Mother daughter compare bodies

I’m 52 and the mother of a 23 year old daughter. I’m happy I found this outlet to share the experience I had with my daughter.

About half way through Covid, my daughter’s apartment lease was up and she decided to move home as she can work remotely and save some money. We have a great relationship and I was happy to have her. We both look remarkably alike ( I don’t mean I don’t look my age) with our bodies. We both have very large breasts along with a full butt and thighs. Fortunately, we’re both 5’ 8” and a size 10-12 so we carry it well.

With that, there have been occasions when I wonder what her body looks like today and if we also look alike naked. (I certainly knew I wasn’t as firm😊) I’m guessing that she also must have had a similar thought over time out of pure interests because of our similarities. Once she was home for a while, my thoughts got frequent especially when I would see her in leggings and tank top. At this point, it wasn’t sexual, just curiosity.

About the third week, I was in my room and had just gotten out of the shower. My door was ajar maybe six inches and that was common unless you shut it tight. I was in my robe and standing in front of my dresser and mirror. When I look in the mirror, I can see out to the hallway. I started to brush out my hair and took off my robe. I was naked now. As I started brushing my hair, out of the corner of my eye, I saw light then it stopped. We have a night light in the hallway as it’s dark and then hit me. If l you’re standing in front of the light, it blocks it from my view which meant my daughter was standing out there.

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I was going to grab my robe, but I can’t see out into the hall when my light is on, and if I didn’t something like put my robe back on, she would know I had seen her. I’m standing looking into my mirror brushing my hair and I could feel my nipples growing. I think it was the initial tabooness that got me excited. And, I’ve had a fantasy for years to be watched masturbating.

I’m standing in full view with my over grown bush and my tits swaying as I brushed my hair. She was still out there watching me. If I stood there any longer, it would be noticeable so I got bra and panties out of the dresser and put them on. Right then, I could see the light in the hall. She had walked away.

That night while laying in bed, that’s all I could think about. It was surreal. Was hard to believe that I actually showed my daughter my tits and pussy. I thought that this was just a one time thing and it was over, but I was wrong. As I laid there in bed I was very horny and was getting wet. I decided to masturbate and fantasize about my usual, which is women with women and someone watching me masturbate.

Those thoughts only lasted a few minutes. As I was fingering myself, my daughter kept coming to mind. I thought about what I had done and added a little to my fantasy. I pictured me watching my daughter like she had done me. The more I pictured her breasts and pussy, the more I fingered myself. I was masturbating about my own daughter and was incredibly horny. I could feel myself starting to cum. With that, I pictured my daughter inviting me into her room so I could see her up close. Right then, I squirted, it was my first time. I just hadn’t been that turned on before. I soaked my bed. I was laying there in disbelief that I had just done something so taboo.

As I laid there, I began to think that she probably masturbated about seeing me naked. Of course she did. If she wanted to see me naked and chose to spy on me, she certainly got turned on. It’s human nature. The next morning was Saturday and I slept in a while. I threw on my robe and went down to the kitchen. She had started the coffee and was sitting at the table in her robe. I knew what she was thinking, it would be impossible for her not to think about what she saw.

I said,” you look like you’re deep in thought, what’s on your mind?” She said, “ oh, just thinking about something I saw. “ I then said,” it must have made an impression on you.” She said,” OMG, it did.” I then said, “ a good impression, a bad one?” She said, “ oh, it was good. “ I looked her in the eye and said,” please tell me, I truly want to know what you saw. “

She paused a minute and said,” mom, last night on my way to my room as I walked by yours, I saw you in your mirror and you were naked. “ I said in a joking manner ,” oh, I’m glad you said it was a good impression. So, you got a glance of my body. That’s fine. “ I then looked at her again and said,” did you just glance as you walked by, or did you stop and look at me?” She said,” don’t think I’m weird, but, I stopped and looked. “

There was silence. I could feel the sexuality in the room. She then said,” do you think I’m weird?” Without answering her, I stood up from chair, faced her and opened my robe. She stared at my pussy. She then stood up and opened her robe. I said to myself, “ OMG it finally happened.” Her tits were maybe a bit smaller, but the same light brown big aureoles and large nipples. She had a full bush and our asses were very similar.

We just stood there and stared at each others bodies. My head was spinning and she looked like she saw a ghost as she continued to stare at my pussy. I sat back down in the chair and she followed. I opened my legs and this was the point where I knew the voice of reason wouldn’t win. Right then, I actually wanted to touch her and her me. Now she was looking right at my open pussy. It was so taboo and I was so turned on.

Right then, my daughter opened her legs for me. I was shaking. The hair on her inner thighs travelled down to her ass. My head felt faint. I don’t know why, but I said,” let’s sit on the couch. We went into the living room and I sat one end and she the other. We faced each other and spread our legs and I spread my lips open for her to see all of me. I brought my knees back to my chest and raised my ass up. My asshole was in full view. I started leaking cum as said to myself, “ I’m showing my daughter my open cunt.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I put my two middle fingers inside me and started fingering myself. I looked up and she was doing the same. We stared at each others pussy as we vigorously fingered ourselves. Within a few minutes I could feel I was going to cum. “ I said,” I’m going to cum baby. “ Again, I squirted. It went on the couch cushion and her leg. I looked up and could see cum dripping out of her pussy as she aggressively rubbed her clit. She said” I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

We laid there another five minutes and then I got up and went to my room. We haven’t talked about it since.

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