The Great Sen Family : 5

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Episode : 5
Parveen had to take leave for a week to look after her ailing mother and Prankrisno was worried about for not providing the special sauce to his Didimoni. So he talked with Parveen about that matter through telephone in which she assured him not to be tensed as she shared her plan.

Next morning, Munmun was arranging her clothes in her bedroom while Prankrisno was helping her to do so. Suddenly he noticed her Dupatta had slid off from her chest and her deep cleavage was on full display for him. As she was bending to pick up some clothes, her braless pendulous boobs were in his lustful view. They were swaying left and right slowly in her loosened Maxi and he got an instant hard-on.

With some hesitation, he peered into her deep cleavage for a while….. enjoying the beautiful show. But very soon she left for the drawing room, and he went into the bathroom to jerk himself off. He started visualizing her swinging milk-white boobs as he was jerking.

And within minutes, he shot a huge amount of his thick cum-load which he collected in his right palm. Quickly he went to the kitchen and kept it in a small plastic jar so that he could utilize it in future.

As Parveen wasn’t there his mind now was always filled with his hot Didimoni. Once he thought if it was possible to watch her taking a bath in nude. With that he checked out if it was possible to look through the bathroom ventilator.

The trouble was, normally she took her bath in dawn before her morning Puja session. Otherwise she would take that in the afternoon when she returned from her shooting. As it was with some daylight, it would be too risky to stand outside the building and peep through the bathroom ventilator.

Then one day they both had been to the market in the evening and came back late at 7:00 pm. She was really tired and soaked in sweat as the A/C of the car wasn’t functioning well. She was going to take a bath and after that, she would rehearse sometime for her latest movie. It was just what the Odisan Cook has been waiting for the last two days.

That’s when, he heard the water running in her bathroom as he waited outside restlessly about five minutes more. His cock was already hard as he was thinking that he might get to see her naked in the shower that day. Silently, he went outside…. and noticing no one from neighboring quarters, he made his way to the bathroom ventilator. His excitement grew in perverse anticipation as his cock was struggling to come out from his Bermuda.

Realizing that, no one could have been able to notice him in the semi-darkness, he peeped through the ventilator and saw her nude under the shower. Wow! look at those nice boobs…. yes, they’re perky with stiff brown nipples on it….. glistening with the running water.

Quickly his gaze moved downwards and became fixed on her most precious thing…… her heavenly pussy. It looked she had trimmed her pussy-hairs very recently. Quickly he pulled out his rock hard cock from the Bermuda’s fly and began to masturbate…. peeping on the super hot Bengalee dream-queen actress.

He saw her one hand moving onto her pussy as she began to rub it slowly. Her hand moved gently up and down on her slit. At the same time she began to stroke her boobs with her other hand…. pinching her hard nipples

Oh God! The fantasy-queen of numerous bengali film lover was masturbating. He doesn’t think his cock has ever been as hard as this. She was rubbing herself with the two fingers of her right hand near the top of her clit. He couldn’t hold back any more and let his cum shoot out….. but without wasting it, once again he collected that in his hand.

Instantly he went to kitchen and kept that in the previous jar. Within minutes he came back….. however taking the semen container with him and resumed his previous position. He didn’t want to miss the watching of his favorite actress Didimoni’s masturbation. He still had his cock in his right hand which wasn’t as hard as a few minutes ago, but was still stiff. He once again began to stroke it and felt it getting hard again.

Fuck! this was more than he had ever imagined in his wildest fantasies. He noticed she had her head back in ecstasy and her eyes were closed, as she kept rubbing her pussy. She leaned back slightly as she was rubbing her clit a lot faster now.

Her mouth was open. Her ass was bucking as she made herself cum with a stifled grunt….. and hearing that erotic groan, he shot another load of cum….. aiming his spurting in the semen container.

That view was enough to keep him jerking for the next few days…. and each time, he put his cum in that container which he kept in the fridge. So whenever Munmun demanded her special toast, he didn’t have a problem to supply the semen soaking toast to her.

He just couldn’t get the masturbating picture of his favorite heroine out of his mind and his cock went hard every time he thought about that. He always wanted to peep on his sexy Didimoni, but now she had her bath in the early morning only.

He was getting frustrated unable to watch her nude bath but one evening, his luck favored him. He noticed her Didimoni returned from Aparna Memsaab’s house and quickly moved to the bathroom for some refreshments. He knew there are no neighbors who could notice him in the semi darkness while he would look through the bathroom ventilator from outside the building.

Munmun was already in the bathroom for over five minutes…… the thought of her lying there and playing with herself just urged the Odisan Cook on to have a look. Quickly he occupied his previous position as his cock started to throb in his Bermuda in anticipation.

He peered into the bathroom and could see her bathing….. she was rubbing her pussy like before. He pulled his stiff cock out of his Bermuda and began jerking himself. That’s when he guessed that every so often his Didimoni looked up towards the ventilator…..

However he wasn’t sure whether she had noticed him there or not. He thought at last that she might not able to notice him standing there. Being sure, he started jerking his hard-on again and released his cum in his hands.

After ten minutes, her bath was completed and as soon as he saw her putting the towel around her nude body, he came back to the kitchen for his next job….. i.e. to preserve his semen and preparing the dinner next.

By the time Munmun came back into her room, his preparation of supper was in midway. He noticed that his Didimoni now covered herself with a Maxi. But in his mind’s eye, he saw her as if she was naked….. and his eyes wandered about from her pussy region to her boobs.

Wow! that’s when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her Maxi-gown. Her nipples were hard and were poking through the thin material of her Maxi. He looked at them shamelessly and felt his cock stirring again in his Bermuda. Suddenly he realized that his Didimoni was watching his every movement and he looked away quickly…. blushing nervously.

“Are you alright Kesto?” She asked giving him a smile.

“Ye…..yessss…. Didi…. Didimoni, why are you asking?” with a bubbling, he tried to answer.

“I see you very uncomfortable.” with a wicked grin she said as she sat down on a nearby chair opposite him.

Noticing his Didimoni wasn’t mad for his boldness, he once again looked at her chest shamelessly. She again caught him out a few times and always just gave him a smile….. each time he blushed even more.

Why were her nipples so hard? He had never noticed that on her before. She was sitting cross-legged on the chair opposite him while watching him intently. The hem of her Maxi was at her knees level…. revealing her long smooth legs.

From where he was cooking, he could see a long way up her short size Maxi and he was sure she had any panties on. This made the horny Cook even more curious as he kept on looking up inside her nighty.

Just then she moved her legs a little more apart as the light was filtering through her thin Maxi. He could now see that she really wasn’t wearing any panties….. his eyes bulged in excitement as he looked straight at her naked pussy.

His cock jumped in his loosened Bermuda and naturally it had made a tent. He made a couple of feeble attempts to adjust his erect cock inside his Bermuda, but it was of no use. It was too late now anyway.

She looked over and said, “Looks like you’re very uncomfortable today, is everything OK?”

He saw her looking at his crotch region which had already made a large tent, but she continued her speaking. Naturally, he was blushing more as she was still looking at his crotch.

“I think you got this by peeping in my bathroom while I bathed. But don’t be embarrassed, I know boys of your age get easily distracted seeing a naked woman, isn’t it Kesto?”

“Ohh no. Didimoni, it’s just that……” Once again he started blushing….. he knew he was caught red-handed by his Mistress as he fumbled for suitable words.

So, she had caught him watching on her through the bathroom ventilator? As this was going through his mind, he realized that his cock was at it’s peak.

“Noo, no Didimoni, it was nothing.”

“Well well…. nothing….. but your tool isn’t supporting your statement…… got aroused like that. It must be very uncomfortable for you to have it so constrained inside when it’s so hard.” she said smilingly….. indicating at his tent.

Each time she glanced at his crotch as she continued her speaking and that gave him even more reason to feel excited. Just then she leaned back in the chair and her knee-length short-sized Maxi went up with her. It stopped short just where her pussy began.

Her legs were now more apart than before and Prankrisno now could see her pink pussy lips clearly. They were glistening in the light filtering through her Maxi. He tried once more to adjust his stiff cock to one side. But it was way too stiff and it felt that he would break it by trying so.

Munmun noticed him trying to move his cock around in his Bermuda. Still, in her reclined position, she said “Kesto, do you want me to help you with that erection you’ve got because of me? Come over to your Didimoni and let me take care of it.”

Prankrisno couldn’t believe what his favorite actress Didimoni had just said. He could see her reached down and lifted her Maxi slowly…. up even higher…… teasing him in a slow-poisoning way. He now had her wet looking pussy in his full view. The glamour queen actress was seducing her Odisan Cook….. revealing her highly aristocratic pussy to him….. very slowly.

His cock jerked as his balls were starting to hurt from all this teasing. He badly wanted to touch that wet pussy, feel that wetness on his fingers. He wished he could go to his room and jerk off. He could have do anything to relieve the pain in his cock and balls. But if he went to his room, she’d certainly know that he would be jerking himself.

“My, my. Don’t you want your Didimoni to see your meaty rod? Come over here Kesto and let me see how big you are?”

Prankrisno got up like a zombie as he pulled down the chain of his Bermuda’s fly. His massive hard-on sprang out from the open fly. As he walked towards her, his long cock was sticking straight out horizontally from his Bermuda’s slit. His eyes were glued on her glistening pussy and her tits which were inviting him to suck them. A thousand thoughts went through his head in that short walk.

He cautioned himself as he was crossing the line that a mere low level servant should never cross. But the natural instinct pushed him forward as he moved towards her hypnotically….. taking that last step towards her.

As he reached in front of her, she took hold his waist and slipped his Bermuda down… exposing his raging hard-on fully before her astonishing view. He had his eyes closed and felt a soft hand being placed on his cock as he stood naked in front of the famous actress.

She let her hand slide lightly along the full length of his throbbing cock and back again.

“I had seen your tool earlier when you were stroking your cock while sniffing my messy panties. Oh….. You’re such a pervert. But I must agree I’m impressed….. boy! What a size! Parveen must be lucky to have such a weapon….. I feel very jealous about her.”

Munmun stared at his giant cock for few seconds….. it was uncircumcised and now rockhard. Below that was his huge pendulous hairy testicles and inside that there were two balls….. they were large as golf balls.

His cock twitched as her left hand grasp the base of his cock and at the same time, her right hand palmed his balls. She lifted his cock and kissed the crown of his cock…. tongueing the slit in the head. Then she took the crown into her mouth and ran her tongue around the ridge of his crown. He moaned as his cock started swelling and she could taste his precum.

The cock stretched her mouth as she took three inches in while she jacked him with her left hand. She could feel his balls pulsing in her right hand. As she took two more inches in, she started to gag and backed off.

She tried to reminisce her blow-job technique with others as she started applying….. quickly took five inches in. She lapped the under side of his cock with her tongue and sucking the hard rod…. with her lips tightly around his shaft. He was leaking precum like crazy…. now grunting and moaning loudly. He tasted musky and salty as she was relishing the taste.

Munmun then took her left hand off from the base of his shaft…. reaching around to his ass-cheeks and squeezed them. At the same time her mouth was bobbing up down on five inches of his cock while milking his balls.

She could feel her pussy so wet that it had to be dripping on the chair. She could feel his heart beating thru his cock as it pulsed…. he was now really growling and moaning.

She then forced his cock into her throat as her left hand pulled his ass toward her. His cock filled her throat so tightly each time she made a swallowing motion of it. Her right hand was still squeezing and milking all of his cum from his balls.

Her gullet was gripping and releasing his cock like it was jacking him off. And the Odisan Cook was in heaven as she did that, because his dream-queen was going to fulfill his fantasy at last.

“Look at me Kesto.” Munmun said…. quickly removing her mouth from the engulfing cock.

Prankrisno opened his eyes and looked at her sheepishly and embarrassed as she asked him, “I like to suck this type of monster cock….. can I suck your cock and taste a young man’s cream, Kesto?”

Damn…. Damn….. the beauty queen of Bengali film was asking a Cook’s permission to suck his cock…. to drink his semen. He laughed….. he had already fed her that without her knowledge…. but now he was going to feed her that directly from the source. He looked at her eyes and saw a blissful hunger with utmost desperation.

He simply nodded in a big ‘Yes’ as he saw his Didimoni still holding his cock in her right hand. He came forward… closer to his Didimoni as his cockhead touched the ruby lips of her open mouth.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. The great Bengalee actress held her Odisan Cook’s hard-on at the base and pulled the foreskin back to reveal the purple cockhead. Pulling out her tongue, she licked the pre-cum from the tip quickly. “Hmm, it’s salty but tasty. Will you give your hungry Didimoni your tasty milk, Kesto?”

As he nodded, she took the cockhead into her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. Her left hand was still holding at the base of the cock. He felt her other hand on his strong ass as it was moving between his ass-crack.

He looked down at Munmun and saw her boobs swaying inside her Maxi. She was sitting on the wooden chair…. spreading her legs slightly. Although her Maxi had bundled up at her crotch, from this top angle, he couldn’t see her womanhood….. her pussy.

However he could see her bend forward and took another two inches of his cock in her mouth. She was slowly sucking it, moistening the whole cock with her saliva. The top of her Maxi was opened, and he could see her naked boobs jiggling. It made his cock hardened more. He saw her struggling to devour his cock more. Looks like she was determined to take full of his ten inches cock inside her mouth.

Her cheeks were sucked in, and she was engrossed in sucking the cock. He couldn’t control himself. So he brought his hands down, cupped her boobs, and gently pressed them. His long-time wish to press his fantasy queen’s boobs was now fulfilled. She looked at him with cock still in her mouth and smiling.

She then took her mouth off from his cock said, “What took you so long to grope my boobs, Kesto? I thought you would attack my boobs when I took your cook in my mouth. And why are you holding them on over the Maxi? Feel free and touch them naked. OK, I will help you, my baby.”

Saying that, she removed the top three buttons of the Maxi….. pulling the flaps aside and bared her boobs to her Cook. He stared at the wonderful twin mangoes without blinking his eyes. The wheat-color areolas were large, and nipples were thick and elongated by half an inch.

He had seen them already from far away during her bath, but now he saw them in close. Moreover, it was at his disposal. He could do whatever he wished.

Seeing him just staring at her twin treasures, the Bengalee glamour-queen asked,” Are my bobbies not enough for you? Do you now want to feel my pussy too? Ask for one, and you get two in return.”

Prankrisno hit the jackpot today and nodded. Munmun then pulled the hem of her Maxi up further….. baring the pussy fully. Then she took his right hand and placed it to her bare pussy. His fingers sensed that it was already wet.

Next she guided his left hand to her right boob and said, “Now play with my boob. But don’t forget to finger my pussy while I suck your cock. I need to have a nice orgasm before I release your cum. I will use my mouth while you can use your fingers. Anyway, if you are a good boy, I ‘MAY’ let you suck my pussy later.”

Saying that, she took his cock back into her mouth and started sucking again. He felt like he was in heaven. His favourite sex-hungry film-actress was sucking his cock…. surrendering her sophisticated boobs and pussy to him.

He started squeezing her boobs lightly and found them spongy. It was taking different shapes as he pressed it. His thumb was flicking the hard nipple. Meanwhile his right hand was on her pussy-lips….. soaking his fingers with her juices. His fingers parted her pussy-lips, and the middle finger searched for her vaginal opening. After a few attempts, he located her sacred hole, as his middle finger invaded her pussy.

By now, Munmun was seriously sucking his stud Odisan Cook’s mammoth dick, taking almost seven inches inside her mouth. Saliva was dripping from the corners of her lips, and the cock was completely moistened.

He was moaning as she was devouring his cock like a professional porn actress as his finger-fucking was intensified. He wanted his cock in her pussy instead of his fingers. He didn’t know if she would allow him to fuck her as he was just a Cook….. like a low class labourer.

In the meantime, his left hand was enjoying the smooth flesh of her both boobs. He was tweaking her hard brown nipples and sometimes pulling those out….. testing their elasticity. He knew he wouldn’t last long the way she was bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock.

Now inserting two fingers inside her pussy, he was tweaking her wet inner walls….. moving both the fingers simultaneously. His fingers sensed a sudden gush of juices oozing out of her pussy. He knew she had her orgasm. She stopped her sucking and closed her eyes….. enjoying the last sensation of her orgasm.

The Odisan Cook was also verge of cumming…… and with loud gasps, he shrieked. “Didiiii…..mooooniiiiii…… I am cummingggggg….. toooooo…….”

His left hand released her boob and went to the back of her head. He tried to push all of his ten inches deep into her mouth and started shooting his cum. He was shooting directly down her throat as she tried to pull her mouth off from his cock.

But he didn’t allow her to do so as he firmly held her shampooed hairy head against his cock. Her mouth was getting choked by the sudden influx of cum. She couldn’t swallow his huge amount of gushing cum, which was dripping from the corners of her mouth.

During his climax, he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy, and to his surprise, she was once again cumming on his invading fingers. After shooting all his cum in his sophisticated Didimoni’s mouth, he released the grip on her head.

Munmun quickly took her mouth off from his cock. She then started beating him on his chest with a closed fist. “Rascal….. how dare you…… you’re going to choke me…. and you used me like your whore, Kesto,” she hissed in mock anger with a naughty smile on her face.

That’s when she could realize the familiar taste of his cum….. instantly all the past incidents regarding the delicious toast flashed in her mind. She smiled, “You naughty pervert….. I think you’ve fed me this cum earlier with the slices. And I’m sure Parveen too is involved with this.”

Prankrisno pulled his hand from her pussy and said, “Sorry Didimoni,” …. and licking his fingers which were coated with her pussy-juices, as he disclosed all, ”Right you’re… both of us planned this. And I guess you too enjoyed it, Didimoni.”

“Yes, I shouldn’t deny that…. but God! Parveen is such a bitch…… I can’t expect it from her, she looks so innocent,” Munmun said smilingly.

“But Didimoni, I must agree your juice tastes wonderful…… far better than Parveen. And if you don’t mind, when can I drink this nectar next time from the source directly?”

Munmun made a face and said, “If I allow you to suck my pussy I don’t know what you will do next?”

“I will lick and suck your gorgeous pussy like a good slave, Didimoni,” Prankrisno begged her.

Munmun smiled…… and wiped her face using her Maxi / Nighty…. then said, “I am now tired, Kesto….. even I have lots of chores to do. I will think about your proposal and let you know my opinion later.”

Showing his still-hard cock, he said, “Didimoni, if you allow me, I will be naked all the time… but please permit me to suck your heavenly pussy.”

“Are you trying to seduce me and make me weak, Kesto? Although your Dadababu isn’t home till 9:00 pm, my mother would come any moment, and you can’t stay naked in front of her. Now go take a bath and get dressed,” said the glamour-queen Tolly heroine.

With that, she stood up, buttoned her Maxi and went towards the bathroom. And holding his cock in his hand and slowly jerking it, he said, “But Parveen likes it so much. She never rejects my plea…. to suck her young pussy. And I’m sure, even she wouldn’t mind to do that in front of you, Didimoni.”

Munmun then came towards her Odisan Cook….. with her mock anger and wicked grin, she said, ”OK, let’s come her….. I want to join with you…. and taste her juices again.”

Prankrisno hugged his Didimoni and said, ”I’m tired to jerk for the last two days. Parveen too couldn’t come for next week, her mother is suffering from fever till now. From now on I won’t do that….. and if you don’t come to my room in the afternoon, I must have to go Parveen’s house to take care of me.”

Munmun said…..looking at the clever Cook, “I know you’re a big stud who needs his release regularly. And I don’t want to waste your huge amount of protien based enriching cream. Yes, I need that badly…… so I will try to satisfy you, baby.”

“I will be waiting for you, Didimoni,” Prankrisno said with a crooked smile as he could realize that at last he was able to trap his dream-queen actress.

To be continued……

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