The Great Sen Family : 5

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Episode : 5
Parveen had to take leave for a week to look after her ailing mother and Prankrisno was worried about for not providing the special sauce to his Didimoni. So he talked with Parveen about that matter through telephone in which she assured him not to be tensed as she shared her plan.

Next morning, Munmun was arranging her clothes in her bedroom while Prankrisno was helping her to do so. Suddenly he noticed her Dupatta had slid off from her chest and her deep cleavage was on full display for him. As she was bending to pick up some clothes, her braless pendulous boobs were in his lustful view. They were swaying left and right slowly in her loosened Maxi and he got an instant hard-on.

With some hesitation, he peered into her deep cleavage for a while….. enjoying the beautiful show. But very soon she left for the drawing room, and he went into the bathroom to jerk himself off. He started visualizing her swinging milk-white boobs as he was jerking.

And within minutes, he shot a huge amount of his thick cum-load which he collected in his right palm. Quickly he went to the kitchen and kept it in a small plastic jar so that he could utilize it in future.

As Parveen wasn’t there his mind now was always filled with his hot Didimoni. Once he thought if it was possible to watch her taking a bath in nude. With that he checked out if it was possible to look through the bathroom ventilator.

The trouble was, normally she took her bath in dawn before her morning Puja session. Otherwise she would take that in the afternoon when she returned from her shooting. As it was with some daylight, it would be too risky to stand outside the building and peep through the bathroom ventilator.

Then one day they both had been to the market in the evening and came back late at 7:00 pm. She was really tired and soaked in sweat as the A/C of the car wasn’t functioning well. She was going to take a bath and after that, she would rehearse sometime for her latest movie. It was just what the Odisan Cook has been waiting for the last two days.

That’s when, he heard the water running in her bathroom as he waited outside restlessly about five minutes more. His cock was already hard as he was thinking that he might get to see her naked in the shower that day. Silently, he went outside…. and noticing no one from neighboring quarters, he made his way to the bathroom ventilator. His excitement grew in perverse anticipation as his cock was struggling to come out from his Bermuda.

Realizing that, no one could have been able to notice him in the semi-darkness, he peeped through the ventilator and saw her nude under the shower. Wow! look at those nice boobs…. yes, they’re perky with stiff brown nipples on it….. glistening with the running water.

Quickly his gaze moved downwards and became fixed on her most precious thing…… her heavenly pussy. It looked she had trimmed her pussy-hairs very recently. Quickly he pulled out his rock hard cock from the Bermuda’s fly and began to masturbate…. peeping on the super hot Bengalee dream-queen actress.

He saw her one hand moving onto her pussy as she began to rub it slowly. Her hand moved gently up and down on her slit. At the same time she began to stroke her boobs with her other hand…. pinching her hard nipples

Oh God! The fantasy-queen of numerous bengali film lover was masturbating. He doesn’t think his cock has ever been as hard as this. She was rubbing herself with the two fingers of her right hand near the top of her clit. He couldn’t hold back any more and let his cum shoot out….. but without wasting it, once again he collected that in his hand.

Instantly he went to kitchen and kept that in the previous jar. Within minutes he came back….. however taking the semen container with him and resumed his previous position. He didn’t want to miss the watching of his favorite actress Didimoni’s masturbation. He still had his cock in his right hand which wasn’t as hard as a few minutes ago, but was still stiff. He once again began to stroke it and felt it getting hard again.

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