouth and she asked me to drink it slapping my face this really made me sooo humiliated and degraded

To be continued !!!

Added by master raj

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