Bengalee Film Queen 8

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Episode : 8

The two friends of Goutam watched the famous mature Tolly Queen Gargi Roychowdhury’s milk-white jiggling boobs and fat ass with rapt attention, as she cleaned her husband’s fingers one by one. She then lay down on the bed on her stomach….. sticking up her 38-inch ass in the air. She was laying face down on the bed…. pressing her boobs down on the mattress and sticking her big white ass in the air.

She was waiting anxiously for her husband to mount her ass from behind. She loved her husband’s as well as her clients big dick in her both holes being in a doggie-style position. But her favorite sexual pleasure came from having her husband’s dick in her tight ass.

In addition, she loved him to be pounded her pussy and ass hard when he fucked her two holes alternatively….. i.e. fucking her pussy with few thrusts, he pulled out his dick and rammed it in her quivering asshole in the next moment. Then pounding her asshole with his rod few seconds, he withdrew it and thrust his shit-coated dick in her whore cunt….. and so on. It felt incredible….. the way he pounded her both holes simultaneously when they fucked.

She also loved having her partner spank her big ass when they fucked. The different combination of her different bed-partners made her feel like a bitch in heat and really got her pussy dripping.

Goutam enjoyed watching his slut wife stick her ass up in the air, which was so inviting to fuck. He could not wait to mount his spoiled wife that he took pride in knowing that at least in the bedroom. That timely spoiled rich bitch was about to spill with him six months ago regarding the conflict of her escort business…… but the almighty God saved their conjugal life and now they’re the happiest couple in the world.

Gargi was now very submissive to his needs…. specially in the bedroom. He looked down at his beautiful actress wife’s big ass wagging in the air. He knew she was ready to be fucked. The beautiful round ass of hers was sticking up waiting for him to mount on.

Therefore, he got behind her and started rubbing the tip of his dick over her pussy. He found that her pussy was already wet.

Gargi started moaning for her husband’s rubbing his cock over her bald pussy. “Oh baby do not tease my pussy… Ummm… fuck me!” She pleaded.

“And where do you want it baby?” asked her husband lovingly, as he continued to rub the head of his cock up and down her heavily moist pussy-slit….. teasing her clitoris with it. He could tell by the way her ass was moving back…. trying to rub his cock, that the bitch was already in heat. Her body was gyrating in anticipation and she was making strange sounds as his cock rubbed over her pussy slowly….. teasing her hungry cun’t with his cock.

“Oh shit!” she cried out. “I do not care where you stick it baby. Just fuck me now! I need it so bad.” She moaned in a whimpering voice.

He loved hearing her begging him to fuck her. So now without any pause, he rammed his nine ten inches length, all the way in her pussy. She started to scream out, “Ooohhh shit… Aahhh… fuckkk… yessss…”

Suddenly her cunt was convulsing uncontrollably as she reached to her approaching climax…… she howled, “Ohhhhhh….. Leorachoda reeeee, amar jal khosche re….. yesss…. I am Cumming… Aaahhh…”

He continued to pound his hard cock in his wife’s clutching pussy. He was now pumping her pussy hard, pulling back, and shoving it all the way in to stuff her pussy up to the hilt. He reached down to grab both of her ass-cheeks. He loved feeling her doughy butt-cheeks in his hands while he pumped his wife with his big cock.

Gargi had already experienced two orgasms tonight. She was just wished to remain with her face in the mattress while he continued to fuck her from behind. She knew it would not be long before her husband would pound her ferociously with his limitless staying power…. as she thought every time, he gave her an orgasm. He only managed to fuck her long enough to make her horny again before he finishes.

At one time, Gargi felt herself dizzy…. like she was in a dreamy state….. after enjoying the numerous climax her husband offered her by his thunderous pounding. Realising this Goutam postponed his thrusting and winked at his friends towards that spl room…..and hinted them to come in the bedroom. Instantly the highly excited friends walked into the main bedroom from the secret room.

Without saying anything, Dinesh started fumbling his pants. Quickly removing his pants, he took his position behind Gargi as her husband withdrew his glistening prick. Within seconds he pushed his highly throbbing cock into Gargi’s empty cunt and started fucking her furiously.

Gargi however couldn’t make out the difference of the two different cocks as she wasn’t in a state of recognising them. She just stirred in her senseless condition and moaned softly. But her new sex-partner Dinesh was in such an exciting stage that he lasted for a few minutes only….. pounding her pussy with few more thrusts, he pulled out and came all over her ass. That was his favorite part of her body…… cumming on her big butt as he raised off of her body.

Dinesh and Aditya could make out all that Goutam and his wife had done in bed together but neither was impressed with their friend’s bedroom skills. That is all Dinesh was thinking about himself as he watched Gargi’s husband leaving the room.

Dinesh then noticed Gargi on the bed….. still had her face buried in the mattress and her ass was still sticking up. He could see her finger was now rubbing her bald pussy unconsciously. Aditya had also noticed now that she had her fingers buried in her pussy and was fingering it rapidly.

“She’s still hot Aditya…… let’s help her.” Dinesh suggested.

Aditya started removing his clothes, not wanting to wait any longer to get a piece of his dearest friend’s naked wife on the bed. He had a hard on all evening just watching. Now, he wanted her sizzling naked flesh for himself. He was not going to wait for his friend’s permission because he could tell that Gargi was still hot and needed more action. He did not want to wait any longer.

Now fully nude Aditya walked over to the bed. He was looking at Gargi’s face to see if she noticed him coming. Her eyes were remained closed. He approached the bed and noticed her fingers were still buried her pussy. He could hear the soft moaning sounds that were escaping her mouth. Obviously, she still was unaware of his presence on her bed.

Aditya was stroking his cock in one hand while he aimed his cockhead to her opening. His cock was a little smaller than his friend Goutam but he doubted Gargi would hardly notice the difference anyway. He reached out and touched her large soft ass with one of his hands.

A soft murmur came from the Tolly Diva’s lips…. ‘Onnnnnn…..’

Aditya was enjoying the feel of the dark-haired glamourous actress’s beautiful soft ass. He started giving her round cheeks a massage. He heard her moan obviously, and he realised that she was enjoying having her ass rubbed. He also noticed that she had removed her fingers from her pussy.

Gargi thought that her husband was returned and was now going to please her body. She loved him and his big dick but he would just fuck her get off and go to sleep. He was a lazy son of a bitch.

Meanwhile Aditya used his hands to spread Gargi’s ass-cheeks and inserted his dick in her pussy very slowly…. enjoying it’s warming sensations and then stared fucking it. He was fucking her….. moving his dick back and forth in her pussy with a gentle rhythm and motion. He began to pick up his tempo with the passing of time….. feeling satisfied that his dream was fulfilled at last….. however in exchange of some money.

The friction of his fucking was causing Gargi’s nipples to rub over the sheets. She was now breathing hard as Aditya continued to fuck her hot pussy. She was also moving her big ass back to meet with the cock that was pounding her insatiable cunt. He picked up his speed even more and began to fuck her harder while he continued to slap her ass hard. At the same time, his pendulous balls slapped on her protruding pussy-lips with his savage pounding.

“Oh, baby that feels so good. Spank my ass darling.” She whined. He did not need to be told twice as he increased his slapping on her big ass.

“Ouch…..Onnnnnn……yessss…..!” Gargi moaned but she was totally having her fun now. She still was assuming that her husband was fucking her…… even more good this time.

Aditya was fucking harder hearing her pleasurable squealing and he himself was enjoying to spank her hot ass. “SLAP! SLAP!”…… as he continued his spanking.

He was now fucking the Tolly sexy bitch savagely. God! He could tell by her moans of joy that the his friend’s wife was having a wild fuck and was very pleased by the way, he was fucking her pussy. He continued fucking her as he noticed her brown asshole winking at him. He smiled as he wetted his one finger with his saliva and started to probe into her puckered asshole with his finger.

Gargi felt the finger going in her rectum and squealed in delight. She liked anal sex more and now a nice cock was fucking her pussy….. along with a finger in her tight asshole. The imbedded finger was moving in and out in her asshole…. matching with the pounding of his cock in her pussy.

Aditya couldn’t believe how lucky he got tonight with the hot dark-haired diva bitch. She kept bouncing her big milky ass back in rhythm to his penetration and at the same time enjoyed his finger-fucking in her spongy asshole.

He was quite sure that she still thought…. it was her husband who was fucking her, but he did not care much. All he knew was to fuck the best pussy he ever had to fuck with. Suddenly he withdrew his glistening cock from her pussy and put it at the entrance of her ass. He pushed his cock in her asshole….. then with a lunge and thrust of his hips, he buried his entire cock deep in her ass.

“Oh honey, fuck my ass. Ooohhh…. Aaahhh… fuck my ass baby.”

‘I may not be your husband,’ Aditya was thinking ‘but I’ll definitely fuck your ass, you slutty bitch.’


Gargi’s mind was not in the least bit concerned. That the person fucking her was a few inches smaller and when his dick entered into her ass, it penetrated her butt easier than it normally would. She was aware of that dick which now felt good pumping her asshole. She felt satisfied now.

Aditya was now fucking her big ass. “God! It feels so good.” He heard her squeal “Oh baby! Ooohhh yes… Fuck my ass… Ooohhh…” Gargi called out closing her eyes and pushing her face into the pillow.

He was about to screw her up as he continued pumping her ass. He also noticed that Gargi was now grinding her upper body into the mattress. The hot bitch was rubbing her own nipples against the bed obviously pleasuring her own boobs. He was right to observe that she was now moving her ass in circular motions as his hard cock continued to pound her big ass.

Gargi was however stimulating her own nipples by rubbing them against the sheets. He could not believe the way her body was moving. Her ass was gyrating on his cock squeezing it’s length like a vice grip. Her upper torso was moving into another direction as she continued to move her fat ass.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh… I am cuummmming…..Ooohhh yessss… Aaahhh… Fuckkk…. Aaahhh…..” She screamed out.

Aditya knew that he could not take it much longer as Gargi’s big ass was gyrating on his dick in the painful way.


“Oh baby, not in my ass. Let me take you… Ahhh! I want to taste you… Aaahhh!”

Aditya pulled his cock from her ass and quickly moved to her face. Gargi instantly rolled over as Aditya pulled her face into his ready to explode cock. Her mouth opened and he shoved his shit-coated yellowish prick in her mouth.

She wrapped her hands around the much thinner cock and started to pump the shaft with her hands. He started to fuck her mouth fitting most of his cock in her mouth.

The great Tolly heroine hadn’t a bit of hesitation on her own yellowish shit which was smeared lightly on his cock. She took the tanzy scented cock eagerly in her mouth without showing a little bit of disgust. She licked it clean and continued sucking most of the dick as Aditya continued to fuck the her hot mouth. At the same time her hand continued to pump up and down the shaft while most of his cock was down her throat.

“GOD, I CAN’T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!” he shouted, cumming in her mouth.

The celeb heroine greedily swallowed all of his cum down her throat. “Oh that tastes so good…. so yummy baby! Your cum tastes really good today.” She moaned, continuing to milk Aditya’s cock in her soft hands.

Then she opened her eyes. “What the fuck!” She shouted, and then noticing them, she became shocked.

“Boudi, it’s not our fault. Goutam himself invited us to watch your fucking him and along with that to enjoy your sexy body. However for that we’ve to pay two lakh…. but we’re satisfied and enjoyed a lot Boudi and we think our money isn’t wasted. Oh Boudi! You have a talent in all areas… and hearty congrats for this great evening.” he smiled back at her.

Gargi’s dark eyes darted around the room looking for her husband. “But where is your friend Adityada?”

“Oh, I don’t know. He’s here somewhere.”

Gargi noticed the other man in the room standing naked who was still fondling his dick whom she couldn’t recognise.

“Hi beautiful! My name is Dinesh…. am a lover of Dolon, I mean Dolon Roy. We became friends very recently and when Goutamda invited me to enjoy your special blue-show in exchange of money, I couldn’t hold myself. So I become a part of this surprise tonight…. actually your husband had planned it for you.”

Gargi became stunned hearing her husband’s filthy plan and that’s when she remembered that she was fully naked in front of them. She tried to cover her body in a futile attempt with a sheet wrapping it around her naked body.

“Come on Boudi. It is too late for being modest now….. we’ve already enjoyed your lush body, ” Dinesh laughed at his friend’s wife with a wicked smile.

Gargi knew he was right and removed her sheet, leaving her once again glorious naked body in front her husband’s friends. It seemed to be no big deal now anyway. Adityada had already fucked her ass and came in her mouth. She could still taste cum in her mouth and she had to admit it tasted better than her husband had.

However she was glad and grateful to her beloved husband for fulfilling one of her darkest fantasies. But which marvelled her most was his professional attitude, as he didn’t forget her escort business while satisfying her desires. He claimed her service charge even from his dearest friends.

As Gargi was thinking about her husband’s greatness, his friend Dinesh, at that time, just kept looking at her lush body. He was eyeing at her big breasts, moving his roving eyes down her flat tummy.

‘What a beauty!’ he thought.

His hungry gaze brought a shudder down to her spine when she noticed him looking for her bald pussy. Although she was finding the size of his cock mesmerizing, she was also staring back at his naked body in awe. He was definitely enjoying the view of the naked diva actress in front of him. Nevertheless, Dinesh could tell that she also liked her view as well of his naked body.

Dinesh had been waiting for a long time to fulfill his wish i.e. to mount the conceited bitch. He now wanted not only to fuck her but in addition, to deflate her over-inflated ego. He approached the bed and pushed her down on her back.

He spread her legs apart and wasted no time in trying to stuff his twelve inches raging prick in her pussy. Her pussy may have been wet earlier but his dick was just too big. She may be a nine or ten inches fan but his fat twelve inches were not comfortable. He was trying to stuff that monster in her pussy.

“Ouch! No! That is just too big, ouch! That hurts.” She whimpered. “Stop! Nooo!”

But Dinesh was too horny. He pushed more of the fathead of his cock in her pussy. Gargi let out a scream. Noticing this, Aditya decided to give a try and let her have something else to think about. He grabbed her head and tried to get her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth when Dinesh tried to stick the remaining of his cock in her pussy.

Her mouth opened and Aditya took advantage of the situation and stuffed his cock back in her mouth. Instantly Gargi started to suck on his cock. His cock fitted right in her mouth. It was thinner and she started bobbing her head back and forth over its length. As Aditya was fucking her mouth, his friend tried to fit more of his massive size cock in her pussy.

She now felt skewed at both ends. A huge cock trying to fit in her pussy and another in her eagerly sucking mouth. She felt so dirty.

Dinesh continued fucking as much of his fat cock in her pussy as he could fit. Aditya on the other hand, held her face in his hands and continued to feed her his cock. Her pretty mouth was bobbing up and down on his dick. She was so caught up in the blowjob. She was no longer worried about the large penis that was invading her pussy. His huge cock started to feel much better now inside her pussy.

Dinesh pushed more of his dick in her pussy bringing a muffled moan from Gargi’s lips. She was concentrating more on giving head. She was trying to block out the man who was stretching her pussy like she never before. He continued to pound his huge cock in and out of her pussy.

Her pussy was stretched out maximum by the huge cock fucking her. She was moaning as her body had actually started to respond to both the cocks at the same time. She felt naughty but turned on by the image playing out in her brain. Having two cocks at once was making her feel hot.

The Tolly Diva Queen continued to suck harder on Aditya’s prick and wanted to taste his cum again. Dinesh was meanwhile able to fit most of his cock in her pussy. He wanted more but decided to pull out of her pussy. She was wondering what happened because her pussy now was empty and at that time, Aditya also pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“What is wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing.” Dinesh pulled her off the bed….. pulling her down to the floor. He had her lay on her back on the rug, but she was not sure what he wanted from her. However she decided not to argue the point with them as she was paid a handsome amt for their entertainment.

So Gargi was lying on her back on the floor. Dinesh got on her stomach, grabbed both of her 36″ boobs, and started playing with her boobs squeezing the soft mounds in his hands. Beside them, Aditya crawled between her legs…. pulling her leg apart.

When he had her legs spread wide, he got down and started to lick her bald pussy. And Dinesh continued to play with her big boobs palming them in his hands…. running his fingers over her excited nipples.

He thought his friend’s wife looked beautiful looking up at him with her big dark eyes. The small roundish ‘Bindi’ on her forehead and a long trail of deep-red ‘Sindoor’ on her ‘Sinthi’ made her ‘Bengalee housewife look’ even more attractive.

Her pretty mouth with her red lipstick smeared from having Aditya’s dick sucked. Her breast felt soft in his hands as he continued to knead her big melons with his hands. Gargi had a dreamy look on her face…… it had been a long time since her husband took the time to play with her big breast.

“Ooohhh… ummm….” She moaned for the tongue, which was now licking her pussy and continued to suck on the engorged clit.

Dinesh then gave her one of her tits a playful slap. After that he took both of her tits and held them together. Raising his stiff dick between her tits, he started to fuck them. This was a new experience for her to have a man fucking her breasts while his friend was eating her pussy.

So, Dinesh was now mashing her tits in his palms while he fucked between her them….. bringing exquisite pleasures to Gargi. He was now sitting on her soft tits with his huge cock in between them as a major portion of his cock was lied on her face.

Gargi knew what he wanted her to do. She did not want to try to stuff the monster cock in her mouth. Her hands wrapped around his thick cock. She started stroking along its thick mass. She looked at the big mushroom head hungrily as her tongue snaked out from her mouth and started running her tongue over the sensitive tip of his cock.

Below them, Aditya’s tongue felt so good licking her pussy. Her body was reacting to pussy eating and becoming hotter with each lingual stroke. Dinesh’s big cock head was by her lips. Therefore, she decided to try for fitting it in her small mouth. Her mouth managed after several attempts to get the head in her mouth.

The fat cock of Dinesh filled into her mouth. However, she took it as a challenge to get his fat dick in her mouth, which she finally managed to do. She was now licking his dick while sucking on it’s head.

In the meantime, Aditya finished licking her pussy…. so he put his cock into her pussy. He started to fuck the hot bitch for the second time. Not caring what hole in her body he fucked, it was all good to him. He had already fucked her ass earlier and now it was her pussy. He also thought her blowjob skills were good. Once again mounting into her pussy, he gave her a hard pussy fuck.

Dinesh was so close to cumming but he did not want to ejaculate in her pretty mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her face.

“I am Cumming… AAAHHHH!” He cried.

At that instant, he noticed what Aditya had planned to do as he had pulled out of her pussy before cumming. He quickly slid up his cock….. direct at her pretty face. Both friends of Goutam now started to shoot their cum all over the Diva actress’s beautiful face. They both were thrilled to see the self-proclaimed Queen’s pretty face splattered with whitish sticky cum juice.

Gargi’s face was now a mess of cum, which was dripping all over her face….some of the cum had gotten in her hair also…. she was literally drenched in cum. The two friends were more than happy looking at what they did to her pretty face.

Gargi, on the other hand was pissed off. She didn’t mind drinking cum from her partner’s cock. However, she hated getting sticky cum in her hair. Then she saw her husband’s smiling face looking at her.

Aditya and Dinesh both really were pleased to see the glamourous actress’s cum splattered face. Both friends once again took notice of her nude body….. her big boobs, nice face, to her massive ass. Gargi had a good reason to be conceited. She was really a hot chick!

“Hey Beauty Queen! Did you enjoy yourself?” asked her husband smilingly.

“Oh yeah, your friends were so great.” She exclaimed in wanton joy.

Gargi knew that her husband was amused by her having sticky cum all over her face and in her hair. She was so happy to give her husband the satisfaction which he fantasized for a long time. As Gargi was about to enter in the attached bathroom, she paused at the door giving the men one last look at her bubbling large naked ass.

To be continued……

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