Mere bete ke saath sex ka pehla anubhav

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Hello 🙏

Note: I request all you mothers to read the post completely once. This post will change your life. And will make the mother-son relationship even stronger and more joyful. To read the complete post, click on See more/Read further.

Hello to all the mothers, my name is Anuradha and I am 42 years old. I am present here today to share my experience with all of you and to answer the questions that all of you mothers have in your mind, and your inner desires that you keep suppressed in your mind or hidden inside you. Unable to understand the emotions arising.

Today I am sharing my own experience with all of you, which is completely true, by reading and thinking about this experience of mine, you can make your daily life joyful.

As a woman and mother of a son, I am going to share with you all those feelings and things which a mother cannot share with anyone and least of all with her husband, by doing so one It is natural for there to be a change in the husband’s perspective and due to this natural change, the father starts considering his own son as his competitor and starts competing with him and when this happens, the father starts hating his own son out of jealousy, which is the same for a wife. It affects the relationship of a woman with her husband and the relationship of a father with his son to a great extent, which is not good at all.

I was married only after passing the intermediate examination. Even after marriage, I continued my studies and today I am working as a doctor. I was married to a boy who was eight years older than me, at that stage of age when girls get attracted towards boys of their own age or like to make friends.

After marriage, my husband established marital relations with me on the very first night of marriage. That night it was my first sexual experience. Yes, it was not like the way I used to sit and talk with my friends in school, meaning nothing like love. Yes, it can be said that my husband just satisfied my hunger. However, it was a pleasant experience.

We have been married for more than twenty-four years. We have a son and a daughter who are 16 years old and have been living in a hostel for the last two years and my son is 21 years old who is completing his higher education this year. Kar has returned home from the hostel. Even after twenty-four years of marriage, I love sex and my husband still enjoys it. It is pleasant but not orgasmic.

It is not wrong to say that satisfying a woman is not an easy task. And with increasing age, this sexuality increases even more in women, even if the size of a woman’s husband’s penis is not enough to satisfy her, but whenever a woman sees a young man whose penis size is less than that of her husband. If the penis is bigger than the penis, then she starts getting attracted towards that man and starts feeling excitement. But she feels insecure about having sex with another man.

Something similar happened with me too, since I am a doctor and I meet many people every day, many of them are very close to me, some of whom I get sexually attracted to and start feeling excitement, which is natural.

One day when I returned home from the hospital, I realized that it had been more than a week since my son returned from the hostel and I had not even talked to him properly since I had come to the hospital at 10 in the morning. I leave for work and come back home after 5 pm. My husband is also often out of the house for work, so I felt that I should talk to my son. After many years, he has returned to his home. When he comes, he must have either his mother or father with him to share his experiences.

So in the evening, after doing all the household work, I go to her room to talk to her, where my son also talks to me about many things related to his hostel and friends, since it is night time and he has not taken off his outer clothes. Were wearing. He was in front of me in his underwear and vest while talking. My attention was drawn to his bulge visible through his underwear. I tried to ignore him but my attention was drawn away from the conversation with my son and towards his erect penis. Eyes were watching him as he appeared to be much longer and bigger than usual. Looking at him, his length appeared to be 6.5 inches to 7 inches and his thickness was also more but he was not making any movement which piqued my curiosity. Was made even bigger to see if it is in a calm state? And how much bigger it can become when excited.

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