Good morning fuck

Last night my hubby gifted a cock as he watched my live sex with his friend Rashid (read “my hubby’s surprise gift“).it’s a new journey that my hubby have started as I loved his friend Rashid for a night and he banged me ,as next morning I am bit shy and my hubby Ankit is smiling on me as we both are having cup of tea together.I am in a night wear as he is eyeing my nude cleavage and said……..

“darling ,how was your night?
(Rima) unexpected as I have never thought that you will give me such a surprise
(Ankit)oh I see .”

And than I am waiting for my maid to come as I am thinking about my hubby’s return gift ,any lady will be nice but who can join us in sex? ,I am thinking it and lastly my maid came as my eyes is on her moving ass ,she is a 24-25 years married lady as her household duty is going for last 5-6 months I am thinking about my maid Zarina ,a village lady living here and working as maid in houses.Her dressing sense as well as look with her beauty ,costly clothes and gold ornaments in neck as well as ears ,are making me suspecious ,what she do other than it or her hubby ,a night guard earn so much that she afford such a she is bringing in my room ,I walked to him and than came back as to see him only ,as time passed ,he have cleaned our rooms and utensils also ,looking at him I smiled…..

“Zarina ,in his many house you work?
(Zarina)three house only ,is there any work ?
(Rima)no ,just trying to know it only.” As she walked away ,I moved to my bedroom as I can see Ankit finger on his laptop and I took out my clothes from wardrobe ,looking at me Ankit asked……..

“you are going to have bath
(Rima)yes is there problem in it
(Ankit)oh darling wait for some time ,we will have both together.”

As I remind my memories ,it’s happened while in honeymoon sitting near my hubby ,I am waiting for him as he shut down his laptop and now smiled…….

“Rima ,is this necessary for bath.”

And he started opening my lashes of gawn as he took it out from my body ,now sitting on bed with my arms crossed to cover my tits ,my vagina is covered with a G string and Ankit removed his vest and pulled down his Bermuda as he is completely we both walked inside washroom as he hold me in his arms and started kissing my face to lips hand have hold him tightly ,as my nude boobs are on his chest ,lastly Ankit took my rossy lips in his mouth to suck as his hand is on my sexy hand have hold his long cock as it’s a morning breakfast for both of us,a weekend holiday but inside home, slowly I pushed my long tongue in his mouth as he started sucking it with his hand removing my G string ,now we both are nude as I am brushing my breast on his chest to enjoy sensation and after a while ,he left my tongue and I kissed his face…….

“oh Ankit ,this is the bath you want to have with me
(He slapped my ass)yes I want to be romantic with you
(Rima)oh but you will get return gift soon
(Ankit)oh who is she ? Your sister seema
(Rima)ideat she is still unmarried ,let him guy the licence to fuck .”

And he opened the tap of cascade as we are getting wet and water is flowing on our body ,as I felt horny ,I sits on his legs and hold his long cock , started kissing its base to shaft and moving my fingers in pubic hairs .later on ,I opened my mouth as his semi erected cock is in my mouth and while sucking it harder ,my hand is moving on his fingers are moving in his ass crack and lastly I pushed my long fingers in my hubby’s ass hole as I am feeling the erection of his penis in my I took out his long cock as looking to him,I put my tongue on it to lick and he is screaming in pleasure

“oohh uumm you are so sexy Rima”

and I rolled my tongue on his wet cock as Ankit put his hand on tap to close it and I took his cock again in my mouth to hand is on his waist as my mouth is giving the penis a nice blow job and he is enjoying it while shouting”oohh aahh leave it darling ” but I am still sucking my hubby’s cock ,later on I stand as he started putting gels on my boobs to waist and my smooth body is getting the massage it needed but I am too horny as I want to enjoy my hubby’s cock in my hubby with me are covered by gels but our upper portion is only covered with gels as Ankit sits on his I stretched my legs wide as he started kissing my fleshy labias with his hand movjng on my ass like he is measuring it’s like a sexy lady ,I put my fingers on labias as I widend its hole and Ankit started licking it fastly as I have hold his hairs “oohh uumm aaauch fuck my vagina fast ,you dog lick it fast’ as my legs are shivering with my vagina getting hot ,I am enjoying my hubby’s tongue inside vagina.later on ,he left my cunt as he is putting gels on my vagina ,thighs and legs .now turned my back as I looked to him ,he is kissing my round sexy ass and lastly ,he put his finger in my ass hole as he is fingering it with his tongue rolling in between my ass cracks.I am too horny ,need a hard fuck now ,but my hubby is fingering my ass hole as his tongue is licking my ass and after a while ,he put his tongue in my ass hole to lick and took his long finger on my I guided his finger in my vagina as he is licking my ass hole with his tongue and I am too hot as I screamed louder

“oohh aahh I will cum soon ,my hubby now fuck me.”

As he started putting gels on my back portion ,we both are nude under cascade as I hold him in my arms ,now brushing my boobs on his chest and than ,Ankit hold my one leg as he put it in air and I have hold his long cock in my my legs are wide ,I put his glans on my vagina and started rubbing the soft part on its hole and lastly ,it’s in my vagina and Ankit is pushing his cock hard from his 2/3 Rd penis is in my vagina as he fucked me hard and I shouted

“oohh uumm it’s too hot and hard ”

and Ankit is fucking me from below with speed and power as my one leg is in his hand ,in air and our waist are brushing .now our body is getting washed as my hubby is penetrating his penis from front and I am enjoying his long cock with my lips on his lips to I felt my leg in pain ,I put it on floor and Ankit took my other leg in his hand as he hold it in air and fucking me like a strong men.His speed of fucking is high as my vagina is too hot and dry ,now holding him in my arms ,I also pushed my ass down and lot of friction is happening in my vagina as I am enjoying my hubby’s fuck in a morning session.after 7-8 minutes of fuck ,my vagina got hot as I put my head on his shoulder and screaming

“oohh aahh fuck me hard ,fuck me like a whore ”

and he is going hard for 3-4 minutes more and than ejaculated his sperms in my vagina as I took his penis in my mouth to suck and taste it’s cum.

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