The Great Sen Family – Ep.2

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Episode : 2
Characters of 1st Sen Family :-
1. Munmun, 28 yrs, Film-actress,
2. Manish, 30 yrs, Businessman,
3. Chitradevi, 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother, renowned actress,
4. Parveen, 18 yrs, Munmun’s maid,
5. Prankrisno, 25 yrs, Munmun’s Cook cum driver cum gardener.
6. Probhaboti, 44 yrs, Prankrisno’s widow mother.

Characters of 2nd Sen Family :-
1. Aparna, 38 yrs, Actress cum Director,
2. Sanjay, 40 yrs, Aparna’s husband, Business man,
3. Suman, 18 yrs, Aparna’s stepson, 1st yr college student,
4. Kamalini, 18 yrs. Aparna’s daughter, 1st college student,
5. Fatema Bibi, 37 yrs widow, Aparna’s maid & Parveen’s mother.
6. Hafiz, ** yrs, Fatema’s son & Parveen’ brother.

Other Characters :-
1. Sanjit Chatterjee, 19 yrs, Actor,
2. Pallabi Chatterjee, 18 yrs, Sanjit’s Sister, actress,
3. Supriyadevi, 49 yrs, renowned actress,
4. Sandhya Roy, 48 yrs, renowned actress.

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Parveen sat in a brown-leather easy chair in the drawing room…. waiting anxiously for her employer. Her bare legs were crossed self-consciously. Just few feet away a middle aged gentleman Sanjay Sen, husband of Aparna Sen, was also seated in a huge coach…. reading a newspaper.

However she felt herself uneasy as she could still smell the musky scent of her own leaking cunt. That’s when the heroine and the man entered the room together…. being dressed fully. Parveen became mesmerised by her beauty.

She had already watched few movies of this famous heroine. She was fascinated by her charming look…. first time in person whom the man once called as Mona. With a graciousness smile the glamour-queen introduced herself and her husband….. being seated themselves on the big coach beside Sanjay.

However Parveen couldn’t utter a single word in response….. being spellbound as her eyes became fixed at her vibrant magnetic gestures. At the same time, she couldn’t compare the great actress’s sober attitude and generosity with her passion-filled groan and thrashing on the bed which she had witnessed just few minutes ago.

It might be a drastic change… comparing the two opposite scenarios…… but could it be possible!

Quickly, she rationalized herself with a logic. Her employer too was a human being with common physical needs…. although she was a famous actress. Anyway, she felt herself happy…. getting a chance to work at that beautifully decorated house with these nice aristocratic peoples.

On the other hand, she still was in a state of uneasiness due to her current situation. She was sure that Munmun and husband, along with that gentleman Sanjaybabu, seated on the couch across the room from her, could smell the musky scent of her pussy-juices, too.

Suddenly, she noticed Munmun’s husband was checking her with lustful glances. She became puzzled as she noticed that Mr. Sen’s leer gaze was roaming all over her body…… in her bare legs and feet, slowly moving up to her tits.

She was sure that Munmun too had noticed her husband’s lecherous gaze to her…. but Parveen didn’t see any repercussion from her. She was sure her dark tit-cherries were visible to them through the thin white cotton of her T-shirt.


( Few days later ) : “This is really a great party, Monadi, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to be leaving.” Sanjit told the 28 yrs old glamour queen Munmun Sen sadly, addressing her nickname. He had having to speak loud to be heard enough over the music and noise in the large living room where the party was being held.

“Bumba Sona, I’m having a hard time to understand what you’re saying! Let’s step out into the hall for a second!” She told him with a sisterly smile.

Once in the hall Sanjit said, “I’m sorry to take you away from the party Monadi, but I’m afraid Poly ( Nickname of his only sister Pallabi Chatterjee ) and I are going to have to leave.” He told her apologetically.

“But why sweetie, the party’s just getting to warm up?” She asked surprisingly.

“Well it’s Poly, it’s not really her fault. She’s not accustomed to drink so much alcohol. I guess she went a little too fast with the beer this evening and she’s really out of it!”

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