The Great Sen Family : 18

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Rahamat grew up in a sleepy village village of Bengal. He was an only male child of the family, brought up by my his elder sister Fatema and parents. Being younger in the family, he was pampered by his Didi. His only Didi at twenty one was a slightly fatty girl with a very charming face and long black hair. She was well educated and extremely modern.

They lived in a small house at the center of the village. His father worked in a factory at Liluah which often took him to town leaving him alone with the women folk. Since his father was hardly at home and it got extremely humid, the women took several liberties in their modesty at home.

Often he would see his mother and Didi walk around almost topless in just their petticoats or saris. All those activities created hot sensations in his young mind which would affect mainly on his cock. It would twitch uncontrollably and he had to calmed it down through the jacking off his cock. Actually he’d fantasized various sizzling scenarios about his two hot items as he had no courage to express his dreams.

Now he could see the similarities of them in his wife and daughter-in-law ( DIL )….. both behaved like two sisters instead of MIL & DIL. His DIL always showed her great respect towards him like he was her own father and served him tea & breakfast every morning when she was at home. And Rahamat too never forgot to show his affection to her actress Bouma.

But it seemed to him, suddenly all these feelings changed as he couldn’t sleep well for the last days….. remembering her slutty attitude towards him. He had no bad intention towards his DIL since she came to his house first time after her marriage with his son. But after that afternoon’s incident, he started looking her in a different way.
—‐- —— ——- ——– ——– ——– ——- ——- ——
One morning he was still in bed, naked as usual under the thin cotton sheet. His wife Probhaboti was in the kitchen….. probably preparing the breakfast. The heat and humidity in summer got pretty unbearable and it made sense to sleep naked. He was just about to wake up when Soma walked in with a cup of coffee.

“Wake up Baba, take your coffee!” she said smilingly.

As he strained to open his sleepy eyes, he was greeted by the sight of her almost topless DIL….. fresh from her bath and he could still smell the shampoo and soap from her body. She wore just a white cotton petticoat….. wrapping her hair in a towel while slung another over her shoulder to cover her chest. It barely covered her boobs as they dangled freely under the towel and he found it hard not to stare at them.

Soma was delighted with his gawking but swiftly covered her semi-exposed boobs with her hanging towel. With a frown on her forehead, she rebuked her FIL mockingly, “Oh Baba, stop staring at my chest….. you’ve seen enough of Maa ( Probhaboti )!”

Before he could blurt an apology, his wife stepped into the room. His wife who was in her late forties was an extrovert and bubbly figure with hardly any inhibitions….. much loved by both father and son…… while dotted on by her Bouma often.

To him, after her recent escapade with his son, Probhaboti was now a more slut wife rather than an real devoted wife and he loved that very much. She was no doubt an attractive woman and was also charming. She was slightly voluptuous with all the right curves and naturally they were bigger than Soma. She had an uncanny resemblance to the yesteryear bollywood siren Poonam Dhillon.

“What’s the matter, Bouma ( daughter-in-law )?” Probhaboti asked jovially as he came from his terence.

“Maa, your naughty husband has been staring at my boobs” Soma replied without a hint of shyness.

“You can’t blame him for that, they are so tempting, Bouma!” Probhaboti said playfully with a lusty undertone.

“Oh Maa! You’re another shameless thing.” Soma told her MIL laughingly.

“Look at what they have done to my innocent husband’s magic-stick!” Probhaboti giggled pointing to her husband’s erection that was tenting the thin sheet he was under. Rahamat was a bit red when the two women started laughing at his obvious arousal.

“Oh my poor husband is so horny!” Probhaboti said slyly as she playfully pulled the second towel off from behind her DIL that covered her chest.

“Weeeee…… Maa…..!” Soma screamed in mock shy….. realizing her boobs’ total exposure to her respected FIL’s hot gaze, but she didn’t try to cover them as they both laughed again.

Seeing no point in covering her boobs, Soma let her hand down revealing her round boobs to her FIL’s lusty gaze. And for the first time, he was witnessing a very mischievous side of his demure Bouma. Meanwhile his wife hugged their DIL from behind…. cupping her D cup boobs briefly to feel their weight.

“They are so heavy Bouma! I think it’s due to your pregnancy.” She laughed as Soma made a frail attempt to dislodge her MIL’s hands…. making her FIL wonder if this was the first time they were up to no good.

“Ohhhhhh…. Maa! Not in front of Baba ( father-in-law ),” Soma yelled.

Soma tried to contain her mock embarrassment as her MIL fondled her tight boobs. Rahamat was mesmerized by the sight of two gorgeous ladies engaged in erotic playfulness. He tried to sit up causing the sheet to ride further down and expose his erect manhood in all it’s glory.

Rahamat gasped as Soma shamelessly stared at his thick circumcised cock. But he quickly pulled the sheets up to cover his shyness. Both the women broke into a girlish giggle… witnessing his obvious state of arousal.

“Oh Maa, seems like father like son.” Soma said laughingly.

“Much too obvious.” Probhaboti joked. “Bouma, how about a striptease for my horny perverted husband?”

Soma protested immediately while her horny FIL nodded in excitement….. hardly able to believe what he had heard. Actually he’d always felt himself highly excited whenever he had the chance to see the famous Cabaret dance of Miss Shephali at Minerva Theater. And now he had the great opportunity to enjoy the striptease dance of his actress Bouma.

“It’s your lucky day, dear” Probhaboti announced….. winking at her husband as she giggled in excitement. She then whispered into her DIL’s ears and very reluctantly she seemed to have agreed.

Next she put a cassete of the superhit hindi cinema ‘Sholay’s song ‘Mehboba Mehboba…..’ into the Tape Recorder. The two women began swaying and gyrating their curvaceous body to that hot song like the great dancer ‘Helen’ of that film. Probhaboti feverishly slid her hands up and down her DIL’s body….. often circling and cupping her bare boobs.

Soma enjoyed the lustful attention of her horny FIL on her jiggling boobs and she gasped every time her nipples were caressed by her MIL. Soma being the shyer one would only occasionally caress her MIL’s big ass-gloves. At one point, moving slightly, she pushed her back towards her MIL as Probhaboti began to undo the knot of her DIL’s petticoat.

“Maa, what are you doing?” Soma giggled in mock shy.

“Co….mmon Bouma ( daughter-in-law ) it’s just a glimpse of your beautiful ass…… you know how your FIL like your ass. Now be a professional dancer!” She rebuked her Bouma with a naughty smile.

“Hai Ram ( Oh God )!” Soma murmured but never tried to stop her MIL as the knot of her Saya was loosened finally.

Probhaboti teasingly held up the petticoat of her DIL in front of her husband’s face before letting it drop drop to the floor, while Soma covered her face in mock embarrassment. She wore no panties as her FIL suspected and now the sight of her naked form was extremely arousing. Her milky white skin was flawless and her full buttocks protrude slightly over her thick but athletic legs.

Before she knew what’s going to happen next, her MIL swiveled her around in a quick motion….. giving her FIL a full frontal view of her nudity. Her heavy but round boobs heaved with her every breath. The slightly swollen belly, due to her three months pregnancy and wide curvy hips were well proportioned to the rest of her body. Just below her deep navel… sprang a thick patch of curly pubic hair that concealed her entire vulva.

Soma screamed in mock shy, “Ohhhhhh Maa!” before turning away from her FIL’s hot searching.

“So what do you think?” asked Probhaboti to her hypnotized husband as she giggled loudly.

“Wow… beautiful… I never dreamed about” Rahamat managed to blurt out, trying to absorb as much of his Bouma”s nakedness as possible. Her luscious body was on display like a slave in a slave market.

“She is so cute and sexy!” Probhaboti added as she herself gazed at her Bouma’s nakedness.

“Okay Maa, that’s enough!” Soma said shyly. She then quickly picked up the towel to cover her nakedness as Probhaboti caught her husband’s staring at their Bouma’s exposed buttocks….. realizing his fascination for her butt.

She reached out to caress her Bouma”s bare buttocks “Like them?” She asked lustily.

“Oh Probha, I can’t believe….. it’s just like a dream to me,” Rahamat said…. gulping some air.

“Shouldn’t you let my poor husband have a feel of it, Bouma!” Probhaboti asked Soma.

“Nope…. Maa, enough is done, I can proceed no more!” Soma giggled.

“Oh Bouma, don’t be such a prude” Probhaboti said as she continued, “Make it quick!”

Saying that she pushed her Bouma towards her husband on the bed and winked at her husband, “Come on dear, feel them!”

“God! the things you make me do!” Soma said to her MIL as she waited for her FIL’s eager hands on her bare ass-gloves.

Rahamat reached out with quivering hands and felt his DIL’s body shudder with excitement as his sweaty palms came in contact with her soft yet firm ass-gloves. Noticing her husband’s hesitation in going further, Probhaboti placed her hands over her husband and guided them in little circles over their Bouma”s luscious ass.

He soon got bolder and began gently kneading her ass-cheeks…. realizing their softness and warmth. Soma gasped and clenched her ass-cheeks together as her FIL tried to force a hand between the cleft.

His strong hands easily parted her reluctant ass-cheeks. She soon gave in and relaxed her butt-cheeks. He could smell the musky odor from between them and even could see her pink anus. She was losing control over the situation until his probing hands touched her delicate anus.

Almost immediately she leapt around and very weakly said “Noooo…. Baba! Don’t touch that dirty hole!” He was taken back at her sudden reluctance.

“What happened, Bouma?” His wife asked.

Being embarrassed, Soma just said “Never mind Maa, I think he has had enough fun for now”.

But Probhaboti wasn’t going to give in to their Bouma’s feeble resistance so easily. Knowing all of her weaknesses, she began to kiss her Bouma”s neck and earlobes.

After some heavy necking and petting by her MIL, Soma was beginning to show her earlier state of arousal. Her MIL was quick to persuade her reluctance through some more sexual exploration. She reminded her about her husband’s affection to her and advised her how it would strengthen their mutual relationship…… which ultimately would create a real happy family.

Further she reminded her Bouma that she herself had waited too long to become a mother for second time which her husband Rahim tried his best to fulfill. Even she reminded her previous evening’s exciting handjob to her poor husband.

At last she told her, “So there was no shame or guilty in seeing, touching, feeling or hugging between a DIL and FIL. After all we love each other and we must share a special bonded relationship.”

Soma’s meek hesitations loosened by her MIL’s logical persuasions and being a real devoted Bouma, she gave in. Probhaboti then reassuringly hugged her Bouma… telling her it was normal to be nervous creating an incestuous relationship first time. But it would all be worth at the end of it as she said “I want you both to get over your inhibitions.”

Saying so, she pulled away her husband’s sheet and exposed his erect prick as she kissed him on the cheek and said “No more covering up for you, dear….. now enjoy our beautiful Bouma!”

And winking at their Bouma, she assured her, “You too! Never hesitate to fulfill your fantasy” before disappearing from the room.

There was a moment of silence in the room and Rahamat’s heart started racing in anticipation of what was to come. But Soma had a broad smile on her face knowing all too well her FIL’s eagerness.

“Baba, you’re my husband’s father….. my respected Sasurmosai…. it’s my duty to keep you happy always.” she said with tears of joy…. forming in her eyes.

“Oh Bouma, you’re so good….. I’m really a lucky person to have you as my Bouma,” Rahamat’s eyes also moistened in emotional feelings.

“I know a man at your age must have an enormous amount of perverted feelings and I’ve noticed some of those for the last few days…. besides you’ve seen me naked earlier. So I’ve no point in hiding it from you anymore.” saying so, she discarded the only towel and stood in front of her FIL in complete nakedness.

Rahamat stared at his Bouma’s naked body in disbelieve….. still trying to digest what she had just said.

“So tell me what you like about me?” she said with naughtiness in her voice.

“Your ass….. I guess!” He managed to choke out.

“God! Baba, you’re so shameless!” She said with obvious delights.

“It’s big, round and soft….. yet so firm!” He managed to blurt out.

“Oh you so naughty!” She said coyly.

“Can I see them one more time? Please Bouma! ” He begged.

Without a word Soma walked to where her FIL was seated on the bed and turned around, so that her buttocks were inches away from his face. The smell of her jasmine scented soap still lingered on her skin.

She stood still as her FIL admired her milk-white buttocks for what seemed like ages. The skin that covered them was smooth as velvet with hardly any blemishes.

She gasped as her FIL bent forward and kissed her soft flesh lightly…. soon his eager hands were all over her buttocks…. caressing, kneading and squeezing them. He could see her pink and perfectly formed anus too as he gently parted her butt-cheeks.

“Are you going to touch it?” she asked nervously.

“Yes!” Her FIL answered without looking at her.

“So much of depravity.” She sighed.

With quivering hands, her FIL extend his index finger and touched her crinkled anus. He felt it’s delicate texture and circled the outer rim as she gasped. She immediately clenched her butt cheeks together as he tried to insert it into her.

“Not there, Baba!” She gasped in flinching.

Realizing his Bouma’s uneasiness, he left that dark zone as she instantly his fingers moved further down to her cunt and before she knew it, they were half inside her warm and wet cunt.

“Oh God! What are you doing Baba?” She almost moaned in passion as she tried to pull away from her FIL.

“What’s wrong Bouma?” He said with a surprise tone.

“No…No… Not yet Baba! Actually I’m not ready yet.” Soma said turning around with her stomach facing her FIL.

“Oh, I guess that…. you aren’t wet yet,”

“Yes Baba… I… still need a bit more time to get used to this whole thing” She said apologetically. But her words fell on deaf ears as her FIL stared at her thick pubic mound that covered her entre womanhood.

“I should shave it….. shouldn’t I?” She said noticing her FIL’s unperturbed gaze.

“No I like it this way” He said knowing it brought a smile to her face.

“You’re so sweet, Baba,” She smiled as she noticed him to look at her boobs.

“I know you like them so much…. you’ve always tried to peek in my cleavage whenever I bend forward to serve you breakfast. Even I’m fully aware of your peeking through the small hole of bathroom’s door which you made.” She said with a wicked smile.

“Sorry Bouma, I can’t help,” He agreed.

“It’s OK Baba, I didn’t mind….. actually I was pleased noticing that hole, ” She smiled happily and sat down next to her FIL on the bed and kissed him lightly on his lips before breaking into a giggle. Then looking down and cupping her boobs she said “You know you can give a woman as much pleasure by way of her boobs”.

“I know,” He replied.

“Touch them, Baba!” She said softly looking at her FIL.

Rahamat cupped her boobs in his hands… they felt tight but soft like a baby. He squeezed them viciously but she showed no sign of pain….. instead she smiled, enjoying his caresses.

Then lowering his head, Rahamat took one of his DIL’s boobs in his hand and brought a her nipple close to his mouth. She closed her eyes and waited in anticipation for her FIL’s eager mouth to engulf her erect nipple.

He suckled for long… knowing it gave her more pleasure than she would admit to. She still hadn’t overcome her shyness completely as she bit her lower lip to avoid moaning in front of her FIL. But he could hear her whimpering as small spasms of pleasure passed through her body.

“Bouma! I want to be inside you?” He said… unable to contain his arousal no longer.

Soma looked into her FIL’s eyes for a moment….. then she hugged him and gently stroked his disheveled hair. She was at a loss of words and he could tell she had a million different thoughts in her head. Rahamat held his daughter-in-law in his strong arms…. stroking her hair affectionately and kissed her face till she regained her composure.

“Bouma, your husband is trying to impregnate my wife so that she could be a mother once more. And I think, in return, I should give you the happiness you need, please let me contribute something for you,” He almost begged to his daughter-in-law.

Seeing the desperation and innocence pleading at her father-in-law’s eyes, her daughterly love gave in to his persuasion. With that, Soma lay down on the bed…. spreading her legs wide and asking her father-in-law to position himself over her…. in-between her legs. He was hypnotized noticing her demure but slutty posture.

She looked gorgeous lying there and her FIL’s erection slapped against her bare stomach as he got into position. For the second time, he felt the delicate touch of his DIL’s soft hands directly around his erect member. It was far more different feeling than that afternoon’s incident as she slowly rubbed his blackish cockhead on her slit.

“God! you’re thicker than your son!”She whispered as her FIL grinned….. trying to thrust his erect penis into her opening

“Wait I need to be lubricated before you enter me” She said…. rubbing her clitoris with her free hand and inserting a finger into her vagina to check that she was wet enough.

She then closed her eyes and said “Okay Baba…. enter me now….. but slowly!”. As his cock began to slide into her, she let out a soft moan and bit her lower lip.

“Oooowwww!” She winced. Her FIL wasn’t any more than seven or eight inches…. shorter than her husband but he was extremely thick…. which made her flinching at first.

But with a few attempts, when the whole of his cock was inside her, she opened her eyes and said “Baba, don’t move just stay still for a while I need to get used to the feeling of your fat cock inside me.”

The complete weight of her FIL’s body was over her as he lowered himself onto her. His face was now resting on one of her perky boobs. She stroked his hairs lovingly and kissed his lips as he stared at her erect nipples.

Soma could feel her FIL getting bigger and harder inside her rapidly lubricating pussy. He fondled her boobs for a while before kissing her on her lips. She was delighted and instantly allowed his tongue into her mouth, and very soon they were smooching like teenagers.

Soma got used to the feeling of her FIL’s erection inside her and was able to control her own urge to orgasm. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Bouma.. can I…” before Rahamat could complete his sentence, she said “No problem Baba…. I’m already pregnant….. besides, I know you’re unable to impregnate anyone. So, without any hesitation, you can…”.

Unable to hold back any longer, Rahamat at first began with slow long thrusts that got faster within minutes. He could feel the tip of his hard cock touch his Bouma’s cervix as she yelped in joy. She bit her lower lips in exquisite pleasure and shut her eyes as she pushed up her cunt with his thick member.

At one point, being highly excited with taboo thoughts, suddenly Soma hugged her Sasurmosai tightly and rolled over quickly……. thereby straddling on top of his body.

To be continued……

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