Mom’s crazy sister

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Mom’s crazy sister

Welcome back my dear love readers… hope everyone is doing great.

My name is …. and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. And going into the story, this is the story of my pinni, she is 30 years old. Sizes are 34-30-36. I used to go home from time to time, my father had some back pain.

So, I’m a bit of a sleeper If I go, I still sleep on Pinni’s bed, and Pinni wears only one nightie at home. When this saree was gone, Pinni lay down with her legs bent in front of me. The nightie goes up and a little more ahhh the cloths are big and round.
It is very sexy and dusky in color. Also lightly touched the pin with the cloth, no response. So, I went closer and lay down as if touching the cloth with a pin. I still touched the pin slowly, but there was no response.

Still slowly put the nightie on the legs and dared to unzip the nightie and piss. Aha Bale Unnai Metha Ka, but there is no response.

I pressed the pinni cloths, but there was no response. Take out the inca moda and put the pin in the cloth and put your hand on your inca puku on the nightie. Chesa pinned my hands and put on a nighty saree. Even after going to the bathroom, I beat myself up and went to bed. Even after waking up in the morning, Pinni did not say anything and still went to our house.

One day Baba called and said that he should be with Pinni as a matter of urgency even though I am far away. Go if you say ok, if you say that Pinni Babai had a fight and the children are crying, then go. And Baba came late, children and Baba slept in the bedroom.
Even though I was sleeping in the hall, Pinni came and slept near me. Pinni was full of anger. Even if I didn’t say anything, Pinni slept. And I slowly put my hand on the pin and pressed it. I think the bra pressed hard, the pin moved. Act like I don’t know anything.
Pinni got up and went to the bathroom and took my hand and put it on her and slept. After a while I put my hand on the pin and pressed it, I took out the shock pin bra.
Also, without being late, I got up near the nightie while pinching the pin. I take out my pussy and touch it to the cloths and kiss her neck and enjoy it. Pinni moved again, I lay motionless.

The pin suddenly went back and just like that my moda stuck the pin hard into the cloth. Still the green signal is sung, pinni nighty up all the way up. Pinni who is enjoying Pinni’s body as well with kisses and well.

Even though he turned around and put the pin on the cloth and hugged him tightly. Suddenly Pinni stepped forward and turned towards me, looking me in the eye.
The pin will hold my moda and play, if I push the pin onto the pin. Pinni pushed me and Pinni climbed on top of me. Modda presses that when will such a big man come? I gave a smile and pinched the pin hard.

She held the pin and put it in her vagina, and I gave the pin hard strokes in reverse. It is a little bit like Lanza Kodaka. I said to my mom that I can’t stand it or pinni lanza, and she gave me one on top of it.

Gudda Musko Lanza Kodaka see what you have. Still like that, I will press the cloths and press them hard. Pinni screams “come ahhh” and Pinni climbs on top of me and swings hard. Open your mouth and put spit in your mouth and swallow.

I have a whole Mingesa, Ruchi Mast. Even though he fell on top of me and put his mouth in someone’s mouth and screamed hard. I can swallow the writings well, and it kisses my body so well. My body is well-toned from the bottom to the top, and I put it in a moda note that Osei Lanza is my modda chikave.

If I put it in my mouth and blush, I am in good heaven. After a good 10 minutes, she licked her cheek hard with her spit. I also pushed it aside and found it kissing all over its body. Also squeeze a sallu hard and put it in your mouth and squeeze it well.

So Marchi Marchi Sallu Ne Dengi still slowly went to Puku and smelled Puku aha. It’s a lot of fun, I’m still fingering it and fingering it. The juices are running full, ahhh your juices are all mine.

Go up slowly and put on full lips kisses and I’m fine. Put your fingers fully and give the whole pussy hard and give two sirs.

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