The Great Sen Family – Ep.2

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Episode : 2
Characters of 1st Sen Family :-
1. Munmun, 28 yrs, Film-actress,
2. Manish, 30 yrs, Businessman,
3. Chitradevi, 48 yrs, Munmun’s mother, renowned actress,
4. Parveen, 18 yrs, Munmun’s maid,
5. Prankrisno, 25 yrs, Munmun’s Cook cum driver cum gardener.
6. Probhaboti, 44 yrs, Prankrisno’s widow mother.

Characters of 2nd Sen Family :-
1. Aparna, 38 yrs, Actress cum Director,
2. Sanjay, 40 yrs, Aparna’s husband, Business man,
3. Suman, 18 yrs, Aparna’s stepson, 1st yr college student,
4. Kamalini, 18 yrs. Aparna’s daughter, 1st college student,
5. Fatema Bibi, 37 yrs widow, Aparna’s maid & Parveen’s mother.
6. Hafiz, ** yrs, Fatema’s son & Parveen’ brother.

Other Characters :-
1. Sanjit Chatterjee, 19 yrs, Actor,
2. Pallabi Chatterjee, 18 yrs, Sanjit’s Sister, actress,
3. Supriyadevi, 49 yrs, renowned actress,
4. Sandhya Roy, 48 yrs, renowned actress.

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Parveen sat in a brown-leather easy chair in the drawing room…. waiting anxiously for her employer. Her bare legs were crossed self-consciously. Just few feet away a middle aged gentleman Sanjay Sen, husband of Aparna Sen, was also seated in a huge coach…. reading a newspaper.

However she felt herself uneasy as she could still smell the musky scent of her own leaking cunt. That’s when the heroine and the man entered the room together…. being dressed fully. Parveen became mesmerised by her beauty.

She had already watched few movies of this famous heroine. She was fascinated by her charming look…. first time in person whom the man once called as Mona. With a graciousness smile the glamour-queen introduced herself and her husband….. being seated themselves on the big coach beside Sanjay.

However Parveen couldn’t utter a single word in response….. being spellbound as her eyes became fixed at her vibrant magnetic gestures. At the same time, she couldn’t compare the great actress’s sober attitude and generosity with her passion-filled groan and thrashing on the bed which she had witnessed just few minutes ago.

It might be a drastic change… comparing the two opposite scenarios…… but could it be possible!

Quickly, she rationalized herself with a logic. Her employer too was a human being with common physical needs…. although she was a famous actress. Anyway, she felt herself happy…. getting a chance to work at that beautifully decorated house with these nice aristocratic peoples.

On the other hand, she still was in a state of uneasiness due to her current situation. She was sure that Munmun and husband, along with that gentleman Sanjaybabu, seated on the couch across the room from her, could smell the musky scent of her pussy-juices, too.

Suddenly, she noticed Munmun’s husband was checking her with lustful glances. She became puzzled as she noticed that Mr. Sen’s leer gaze was roaming all over her body…… in her bare legs and feet, slowly moving up to her tits.

She was sure that Munmun too had noticed her husband’s lecherous gaze to her…. but Parveen didn’t see any repercussion from her. She was sure her dark tit-cherries were visible to them through the thin white cotton of her T-shirt.


( Few days later ) : “This is really a great party, Monadi, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to be leaving.” Sanjit told the 28 yrs old glamour queen Munmun Sen sadly, addressing her nickname. He had having to speak loud to be heard enough over the music and noise in the large living room where the party was being held.

“Bumba Sona, I’m having a hard time to understand what you’re saying! Let’s step out into the hall for a second!” She told him with a sisterly smile.

Once in the hall Sanjit said, “I’m sorry to take you away from the party Monadi, but I’m afraid Poly ( Nickname of his only sister Pallabi Chatterjee ) and I are going to have to leave.” He told her apologetically.

“But why sweetie, the party’s just getting to warm up?” She asked surprisingly.

“Well it’s Poly, it’s not really her fault. She’s not accustomed to drink so much alcohol. I guess she went a little too fast with the beer this evening and she’s really out of it!”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Bumba!” Munmun replied.

“She was really enjoying herself too. She avoid this since she had a minor operation in her appendix, two month ago. My mother is taking care her since my father had left her. And I need to be leaving before daylight tomorrow morning for an outdoor shooting session in Goa.” He explained.

“Yes, I remember that, Sona?” She told him.

“So I think I’d better take her back now. I should get back with a couple of hours to spare to catch my flight in the morning.”

“Aw now that’s a shame! This means you won’t be able to get any sleep tonight and you’re going to be miserable for your shooting.” She told him.

“Well I’ll do my best Monadi….. I really do feel bad about all of this!” He told her with a sorry. “But I see no other way of working this out?”

“Bumba, neither you nor Poly need to feel bad about anything! We could easily make some arrangements to overcome your anxiety. And as for your sister, this sort of thing happens generally…. so no need to worry for that. Believe me I know I’ve been that type of operation too before!” She said with a smile. “Your sister is such a sweetheart of a girl, Bumba and I can tell she depends on you a lot, doesn’t she?”.

“Yes she really does, Monadi, she’s so meek and reserve that she can’t make any decisions for herself. She does lean on me… pretty heavily. But like you said, she really is a cute and lovely sis.” He said.

“I’m sure she is. Although she is a lovely sister of you, I’ve come to really have feelings for her recently. OK Sona, I have an idea on how to get around this situation you’re in…… if you’re willing. And we’d be more than glad to do it!” She said with a grin.

“I’m not quite sure….. but I always trust you whatever you do, Monadi,” He said smilingly.

“It so natural in Indian culture to assist someone in need….. and it makes me to feel responsible too. And I must appreciate your attitude at being respectful to others. But nowadays, our society are neglecting such beliefs and social values,” She said softly.

“Oh, thanks Monadi. I really mean it that way…..” He finally managed to say with a slight blush on his face.

“Oh Sona, I know you did and you’re such a sweet guy….. everyone would be proud of you. But enough of that. What I was going to suggest now, was that you may leave your sister here tonight. You know we have four spare restrooms just going to waste. That way you could get yourself a decent night rest before leaving tomorrow morning?” She proposed.

“But my mother would be worried….. moreover that would be imposing some burden upon you and Manishda. I wouldn’t want to put the two of you through any trouble. I feel bad enough about this happening, as it is!” he replied.

“Oh…. don’t worry about that….. I’ll intimate your mother….. and your Manishda wouldn’t mind it at all,” Munmun assured him smilingly with a provocative gesture.

However all the time, during their conversation, he couldn’t keep his quick glances at her supple body. He had a hard time to avert his eyes from the deep cleavage in her low cut sleeveless blouse.

“That’s quite a compliment, coming from a good looking guy like you, Bumba.” She said quietly with a naughty smile on her face as she noticed his eyes on her half-exposed tits.

Noticing that she suddenly asked, “You naughty…… you shouldn’t do that….. remember, although I’m not blood related with you, I treat you as my own brother…. do you forget the last sunday’s occasion of Rakhibandhan?”

“I’m so sorry Monadi… I….. I…. really am….. Monadi!” He stammered.

“Well, but I’m not sorry Sona Bhai. The fact is, I’m flattered… I think you’re a `titty’ man, sweetie. After our special photo-shoot in Tollygunge studio the previous day, I was continuously thinking that I should modify the occasion of Rakhibandhan next time in other way. I shouldn’t have to do it by just knotting a ‘Rakhee’ on your wrist but with a new custom. Even I’ve decided to implement it in our next ‘Bhaiphnota’ occasion that way,” She said teasingly looking down at his pant’s bulging crotch.

“New way! I couldn’t understand…..” Sanjit responded with a questioning look on his eyes….. gulping in his continuous rising excitement.

“Just wait few days….. and you will get to know that…. but I guess you’re thinking some hot too about me,” with that she indicated him at his pant’s crotch where a pronounced bulge was forming quickly.

“I…… I….. couldn’t check myself…. Monadi,” Sanjit uttered somehow.

“It’s OK Bhai, and not Monadi…. just Didi…… I told you several times before. We’re not unknown to each other, even it’s not our first meeting….. I know you since your childhood. OK….so don’t feel ashamed to say anything. Now just follow me…. I just show you the spare restroom that I can make your sister comfortable in tonight?” She said taking him by the hand as a wicked smile started to play on her beautiful smiling face.

“But Monadi….I mean Didi, what about your husband and your other guests?” He asked nervously.

“Oh we won’t be missed in there honey. I think a visit to that spare bedroom will do us both some good! I mean you could have some experiences of our upcoming modified relationship,” She said looking down once again at the ever growing bulge in his pants. She smiled seductively as she led him down the hall to her master bedroom.

Once they had entered the bedroom, she closed and locked the door behind them securely. She tuned to him and pushed away her Saree from her heaving chest. Then with a swift motion, she unhooked her front-open blouse as her bra-less perky tits sprang out.

Then pushing her chest forward, she placed the full thick nipples in front of his mouth and said. “Here honey, why don’t you suck your Didi’s nipple a little bit, before I do something? Although I haven’t any milk, but I’m sure you love it sucking,” She put one of her hands on the back of his head….. drawing it down gently to her turgid brownish nipple.

Being totally hypnotized by her milk-white boobs, Sanjit lowered his head towards her chest and took a nipple in between his lips. Next he started sucking the rubbery gum…. and at the same time he chewed it lightly.

“Yes baby…that’s it…..I love to have them sucked and chewed….. Ohhhhhhhhhh….!” She moaned while reaching down, she unzipped his pant’s fly swiftly and pulled out his raging hard-on from under his briefs.

She was shocked to see the huge shaft of Sanjit for the first time. Although she could guess it’s mammoth size during their photoshoot, yet she never dreamed it to be so long and width in real. She took hold of his hot rigid cock….. stroking it softly as he sucked greedily on the thick dark nipple.

“Dammed Didi ummmmmm……, you’re a real sexy woman!” He said taking his lips off briefly from her nipple.

“Flattery will get you `everywhere,’ Bumba honey!” She said laughingly as she stroked his hard shaft continuously.

Within minutes, she dropped to her knees in front of him and put her lipstick coated ruby lips around the head of his cock. Slowly she worked part of it’s length back and forth in her mouth. She tongued all around his cockhead….. slurping and lapping.

She paused from time to time as she savored the succulent flavor on his precum….. slowly oozing out from the small eye of his cockhead. After that, going down further lower, she licked his large hairy balls. She lifted them with her hand so that she could cup her tongue around the laden sac.

She continued to run her tongue up his shaft, long-lapping from balls to knob, then altered the strokes. In this way, she criss-crossed back and forth along the trail of the fat, dark, trembling vein.

She pinched the sensitive knob with the end of her tongue….. fluttering electric shot where his shaft expanded into the knob. He was squirming, abandoned to the wild lust. Jism started seeping from his cleft in a steady flow….. running sluggishly down his fat knob and onto his shaft.

Munmun lapped the sticky joyjuice up as it poured down. It worked like an appetizer. The taste made her hungry for the full load to come. She placed her lips against the tip of his cock.

“Don’t cum too soon,” she whispered.

She spoke with her lips against him so that he felt her words run down his prick. But he wasn’t so sure that he could comply with that request, for his cock and balls were ready to explode.

“Not too soon,” she cautioned again with whimpering, “I’m addicted to manly cum. So I want to drink your cum but I want to suck on your meat for a long time, first…”

Her own words, expressing her passion, made her even hornier. “I love a mouthful of big, hot cock.”

She kissed again and again the tip of his cock. She let her lips part as she kissed him and her head slowly pushed down. She took the head of his prick into her lips, sucking on it, then took it farther back into her mouth.

She paused there, with only the knob in her mouth. Her tongue curled around it and flashed back and forth against the underside of his cockhead. Her eyes narrowed. Her expression was one of rapture, of ecstasy, filled with the bliss of having her mouth full of hard prick.

Then she began to bob her head up and down.

She fed his prick into her mouth, more and more each time, her lips sliding far down. Her lips were pushing down almost to the root now, touching against her own steadying hand. She took her hand away, wanting to swallow every inch of his long, fat cock.

She knew he was ready to shoot. She could feel it in his balls and she felt his massive prick expand even more. She was ready for it.

“Cum,” she moaned, speaking with her mouth full. “Cum for me, darling. Pour that sweet stuff into my mouth, let me drink all that hot jism! Feed your Didi with your cum as a gift for the upcoming Bhaiphnota.”

Sanjit arched his back spasmodically, as if he had just received a high voltage shock. He pushed his prick up and her mouth pushed down, taking it all.

He cried out. His hairy balls started spasming in her hand and the hot sap rushed up his stalk. She held his prick deep in her mouth and felt the deluge gush out. The thick scum burst into her throat. It tilled her mouth to the brim.

Munmun swallowed quickly, making room for more, but his load was too great…. just like Prankrisno. She couldn’t take it all. Cum bubbled from her compressed lips and poured down onto his balls. Spurt after spurt hosed her and she kept sucking greedily, unable to get enough of the delicious juice of joy.

“Ummm-ummm-ummm,” she purred as he collapsed.

He felt as if she had sucked more than a load of cum out of his cock and balls. He thought as if she had dragged his blood and bone out through his prick. He felt his Monadi had sucked the very life force from him.

Munmun continued her sucking for two minutes more. She was fairly inhaling his prick, desperate to milk every last drop of cum from him.

His knob had at last stopped spurting, but a few last drops trickled onto her tongue. She slurped them down quickly. Then she used her nimble tongue to lap up the stray drops that had escaped her lips and run down onto his balls.

She leaned back, smiling up at him with creamy lips, her expression one of great satisfaction.

“That,” he sighed, “was wonderful.”

“Delicious, too……. And feel better now, baby?”

She said standing up and facing him. However before that she took few minutes for cleaning his cock. Being a blow-job specialist in Tollygunge, she cleaned all the traces of cum with her soft lips and snaking tongue.

“That was unbelievable… Didi, but what about you, don’t you want me? I mean I should have some duty to please my Didi too” He started to ask.

“We don’t have enough time for that tonight, but when you get back from your outdoor shooting, I’ll be expecting you to drop by often, for a little `visit’ while my husband at work. As for tonight, I was thinking after my husband’s asleep……. maybe I could visit your sister in the spare restroom, just to…lets say make sure she’s comfortable?” She said with a conspicuous smile on her face.

“You mean, you and Poly… so what you’re telling me is, you’re Bi?” He asked not believing what he was hearing.

“Yes, I’m very Bi, honey! I can’t get enough of either, cock or pussy! And since your sister is so cute, I thought maybe I could be her `Loving Mommy’ for the night. it’s always been a fantasy of mine to suck on a cute teen’s tit! Unless of course, you’d rather agree?” She asked in a teasing tone of voice sensing his excitement by the look in his eyes.

“Dammed Didi, you’re even sexier than you look in your films! Man what a turn on…I’d love to be able to be here and see you do my sis….. that’s every man’s fantasy!” He said looking down at his cock that had again become rock hard and was throbbing heavily.

“Looks like you’re going to need some more relief before you leave, honey! Why don’t we go get Poly and bring her in here so that you too can give her a good fucking before you leave? I’m sure you’re hardly waiting to fuck your sweet sister” Munmun told him with a wicked grin.

“Oh Didi….. I’m dreaming for that over a long time. And if she’s in this condition, I shouldn’t have much of a problem getting my needs meet. Once I leave, maybe you could even talk to her about me and `taking care’ of her. That could possibly keep her from any anxiety or reservation she might have. What do you think, Didi?” Bumba asked…. planting a kiss on her lips.

“I think your sis will cooperate with our planning,” Munmun answered seductively… once again holding his throbbing cock.

“I’m sure you won’t have any problems with her; she’ll do what ever I tell her. Would you like to watch me fuck her, Didi?” He asked….. his pulse was racing with excitement at the taboo idea.

“You know I surely would, baby! That would be a good way of introducing me into the mix. Even I could `clean her up’ after you finish with her? That might put her more at ease about me being with her for the rest of our life!” She suggested.

“And by `cleaning her up,’ you mean you’re going to eat my cum out of my sister’s pussy, Didi?” He asked getting more and more excited…… by the prospect of fulfilling his threesome dream.

“That’s what I had in mind sweetie. I hadn’t had a `cream pie’ since my last year outdoor shooting at Simla with one of my co-actress and a producer!” She replied animatedly. “I think your sis does enjoy having her pussy eaten too, doesn’t she, baby?” She asked as his cock throbbed in her hand.

“Sure… she loves it! Damm. Who would have thought, all of this would going to happen tonight? This is going to be fantastic, Didi. I can’t wait until I get back, so we can enjoy one another and her at the same time. It’s almost too good to be true, I’ve dreamt about doing stuff like this for so long. I think it’s finally going to happen!” He exclaimed thinking about Munmun’s torrid threesome with his sister.

“Well it couldn’t have come at a better time for me too, honey….. but not today… next time when you come back from Goa. Now we have to go back to the party before someone notice us. Actually your Manishda hasn’t exactly been taking care me lately. Of course he’s got a lot of younger pussy to choose from when he makes his out of town `business’ trips!,” Munmun said with a grin. “However, I can’t blame him though, hell. How a man could control his passion when he would pass up some young pussy….. if he gets the chance and I know I couldn’t.”

“Has it been a while since you’ve been with a woman, Didi?” He asked anxiously as he tried to stuf his hard cock back into his pants. However they started to walk out of the bedroom hearing suddenly the sound of someone’s footstep outside.

“No not really Sonabhai. I’ve a few co-actress friends whose husbands work outside and that’s when I see them on a regular basis. In fact there are at least three of them here at the party tonight. Of course you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They sure as hell wouldn’t admit it too, if you asked them!” She said laughingly.

“Is that…. I never guess it…” Sanjit looked even more shocked.

“Some are hesitant at their first encounter. But I can be pretty persuasive with a woman. Once we’re behind the closed doors, they love it all! I love to lick and suck most of them….. tit, pussy….. even the dirty arsehole by the way? And they too love their tits and pussies to be sucked and licked. Not only that, a couple of the older ones, prefer to stay with their heads between my legs and lap my pussy all night long!” She said in a self-assured manner and smiling seductively.

“For a young lady that’s so sophisticated looking and as demure as you are…. when around other people, you sure have a full sex life don’t you, Didi?” He said.

“Oh I do alright, honey. I don’t get quite as much cock `variety’ wise, as I’d like too. But believe me when I tell you, I have a bountiful supply of it close at hand. But I have to be real careful, when it comes to men. You sure know my position and status….. so I’ve to take serious steps not to leak out anything scandalously. Men like to talk too much filthy about celebs like us and that can cause real big problems. You do understand what I’m saying right, Bumba dear?” She said looking at him squarely in the face.

“Oh Didi, you can trust me. I’ve always been one that thinks….. discretion is the key to success in any venture….. specifically in show business profession. Besides I’m no fool either. I know when you’re holding my balls in your hand, you’ve the capability of squeezing any time you want.” He told her with a grin.

“Yes, but I don’t like holding anything over a man’s head, however a woman is totally different to me. Like I told you earlier I can be pretty `persuasive’, when I feel what I want from a woman. Actually I enjoy being the one in charge with the women. But with a man it’s a whole different thing. I like a man that just takes what ever he wants from me!” She explained.

“Take for instance…. one of our family’s servants, you may know him very well….. Prankrisno, our Odisan Cook. He is a `bountiful supply of manly cream’. As we haven’t enough time, I just tell you about him in brief. He’s an young guy…. a mixed origin of her Punjabi father and Odisan mother. He might get it from her Punjabi father’s side…… it’s a hellacious cock. You can easily compare it with a African Nigro’s cock and he really knows what to do with it” She said animatedly.

“Oh Prankrisno…… yes, I know him very well….. it’s OK…. but Didi, he is a low level servant! And being a top level lady like you in Tollygunge film society, how could you do such thingis?” Sanjit couldn’t believe his beauty queen Didi’s depravity.

“Maybe, but I never consider any man about that department….. I just see his manly power and ability to produce the high quality nutritious cream…. you know what I mean. Actually, nobody knew the mystery of my glamorous charms….yes, it’s the result of that sweet dessert…. actually, it’s his contribution…. I really owe it for him,”

“B….. bu….. but Didi, does Manishda aware of this?” Sanjit started to stammer…. it’s beyond his imagination. He was now quite stunned knowing the sexual escapades of his famous Monadi.

“No, he isn’t…. although he hired him on to do our household jobs, actually I finalized his appointment noticing his enormous bulge at first sight.” Munmun said reminiscing the first time she noticed him.

Prankrisno was introduced by her husband two months before their arrival in this new building, and Munmun could guess his age and ability instantly. He was twenty-five or so, had a hard well toned body almost like an Adonis God….. it was that, that had caught her eye the first day.

He started to work there after her husband had told him to stay at the servants’ quarter…. a small separate quarter from the main building. His body was glistened with sweat as he introduced himself after a long journey in the bus…… in the sunshine of early May. His T-shirt was tucked into his waistband, and his pants snugly fitting to his hips.

Munmun must have stared too long, as he caught her looking and grinned mischievously. She felt her face go red, and scampered off into the kitchen to have a cold drink. Even she had to do a quick rub at her pussy which had suddenly got pretty damp.

She went to the bathroom and pulled her Maxi-gown up. Then pulling her panties aside, she placed one foot on top off the commode. Next, she sat on the commode and opened her legs wide. She began to give herself a quick fingering to relieve the tension building up inside her.

“Monadi, where are you…..” with Sanjit’s sudden calling, Munmun came back from her reverie instantly.

“Oh Sorry Sona….. yes, I was distracted… Anyway, two months before our marriage and shifting into this place, we decided to hire some labourers to comply different household jobs. A week after he was here, I applied a little `coaxing’ on my part. At first he was totally surprised noticing such behavior from a top heroine like me. However he quickly overcomes from his stance and made a swift move…..” The one and only glamour queen actress of Tollygunge of that period disclosed one of her slutty adventures
________ _________ _______ _______ _______

Kesto, could you help me?” It was Manish Sen, Munmun’s husband and Prankrisno’s boss.

“Of course, Dadababu.” He jumped out of the car door to see his employer half-dragging his wife from the open elevator. She was obviously quite intoxicated and not in control of her own faculties. He lifted her free arm and placed it around his neck; the beautiful actress was cradled between them.

“Seems like your Didimoni had a bit too much to drink.” He always had a way of stating the obvious. This was not the first time he left an important party because of his wife’s drinking problem.

“She should go home….. of course she should…. but it looks like I may get the new contract tonight.” He sighed. “If I play my cards right.”

Prankrisno opened the rear door to the car and said, “It’s no problem, Dadababu. I’ll drop her off then come right back.”

Manish looked grateful to their Cook cum Gardener cum Driver ( actually all in one ) as he helped his Didimoni to get into the car. Up until this moment, she had been inanimate.

She spoke with slurred words, “I don’t want to go home, dear!” She turned her head towards her husband. “Let’s go and find a nice hotel so that we could enjoy sometimes more like we used to?”

Prankrisno felt embarrassed hearing such personal talks of his Didimoni. But it was his duty to ignore the private words of his employer and his wife.

“No, dear….. I’ll be home later tonight, after I get that contract I’ve been working on.” He let her go so that Prankrisno could manipulate her through the door of the huge car. “Kesto will make sure you get home all right, OK dear.”

She made a rude noise at her husband’s answer, but Prankrisno was not amused with the task of handling his drunken Didimoni. This time Munmun spoke to the Cook instead of her husband. It was something she normally never did talk to the help.

“He would rather work on some contract than giving time to his wife…. bloody shit!” She then spoke over the Cook’s shoulder to her husband as Prankrisno finally got her onto the rear seat. “Looks like, you are having some affair with someone else?” There was venom in her voice. “Like your Rinadi ( AparnaSen ) or Priya aunty ( Supriya Chowdhury )?”

However Manish didn’t react after his wife’s crude remark….. rather he closed the door of the car. Meanwhile Prankrisno stood back up out of the car as he heard his Didimoni’s first sob.

Manish attempted an embarrassed smile…. then pressed his palm into their Cook’s shoulder as he felt few rupees being passed to his pocket by his employer. Next he said, “I know this goes beyond your duties, Kesto, so after getting her home, you can take the rest of the night off.”

But Prankrisno wondered if his Didimoni’s last comment was true as he replied, “Of course Dadababu, as you said and thank you.”

Manish waved to their Cook’s statement away and said, “I should get back.” He walked back towards the elevator. “I called home and Parveen will handle your Didimoni once you get her there.”

Prankrisno nodded….. after all, it was his job as well as duty. His master then quickly stepped into the open elevator and closed it’s doors. He was left alone in the large cement parking complex. Well, he thought, it’s a job….. beats digging ditches.

Next he got behind the driver’s seat and stole a quick glance behind him through the rearview mirror…. and asked, “You okay,.Didimoni?”

She didn’t respond, but he could hear her near-silent sobs.

“I’ll have you home within an hour.” He said.

It usually took fifteen minutes to drive to the home, but it was evening and he decided to make good time. It was a job. He began maneuvering through the busy downtown streets and the traffic, only occasionally looking back to his employer’s stunning wife.

She was fine, half-laying upon the wide rear seat, her face hidden in shadow. Perhaps he would get lucky and she would pass out until the drive was over. He wasn’t sure how long since leaving the parking lot, it had been before his Didimoni first spoke, but it startled him after the serene silence.

“You wouldn’t have left your wife for a contract, would you, Kesto?” Munmun asked in slurred tone.

Quickly he glanced through the mirror to see his Didimoni sitting up…. looking directly into his eyes. She looked very weary, her eyes were red and puffy after crying. Her clothes were wrinkled after laying upon them for so long.

“You know Didimoni, I’m not married.”

He wondered if she even knew this. Actually she only spoke to him previously about the jobs to be done, not to ask about his personal life. So at first he was surprised by her query but he sensed that she waited impatiently for an answer to her question.

Although his comment was irrelevant… he answered, “No, Didimoni, I would never have chosen a job over my wife.”

“Do you find me attractive, Kesto?” Her voice had a new quality to it that he couldn’t interpret. But the simple question was also disturbing, something he never thought to hear from his Didimoni.

What else could he say…. he reacted with some hesitation, “Yes, Didimoni, I do find you the most attractive woman, I’ve seen so far.”

Yes, she actually was…. just in her late twenties, still without any children, she was in absolutely stunning shape with a pretty face. But it was only her drunken state that pissed him off sometimes.

However, this evening he noticed that she looked particularly attractive…. dressed in a light pink gown with white nylons socks and shoes. Her long, wavy dark hair was highlighting her attractive features. Of course, he only took a quick glance before becoming the dispassionate driver…. after all he could not jeopardize his job.

“Didimoni, we will be back home in a few moments. Then you can sleep off…”

He was a servant after all. The reason he had stopped talking was because he glanced into the mirror as he spoke. But what he saw surprised him yet again.

The angle of the large rearview mirror allowed him to see much of the rear area, up to about the waist of anyone sitting in the seat facing forwards. His Didimoni was sitting….. facing him, her eyes looking fiercely into him.

He could see a white silk-covered knee which led down to her thigh. One of her hands was inside the front of her dress, one button undone…. allowing access so
she could manipulate her own boobs. The other hand crossed the front of her body and was obviously placed between her legs, which he couldn’t see.

To be continued……

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