Mischievous Sister In Law

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mothers Mesmerizing Fuck In Marriage before starting this.

Next morning we woke up and all the relatives went back to home and we all are planned to go home in the evening. We had our breakfast in the morning and just sitting alone. Preethi came to me and asked

Preethi: Karthik are you feeling bored.
Me: Yeah
Preethi: Shall we go out?
Me: Yeah let’s go.

We said to Aunty and came out

Preethi: Let’s go to crop fields.
Me: Yeah ok. Which crops are there in the fields.
Preethi: Nothing is there. They harvested them recently.

We are going on the road and it is too sunny. I am sweating a lot. After walking for 1 km I am tired and asked

Me: Still how long we need to walk?
Preethi: Just 2 kms more
Me: I can’t walk you go and come. I am going back.
Preethi: There is a shortcut. Let’s go in that way. But not sure whether it is opened or not. Let’s go and see.

We walked for some more distance and we found a gate with aquaculture fields. A man is there just leaving from there. He looked at Preethi and asked

Man: Preethi going to your fields?
Preethi: Yes uncle.
Man: Ok. I am leaving from here. I am going to close the gate. Don’t in this way while coming back.
Preethi: Ok uncle.
Me: Preethi who is he?
Preethi: He is owner of this aqua fields. This is the shortcut we are having and this aqua fields are completely covered with fencing only a small gap is left behind and we are going through that now. If he close the gate we can’t go out from here. We need to walk around 2 kms to come outside.

We are walking on the sand poured between fields to seperate them. Both sides of sand water is there. Still I am feeling sweating.

Preethi: Did you know swimming?
Me: Yes little bit. Why are you asking now?
Before I realise why she asked me she pushed me into water and when I felling into water I hold her hand. She also fell into water. She said let’s swim to other end. I am also feeling very good in water due to sweat. I accepted to swim. We both swimmed to other end. We came out of water.

Preethi: We are lucky owner is not there. He is very brutal guy. If he found anyone swimming or catching fish in his aqua fields he will beat them.

She is moving and jerking her body and moaning shh,shh… I asked what happened. She checked while adjusted her half saree. A fish is stuck in between her boobs. On my back also I found something is moving and said to her. She immediately asked me to tuck in my shirt and don’t allow it to go outside. She asked me to run. I started to run behind her. We went till the fencing on the other side. There is small gap between two fencing stones which allows only a thin person can go. We managed to go out from that gap. We started to walk to our fields. In between while we are going Preethi stopped and started to moan loudly shh..ah, shh..ah. I got confused and asked her what happened.

Preethi: Fish is moving very fast between her boobs.
Me: Shall I remove it and tried to remove by placing my hands on her boobs.

She pushed my hands away and said leave it as it is. This feeling is very good. She is biting her lips and also giving some body movements while walking. They are making me horny. We reached their crop fields. No crops are there. Only one tree is there and went to that and sat under it. It is very big tree and it’s stem is very huge. No one can find us until they comes under the tree. She came under the tree and removed her half saree. The fish is stuck between her boobs is moving very fast. She is moaning and enjoying it a lot. It got stopped suddenly and it got died. She removed that fish from between her boobs. The fish in backside of my shirt is still moving and I removed my shirt. Immediately 5 fishes dropped from my shirt. 1 big fish and 4 small fishes. Big fish will weight around 2 kgs. Preethi immediately took a stone and hitted the big fish two times. It got died. She is moaning again by keeping her both legs nearby and slowly bending down. She kept her hand in her pussy and took one big prawn from her pussy.

I too feel something is moving in my underwear. I got frightened and removed my short and underwear in front of her. There are around 20 prawns in my underwear. I am completely naked in front of her now and my dick is also not erected. It is completely shrink. She laughed at me by seeing me naked. I immediately weared my underwear and short. She is standing in front me with blouse and petticoat. We are having fishes and prawns and I asked what we will do now.

Preethi: Let’s cook them and eat.
Me: Whaaaaat? How?
Preethi: You wait I will prepare. Just follow what I says.

She took to big sticks and made them equal height and planted them in the mud. She took some dried leaves and sticks placed them between that planted sticks. I got shocked she is preparing a camp fire setup. Nearby there is a motor and it is constructed with brickes to save motor from rain. She went there and she found a match box and local made cigarettes. She took match box and two local made cigarettes. While coming back she found an iron sheet. She took all them and lighted the fire. She took her hair pin out and rubbed it to a nearby stone and made it sharp in one edge. Her hair got completely loosen. She removed the peel of prawns with that hair pin. I got shocked with all the things she did. She said to me you are a small kid. Don’t get shock with all these things. I accepted with her. She asked me bring the banana leaf from the banana trees nearby. I also found a lemon tree and brought pockets full of lemon along with banana leaves. Within in the time she fried the fishes as well with the oil came from prawns when she fry them on the iron sheet. I placed banana leaves and by seeing them asked

Preethi: You brought these eating fish or fucking me on them. You brought this much big banana leaves.
In angry tone
I got confused and asked
Me: Shall we use banana leaves for fucking?
She turned around and tried to escape from the topic. I repeatedly asked her. She replied

Preethi: Yes, my boyfriends fucked me on the banana leaves.
Me: Boyfriends fucked you. How many boy friends you had?
Preethi: Two. They left me by saying that I am too talkative. They are getting irritation.
I am laughing and said
Me: Yes what they said is true. I mean you talks a lot but won’t irritate anyone but people around will get irritation.

She stayed calm without saying anything in an angry mood. I too stayed calm. She cutted some part of banana leaf and placed big fish on that and asked me to hold tail of it with banana leaf and she is holding fish head with banana leaf and took her hair pin and made a straight line deep inside the fish. She peeled off all the skin of fish in one go. Now fresh fried fish with only muscle is there. I applied lemon on it. She took that fish and turned aside and eating. I asked for me. She said I am an irritating girl why I need to give to you. I understood she got hurted. I started requesting her by saying I am small kid please give me the fish by pulling her cheeks like pampering a small child. She turned around and replied you shouldn’t say that I am an irritating girl and shared fish to me. She peeled off skin for all other small fishes also. We ate all fishes by applying lemon on them. We have only prawns. She ate some prawns and left remaining to me. She lightened local made cigarette and sitting in front of me by showing her cleavage and her petticoat is raised till knees. I can see her panty from that gap. I ate all prawns except that big prawn which entered into her pussy.

I don’t know why after eating fish my dick became hard. I am peeping and trying to see her pussy from the gap in between her petticoat and thighs. She looked at me

Preethi: Hey what are you looking?
Me: Nothing
Preethi: No problem See. Nothing is wrong seeing in your age.
Immediately I tried to touch her. She pushed me away and said
Preethi: See how long you want but don’t touch me. Yesterday night after you kissing me I went down to room and mastrubated three times. You touch is making me horny.
She moved her petticoat till thighs and said
Preethi: Now you can have a clear view of my pussy.

After sometime my dick became very hard. I am unable to control and moved towards her and held her waist very tight. She is also feeling horny and moaning shh…….. by biting her own lips. She tried to scold and push me away from her. Immediately I took the prawn which is left there and kept in her mouth. It didn’t went completely inside. Still half of the prawn is outside of her mouth. I started to eat that prawn from her mouth and giving liplock to her. Her structure is 32 size boobs 24 size waist and 34 size ass. Her structure is perfectly correct for her age. She started to respond back. We are kissing passionately. I kept my hand on her boobs over the blouse and squeezing them. She is moaning um,um..um while kissing. She slept on banana leaves and removed her blouse nd petticoat. She is on bra and panty now. I removed my shorts. I am smooching her boobs and squeezing them. Licking all over her body. I removed her bra. She kept her hand in my underwear and took my dick out. I removed my underwear and also removed her panty. We both are naked now. I remembered she enjoyed a lot when fish stuck between her boobs and I kept my dick her boobs and hold them tight and started to fuck between her boobs.

When I am fucking her between her boobs my dick is touching her mouth for every stroke. She is touching tip of my dick every with her tongue. She is fingering her self in her pussy when I am fucking her in the boobs. She released an orgasm. I continued to fuck between her boobs. I fucked her between her boobs for 40 minutes. I released a huge cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all. My dick immediately erected again. I kissed her once again on her lips and moved to 69 position. She is giving blowjob to me and I am licking her pussy. She is moaning and squeezing her boobs herself. She placed her both hands on my ass and pull my dick deep into her mouth. My dick is going deep inside her mouth till her throat. It is making me more horny and I started to fuck her in mouth in the same position. It went deep inside her throat and after sometime I realeased sperm again in her mouth. We both stood up and sat nearby and relaxing by seeing each other. I remembered there are some lemon left in my short pocket which brought for fish. I took them out and started to apply them on her. She took some and started to apply on me. All lemon juice and pulp are on our body now. I rubbed her pussy repeatedly with lemon and she rubbed my dick. She released orgasm and dick got erected again. I fucked her pussy in different positions and released sperm in her pussy. We are licking each other body and we are feeling sour taste in all parts of our body.

My dick got erected again. I am not at all feeling like tired. She looked at me and laughed and bent down into doggy style and asked me to insert my dick in her ass. I started to fuck in her ass. Both of us are feeling pain and shouting in pain. After sometime we feel pleasure and inserted my dick completely in her ass. She is moaning with pain and pleasure. I fucked her for 30 minutes in that position and released huge amount of sperm in her ass. We both got tired and laid on each other.

Preethi: You are fucking very good.
Me: You are also coordinating very well mischievous.
Preethi: I am not much mischievous. Actually my sister is more mischievous than me.
Me: What?
Preethi: Yes, did you know why all of sudden marriage is setted for her.
Me: Why?
Preethi: When my parents are not at home she took her boyfriend to home and they caught by my parents and arranged for marriage. But I am enjoying by fucking you in the crop fields. Now tell me who is mischievous?
Me: Your sister is mischievous and you are more mischievous.

She looked at me angry and dragged me towards her and given a tight liplock for 10 mins. We cleared all the traces of campfire and sticks and all other things and placed them I their places so that no one can find what we did there. We started back to home. By the time we went to home all are sitting at the entrance and speaking to each other.

Mom: Where are you till now?
Aunty: They went outside casually.
Mom: Where did you went?
Preethi: We went all over village.
Mom: Did you had your lunch.
Me: Yes
Mom: What you ate?
I pretended to tell fish. Preethi stopped me and said fruits and she said to me in low voice if you say we ate fish first these people will beat more brutal than that fish pond owner for the thefting them.
Mom: Which fruits?
Me: Guava.
Preethi: Yes.
Aunty: Still rice is there. If you want you can go and eat.
Me: No aunty we are full.
Mom: Then get ready we will start from here soon.
Me: Ok Mom.

MS looked at me like having a doubt on me. At that time I saw Deepa the sister of Preethi is standing there. After knowing that she brought her boyfriend to home for fucking I got lust on her. She is looking more hot and sexy than Preethi. She just got married and had first night last night that might be a reason. We packed all our things and started back to the home.

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