Dad hypnotizes daughter to lower her inhibitions

“… and when you hear the number ‘zero’, you will open your eyes and wake up, feeling refreshed.”

I was using my softest voice, speaking slowly and deliberately as I rounded off the session with my daughter. I had been working with her on and off for months, spending time in the evenings before she went to bed.

“Three… you feel the energy coming back to your arms and legs…”

When I started adding hypnotherapy to my practice, it hadn’t been with this in mind. I had intended to expand my customer base, not use it on my own family.

“Two… you’re beginning to feel lighter, coming out of your sleep…”

Little did I know it was going to be the best career move of my life. The self-improvement market had really taken off over the past few years; instead of reading self-help books, people contacted therapists like me to help them with their problems. My income more than doubled as a result.

“One… you are beginning to wake up, becoming more and more alert…

I say ‘problems’… what I mean is ‘insecurities’. Hypnotherapy had become mainstream now. People didn’t just use it to deal with trauma or anxiety, they came to me for all sorts of things: dealing with stress, trying to stop smoking or biting their fingernails, gaining confidence… That’s what we were doing here. Alisha wanted to become more confident.



She slowly opened her eyes. Those lovely brown eyes of hers. And she had such a beautiful face. I was glad she hadn’t gone down the route so many of her friends had done, using fake eyelashes, lip fillers and that kind of crap. My daughter was gorgeous. And that wasn’t just fatherly love talking; she had inherited her mother’s natural beauty and hardly even needed makeup to look good. Lying there on the couch in the dimly lit living room, she was so beautiful, I’d get all teary-eyed if I started thinking too much about it.

“How do you feel, honey?”

“Mmmm… so relaxed… Thank you, Dad…”

“You’re welcome. Now you should get ready for bed.”


I stood up and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water while she took a minute. When I returned, she was sitting on the couch, stretching and yawning. Man, was she pretty. Supple and graceful, neither too fat nor too skinny; slight, youthful curves around the hips and chest…

At first, I hadn’t believed her when she told me a couple of years ago that she hadn’t started dating yet. A girl like that, I would have thought I’d have to beat the boys away with a stick. Apparently, though, she did that perfectly well on her own. Whenever someone had asked her out, she had said no – not because she didn’t want to, but because she was nervous.

This is actually pretty common. People who come to me for treatment would have meltdowns at the very idea of speaking in public, breaking out in cold sweats if somebody asked them a question in meetings. Some had such low self-esteem that they didn’t see themselves as viable partners, thinking that if somebody showed an interest in them, it would have to be some kind of prank.

Hypnotherapy could actually help. I’d had a great deal of success so far, and most of the job is actually done by the patients themselves. Mostly, it’s not that they don’t know how to talk in public – it’s not that they actually are unattractive or unable to perform a certain task, it’s just that they think they are. Once they get rid of that little monster on their back who says: “You’re useless, you can’t do this.”, it gets a lot easier.

Your boss asks you to tell your colleagues what you’ve been working on for the past three weeks? Easy. You’ve done the work, so you know the stuff, now it’s just a matter of saying it out loud to the group. That attractive woman next door drops hints that she’d love to go out some time? And you’d like that too? Okay, well, then simply ask if she’d like to have dinner with you this weekend. Easy. In theory.

Alisha had always felt awkward as a teen. Gangly. Weird. Limbs all out of proportion. And sure, for a little while that might have seemed to be the case. Her pelvis took time to widen, of course it did. And her breasts didn’t immediately turn from nonexistent to full-fledged hooters, that doesn’t happen to anybody.

Puberty can be a real bitch, causing the body to develop in all sorts of weird ways. A few years in, though, her body had really started to settle in. Now at 18, she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She, however, still felt like that awkward gangly teen she had been some years ago. This had turned her into something of an introvert, even though she really wanted to be outgoing and social.

Alisha used to be much more of a social butterfly when she was younger, and I could tell she really wanted to find her way back to those times. She also wanted to resume her hobbies, like swimming and cheerleading. When her body started developing, though, she immediately felt awkward in those tight outfits.

Hence, hypnotherapy. She knew I was doing well with my patients, so she had persuaded me to take her on as well. At first, I had been pretty dismissive, because I didn’t feel like she needed this kind of help, but after seeing the tears build up in my little girl’s eyes, I hadn’t been able to refuse.

So there it is. We spent one or two sessions a week here on the couch, working on her insecurities. I was chipping away. Moving slowly. Trying to get her to realize the truth. The thing is, that can be hard. No matter how many times you tell a person that they’re beautiful, the message just doesn’t penetrate. It’s something that they have to manage to tell themselves. So rather than repeating “you’re beautiful” over and over, we just worked on her general confidence.

Alisha said she really wanted to go on dates. She just didn’t have the nerve to ask anybody out, and after years of denials, none of the boys who were likely to be interested would dare ask her, since they were used to her shooting them down if they tried.

Also, the way she acted around people wouldn’t necessarily attract them anymore. A lot of people are fairly plain-looking, but have tons of charisma that makes everybody think they’re stunning. How you behave, how you dress, how you smile, how you walk… these things are just as important as your looks. They’re all a part of how people perceive you. As Alisha had started to behave more like an awkward dweeb than a sexy teen, it seemed she had become less desirable over time. That’s what she thought, anyway.

Now, this wasn’t really about changing her personality. She was already in there – that daring, outgoing young woman she wanted to be. This was more about letting her out. Helping her crack through that shell the shy, awkward teenager had created to avoid standing out. It was about lowering her inhibitions. Getting rid of those little monsters on her back who would tell her not to do that thing she wanted to do. Make her feel less awkward in social situations.

“Do what you really want.” was the typical message. That’s the kind of thing we worked on in our sessions. “Take the initiative. See your goal and go right towards it. You are a strong and confident woman – just like your mother. Nothing can stop you.”

It sounds like a bad motivational speech, but it was just the sort of thing that I felt might work for her. Alisha’s social life wasn’t suffering because she was ugly or mean, but because she lacked confidence, and I felt that was a shame. Such a fine young woman really shouldn’t feel like she can’t go on dates.

Okay, so it felt a bit weird at first. A dad isn’t supposed to make his daughter more likely to date boys and wear clothes that make her more desirable to people around her, is he… But after the first couple of sessions, it really started to feel like I was working on one of my ordinary patients. This was just the kind of thing I was helping them with every day.

And she is a fine young woman, I thought to myself. When she lay there on my couch and I had her under my spell, I tried to stay objective and judge her like I would any other female patient. What I saw was a beautiful eighteen year old girl, who was supposed to date people and hang out at the mall with friends. Soon, she’d be going off to college. Socializing, dating… and yeah, having sex. While it was a bit difficult to think about my daughter as a sexual being, more than anything, I wanted her to be happy.

I left the living room and followed my daughter upstairs. We had spent almost an hour today – a bit long. I thought it was going pretty well, though. Alisha was beginning to show some signs of improvement, going out to see her friends more often without having to be encouraged. I was eager to see what the effects would be after several weeks of hypnotherapy.

I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my teeth before bed. I was already thinking about what kind of things I could encourage Alisha to do in the coming weeks. Maybe ask out a boy she liked? Nah, too early. Maybe just a few smaller steps, like… Hmm… like what?

“Do the thing you want to do.” I repeated to myself, as if rehearsing how to say it next time.

It should be calm, but encouraging. I tried a few more sentences, in my best radio voice:

“You are in charge. You can do what you want. Don’t let your inhibitions stop you.”

No, actually, I shouldn’t say it like that, should I… Positive reinforcement is stronger than negative. Mentioning the problem could remind her of it. Telling her that she has inhibitions could make her feel like she wants to hide again, behind that safe, comforting shield she’d created for herself.

“Take what you want. Nothing can stop you.”

Yeah, maybe. That was the kind of thing I’d been telling her already. I could just try to find some other variants of the same encouragement.

I finished up in the bathroom and looked at my watch. It was past midnight. Time to turn in. I headed to the bedroom as quietly as I could, trying to avoid waking Ava. My wife had already gone to bed a couple of hours ago; being an airline pilot meant she quite often had weird work hours. As one of the rare few female pilots out there, she’d been promoted pretty fast the last few years as part of the airline’s recent equality drive. It meant more work, and she also had to travel a lot, spending a lot of time away from home, but at least the money was good.

Besides, Ava’s recurring absence had brought Alisha and I closer together. We would make our meals together, work in the yard, sit and chat… Those talks were really nice – and, of course, they were how I first heard that she was having issues. It felt really good being taken into her confidence rather than being shut out. Typically, daughters don’t necessarily feel comfortable opening up to their parents – much less their dads – and tell them about her feelings and problems.

I had a lot to be grateful for. As I went to bed, I felt like the luckiest man alive. Sleeping next to my beautiful, successful wife, in the room right next to my beautiful daughter… it was more than any man could ask for.

I woke a bit early the next day. I felt drowsy. Like the kind of drowsy you feel when you’ve woken and it’s too late to go back to sleep, but you feel like you could probably manage it if you tried. It was Friday; I only had two clients today and they were both after lunch, so I could actually take another couple of hours…

Then I heard some clattering noises from the kitchen. I became more alert, my mind taking another step away from going back to sleep. I glanced at the radio clock. 6:12 a.m. Might as well get up, I thought. Have a nice, long breakfast. Maybe get to the office early. Get some paperwork done.

I stumbled out to the bathroom and yawned as I looked in the mirror. The light was dimmed low all over the house; my wife liked it like that in the mornings. I could still see that I needed a shave, though. And a shower, actually. Shave first, then shower? Yes. I had time to cook something nice this morning. I’d do it myself, as usual; having a busy career woman for a wife meant she didn’t always have time to cook for her husband. At least she always made coffee.

I laughed to myself as I started up the electric razor. Nah, we had never been a ‘traditional’ couple, there was never any question about her giving up her career. The success she was having, not to mention the money she was raking in, we had always taken it as a given that this family thing was going to be a team effort. Cooking and cleaning, raising the kid… teamwork was key.

As I stood there in front of the mirror, letting my thoughts wander, it occurred to me that I actually quite enjoy the sound of an electric razor. As a kid, I used to wake to the sound of one every morning, as my dad did his morning rituals in the bathroom next to my room. I closed my eyes and moved the razor gently back and forth across my chin. It was nice. This was going to be a nice morning.

A minute later, I figured that it was going to be even nicer than I’d thought. I felt a pair of soft arms embrace me from behind, then two loving hands started stroking my stomach… and a few seconds later, they wandered down to my genitals. I was pleasantly surprised to feel movement between my legs, as my wife had apparently found time for a bit of morning intimacy.

Gentle strokes up and down my inner thighs, soft fingers with a touch of sharp nails just hinting at some animalistic tendencies… I knew what was coming next. She placed one hand around the base of my limp cock and the other gently embraced my balls. Then she took me in her mouth, making me swell up. My cock started hardening and quickly grew to full size between her lips.

“Mmmmh…” I moaned.

She started a delightful sucking motion first. Then she moved her head back and forth, slowly fucking me with her relaxed, open mouth. Damn, it felt good. It was so long since the last time she used her mouth on me… so long I couldn’t even remember… I wondered why she was feeling so frisky this morning. Maybe it was that bracelet I bought her a couple of days ago? Or maybe she just loved her man so much that she wanted to give him an early morning blowjob like she used to do before our lives grew too busy?

I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I just stood there with the shaver running and enjoyed the pleasurable sensation of her warm, wet mouth slurping away at me. Maybe I should get up this early more often, I thought. Even though it meant I’d less sleep, it clearly had its advantages.

I opened my eyes slightly and checked the progress in the mirror. I was just about finished with the shave, but I could probably make it last a few more minutes, I thought with a grin. Still drowsy and on my way into a fog of sexual enjoyment, I reached down with my free hand and ran my fingers through her hair. Her long, silky, black hair… For our anniversary next month, I was definitely going to buy her a….

Woah, hang on, back it up. I flinched. Black hair? Suddenly, I was wide awake. An ice cold shiver ran down my spine as my brain now remembered that Ava had dyed her hair a distinct light brown with blonde highlights just a few days ago. Still feeling that silky smooth hair run through my fingers, I looked down towards the floor in front of me … seeing the top of my daughter’s head.

“Alisha, what the fuck…?!”

At first, I was about to shout. Then, as if on cue, I heard noises from the kitchen and it occurred to me that advertising what was going on to the whole house might just make things worse.

“Alisha, what the fuck are you doing!?” I whispered as loudly as I could while still feeling pretty sure my wife couldn’t hear.

My daughter had her eyes closed. She seemed completely absorbed in what she was doing and kept sucking at my cock while making tiny mumbling noises:

“Mmmm… mmm…”

“Alisha …” I said and put a hand on her shoulder, pushing her away.

“Mmm!” she mumbled loudly, resisting me, reaching around my leg and holding herself in place.

“Alisha, get off…” I kept whispering, grabbing her ponytail and pulling her backwards.

Now… you know that “mhm” noise people sometimes make when they want to respond in the affirmative, but keep their mouths closed? Alisha just unleashed the opposite of that.


She looked up at me with anger in her eyes. I was completely taken aback. Normally, she only gave me a look like that when she was furious with rage. As her mouth came off my cock, she left it open and a stream of drool was hanging from my dick to her lips.

“Honey, stop that…”

“Uh-uh!” she exclaimed even more loudly, shaking her head.

“Sssshhh…” I kept whispering.

“UUUUUH!” Alisha kept insisting more and more loudly, mouth still open, her head pushing forwards towards the rock-hard cock standing out in front of her face.

I was desperate to avoid alerting my wife to what was happening. I really didn’t need that right now. I needed to resolve this situation myself. Alisha kept getting louder and louder, angrily protesting the fact that I was pulling her head away from me. In that moment, it seemed like the only thing that would make her quiet was for her to get what she wanted. Desperate, I relented.

“Shush-ussh-ussshhh… just… be quiet, all right…?”

“Mmh…” she replied, once again with her mouth full.

As soon as she was allowed to suck me again, she seemed satisfied. She immediately quieted down, like a baby who’s been given its pacifier, and focused on the job. To be fair, it felt amazing. A warm, willing mouth first thing in the morning… And Alisha was a natural. For the first few moments, she seemed clumsy, not really knowing what she was doing. Then she started adjusting to my feedback.

It was like she was inside my mind, reading my body language perfectly. Every time I moaned with pleasure, she kept doing the thing she’d done to make that happen. When my cock jolted because she touched a sensitive spot, she kept returning to that spot with swipes of her tongue. Her mouth was warm, wet, lively… and her hands never stopped touching my sensitive skin.

“Uhhh… uuuhh… ohh!” I moaned, my head beginning to spin from the sensation of my daughter’s mouth on my cock.

“What was that, baby?”

I shook myself out of the stupor as my wife called out to me from the kitchen.

“Uh! Oh, I… uhh… Nothing! Just… noticed something.”

I tried to stop myself from making noises and hoped the sound of the razor would drown out anything audible from the bathroom. Quickly, I opened the tap to get some water running, hoping that this would help as well. Alisha was also getting louder…

“Mh… mh! Sllrrpphh… MMM!”

“Quiet! Quiet…” I hushed her.

I was getting more and more nervous. Surely, Ava must have heard something. She could walk in on us any second!

Alisha didn’t even look up at me. She just continued sucking cock like she’d never done anything else before in her life. Every time she pushed her head forwards, I felt the tip of my cock nudging against her soft palate. She tried pushing further, seemingly attempting to get my cock all the way down her throat, but she wasn’t quite able to do it. Then she let her tongue whirl all around the tip instead, giving me intense stimulation for a few seconds before trying to swallow me again.

It felt amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I was beginning to get dangerously close to the edge. I was astonished. Her mouth was bringing me to orgasm faster than my wife had ever managed. The risk of getting caught was the only thing stopping it. I wasn’t able to relax enough to make myself cum like this – my heart was pounding with fear of being discovered, causing the world as I knew it to collapse on my head.

Suddenly, I heard from the outer hall:

“I gotta go – there’s coffee on the pot. See you, babe!”

“Yep! See you… Fly safe!”

I heard the door slam. Finally, I could stop my daughter’s crazy antics without fear of her alerting my wife!

I looked down at her. She looked up and locked eyes with me, still slurping away at my rock-hard cock. I had her ponytail in my hand. Literally the only thing I needed to do to make this stop was to pull her off me. Surprised and horrified, I realized … that I couldn’t. Alisha’s beautiful face, her amazing mouth, the sounds she made, the whole situation… it was all just irresistible. My orgasm was building fast, now that it was suddenly safe… and I just couldn’t stop.

“I’m going to…” I groaned, desperately.

Alisha just kept going. If anything, she was getting rougher. More and more insistent. She thrust her head forwards repeatedly, keeping her jaw loose. Eventually, I just relented and let her get what she wanted. I thrust forwards into her mouth and stopped trying to hold back.

“Aaah! Oh… shiiit!” I cried and moaned loudly as I felt it coming.

“Mmmmh!” Alisha moaned happily as streams of thick, gooey cum came gushing out of me and straight into her hungry mouth.

“Fuck… fuck fuck fuck what are you doing to me…” I gasped in between moans of pleasure.

Alisha didn’t move. She just finished me off, keeping my cock firmly in place between her lips, drinking my juices without flinching. It felt like my orgasm lasted for several minutes. When it finally subsided and I started to regain my balance, I experienced the weirdest thing of all:

Alisha suddenly stood up, stepped past me and casually said:

“Thanks, Dad.”

Then she disappeared, going back to her own room, leaving me standing there wondering what the fuck just happened.

Her voice rang in my ears. The electric razor was still going, its buzzing creating a white noise in the background. Thanks? Just like that? Like I just handed her lunch money? My teenage daughter had just sucked me off while her mother was in the next room… and afterwards, she had just wiped her mouth and said thanks?

I put away the electric shaver and stumbled into the shower, still slightly dizzy. As the water ran down over me, I was beginning to think it hadn’t actually happened. That I’d imagined it all. But where would such a fantasy even come from? A family man like me, suddenly fantasizing about being sucked off by his daughter? As a psychiatrist, I could probably write volumes about the meaning of such a daydream.

My body told a different story. The water felt invigorating, but the shivering in my legs and general soreness of my dick were clear evidence of my daughter’s onslaught. I didn’t know Alisha could even do something like this. She’d hardly even been on any dates, much less had any experience with kissing, petting or… sucking… Right?

I shuddered as I thought of that word. I almost felt disgusted. My lovely princess – doing such dirty things? The skill, though! How’d she learned how to do that? When my wife had made her first attempts at giving blowjobs, they had been disastrous. Only after lots of attempts over the course of our entire honeymoon had she managed to actually take me to completion. How had Alisha managed to make me cum in just a few minutes? While I was so nervous? How could she be so good at this?

I turned off the shower. For a moment, I hesitated getting out. I almost wanted to turn it back on again and hide in here, but I knew it would only delay the inevitable. There was no getting around that I had to face my daughter. Better sooner than later, I thought… like ripping off a band-aid. This situation, whatever the fuck it was, had to be dealt with.

Dreading the coming conversation, I got dressed and went to the kitchen. Alisha sat at the table, staring at her phone while chowing down a bowl of cereal. I hesitated for a second and then walked past her, opening the fridge to get myself something to eat. It felt like I was hiding. Which was true, in a way. I just needed a few extra seconds to think. Just a minute or two, maybe – just the time it took to make myself a sandwich… In that time, I’d be ready.

Of course, when I sat down at the table with the sandwich and a cup of coffee, I didn’t feel ready at all. I had no idea what to say. Another few precious seconds were earned as I started eating. Couldn’t very well talk with food in my mouth, now, could I? I cast a glance over at her. She didn’t seem to notice. She just sat there, all casual like, scrolling on her phone.


I cleared my throat. She didn’t react.

“Ahem… I… well…”


“I just… er…”

Still nothing. She just… sat there. Looking at her phone. Scrolling. Reading. While I kept clearing my suddenly-very-tight throat. I tried drinking some coffee, but my whole chest felt like it was tightening like a noose.

Eventually, Alisha stood up and put away her bowl, then grabbed her school bag and got ready to leave. I managed to clear my throat enough to speak just as she put on her denim jacket.

“Uh… Ali..? You know… in the bathroom just now… when you… er…”

Her response both confused and annoyed me in equal measure. She just casually shrugged and said:

“Yeah, I just felt like it. You’re taking me shopping today, right? Like you said?”

“Uh… what… am I?”

“Yeah, it’s Friday. You said…”

“Oh… right. Yeah. After work…”

“Yeah, I thought around six. Meet you at the mall?”


“Cool. I’m off. Love you, Dad!”

“Love you… too…”

Then out the door she went, leaving me partly bewildered, partly relieved that I didn’t have to have the most awkward conversation ever right now. Left to myself, I just sat there for a while, thinking. What in the ever-loving fuck was happening to my daughter? Had she gone from a social recluse to a complete slut from one day to the next? Unlikely.

I started considering if anything had changed around here recently. Her therapy? Sure, that was fairly new. Still, we had only been talking about boosting her self esteem – it’s not like I’d hypnotized her to have sex with someone at the first opportunity. Even if I had, that’s not how hypnosis works. You can’t hypnotize someone into doing something they’re not OK with. The KGB can’t hypnotize someone to be an undercover assassin, and your average Joe from Long Island can’t hypnotize his daughter into giving him a blowjob. They’d have to want to do it.

Was that it? Was my daughter going through one of those phases where you’re so horny that you’d do anything to anything, and this was just a symptom of that? No, surely, she would have targeted someone other than her father. Like that handsome senior who gave her a ride home after the baseball finals… Jackson, wasn’t that his name? Seemed like a cool guy, and Ali would surely be interested in someone like that. Surely, she would have gone down on him rather than me if it was just a matter of wanting it. No, the hypnosis couldn’t be it.

I went to work. My two appointments went by quickly and I hardly said anything. Driving home, I couldn’t even remember what we talked about. My clients seemed happy, though, having gotten some of their troubles off their respective chests, and that’s all that mattered to them in the end. A lot of sessions in therapy are just about letting your patients talk about their feelings without making them feel like they’re being judged.

The rest of the day was just paperwork, but it was slow going. It’s safe to say I was distracted. The vision of my daughter’s head bobbing back and forth below me was always on my mind. The slurping sounds, the sensation… My heart beat faster, just thinking about it. It had been such an absurd situation, it was hard to accept that it had actually happened.

Then there was the risk of getting caught. Yes, it had felt exciting, in a way… but mostly, I was terrified. Ava finding out… that could still happen! All it took was one slip-up, either me or my daughter mentioning something about what had happened in that bathroom, and the truth would come out. Sure, my wife could be freaky too; we’d even had threesomes back in the day, but I felt pretty sure that getting our daughter involved was crossing a line.

I kept agonizing over this whole thing. What was I going to do? Shut my mouth, pretend it never happened and try to forget all about it? It was on my mind all day. At work, on the way home, while getting ready to go back out to meet Ali…

The mall. Shopping. Right, that should be a good distraction. I drove over there, trying to think about anything other than the blowjob in the bathroom. Damn, there it was again. Not an easy thing to forget, that. I parked the car, went inside and found my daughter near JCPenney.

“Over here, Dad!” she called and waved at me.

She didn’t act like anything out of the ordinary had happened. Like she hadn’t sucked me off before breakfast. I wondered if she had been thinking about it all day like I had… She certainly didn’t seem like it.

We went shopping. I quite enjoy going shopping with my daughter. And my wife, actually. They both include me – it’s an experience for both of us, not just an ego trip where I’m treated like a walking wallet. What do I think of a certain bag or jacket? Does the higher quality justify the price? They often listen to my opinions and arguments. It turns shopping into something more than just buying stuff – a conversational event.

We went inside the store and Alisha started picking out outfits and holding them up so I could see them.

“What about this?” she asked.

“Well, I can’t really tell what they look like just from seeing them on the hangers…”

“Good point. I’ll try them on. Come.”

She scurried off while looking over her shoulder, expecting me to follow. When she got to the fitting rooms, I hit the brakes and positioned myself around the corner, waiting for her to come back out.

Once she reappeared, she was a sight to behold. The top she had picked out was dark red, tight-fitting and short enough to show off her naked belly. I actually smiled. This wasn’t the kind of look you’re going for if you’re trying to blend in. This was an outfit worn by someone who’s trying to attract attention.

“Very nice. Looks lovely on you.” I said, making Alisha smile before she spun around to go try on more items.

Shirts, shorts, blouses, tops, skirts and jeans – she tried on a bunch of outfits and looked amazing in every one. The things she picked out made me think about the work we had done over the past several weeks. Confidence had been the key word, the thing I had tried to build in her. I had tried to instill in her the thought that she was an attractive, confident woman. These clothes definitely seemed made to be worn by someone who fit that description. Could it be that the therapy was working?

This little shopping spree put me in a really good mood. Alisha too was beaming and held my hand, squeezing it excitedly as the cashier bagged all the stuff she’d picked, and I happily paid for the whole set.

“Hungry. Food?” she said as we walked on through the mall.

“Yep. Sub?” I replied and steered us in the direction of the delicious smell coming from one of the vendors near the aisle.

We bought a sub each and sat down in a vacant booth.

“So, how do you feel about your purchases today?” I inquired, obviously knowing the answer, but I wanted her to keep talking about how much she liked her new clothes.

“They’re awesome. I’m gonna try them on again when we get home. This blazer, by the way…”

She reached into the bag and pulled out a black blazer with a deep cut. It was really nice and fit her frame perfectly. It was also the kind of thing usually worn by adults rather than by young teens, so I thought it actually made her look a bit more grown up. She quickly slipped it on.

“I got this one because it makes me look classy, like Mom.”

“You look very much like her.” I said with a smile.

“Oh, and I also got this – you didn’t see this yet…”

She pulled out an item from the bag; a black bra with tiger-like stripes. Then, through some kind of magic trick that only women know how to do, she unbuttoned her blouse completely and took off the bra she was wearing before putting on the new one – all while sitting right there in the open where any passer-by could see her!

I mean… she was still wearing the blazer, so it’s not like she was completely naked… And we were sitting in a stall in the corner, so only people who walked past the glass partition outside the shop would actually be able to see anything. Nobody raised alarm, so I assumed nobody had seen what I had: my daughter’s naked chest underneath that open blazer, exposed for several seconds while she took off her old bra and put on the new one.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked, pulling the lapels out to the sides to show me the bra underneath.

I was so taken aback that it didn’t occur to me to stop her. It took several seconds for me to compose myself and assume the father role to teach my daughter about public decency.

“I think you should have waited until you got home, taking your shirt off like that. It’s not really appropriate to show everyone your breasts right here in the mall, you know.”

“Men can go topless, so why can’t women?”

“You know, I actually agree with that wholeheartedly, but I don’t think men should go without shirts in the mall either. Beach, yes. Mall, no.”

“Gotcha. I’ll show you when we get home.”

“Okay… Speaking of, we should get going.”

I grabbed our things and headed out to the parking lot, the image of my daughter’s naked breasts burned into my mind. Sure, she had on that new jacket, but then beneath that was a white blouse that she had unbuttoned and opened up… and while she was transitioning from one bra to the other, there they were – her two round, firm, wonderful, medium-sized breasts. Once seen, I couldn’t get that visual out of my head.

We got to the car and I hopped in, eager to get away from people who could notice my awkwardness. I was blushing, I knew that. My face was burning and I could even feel the effect reaching my ears. They were probably reddening too.

Then there was the other reaction. The one in my pants. The thought of Alisha’s firm breasts had given me a strong erection – one that I was desperately trying to conceal. I now realized that I should have fixed that before getting in the car; it was a bit late to fix it now that we were driving. Difficult to do without her noticing. I tried adjusting my seat, moving my pelvis around – anything to avoid actually moving my hands to my lap.

Ali looked over at me and giggled.

“What are you doing – trying to hide your bulge? It’s okay, I don’t mind. I know you’re getting turned on.”

“Well, I… uhm…”

Busted. The blushing sensation in my cheeks intensified. Alisha checked her appearance in the make-up mirror of the sun visor.

“I mean, I’m a hot, younger version of your wife. Why wouldn’t you be?”

I was going to deny it, but realized it was too late for that. I didn’t want to admit that she was correct, but it was pretty hard not to see that round hump in my pants. One thing that struck me, though, was how full of confidence she seemed when she confronted me about it. She was the one making me flustered, not the other way around.

She was right about another thing too. She looked so much like her mother. A young version of her. Like the girl I had fallen in love with some twenty years ago. Not that looking like that hot Latina wifey of mine was a bad thing, but the fact that she was just my type did make it even more difficult to avoid these involuntary bodily reactions.

Even harder when said hot teenage daughter actually start touching you.

“Waah…!” I exclaimed as her hand started stroking my bulge.

“It’s really nice and big, isn’t it…”

“Ali! Don’t do that!”


“Because… well, I’m driving, that’s why!”

Yes, that was why. Brilliant, you moron, telling her that you were preoccupied and should focus on the driving, rather than saying that she’s your daughter and that her rubbing your cock is wildly inappropriate!

She didn’t stop either. She just kept stroking it gently, giving it the occasional light squeeze while I desperately tried to focus on keeping us in the right lane on the highway.

“Mom probably likes it that you still get this hard.”

Wow, I thought. Way to go, Ali. Way to make a man feel old and desirable all at the same time. I was getting harder, though. Rock hard. She kept stroking my cock through the cloth, exciting it and making it jump and jolt at the touch. I let out a suppressed groan.

“Hey, Dad, I think it likes it.” she giggled, grinning mischievously.

“Stop that now…”

“I could suck it again…”


“Because you’re driving?”

“… Yes, I’d probably crash!”

“Good point. Rain check on the blowjob, then. Unless you wanna stop somewhere.”

“No, no, it’s fine…”

I couldn’t believe how brazen she was. It was like she had no filter; no inhibitions at all, her hormonal teenager brain just saying exactly what was on her mind, appropriate or not.

It took a few seconds for my brain to fully take in the ramifications of her statement. “Stop the car, and I’ll blow you”. That’s what she was actually saying, right? My thoughts went back to that incredible blowjob she had given me earlier that morning, and how it had made me feel, seeing my beautiful daughter doing that to me. It had felt so wrong. So taboo. So risky. So… good. Too good. Too tempting.

Alisha kept stroking my bulge all the way home. We didn’t say anything. She checked her phone with her right hand, keeping her left on me. I just kept driving. It felt really awkward. I felt like I should say something, but I couldn’t get the words out. As we pulled into the driveway, I just felt relieved that the journey was over, so that I could go inside and take a shower. A really cold shower.

“Oh, Dad… can we have another session tonight?” Ali asked as we headed inside.

“Uh… okay… We did just have one yesterday, but…”

“Yeah, I know we usually go a few days, but I really feel like we should keep going, like it’s…. like a stuck screw coming loose, you know?”

“Okay. Yeah, we can probably do that.”

It wasn’t a bad idea. Her reasoning was sound. I had a million questions in my head about this crazy day’s events, so maybe this could be the opportunity I needed to get some answers.

I did actually go for a cold shower. Really cold. I normally hate those, but I forced myself into it. As that cold water made my skin tighten up and my genitals shrink, my attention was forced away from distracting thoughts and made me live in the here and now. The only thing on my mind was that agonizingly cold water.

“Brrrrr….” I shuddered as I wrapped myself in a big bath towel and dried myself.

Another session, then. Yes. I had some ideas. Continue the positive reinforcement, and then add some redirection. Channel that new-found confidence of hers in a positive direction.

I got dressed and headed back to the living room, where Alisha had her new clothes scattered all over, showing them off to her mother.

“And this one, I thought I could combine with… oh, Dad, did you see this one?”

She held up the red top.

“Yes, I saw all of it, I was there when you bought it, remember?”

“Yeah, I just…”

“Why don’t you take your new stuff upstairs and hang it up, all right?”

“Yes, Dad.”

She grabbed everything and put it back in the bag before darting upstairs to her room.

“Busy day?” Ava asked, giving me a kiss.

“Phew. Well, shopping isn’t too hard, but she gets very enthusiastic sometimes.”

“I can tell she was in a good mood. Those garments were a new style for her.”

“I noticed.”

“Her confidence is growing, apparently. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

She gave me another kiss and went back to her computer over in the corner.

“I have to get these last reports done.”

“How long were you heading this course, again?”

“Last day tomorrow. Then back in the air, once all the trainees are cleared.”

“Once you clear them, you mean, you awesome supervisor, you.”

She smiled and turned to her screen, putting on her headphones.

Ava had been doing office work for a week now, coaching some youngsters for the airline. I had wondered why they used a pilot for this kind of work instead of keeping her in the air, but apparently, she was the only one qualified on a certain system or something, so she became their mentor for a time. I wasn’t complaining, as it meant she’d gotten a break from those long trips away from home.

We all enjoyed a nice supper together before heading off to bed. Ava had some last-minute things to work on, so I followed Alisha upstairs and prepared for the evening’s session. It always took a while to bring her fully under, so she liked doing it just before she was going to sleep. After working on this for several weeks, though, we were able to speed up the process a little bit. Still, I preferred always using the same method, so that she got used to it.

“… and take a deep breath… and exhale…”

Alisha sat on her bed, leaning back against her two large pillows, while I sat in the chair right next to her. I could sense that she was drifting under after about ten minutes. Just a little more now…

“You feel yourself floating now, getting closer and closer to falling asleep… I’m going to count down from five, and when the number reaches zero, you’ll feel completely relaxed and free to talk about anything you want. Five… and you feel your body relax… Four… you feel warm and comfortable… Three… you feel your inhibitions dropping away like a sheet of clothing slipping off a chair… Two… you feel safe and secure… One… you feel strong and confident… Zero… all right, you’re ready to have a nice talk now…”


“Do you feel good?”


“Do you feel tired?”


As usual, when I got her to say something while she was hypnotized, her sentences were short and direct. Some words even sounded like they were left hanging, as if there was more coming, but then there was nothing. Her speech was also slightly slurred, as if she was talking in her sleep. After all, she kind of was.

I had a plan. I wasn’t going to try reversing anything right now, I just wanted some information. To learn about her thoughts. Try to figure out what was going on with her, and why she’d had this fairly sudden personality change. For one thing, she’d just updated her wardrobe. That was my in.

“Okay, Alisha, you had some fun today…”


“You went out shopping?”

“Yeah, for clothes.”


“Yeah, clothes and subs.”

“Sounds like fun.”


“Did you like the clothes?”


“What did you like about them?”

“They’re cool. Sexy. Look good…”

“That’s nice…”


“I bought a blazer. Like Mom’s…”

“That’s good.”

“Yeah, I like Mom.”

“What do you like about her?”

“She’s confident. And pretty.”


“Yeah, I wanna be like that.”

“Yeah? Like your mom?”

“Yeah, just like Mom…”

Okay. Made sense. Ava was a social butterfly; a charismatic, intelligent woman with a real outward-going personality. She had plenty of friends and even more admirers, so it was no wonder that a young woman looked up to her. But I had a sense that I was only scratching the surface, so I kept digging.

“You’re pretty too, Alisha, do you know that?”


“Do you think you can be like your mother?”


“Successful and…”

“Yah, like Mom… She’s confident. And classy. And hot. Yeah. I wanna be like her. Like Mom.”

“Do you want to be a pilot?”


“But successful?”

“Yeah. And hot.”

“Like your mom.”

“Yeah. Really classy. And so hot. Yeah. All the men drool after her.”


“Yeah… She has really hot sex with Dad.”

“She does, huh…?”

“Yeah, I hear them. It’s really hot. I want that.”

“Hot sex?”

“Yeah, I want. Really hot sex, yeah. With Dad.”

Okaaayyy… this was getting away from me… I could understand having Ava as a role model, and I could definitely understand a horny teen wanting hot sex, but why was this directed towards me of all people? I had to find out more. Keep digging. See if I could get to the root of this… issue.

“Why do you want sex?”

“It’s good.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Feels good, yeah.”

“Have you had sex with another person?”

“Just a little.”


“Yeah. With Dad.”

“Mhm… Why do you want to have sex with him?”

“It’s hot… he’s hot… Mom likes it.”

“Did you like it?”


“What did you do with your dad?”

“Sucked it. Yeah… Sucked his cock.”

“What did you like?”

“I liked sucking his cock.”

“How did it feel?”

“Hard… and soft… in my mouth. Tasty. Musky taste… I made it cum.”

“How did it make you feel?”

“Tingly. Like I was bad… but good…”

“It made you tingle?”

“Yeah… all tingly inside… Very tingly…”

“And… you’re thinking about doing it again?”

“Yes. Of course. I want to. Want the tingle.”

“What if your dad doesn’t want you to?”

“He does. He likes it. Likes it a lot.”

“He does, huh?”

“Yeah. I made it cum.”

“You like that?”

“Yeah… it’s hot…”

Okay. Redirect time. She was clearly into the whole sex thing because it made her feel good. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I assumed that I could get her to realize that she could experience that feeling with someone else.

“Are there any hot boys at your school? In your class or…?”


“Would you like to have sex with one of them?”


“How about Jackson?”

“No, he’s gay.”


“Yeah, he likes guys.”

That was a surprise. I felt really stumped. What could I do now? Honestly, I had no idea about any of the boys in her life. I had spontaneously come up with the idea of taking some attractive guy in her circle and getting her to think about him as a potential partner, but the only one whose name I could remember was gay? Just my luck.

“Are there any other guys you like?”



“Yeah, my dad.”

Dammit. Back to that.

“Anyone else?”

“No, just Dad.”

“Any boys in your class that you feel attracted to?”


“Why is that?”

“They’re not Dad. I like Dad.”

Aaaand back to square one again. I was moving around in circles.

“What do you like about a guy? What turns you on?”

“Strong arms… he has a nice voice… Dark… I like dark… and tippy. Sharp and tippy…”

She was getting a bit incoherent, mentioning several other things, none of them really making a whole lot of sense.

“Okay, you’re doing fine, Alisha… you’re very good.”


“I want you to think about dating.”

“I don’t like dating.”


“Yeah. Don’t like dating.”

“Why is that?”


That was new. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard this before; we’d been doing this for weeks and this was the first time it had actually come up. I was just going to seed the idea that she could go on a date with someone and that it could be really nice… but now she was saying that that was a stumbling block? Not just general inhibitions, but dating itself? I had to keep trying.

“Alisha, I want you to think about a restaurant. One that you like. Do you see it?”


“Picture yourself inside it. Do you see it?”


“Where are you?”



“I like burgers.”

“That’s good. Now, I want you to picture a young man standing there, not too far away from you.”


“He’s got really strong arms…”


“And he’s tall…”


“Just your type.”


“Maybe you’re his type too. After all, you’re a classy, sexy woman…”

“Like Mom.”

“Exactly. And everybody wants your mom, right?”


“So they should want you too, right?”


“You can get any guy you want.”

“Uh-huh… because I’m sexy.”

“That’s right.”

Okay, I needed to round this off, chipping away at her inhibitions again. This time, directed specifically at her unwillingness to date. At least, I needed to get her to see what opportunities lay ahead. If she didn’t like dating because she could only see the problems and not the potential successes, no wonder she didn’t like the idea.

“Now, the next time you see a boy you like, you’ll feel an urge to say hi to him. You’ll feel like it might be a good idea going to Arby’s with him, sit down and have a burger. It doesn’t have to go any further than that, but you like burgers…”

“Yeah… I like burgers…”

“Maybe you’ll even like him. He has strong arms…”


“Maybe you’ll want to have sex with him. If you want, you could do that. You know?”

“Yeah, I know. I can have sex. I like sex.”

“Remember: if you see a boy you think is sexy, you will think about getting to know him better.”


“You’ll feel confident.”


“You’ll feel like you can get to know someone new.”


“You’ll notice that the boys around you are really attracted to you, and you’ll enjoy the feeling.”

“Mhm, I’m attractive.”

“You’ll feel like getting to know someone new can lead to some exciting opportunities.”

“Mh… opportunities…”

“You’ll feel like there’s a chance that meeting someone new can lead to finding an amazing sex partner – everything you’ve dreamed of.”


“Okay, I’m going to count down from five now, and when I reach zero, you will wake up and feel refreshed and confident. Five… you’re beginning to gently float upwards, rising slowly, your hair dropping back… Four… you’re feeling a bit more alert, slowly beginning to wake up… Three… you feel stronger and more confident in yourself than ever before… Two… you feel confident and successful… just like your Mom. One… you feel yourself waking up, coming to consciousness and feeling great about yourself… Zero.”

Alisha opened her eyes and blinked several times, as she normally did after these sessions. I gave her a minute.

“Okay, how do you feel?”

“Good. Nice and relaxed.”

“All right. Now have a drink of water and get ready for bed, okay?”

“Yep. Thanks, Dad.”

I got up and noticed that Alisha followed me to the bathroom. I was just going in there to splash some water in my face, while she grabbed a glass and filled it to the brim before emptying it in one swig.

“Mom’s leaving again soon, right?” she asked.

“Yeah. Last day tomorrow, she says, so…”

“So two more nights?”


“You should have sex, then. Before she goes.”


“Because you haven’t in a while?”

“I… we…”

“You know I can hear you guys, right? You’re really loud…”

“Weren’t you going to go to sleep?” I protested against her line of inquiry.

“I’m actually going to take a shower first. It’s fine, I’ll only be a minute. Then I’ll go to sleep, and I can put something in my ears so you won’t wake me.”

“Yes, now, I know this isn’t a school night, but you said you had a club meet tomorrow, so maybe you should think more about that and less about your parents’ love life? Brush your teeth, have your shower and then go to bed. All right?”

“Yes, Daddy. Now go and have sex with Mom.”

She gave me a light shove out the door before closing it behind me. The mouth on that girl, I swear… But why the hell not. It had been a while, what with my wife being pretty busy most days, and all these frustrations were really beginning to stress me out.

As soon as Ava had finished writing her report, I led her to the bedroom. I pushed her down on the bed and pulled her clothes off, taking my frustrations out on my wife, who was a bit confused as to where my sudden randiness came from, but didn’t complain.

“Ooh… you’re aggressive tonight, babe…” she cooed as I tore her clothes off with a growl.

“Grrr… I love what you’ve done with your hair, it’s so hot…” I said as I kissed her breasts, belly and moved further and further down…

“Well, there’s no hair down there, but carry on…” she giggled, opening her legs for me.


“Sí, eat my pussy, baby…”

I love the taste of my wife’s pussy. Initially, there’s only a subtle taste of the female sex, but then, as she gets more and more excited, slippery, slightly thicker fluids begin to ooze out of her. Once I tasted her, I licked up and down the sides of her exposed labia, touching her most sensitive parts with my tongue. First one side, then the other… gently strafing by the clitoris on the way. Up and down, up and down… inside, outside…

I kept going until she started squirming more and more violently, then I focused all my attentions on that little lump on top of her opening. She had gotten so sensitive at this point that the slightest touch would send shivers up her spine. She squirmed and moaned, her legs began to tremble and she knew I wasn’t about to drag it out; we both knew that her orgasm was coming and that I wasn’t stopping before it had happened.

My hands were placed underneath her butt cheeks, enabling me to hold her in place under me while I buried my mouth in her pussy. Once she started moaning at a higher pitch, I knew that she was past the point of no return and was rapidly moving towards her climax. Her legs went from trembling to all-out shaking, and she squealed so loudly that even the pillow she used to cover her mouth couldn’t block out the noise. Then, as soon as she had let out that orgasmic moan, I pounced on her.

I threw myself on top of her and buried myself deep. I lifted her legs up and bent them back so that they went over my shoulders. She groaned as I bottomed out in her, but I knew she liked it. She enjoyed being the object of my desires, and she really enjoyed it when I let loose and just took what I wanted, using her for my pleasure. It was confirmation that I found her irresistible – which I did. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to pound that wet pussy while my wife let out a series of little moans in response to my thrusts.

I strengthened my grip on my lover’s juicy ass and pulled her up towards me, fucking her harder and harder until I felt myself nearing orgasm. I growled loudly and shoved my cock all the way in as I came, enjoying her little moans of appreciation. This was the way it was supposed to be. This was the woman I was supposed to have sex with, not that… other one. My wife and I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep together, holding each other like lovers do.

The next morning, Ava was up early, preparing for work. Alisha slept in, like she did most weekends, so I spent a bit longer in bed too. When I eventually got up, I dragged myself into the shower – in part to wake up, in part to wash off the grime from last night’s activities.

It really had been delightful. Ava and I were a lot more active when we were younger, basically having outrageous sex in every room of the house as soon as we moved in. We were still pretty dirty when we found the chance – it was just that we were so busy these days, and Ava’s job kept her away from home for long periods at a time. When she did come home, it was mostly just to catch some sleep before heading straight back out to the airport.

I fried up some bacon and eggs for breakfast, then I found a note on the kitchen table.

“Loved the quick round last night – thanks, Tiger. XX 🙂 “

Yeah, I loved it too. Even though I’d have loved it even more if we could have kept going all night, like we used to when we were wild teens, I knew she didn’t really have time for long, drawn-out escapades anymore. Maybe once in a while when she had a few days off, but when she needed to go to work the next day, she just wanted me to finish her off quickly. The most important thing was that I didn’t just think about myself. I always made sure to give her an orgasm too. I knew she appreciated that.

Alisha did eventually show up, just as I was pouring myself some coffee. As soon as I heard her trotting down the stairs, I immediately picked up another cup from the shelf, because I knew she was about to swipe mine. Sure enough, before I had even turned around, it was gone. Ali proceeded to dump its contents in a tall glass and mix it with milk for her own home-made version of a latte. Then she made herself a bowl of Cheerios and sat down at the other side of the table.

It didn’t take long, however, before she went from normal breakfast-eating teen to the new, ‘direct and confident’ type.

“You fucked Mom last night, right?” she asked while shoving cereal into her mouth.


I retorted without thinking. It took me a second to realize how quick – almost dismissive – my reply had been. The tone of my voice was like I meant: “Yeah, so? What business is that of yours?” I didn’t mean it that way, not really, but Alisha continued her inquiry, undeterred.

“Yeah, I heard. You were pretty loud. Like a freakin’ porn film. It sounded like you had fun.”


“Good. Mom is really hot, you should do her whenever she’s home.”


I was going to comment on my daughter’s more-than-direct language, but she stood up and left the table just as I had my mouth full. As she cleared away her dishes, she just kept going as if this conversation was the most natural in the world:

“Did you eat her out? Gotta take care of your woman, you know… Fill her needs. Make sure you give her pleasure.”

She didn’t even wait for my response – she just kept talking while she walked away. Her sentence trailed off during something about orgasms and pleasure, I didn’t catch all of it. But okay, she was focusing on my relationship with her mother now – not on what had happened between me and herself. That was something. Maybe my redirection strategy was working? If only just a little bit?

As she left the house, I hoped that our latest session had made some progress at least. If I kept seeding the idea that going on a date with someone she liked could lead to something good, maybe it would happen eventually. And then, maybe, Alisha would turn her hormonal attentions towards someone other than her father. I didn’t mind that she became more outspoken and direct – that was fine. That was a sign of confidence.

I didn’t have work this weekend, so I just spent the day at home, at the gym and in the garage, filling my day with whatever I found entertaining. It felt good, being alone with my thoughts and not to have to consider anybody else’s plans. Come dinner time, though, Ali returned and immediately changed all that.

“Okay, so I’m back. Ready, Dad?”

“Ready… for what…?”

“For me to show you the new clothes, silly! Like I said!”

“Oh… But didn’t you already…?”

She had already run up the stairs and disappeared from view, leaving me a little puzzled. I had already seen them. On her, even. I was with her in the store, she tried them on and asked me what I thought… Oh, well. Teenage girls. I never had been able to grasp their mindset. And that’s coming from a shrink.

I started dinner while she rummaged around upstairs. Whatever she was doing took some time, so I cut up the meat and the veggies and threw them in the pot for them to simmer for a while. Just as I was tidying up, Ali came back down the stairs, wearing one of her new outfits.

“Okay, Dad – sit over here on the couch, okay? I’m gonna do, like, a fashion show.”

She smiled and practically danced over to the stereo. I shrugged and did as she asked, sitting myself down on the couch while she paired her phone to the speakers and put on her selection of songs. Typical Billboard music started to fill the room.

The first outfit she showed me was the red top, with one of her tight-fitting light blue jeans. She also wore a pair of shoes I hadn’t seen on her before; I guessed she had borrowed them from her mother’s closet. It all looked really good on her and I smiled and gave her two thumbs up. Ali smiled back and twirled for me, showing off her long legs and lovely figure. Then she turned and walked upstairs to change to the next outfit.

She looked amazing. Like her mother in her youth. A slim waist and a round behind, very much in my view as she walked up the stairs. My daughter’s hips swayed from side to side, almost as if she was showing off on purpose. I actually quite enjoyed this. Alisha seemed more confident by the day, and being ‘on stage’ in a setting like this is definitely not something you do if you’re struggling with low self esteem.

Knowing this, I decided to show my enthusiasm, giving her lots of positive feedback. As soon as she came walking down the stairs with the next outfit, I nodded and started applauding, voicing my appreciation in time with the music. This time, she was wearing a black tank top with a long matching plaid skirt that I knew she’d kept in her closet for years. It looked really good on her, edges flying out to the sides as she turned around for me.

Next, she appeared in a top with a knot tied at the front, leaving most of her stomach uncovered. She was clearly still in good shape, never having stopped her workout routines despite dropping out of cheerleading years ago. She also wore a pair of very short jeans shorts, showing off her silky smooth thighs. I whistled and clapped my hands as, fittingly, the music from the Coyote Ugly movie came on. Seemingly encouraged, she staged a bit of a dance for me, walking back and forth like a line dancer, pushing her hips out to the sides as she showed me her moves.

“Yay, go, cowgirl!” I cheered and made us both laugh.

She moved a bit closer and did a full turn before standing there, shaking her ass less than three feet away from me. I felt a twitch in my pants but I was determined not to be distracted. This was just about Ali showing me how good she looked in some of her new clothes. It was my job to focus on how good she looked, not how sexy.

This did become a growing problem as Ali showed me several more outfits, one more revealing than the next. Her movements also became more and more provocative. I tried to focus on the fact that this showed incredible character growth: it takes real confidence to dance like this for anyone, and she was doing it with great determination. Still, it was hard to avoid… well, getting hard.

Eventually, she came walking down the stairs in the hottest outfit yet. She was wearing the bra with the tiger pattern, no top or blouse covering it. Then she had put on her new blazer but left it unbuttoned, and she wore a short skirt to match. For this, she had also borrowed another pair of Ava’s shoes – this time, a pair of high heels; I could hear the clacking sounds as she moved down the stairs towards me, looking at me seductively.

There was no question she was teasing me at this point. She swayed her hips as she moved towards me, locking eyes with me and giving me that mischievous smile of a girl who’s up to something. This body language was definitely intentional.

“Do you like it?” she cooed, giving me a wink before spinning around.

Yeah, I liked it. Both the outfit and this whole thing. A lot of women struggle to do something like this and it felt important to me, giving Ali a safe space where she could show herself to a man.

She turned around and bent over, showing me her naked thighs. The high heeled shoes pushed her bottom up, making her legs look even longer, and the skirt barely covered her naked ass cheeks. It was at this point I noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath that skirt! I felt a lump in my throat. My cheeks felt warm and I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t just any hot teenage girl – it was my own flesh and blood.

My daughter continued to dance for me, showing off both her outfits and her physical attributes while I watched. I kept up appearances, applauded and cheered to encourage her. I kept telling myself that I was just showing her that she was doing really well. I didn’t quite want to show her how well she was doing. She had managed to make me really worked up. That thing in my pants was now hard as a rock.

Then one song stopped, there was a pause, and a new one started. Ali stood still and looked at me while the room went silent for a couple of seconds. Then, as the song Bad Things by Jace Everett fittingly started playing, she gave me a determined look and stepped towards me. Before I even had time to protest, she moved all the way up to me and got on my lap. I swallowed. The lump in my throat had grown significantly.

She put her knees on the couch either side of me and placed her arms on my shoulders, leaning forward so that her chest was really close to my face.

“It’s a really cool bra, isn’t it, Dad?” she asked, smiling down at me.

“Yeah, very. Good choice, there…”

“I mean, take a closer look.”

Before I had time to react, she unhooked the clasps at the front. The whole thing slid off and I once again had a very good view of my darling eighteen year old daughter’s perky breasts.

I really struggled at this point. I had to consciously fight off the urge to lean forward and suck on her perky goodness. That’s what I usually did whenever Ava sat on my lap like this; I love sucking on a woman’s nipples. And unlike what had happened at the mall, there was no table between us. I had an unobstructed close-up view. They were right there, mere inches in front of my face.

“What to you think, then? Nice… right?” she asked and put the bra in my hands.

“Yes… very nice…” I replied, still trying to swallow that lump in my throat.

I felt like I should extract myself from the situation, but I had already tied myself to the mast by insisting on supporting my daughter’s latest confidence-boosting exercise. At this point, it was too late: my body was frozen in place and I didn’t have the willpower to tear myself away now. Besides, she was sitting on me. I’d have to physically push her off.

Then, like an ice cold shower, my phone came to the rescue. It started ringing, taking my attention away from my sexy-as-hell daughter. Leaning across the couch and picking up the phone from the side table, it turned out the interrupter was my sexy-as-hell wife. Normally, I’d be annoyed being interrupted from a situation like this, but this time, I was really relieved. Now Ali would have to stop this seductive onslaught.

Problem was, she didn’t. As I picked up the phone and put it up to my ear, Ali giggled and threw her hair back, continuing her little lap dance by wiggling her butt back and forth.

“Yes?” I spoke into the phone, trying to take my attention away from the seductress.

“Hey, babe, it’s me.”

“Yeah, hey.”

“Just an update. I haven’t left yet, I’m gonna be late, did you make dinner?”

“It’s just stewing now. I’ll put some aside in the fridge for you.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Ali arched her back and leaned forward, pressing her chest right up to my face while giggling mischievously. Meanwhile, I kept trying not to be too distracted to talk to my wife.

“Oh, by the way… I wanted to ask about next week – you got a minute to talk?”

“Yes, of course…”

“I was thinking about changing layovers…”

What followed was a completely normal conversation with my wife on one end, and on the other end, a decidedly not normal thing happening on my lap. While Ava talked about her possible plans for the coming days, I just kept going:

“…mhm… uh-huh… Well, I think whatever works best for you… yeah, so… sure, do that…”

Alisha, meanwhile, giggled and seemed to have enormous fun rubbing herself against my crotch. She ran her hands through her hair and played with it, smiling and laughing silently while teasing her father.

“You like this?” she whispered while rubbing her naked pussy against my bulge.

“Not now. Stop it.” I whispered back while trying to register what my wife was saying.

How far was she planning to take this? Did she even have a plan or was she just acting on impulse? I tried to lean over to the side, in part to get my face away from Alisha’s tempting titties, in part to move the phone farther away so that the microphone wouldn’t pick up her voice.

“You ate her out, right? That’s why she was so loud?” Alisha whispered and gave me a wide smile.

“Shush! Sorry, what was that, honey?”

“Oh, I was just thinking out loud – I’ll have to go to sleep early because I gotta leave at 5 a.m…”

“Yeah, that’s okay, though.”

“I was thinking out loud too…” Ali butted in, still rubbing herself against me, still trying her darnedest to distract me.

“Stooop…” I groaned as she rubbed her pussy against my crotch more eagerly, basically dry-humping me right there on the couch.

Suddenly, my wife gave me a breather as she asked to speak with Alisha herself.

“Is Ali there? Can you put her on?”


I held up the phone and Ali took it, standing up and leaving my raging erection in peace for a blessed second.

“Hi, Mom! What’s up?”

She started talking to Ava about something, but I could only hear one part of the conversation.

“Yep! Sure thing. Yeah, I can…”

I thought for a second that she was giving up. She wasn’t. Just as I breathed a sigh of relief from having her nakedness no longer pressed against my cock, she stepped into the couch and stood over me. Then she lifted one leg up and draped it over my shoulder – I could feel the heel of her shoe scrape down my back. That wasn’t the biggest issue, though. Ali wasn’t wearing underwear…

“You did eat her out, didn’t you…? Well, I want some too…” she whispered to me, rubbing her naked pussy with her fingers, mere inches away from my face. Then she grabbed my hair with her free hand and firmly pulled me in between her legs.

My daughter’s pussy was completely clean shaven. As my mouth was pressed up against it, I could immediately smell her excitement. She was completely drenched. Torn between my own lust and the shock of what was happening, I instinctively tried to pull away. Ali reacted immediately.

“Don’t resist.” she whispered with a low growl.

She gave me a stern look, clearly determined. Not only was she confident, she was in charge. Just like that time in the bathroom, she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Her hand held my hair in a firm grip, not letting me pull away. Alisha forced me to do what she wanted.

My mouth drank in the taste of her incredible pussy. I let my tongue lick the insides of her slit, causing her to moan in response.

“Mmmmh… What? No, Mom, I’m just… yeah, just doing a thing…”

She was so wet. Her pussy was practically overflowing with juices.

“Yeah, Mom… Sure… Uh-huh… Uhhhhh… ohhhh…. yeah…”

I dove into it. The little resistance I had left was gone. My hands slipped around her and cupped her buttocks, pressing her against my mouth. My tongue dipped inside her. I drank from the forbidden well.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Mmmmphlllrrph…” I mumbled, slurping and licking furiously.

“Yes! Yes, can hear you, Mom… Oh… Yeah, he sure is… yeah, go on…”

I kept going. Alisha’s breathing was getting heavier and more erratic, and she seemed to have trouble keeping the conversation going on the phone. Her legs also started to tremble. I could feel her shaking in my hands as I ate her. I slowed down a little, moving my attentions away from her clit and letting her calm down.

“Just a moment, Mom…. hang on…”

My daughter looked down at me. She had an intense, almost angry expression on her face. In a raspy, growling voice, she commanded:

“Make. Me. Cum.”

Then she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me in between her legs, demanding I finish the job. I did as she said. The outer lips… the inner lips… the clitoris… they all received the attention of my mouth. It became so intense that I hardly managed to breathe. Just a minute later, Alisha stood in the couch with her legs wrapped around my head, shaking uncontrollably.

“Okah… Mom… okay gotta go bye…”

I heard her throw the phone down and felt both of her hands on my head. Her shuddering was getting stronger and her voice more desperate.

“Make me cum! Daddy, I’m… oh… MAKE ME CUM NOW!”

I knew better than to change anything when she was this close. I just kept doing exactly what I was doing, taking her over the edge and enjoying the taste of her juices leaking out as her pussy twitched in orgasmic cramps. I slurped up the delicious fluids and held her ass in my hands, drinking from this young woman’s sex.

Eventually, she fell backwards off the couch and landed on her ass on the floor. She gasped for breath and laughed.

“Woooh! That was amazing! Woah, I can barely stand…”

She took the shoes off to make it easier to walk. Then, on unsteady legs, she summoned herself and tiptoed back upstairs.

“Thanks, Dad!” she said and gave me a wave as she disappeared.

I could hardly believe it. Not just that she had made me eat her out, but that after such an incredibly hot encounter, she left me there, sitting alone on that couch with the biggest, hardest erection ever. Thanks? That’s all?

It took me several minutes to compose myself. Then I finally moved over to the kitchen to wash my face, seeing as my chin had gotten all sticky with my daughter’s juices. I continued making dinner, slicing up some bread to go with the stew. Half an hour later, I shouted up to Ali that dinner was ready, even though my mind was on anything other than food. I was still horny. Part of me wanted to jump her as soon as she came downstairs again. When she did, though, she once again seemed completely normal, looking and acting as if the tryst on the couch had never happened.

I felt a little awkward as we ate, but Ali didn’t seem phased at all. We talked about school and the latest news – her behavior revealed no indication that she had just gotten eaten out by her own father. It also occurred to me that I was in for a pretty big case of blue balls. This wasn’t going any further tonight, apparently, and Ava had to get an early night.

Okay, I’d have to live with it. I’d had two orgasms yesterday, so it’s not like I was starving. Still, getting worked up like this and then not be given satisfaction… man, that smarts. I did some dishes and tidied up, then I went to watch T.V. for a couple of hours to take my mind off things. By the time Ava came home, I had pretty much managed to reset.

“Hey, babe, I’m home!” my wife called from the door as she entered.

“Hi, sweetie. I’ll fix your dinner.”

“Oh, thanks… I really need to pee…”

She zoomed off to the toilet while I got some stew out of the fridge and put it in the microwave for her. I also treated her to some bread and butter, as well as some lemonade to drink.

“Aww my home-maker hubbie made dinner for me?” she cooed as she came to sit down.

“Anything for such a beautiful lady, madame.”

It was a fairly simple, but nutritious home-cooked meal. Just the kind of thing anyone loves after a long day. I had always felt this was quite natural – the one of us who came home from work first made dinner, it just so happened that it was most often me. I knew how nice it was to come home after a long day at work and then somebody had dinner ready. It wasn’t that big of a deal, really; I was already cooking for myself and Alisha anyway…

I sat with my wife and kept her company. It was very nice. She told me about the work she had done recently, the new people who had joined her airline and more. It was just a lovely evening. Afterwards, she headed off to get ready for bed while I went back to watch some more T.V. I preferred giving her some time getting properly to sleep before joining her, so I stayed in the living room for a while. When I eventually grew tired, I too retired for the night and got ready for bed.

After a trip to the bathroom, I took great care to sneak into bed quietly and not to wake Ava. The double bed was really two big singles put together with a mattress topper on top, so movement on my side wouldn’t be felt as easily on her side. I went to bed knowing that she’d be gone the next morning, so I’d have a nice Sunday breakfast with Alisha.

I was nudged awake. What time was it? I had no idea. It was still dark. What was going on? I looked down. There was movement down by my legs. What was that feeling? I was so drowsy, it took me a minute to work it out. Then I felt something touching me down there. It felt good. My brain was still slow. There was a person there? In the bed with me? Doing… something?

As my brain came out of Dreamland and started processing reality, I noticed what was going on. Alisha was in my bed, in the process of pulling down my pajama pants. Her hand had already snuck in down there and started stroking me between my legs, making me hard even though I wasn’t properly awake yet. As I came to consciousness, she had put her mouth on me and started sucking my cock.

I tried to sit up, but immediately felt a hand on my chest, pushing me back. I heard Alisha’s voice, in a hushed whisper:

“Sssshhhh, Daddy… don’t wake up Mommy….”

Oh. Yeah. There was that. I suddenly realized how much of a risky situation this was. Ava was sleeping right next to me, just a foot or two away. And here was my daughter, again about to give her father a blowjob.

Nervously, I started to glance over to my left, keeping an eye on my wife. This was a sight I really didn’t want her waking to – our daughter’s head in my lap, with my cock in her mouth.


I moaned, unable to stop myself. I covered my mouth with my hand. Ali continued licking and sucking, her lively tongue flickering across my glans before her lips enveloped the whole head. It felt amazing.

She held around the shaft with one hand and used her mouth for the rest. I felt her wet mouth slide repeatedly up and down my cock, then she moved to the head and spent time licking and sucking on my most sensitive areas before starting over. Man, she was getting good at this. The way she picked up on my reactions… It was like she was reading my thoughts. It was like she knew when something became too intense; then she changed things up and did something else, before doing it again a minute later.

Okay, I thought. This was okay. As long as she kept as quiet as she did last time… and as long as I was able to keep quiet, Ava wouldn’t notice. She was a fairly heavy sleeper – she wasn’t going to wake as long as we kept the noise down, and as long as I could stop myself from moving around. That was a bit of a problem, though, because Alisha was so good that my legs started twitching involuntarily. Then she made it worse.

She moved up towards me and started sliding herself on top. She was wearing her nightgown, but as she sat herself on my lap, she held up her panties and showed them to me.

“What…?” I whispered, not seeing what she was getting at.

She smiled and started grinding herself against me, making my cock slide back and forth against her naked pussy. Then she leaned down and whispered in my ear:

“I wanna fuck, Daddy…”

This was bad. Surely, there was no way we could do something like that! Not here! Ava would surely wake if we moved around too much!

“Your mother is right there…!” I protested.

“You’d better be quiet, then…” she replied and shrugged.

She kept moving slowly and carefully. Her pussy was sliding back and forth on my cock, massaging the underside and making it slick with juices. It was dark, so I couldn’t see much, but I could feel it getting more and more slippery down there. Every time her pussy lips grazed against the head of my cock, I had to forcibly stop myself from moaning out loud – the sensation was so intense.

After a minute or two of this, Alisha put her hand between her legs and lifted my cock up towards her slit. Then she sat down. I felt her warmth envelop me as she sank down all the way. I instinctively put my hands on her ass, feeling that young, smooth skin against my palms. I started to wake to the realization that my cock was actually inside my daughter. I swallowed nervously, still checking on my wife, but she still seemed to be sound asleep.

Alisha started grinding against me.

“Ohhh… Daddy, it feels so good…”

“Yes… so good…”

I could only agree. Her pussy was amazingly tight, even though she was so wet, she made herself slide up and down on my cock very easily. Butterflies flew wildly around in my stomach, and that gentle nervous tingling I had felt as she put her mouth on me had continued to grow. My arms, hands, legs… there was a strong tingling sensation everywhere, created by the risk of what we were doing.

“Oooohhh…” she kept moaning under her breath.

“Ssshh…” I hushed her, and she nodded, putting one hand over her mouth.

It suddenly occurred to me that this was her first time. This was the first time my daughter had felt a man’s cock inside her. The tingling sensation grew even stronger. It was so intense, my cock started jolting and twitching inside her channel. I lay back and closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything other than the pleasure. My daughter kept fucking me, clearly enjoying the feeling of her father’s cock.

The feeling was building inside me. I wasn’t far away. I grew increasingly concerned as I felt myself unable to stop moaning out loud. My body made small, involuntary thrusts up against her – I just couldn’t control myself. It was getting more and more difficult, keeping quiet. Alisha leaned forward, breathing heavily in my ear.

“You’re gonna make me cum…” I whispered.


“Slow… slower… I can’t hold it…”

She raised herself up on her elbows and looked down at me for a second.

“Too bad.” she said with a wicked smile and started gyrating her hips, grinding down at me. She made it impossible to hold back; her tight, slippery cunt massaged my whole shaft from head to root. Since she was on top of me, I couldn’t pull out. I desperately tried to hold it, but I couldn’t use force to stop her for fear of waking Ava. My wife was right next to us, so I couldn’t very well start a wrestling match. I held my hand over my mouth and tried to avoid moaning too loudly. Alisha raised herself up, then arched her back and slid back and forth on top of me, rubbing her slippery pussy against my sensitive cock.

“Okay, you can cum now…” she whispered.

My head started spinning and I couldn’t see clearly. A groan escaped my lips just before I pressed my hand hard against my mouth to muffle the noises. Powerful contractions spread through my nether regions and started shooting out everything I had between my daughter’s legs.

I felt everything down there getting wet and slippery. My lower belly got covered in sticky cum. When the orgasm finally subsided, I looked down and saw my cock resting against my stomach, with Alisha sitting on it, her pussy still sliding back and forth against its underside. She was so wet, and the stimulation had been so intense, I hadn’t even realized that my cock had slipped out of her before I came. Streams of cum had shot out onto my belly and now she was leaning forward, rubbing herself against me and smearing it out between us.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that I hadn’t deposited my load inside my teenage daughter. The very idea felt so wrong, it made my stomach tingle wildly. I didn’t even know if she was on birth control. In any case, it was a moot point right now. I just felt relieved.

Most of all, I was also relieved that Ava hadn’t heard us. I looked over to her side and she seemed to be sleeping soundly, just the way she was before my visitor arrived. Alisha eventually slid off me and sat on the floor. Just before leaving, she leaned over and whispered:

“Dad… don’t shower. I want my juices to be on you.”

Then she left, swaying her round hips seductively as she walked out the door. All night, my own semen mixed with my daughter’s vaginal juices stayed smeared all over my skin.

Man, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t the boss in the relationship anymore. My daughter had just fucked me. Right next to my wife, despite my protests. At the end, she had given me permission to cum – that’s how she had worded it. It seemed like she was determined to just do what she wanted whenever she wanted, whether I thought it was a good idea or not. Because she turned me on so much, I was unable to resist her. She was the one deciding things.

The following week was pretty much all work. I had lots of appointments, Ava was back in the air and Alisha had several big school projects coming up. For days, my mind was preoccupied with everyday issues and not really focused on anything sexual at all. Because Ali didn’t mention anything either, it was as if life returned to normal for a while. She behaved like a normal eighteen year old girl, treating me like any girl treats her father. Anything we said to each other was just about practical things.

Then she changed it around again, like it was nothing.

“Mom’s away this weekend, right?” she asked while I was going over some papers from the city council.

“Yeah. She’s staying over in L.A., so…”

“Okay. So can we do it again?”

“Do… what?”

My mind was on other things, so when she asked me this, I was genuinely clueless.

Sex, dummy! Can we have sex?”

My ears went hot with embarrassment and I instinctively looked around to see if anybody might have heard her, even though I knew that Ava was out shopping.

“Uuuh… I mean…”

“It was so good last time, so I want a more. I’ve just been so busy with this thing. But I want it soon. Okay? Good.”

She left. Again, very abruptly. She just said those things as if they were the most natural things in the world, then she was off. Like her mother would do. With our busy lives, we would plan like that sometimes. I suppose I should have been happy she hadn’t jumped me right there. Ava probably wouldn’t have responded well to coming home from Walmart to see her daughter riding her father’s cock.

I laughed at the absurdity of the idea. Shit, how did we even get to this point? I had never really found that out, had I… Maybe I should do another therapy session with Alisha and figure out where these ideas had all come from. Some ideas for questions started popping into my head and I wrote them down so I could use them later. I also got some ideas for other things…

That Friday, I felt more and more anxious as the time drew near. Sex with Alisha, that’s what was coming, I realized that now. She had said that she wanted it, so I knew she was going to make it happen. I also realized that I wasn’t going to stop her. It was too tempting. Even though it felt wrong to indulge these urges, I felt powerless to stop it from happening.

I made us dinner as usual. Ava packed her overnight bag – a small, black suitcase on wheels, the perfect size for short sleepovers. Part of me wished she wasn’t going. It’s that feeling you get when you’re approaching the top of the roller coaster. My heart beat faster as I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that the hour of my wife’s departure was approaching.

Ali, on the other hand, seemed completely relaxed. She just sat there at the table with us, eating and smiling as if everything was normal. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in her head. Was it the same as in mine? Was she too looking forward to this evening with a mixture of anticipation and dread? When Ava eventually got ready to leave for the night, I was a nervous wreck, like a teenager who was going on his first date.

I followed Ava out into the hall to see her off. As she was leaving, she gave me a long, intimate kiss and rubbed herself up against me – just the way she knew turns me on.

“I hope you’re going to be all right here without me all weekend…?” she whispered, giving my cock a light squeeze as she turned around to leave.

“I was going to say something about enjoying the sight of your leaving, but it’s getting a bit old, isn’t it. I’ll have to come up with something new to compliment your ass soon.”

“Well, you have all weekend to think about it. Hey, Ali! Take care of your father for me, all right?”

Alisha appeared behind me and waved goodbye to her mother.

“Yes, Mom, I’ll take really good care of Daddy.”

I looked back and saw her winking at me. I swallowed nervously as she disappeared into the living room. Ava went out the door and proceeded over to the waiting taxi, and we waved our goodbyes before she sped off. I was left there with my daughter. My sex-crazed, overconfident teenage daughter.

Where’d she go? As I locked the door behind me, I couldn’t hear anything. It was completely quiet, except for the ticking of the clock on the wall. Did she go upstairs?

“Ali, did you want to do a session tonight?” I called out. “I thought of a few…”

I was interrupted by the sight of Alisha standing by the stairs. Completely naked. Her beautiful teenage body, a vision to behold; her amazingly firm medium-sized breasts, her round hips, her shaved mound… all of her on display, right there in full frontal view. I was speechless.

“My room.”

She turned around and gave me an amazing view of her ass as she walked up the stairs. I thought she had run out of ways to surprise me – clearly, I was mistaken.

We headed up to her room and she lay down on her bed as usual. I sat myself down on the chair next to her, struggling to focus on the process of bringing her into a state of trance. It usually took about ten minutes, maybe fifteen. This time, I was so distracted at the sight of her naked body lying there on the bed, that it took at least half an hour before I felt sure that she was completely under.

As usual, I started with some basic questions and therapeutic statements, getting her to open herself up. Eventually, though, I felt confident enough to dig a bit deeper.

“So, Ali…”


“You’ve been doing some new things lately.”


“Things that you like.”

“Yeah. I like them.”

“That’s good…” I said, knowing that while this kind of encouragement was working in the direction of boosting her self-esteem, it also drove her closer to doing more and more of it.

“Yeah, it’s really good.”

“What made you want to have sex?”

“It’s exciting. Makes me tingle.”

“Why did you want to have sex with your dad?”

“More tingle. Yeah. Tingle…”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but it sounded familiar. Could she be talking about the same feeling I was feeling? That nervous tingling that started in the stomach and spread out everywhere whenever I thought about how wrong it was of me to have sex with my daughter? I was still distracted by the sight of her nakedness – her breasts stood up like two mounds on top of a hill as her chest rose and fell when she breathed. She just lay there, looking so pure and angelic, yet I knew that underneath, there was more to it.

I kept probing away, but I wasn’t able to get much more out of her. There was a limit to her responses while she was hypnotized; they were short and to the point, as if they should be self-explanatory. They probably were, in her mind. To an outsider, such responses don’t always make a whole lot of sense. I decided to be more direct, and to see if she could remember specifics.

“What made you decide to give your father a blowjob?”

“I wanted it. Mom gets it. I wanted it too, so I did it.”

“You just wanted it?”

“Yeah. I can get what I want. Do what I want.”

“Dad told you that?”

“Yeah. I wanna suck him off… so I do it.”

“Why do you want to?”

“I like the taste.”

“The taste?”

“Yeah… and when he moans.”


“Moans for me, yeah.”

“He moans for you?”

“Yah, I’m doing it. I make him moan.”


“Then he cums for me. I make him. Then I tingle.”


At this point, I was hard as a rock. My horny brain had a million things on its ‘to do’-list, but I stuck to the things I had planned earlier. My hand reached out and started stroking her naked skin, touching her while I kept talking.

“Does it tingle here?” I asked, stroking her stomach.


“And here, in your chest…?”

“Yeah, tingles…”

I kept stroking her velvet skin all the way up to her neck, then moved down her arms and touched her all the way down to her fingertips. As it turned out, she was tingling everywhere. I kept going.

“You feel a soft touch slide down your belly… it’s exciting and makes you feel warm inside… Now down your thighs… down the inside of your knees… slowly down to your feet… You feel it tingling and it feels nice and warm…”


“You feel your father’s hands touching you…”


“… and it makes you feel warm, relaxed and comfortable…”

“Mhm… more… want more…”

“You want more?”

“Yeah. Cock. I want…”

“You want cock?”

“Yeah. Dad’s.”

“Mhm…. and where do you want your father’s cock right now?”

“In my mouth, duh. Yeah. I want it in my mouth.”

She had her mouth open, breathing deeply, her tongue licking her lips. I didn’t think any more about it, I just stood up and pulled down my pants. At this point, there was a wet spot in my boxers.

I leaned over and positioned my cock right beside her head.

“Can you see his cock next to you? If you turn your head, you can find…”

She turned her head quickly and sucked me in before I could finish the sentence. I moaned immediately. The sensation of her wet mouth was just so beyond anything else, and the sight of my daughter lying there with my cock in her mouth made shivers go down my spine.

“Ohh…. that feels good…”


“You feel his cock throbbing in your mouth…”


“It turns you on, doesn’t it…”


She moved her head back and forth, sliding her mouth onto my shaft. The only problem was the weird position I was standing in. It wasn’t perfect for Ali either; lying on her back with her head turned to the side wasn’t a great way to do this. Also, I really … really wanted to fuck her again. Torn between my desire to penetrate her and to let her keep using her mouth on me, I eventually forced myself to step away.

“UUH!” Alisha protested.

“You feel calm and relaxed…”

I kept my hand on her head and managed to calm her.


“You feel confident that you can get what you want…”


“You want to feel your father’s cock inside you…”

“Yeah, I want it. In my pussy.”

“You can feel it’s about to happen, and you feel your body relax, preparing for it.”


I took off all my clothes and lay down on top of her while I kept giving her these little sentences that backed up what she already wanted. It worked amazingly well. She could be steered. As I moved on top of her, she readily spread her legs for me, opening up and welcoming her lover. I kept stroking her breasts, kissing her soft skin as I moved into position.

“You feel it touching your pussy, getting ready to slide its way inside you…”


“You feel good about it…”

“Yeah. So good.”

Her voice was whisper, almost shivering, but still calm. I could feel the tip of my cock touching her opening now. She was dripping wet, overflowing with juices, moistening anything that came into contact with her delicate flower.

“It pushes inside you…” I whispered, my own voice now also beginning to shiver as the feeling overpowered me.

“Yes, yes…” she whispered back.

“You feel it filling you up…”

“Mhm… mhm…”

“How does it make you feel?”

“Tingly… it tingles… my stomach tingles…”

I sank all the way into her and felt her arms and legs wrap around me. Her tight, slippery channel clenched around my shaft and massaged it all the way from its base to the sensitive head. I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure, thrusting involuntarily into her like any man would when they’re inside an amazing woman like this. I felt her breath in my ear, her whimpers making my stomach churn in a wave of excitement. There was just something about this that felt so wrong … so bad… that it came all the way back around to feel good.

“Now…” I moaned, having to take a new breath after just a few words. “I am going to… count down… from ten…”


“When I reach zero… oh… you will… wake up and feel… excited and… full of desire…”


“Ten… You feel really good… about getting fucked… like this… Nine… you feel like… you’ve accomplished… your goal… Eight… you feel like… you can do anything… Seven… Oh my God, Alisha, you’re so… fucking tight…”

I lifted her legs up and bent them backwards, folding her over so that her feet were almost above her head. She was so flexible, this didn’t seem like a problem at all; she just bent to my will and let me do what I wanted. In this position, I could easily penetrate her all the way, bottoming out and pushing myself against her insides. It made me feel like I was huge.

“Six… you just… love getting fucked… by your father… don’t you…?”

“Yes, Daddy…”

“Five… you feel that … that tingling sensation you’ve been longing for … spread all over…”


“Four… you feel like… saying it out loud… how much you like it…”

“Yes, Daddy…. I love it… I love your cock… inside me…”

“Three… you want your dad… to fuck you all the time…”

“Yes, fuck me, Daddy… fuck me, fuck me…”

“Two… you feel yourself… getting an orgasm… it’s coming… closer and closer…”

“Uh! Uhh!”

“One… you’re about to cum!”

“Yes… yes!”


Alisha opened her eyes. For a moment, there was an expression of surprise on her face as her eyes flickered around as if taking in the situation. Then, her whole body shuddered. Because I had her pinned down, she couldn’t move, but I could feel her pussy clenching and spasming as she came.


“That’s it… cum for me…” I growled, trying to keep her held down while staying embedded in her.

“Oh! Oh!” she kept crying out, her legs twitching and jerking around in the air above her head.

A few seconds later, she seemed to shake out of it, blinking her eyes to focus. Eventually, she looked up at me, staring me directly in the eyes, still with that surprised look on her face. It almost had me worried me for a second, but then her face changed to a beaming smile.

“Oh, Dad, I didn’t know it could work like this… This is amazing! Fuck me! More! Moooore!”

So I did. I let my desire take over completely, using my daughter’s body for my pleasure. My arms were over the back of her knees, holding her locked in that bent-backwards position, completely open for penetration. I held myself in a straight position on top, my weight placed entirely on my feet and arms so that I could use my body weight to pound her every time I thrust downwards. Alisha cried out in pain every time I thrust into the bottom of her. We bounced on the mattress, up and down with every stroke.

Her face was so beautiful. Pearls of sweat all over her skin, a shade of red spreading across her cheeks… She had an expression of both pleasure and pain, both shock and surprise, but also determination, like she wanted to continue. There was a wrinkle between her eyes, giving her a strained expression, but her moans told me to keep going. She also kept clawing at my back, pulling me close, breathing heavily.

“Urrrghghh God, fuck, Ali, you’re so fucking good…!” I groaned in between my own noises of pleasure.


She didn’t seem like she could talk anymore – not coherent words, anyway. She just started squealing. Louder and louder, then at a higher and higher pitch. My ears started to hurt, but I drowned it out. She lost control of her arms and legs; they were just flailing and kicking as her father pounded her little teen body. It quickly turned out, I couldn’t speak anymore either. I was just a drooling, primal animal.


I felt the orgasm tighten every muscle in my lower body. My legs were beginning to seize up. The whole groin area was cramping. I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard. I roared and grunted, pushing deep inside her as I let it all out. Ali felt it too.


I came so hard, it felt like I was pumping gallons of cum into my daughter’s depths. I kept pushing as deep as I could, bottoming out and pressing against her insides while my whole body was shaking and trembling as the muscles in my arms and legs started running out of energy. I let out some primal noises, grunting and moaning incoherently. Alisha kept squealing too, practically howling with a mixture of ecstasy and pain, eagerly receiving my seed in flowing torrents.

I could see her whole face blushing now, the reddening spreading down her chest as well. We both kept gasping for breath, sweating profusely, our bodies getting slipperier by the second. Finally, Ali was able to manage a hoarse whisper:

“Oh, God…. it’s tingling… everywhere… Please, please keep doing this forever…”

We lay there for several minutes, just breathing heavily, wheezing and squealing as we both started to descend from that mountain of orgasmic insanity. I still felt her nails in my back. Clawing, scratching. Digging in. I felt her pussy still tightening around my cock, slippery from the mixture of our fluids.

It felt so good, lying on top of her like this, keeping her legs bent back over her head. She was completely exposed, completely vulnerable – I could do anything I wanted. My weight was on her, pushing me all the way inside. So deep… I started moving my hips again, grinding against her, pushing myself in deeper, making her squirm and whimper as my cock rubbed against her cervix.

Without really noticing how crazy this was, I just kept going. Slower this time, less rough and intense, but still going. My cock was still hard inside there, pulsing and throbbing, massaged by the constant squeezing of her slippery channel. Her pussy was so slick now that there was hardly any friction at all, despite the tightness. Sloppy squelching sounds and loud slaps from my skin impacting against hers filled the room. She started moaning louder – meekly at first, then louder and more determined as she realized that I wasn’t stopping. She squealed, almost as if in protest:

“Oh… but… Daddyyyy!”

I kept going. I had to. I couldn’t stop. I had to keep fucking my daughter’s amazing pussy. Deep. Deeper.

“Gonna… fuck you… hard… baby… take it…” I just groaned in her ear.

“Sí, sí, use me, Daddy… use your little fuck-princess… fuck me just like Mom…”

I thrust myself against her over and over. Loud slapping noises filled my ears along with the sound of my daughter’s ever hoarser voice.

“Yes, Daddy, yes, fuck me…”

“I’m gonna cum again…”

Her voice became frantic.

“Yes… Get that cum inside me. Get that cum inside me, oh, God, it tingles so good… everywhere… just thinking about it…. get that cum inside me, fill me with your cum, Daddy…!”

After this, her voice was almost gone from all the shrieking. What was left was just a barely audible hissing.

It felt so wrong, doing this, but I knew I wasn’t going to stop. I couldn’t. That made the tingling in my stomach even worse; it spread all the way down to my toes. But I kept going. I had already cum in her pussy once. I might as well do it again. I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling.

I came again. Once again, deep inside her. I groaned and pushed to the bottom, as if my body instinctively wanted to shove my cock through her cervix and deposit my seed directly into her womb. My baby girl squealed hoarsely underneath me, hardly having any voice left. Her face looked so beautiful – flushed red and moist with sweat, with a strained expression like she was in a constant state of orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her, completely drained. I let go of her legs and our sweaty bodies just intertwined, a mass of gooey flesh. I had never felt closer to Alisha than at that moment. This forbidden love was something we shared now, a secret between father and daughter. I gave her a kiss and fell asleep.

I woke an hour later, feeling dizzy and dehydrated. The covers and sheets were all sticky and messed up, partly thrown on the floor. I crawled out of bed and stumbled downstairs to my own room. There I grabbed the water bottle my wife usually kept on her table. I drank it all and fell asleep again. When I once again came to consciousness, it was Saturday afternoon. I stumbled out of bed and went to the bathroom, realizing on the way just how stiff and sore I felt. It was like I had played football the day before.

After a long, relaxing shower, I went to find some breakfast. Well, lunch, strictly speaking. I couldn’t remember having slept in this long since I was a student. Not that I could remember having had such a wild sexual escapade recently either, so I guess that was fair. Ava and I had a great sex life, but I seemed to remember it was more exciting when we first met. Back then, it felt new and special, like we were on a journey of discovery together. We also hid it from our parents for a long while, sneaking off to do it in secret locations while our family were in the other room. This felt kind of like that. Definitely taboo, definitely secret.

I whipped up some bacon and eggs, taking my time at the kitchen table, eating sandwiches and having several cups of coffee. For the first hour, I couldn’t see Alisha anywhere, but then I heard noises upstairs. Thumps and steps, then a door closing, then the shower turning on. She had slept even longer than I had. Small wonder – it had been pretty exhausting for her as well, even though I had been on top. Besides, it wasn’t too unusual for a teen like her to sleep in.

When she finally came downstairs, I once again felt a bit embarrassed. Once again, I felt like we really shouldn’t have done what we had done. Being the adult, I was the one who should have stopped before things went too far, and I felt ashamed that I had lost control like that. That I had done such a nasty, filthy thing with my own daughter. That I had allowed my primal instincts, my urges, to take control over my own rational mind so completely. I had become a grunting beast, only thinking of one thing.

Looking back, it was like she hadn’t been my daughter at all. During that mad, crazy fuck, I had reduced her to nothing but a hole for me to shove my cock into. She hadn’t even been a woman to me – just a thing for me to fuck. I hadn’t considered her needs or wants, I had just followed my own primal urges, using her body for my own pleasure. That was a thing I did with my wife, who loved it… but I didn’t want to treat my daughter like that. Did I? Well, it’s not like she protested – she even encouraged me. Man, it’s like we had both lost our minds.

Ali eventually came downstairs. She had a tired expression on her face and was wearing a typical comfy indoor weekend outfit – just soft sweat shorts and a simple string top. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and it occurred to me that I wouldn’t really have noticed that sort of thing a few weeks ago.

Her hair was still wet and it seemed like she had only made a half-hearted attempt to dry it. She moseyed over to my table and dropped down opposite me, mumbling in a hoarse voice:

“Mh… bacon…?”

I passed her the plate and she quickly made herself a bacon and egg sandwich before scarfing it down like a hungry predator. Less than a minute later, she stood back up and left the table to go watch T.V. in the living room. As she walked away, I noticed her limping. She managed to get to the couch but she clearly had difficulty walking, as if she had a sprain or something. I cleared the table and went to check on her.

“What’s wrong with your leg, did you hurt yourself?”

She replied in a weak voice, like she had been to a concert and screamed until her throat was sore.

“Yeah, just a little bit… well, you did.”

“Uh… me?”

“Yeah, that was really rough last night. I hurt inside.”

“Oh… I…”

I was about to apologize when I saw the smirk on her face.

“Don’t be sorry. It was awesome, being pounded like that. Can’t wait to do it again. I just have to take a break for a few days, you know.”

“Uh… oh, that’s… fine…”

“I can still use my mouth, though. Want me to suck you off?”

“Um.. no, no, I’m good…”

“Okay. Can you make me some tea? I have a sore throat.”

“Yeah… sure thing.”

There it was again, that amazingly relaxed attitude she showed to anything sex related. She could go from suggesting sex to asking for tea in two seconds – it was like we’d been doing it for years.

I went back to the kitchen to make her some tea with honey, the best thing I knew for a sore throat. I could actually use some myself. I too had gotten pretty loud last night. I brought her a big mug of tea as well as a smaller one for myself, sitting down in the chair opposite her. Then we just sat there for a while without saying anything, drinking our tea and watching the news. I didn’t quite catch what the stories were – I was distracted by my thoughts on the story that was developing under my own roof. Eventually, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Hey, Alisha.”


“This… thing we’re doing…”


“Uh… yeah…”

“Fun, right? It’s awesome.”

“Ah, yeah… just… shouldn’t we talk about…”

She interrupted me by putting down her mug a bit too firmly. Not aggressive, but not far from it.

“Okay, you wanna have ‘the talk’? Then let’s talk. I love fucking, okay? I love having sex with you and now that I’ve found out how awesome it is, I wanna keep doing it. There. Talk done.”

She was beginning to get her voice back, but she was trying to steamroll me, that much was clear. I wasn’t happy with that, so I shook my head and told her clearly:

“No, I still need to talk about something. I have… questions.”

Ali picked up her mug again and let out a sigh while waiting for me to continue.

“First of all… how did this all start?”

“What, sex? It’s been around a while.”

“No, I mean… you and…”

“Me and sex? I’m a teen, Dad, I’m horny, like, 24/7. Besides, if I’m worse than your average teen, I probably get it from you and Mom. You’re both horn-dogs, boning whenever you think I’m not able to hear you.”

“Seriously, Ali. Doesn’t this feel a bit weird?”

“Weird how?”

“Because I’m your dad? Doing this with me of all people, doesn’t that feel…?”

“That’s the whole point, isn’t it? That’s what makes it so good. It’s amazing. Nothing has ever made me feel this tingly. It’s so exciting…”

“But it feels kind of… wrong…”

“Yeah! I know!”

She nodded eagerly with an excited grin. I knew what she meant. I couldn’t deny that I felt the same kind of excitement – I felt like she could tell just by looking at me.

“So, I’m still curious about this… I mean, how it started. Did I do this? Did our sessions…?”

“Our sessions? What do they have to do with this?”

“I was just confused about… Those things that we’ve been working on… did I influence you and make you want to do this?”

Alisha looked at me like I was an alien. Part surprise, part disgust, part disbelief.

“Are you wondering if the hypnosis made me want to have sex with you?”

“Well… yes…”

“I thought you were a professional. You can’t hypnotize anyone to do anything they don’t want, dummy – didn’t you know that? No, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. The hypnosis just helped me come out of my shell, you know. Act on the things I want, not think so much about it, just do it.”

I sat still, not saying anything, just listening. This made sense. Also, I felt relieved. It wasn’t me. I didn’t make her do this. I couldn’t. Alisha finished talking for a while and just sat still, looking at me. Then she went on:

“I love doing this. It’s so dirty. I love thinking about dirty things. Just thinking about sucking on your cock makes me feel so good and tingly in my stomach… and when I actually did it, the tingle got stronger and stronger. Then, getting it inside me, it made me feel all warm inside, and I got tingling and shivers down my back, like… like I was afraid of getting caught doing something naughty…”

“Yeah… I get it.” I said, finally speaking up. “But why me, though? Why not… somebody else? You could start dating a guy from school or…”

“Did you not hear me? Maybe I didn’t want to date anyone because there’s only one man for me, Dad. Maybe you’re the only one for me and I just needed the confidence to take that first leap. Doing it with you gives me butterflies! It makes me tingle, and I want that feeling all the time! I want to suck you off and I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me, seeing your face and hearing your voice moan in my ear when you’re inside me… That you’re my dad is the best part. It felt amazing when I got you to give in temptation – when I made you feel so good that you couldn’t stop yourself from letting me have what I wanted…”

At this point, Alisha had closed her eyes and put one hand down her shorts. She started touching herself, daydreaming while she talked about the things she got so excited about doing. I swallowed heavily, beginning to feel the same kind of thing.

“Last night felt so good. The way you just used me, giving in to temptation and fucking the shit out of me like that… I mean, I enjoyed making you cum with my mouth – it felt really good to hear you grunt and moan before you came, and then to feel that I could actually do stuff that would make my big, strong daddy lose control and shoot his load like that… oh I love it… but… I think I liked being used as a fuckdoll even more. Just feeling you pinning me down and pounding my pussy, it was like getting fucked by a bear. And when you came in me! Wow! That just made me cum… so hard!”

“Uh, yeah… about that…” I tried to interrupt as a feeling of trepidation came over me.

“I loved knowing that it was you who did that. I lay awake thinking about it all night – I don’t think I fell asleep until, like, four in the morning. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how it was your sticky, gooey mess that was making my insides all slippery. It’s so fucking dirty… hearing my daddy moan in my ear, feeling your body on top of me, feeling your cock twitching inside me when you shoot your fat load into me, filling me up… uhhh….”

Alisha froze for a few seconds, her body stiffening as she masturbated to the thoughts of last night’s events. Eventually, she relaxed and eased back on the couch, letting out a long sigh of satisfaction.

“Uh… did you just…?”

“Yeah… yeah… It just turns me on so much…” she replied as little beads of sweat started to appear on her forehead.

Eventually, she stood up and awkwardly came over to me, apparently still having some issues walking straight. She sat down sideways on my lap, put her arms around my neck and looked at me.

“So, what were you going to say?”

“Uh, yeah…. about that… that I came inside you… is that okay..? I mean, are you on…”

“Why, don’t you wanna impregnate your young, fertile daughter?” she said, flirtatiously.

The very thought gave me butterflies. A nervous chill went down my spine. No, I didn’t really… but at that moment, I realized that even if I had known last night that I was about to make her pregnant, I still wouldn’t have been able to stop. The feeling of how wrong it was just made it all the more tempting.

Alisha leaned forward and gave me a gentle kiss.

“Oh, don’t worry, Mom put me on birth control long ago. Good thing, too, ’cause that was a huge load of cum you shot into me last night. I mean, it kept coming out when I showered, but… Yeah, I think there’s still some left in there.”

I smiled back at her, feeling almost proud. Most guys enjoy feeling virile and I guess I’m no exception. I also felt the butterflies in my stomach, still creating that tingling feeling every time she mentioned something about having my semen inside her.

“I guess that’s… okay, then.” I eventually managed to reply.

“Yeah, no, that’d be all kinds of messed up, ’cause then my daughter would also be my sister… and your granddaughter would also be your daughter… or son, I guess… and… nah, too weird.”

She leaned forward and kissed me again. Longer, this time. It was a long, soft, intimate kiss, the kind I normally only share with her mother. She pulled herself closer to me and breathed heavily as she broke the kiss, only to kiss me again half a second later. I could feel her tongue gently searching for mine as her lips parted. Before long, we were making out like a pair of horny teenagers in love. Her hands kept stroking my hair, mine kept touching her naked skin underneath her top.

Eventually, she looked at me with dreamy eyes and whispered, pleadingly:

“But I want you to keep shooting your load in me, Daddy… I want you to keep trying to impregnate me. It would be so wrong but don’t let that stop you… I need more sex with you and more cum, Daddy…”

“So that’s what you need, hmm?”

“Yes, yes, I need it… I got an orgasm just from feeling that it was my dad who came inside me… thinking about it makes me tingle so good and I really really really want the tingle…”

“I feel that too… that whirling feeling in my stomach…”

“Yes! Just like that. It’s like that for you too? I love that… I’m kinda hoping you’re just gonna shoot your load in me every time… I wanna be filled with your sticky sauce…”

“You just want to be your dad’s little cum slut, is that it?”

“Yes, please… your horny little daughter slut… Shoot me full of cum, make me swallow it, cover my face with it…”

At this point, she had started sliding down towards the floor and opening my trousers. Her nimble fingers fished out my cock and she quickly leaned forward, putting it in her mouth.

“Gently… gently, I’m still… a bit sore from yesterday…”

“Mhm… I’ll be gentle, Daddy…”

She started licking slowly, reading my responses, careful to avoid the most sensitive areas. Every time I twitched because the stimulation got too intense, she moved on to a new area and just held my cock inside her mouth, covering me with saliva. She also held around the base of the shaft, licking up and down while looking at me with cloudy eyes.

“This makes me so horny, Daddy… When I feel this hard cock between my lips… when I taste it… So good… sslllrrppp…”

She kept slurping away at me, slobbering all over and making everything wet. Her hand started sliding up and down more easily as my cock got all slippery, but she stopped herself from jerking too fast or too rough – she kept going very slowly and carefully, enjoying the taste of her father’s fluids as they started leaking out of me.

“I want this so much… I want to feel that feeling… that it’s my dad who finds me so hot that he can’t stop himself from fucking the living daylights out of me. I want to feel that crazy feeling of butterflies I get when I think about how insane it is that my dad is having sex with me. The idea of it makes me tingle so bad that my hands are shaking…”

She kept sucking my cock for the longest while – the T.V. news and weather report came and went, a new show started and she just kept going and going down there… I lost track of time after something like half an hour, just enjoying the incredible feeling of my daughter’s willing mouth. The numb soreness I had felt after yesterday’s adventures slowly faded and Alisha coaxed me gently towards another orgasm.

Eventually, it came. It was actually pretty sudden. For the longest time, it had felt like I was so sore and sensitive that I wouldn’t be able to cum again, but suddenly, I felt it happening. I only managed to let out a couple of loud grunts as warning to Ali, and she responded as she had in the past: by closing her lips around the head of my cock and swallowing everything that came out. Once she had finished, she smacked her lips and smiled at me.

“Mmmmmm…. Thank you, Daddy.”

A few days later, Alisha felt like she had recovered enough to have sex again. The way I found out was that she climbed into my bed one early morning before work and started riding me until I blew my load inside her. Then she casually trotted off and left for school while I got ready to head to the office. Once I came home, she ambushed me again, jumping me as soon as I came through the door, sucking my cock until I was ready to fuck her brains out. Then she took up position by the kitchen table, bending over and wiggling her naked behind for me, presenting herself as a fuckdoll for her father. It was rough, messy, loud… and incredibly exciting.

Over the course of a week, we also had sex outdoors. She sucked me off in the car, in a public park, on a hiking trail… She even came to my office once, slipping in for a quickie between clients to have her pussy filled with Daddy’s cum. I loved watching her pull up her skirt and walk out without her panties on, knowing that my juices would be running down her thighs as she exited the building. It really brought me back to the times when Ava and I were still a young couple, doing wild and wacky things whenever and wherever because we were so in love and so hot for each other. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Eventually, Ava was returning to spend a couple of days at home. Despite being serviced sexually by my daughter, I really did miss my wife and looked forward to having her home again. She appeared to miss me too, because she started sending me flirtatious messages.

“Hey, babe, I’ll be home around 8.”

“Great. Missed you.”

“Missed you too. Flying is fun, but nobody can quite get me off the ground like you. :D”

“Date night tonight?”

“Yes, please.”

“Home-cooked steak?”

“Yeah. I need some meat in me.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Or we could just skip the dinner and jump straight to when you fuck the ever-loving shit out of your horny wife.”

“That also works.”

We kept flirting and egging each other on until she had to go do some stuff before getting on the train. She had gotten me in the mood for a real date night. I put some candles out, got some mood music ready to play… and I planned to give Alisha some money and ask her to go out for pizza or something, so that Ava and I could have the house to ourselves for the evening. Around 7 o’clock, I went to the bathroom, took a nice, long shower, shaved and put on a good shirt. Ava liked that.

I was still there when I heard the music playing in the living room. I hadn’t switched it on yet, so that confused me a bit. It was still only 7:30. Was she home a bit early? I walked out and got my wallet.



She popped her head out from around the corner.

“Your mom will be home in about half an hour… Would you mind going out for pizza or something?”


She walked over to, I assumed, pick up the fifty I was holding in my hand. As she came up to me, though, she just leaned in and pressed herself up against me. She was wearing a thin, black dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination, with its deep cleavage and short length.

“No, I mean… I mind.” she said with an alluring smile.

Ali put her hands on my chest and looked up at me before sinking down to a squatting position. Her hands stroked downwards until they reached my belt, which she promptly started unbuckling.

“Hey, not now…”


“Ali, I’m gonna…”

“It’s fine, I promise to save your load for Mom.”

Before I knew it, she had my dick in her mouth. I glanced nervously over at the clock on the wall. 7:35… okay, we had some time… but I was still a bit worried that Ava might arrive earlier than she had indicated.

It only took a few minutes for my daughter to get my mind off the time. She was getting really good at this – both the actual act of giving blowjobs and specifically reading me and my responses. She started slowly, building excitement and getting me more and more hot for her. After a while, she pulled off her dress and threw it aside, showing that she was completely naked underneath. There she sat, on her knees in front of me, right there on the floor, sucking my cock just because she loved doing it.

I looked at the clock again.7:50. Still time… No reason to stop this amazing treatment my daughter was giving me… It felt so good, I didn’t really want her to stop, so… yeah, might just take advantage of this impromptu offer a little bit longer…

“Mmmmm…” I moaned, eyes closed, tilting my head back, feeling that amazing mouth servicing me.

7:55. Still a little bit of time… just to enjoy this a little bit longer… 8:00 now…. okay, Ava probably wouldn’t arrive at eight on the dot, and I would probably hear the taxi arriving anyway… Ohh, so good… She wasn’t doing anything to make me cum, just get me really horny and ready, licking and sucking me gently.

Alisha stood up to change positions. Sitting on the hard floor can be hard on the knees. She pushed me back against the wall and stood in front of me, spread her legs to get a bit lower, then bent over to keep doing her thing. It gave me a lovely view of my daughter’s curves below me – her naked ass, her slim waist, her lovely, soft skin…

“Mmmm… you taste so good, Dad…” Ali mumbled between slurping noises.

What time was it now..? I was getting lost in the feeling, touching and stroking my daughter’s back, holding her hair to the side as she kept sucking me more and more expertly. She had gained a lot of experience – after all, for a week now, I had pretty much allowed her to do this as often as she wanted.

I was drifting in and out of that amazing state of bliss, focusing on the pleasure for a while and then occasionally thinking about the time and that my wife was about to come home. My mind justified it, though – I would definitely hear the car pulling up, and I would definitely have time to pull my pants back up, shoo Ali away… and I definitely had time to enjoy this amazing feeling of pleasure a bit longer. Yes, we definitely had time. Until we didn’t.

The front door opened. My heart jumped. Adrenaline surged through my body as I saw my wife enter. Ali was still standing bent down in front of me, naked with her legs spread out, ass and pussy on display. We were right there, easily in sight – we were literally the first thing Ava saw when she walked in. I cast my eye towards her and saw her put aside her bag, looking right at us.

As all my fears seemed to realize, Ali kept her hand on my stomach and pressed me back against the wall. She tilted her head and looked up at me. She giggled, still licking me playfully.

“Uh-oooh, busteeed…”


“It’s okay, Dad… all part of the plan…”

“Plan? Wha…”

My heart beat furiously. I was in a state of shock, feeling like my whole life was about to collapse around me. I looked down and saw long strands of drool run from her mouth, slobber hanging between my dick and her face. She kept kissing, licking and sucking at it, keeping it erect despite my being distracted by the crisis I was expecting to hit me any second now.

Ali turned her head and looked back at her mother.

“He’s almost ready, Mom…”

Still in a state of shock, I was struggling to keep up with what was happening. Ava had taken off her jacket and entered the living room, standing by the inner door and looking at us. The reaction I expected was one of outrage, shock, anger… but it wasn’t happening. Seconds ticked by, she was still just standing there with an unreadable poker face, staring at us…

My daughter started sucking me off more aggressively, making loud slurping noises. She started wiggling her butt back and forth in Ava’s direction.

“I guess you guys were planning some straight sex, but I thought a threesome would be more fun… Wanna come eat me out, Mom? While I edge him some more?”

I watched Ava intently, filled with trepidation and deeply confused as to why she wasn’t coming at me with a blunt instrument.

Instead, my wife slipped the straps of her top to the sides and took it off, her eyes fixed on the scene playing out in front of her. Before I knew it, she had left her clothes in a pile on the floor, standing there in a beautiful set of black lace underwear. She strode towards us, moving slowly, her hips swaying as she walked.

I swallowed nervously as my wife stopped just behind Alisha. She was still staring at me. Then she put her hands on her daughter’s back and stroked her skin, moving her hands up and down the sides of her hips. Then… still looking at me… she sat down.

“Oooohhh!” I heard Alisha squeal.

She kept trying to suck me off, but quickly became distracted by what was happening between her own legs. When she looked up at me, I could see her grimacing as if she was on the verge of orgasm. I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing, half expecting to wake up from a dream any minute.

“What the f…”

“You didn’t think I’d be fucking you without talking to Mom, did you…?” Ali said, breathing quickly. “I’m not the only horny slut in the house… Oh… ohhhh, Mom, that feels so good…!”

I looked down, still in disbelief. It was a scene that was genuinely unbelievable. My daughter’s naked back, her legs spread out to the side as she was standing there in front of me… and then the outline of my wife’s hands stroking the side of Ali’s legs as she was sitting on the floor, eating our daughter’s pussy.

A deluge of emotions flooded my brain. Relief. Disbelief. Desire. The feeling of my daughter’s soft, wet mouth still slurping away on my cock. My erection had been on the verge of collapsing from the sudden change in mood, but now it was throbbing harder than ever, as my brain was beginning to realize what was happening. Looking down, I could see Ava’s face popping out from time to time. I had seen that look in her eyes before. It was a look of pure lust. It was the same look I could see when looking down at the girl who was sucking my cock.

Alisha was getting louder and louder, breathing more and more heavily. Ava had her in a firm grip, eating her out with determination. I knew how good my wife was at this – we’d had threesomes earlier in our youth. Judging by the way Ali was beginning to tremble, she wasn’t far away from the edge. She stopped her sucking and just stood there, bent over in front of me, breathing and moaning until she came.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck!” she cried out, her hands clawing at my thighs.

She collapsed down on the floor next to her mother and they both sat on their knees. While Alisha was still in orgasmic bliss, Ava grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss, making out right in front of me. I could see my wife’s face glistening with juices. She made Ali lick them up, sharing the taste of pussy between them. I was practically salivating.

So was my cock. After all of that sucking from my daughter and now the show put on by her and my wife, I was so aroused that little droplets of liquid were seeping out of me. Alisha put her mouth back on me, and sticky strands of saliva and pre-cum hung between her mouth and my cock. Before I knew it, the two of them were taking turns sucking me off.

After seeing them toying with me for a while, giggling and taking turns treating my cock as their plaything, I was getting thoroughly worked up. I desperately needed to cum. I was grunting and moaning every time one of them put their lips on me, only to become frustrated when they stopped and turned to kiss each other instead. Both Ali and Ava had a hand around my shaft, slowly jerking me off when they put it in their mouth.

Finally, Alisha looked up at me and said:

“We want some cum now…”

I decided to take care of it myself. The girls sat on their knees in front of me, hands in their laps, waiting with open mouths as I jerked furiously. I was so horny I couldn’t see straight. As I felt myself nearing climax, it was like my eyes were covered by a thick fog. My legs started shaking.

“Yaaaah!” I heard voices crying out below me as I shot out streams of cum across their faces.

“Yeah, cum for us… cum on your girls…”

The world was in a haze. Two greedy mouths slurped and sucked at my throbbing, sensitive cock, as if wanting to make sure none of my fluids were wasted. I looked down and saw my two sexy women looking up at me, both covered in sticky white semen. It was in their hair, on their cheeks, around their mouths…

Both my daughter and wife looked up at me, smiling seductively, breathing heavily with cloudy eyes. I already knew that the rest of the night was going to be wild…

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