Wife swapping friends

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This is the true story of long term swap between 2 couples from 2017 to 2022. People, who don’t like Wife Swap or other relationships, please skip reading my story.

I PRASANTH, 31 and my wife MALINI, 27 are couple with 1 kid aged 3. I work for a leading role in a chemical factory in Mahindra world city. My wife works as a HR in an MNC in Tidal Park. We live in pallavaram Chennai.
SURESH, 30 is my school friend, now my collique in administration department in same company where I work. He married DIVYA, 24 on 05/12/2016 after 3 years of love. She works in an IT company in MEPZ, Chennai. They live in Chrompet.
Since I and Suresh are school friends, we use to know each other for almost 20 years. I use to attend all function in Suresh’s home. He uses to attend all function of mine. We use to go out together for roaming around the city during collage days. We know each other personally too. He uses to meet at our homes often. So our wife’s are also friends. They also use to go together to T-nagar shopping, malls together.
After he got married, we all 4 use to travel in and around Chennai in my car.
Hope introduction is enough.

Let me come to the story:

Our 1st wife swap was accidental. We never planned or never thought such things even in our dreams.
On 15/07/2017, we all 4 and my son aged 3 went to a marriage reception of my school friend at mugapair, and returned home around 10pm. that time my son fell asleep in the car itself. We planned to stay in my home itself since we have planned to attend the muhurtham in the morning too. Once we are in my wife gave my Lungi to Suresh and nighty to divya and said please adjust today because it will be too louse for you. We use to talk general topics often. All 4 changed to night dress and were talking about the way they treated in function, religious habits etc. That time my friend said we still stick to culture, sentiments, other things…. but people are swapping wife….. See there’s a case running in Mumbai court regarding wife swap……

We all 4 were silent for few mins and were seeing and smiling at the other 3. Then he asked us about our opinion regarding wife swap. I said if other couple is trust worthy, no issues. Divya said she feels something different but donno how to say. Malini being a HR, said it’s all about perception, understanding. It’s up to independent beliefs. Now we asked Suresh. He replied as “I trust my wife. Also if i have a trusted couple, I’ll do”. Now all 4 smiled at the other and Suresh suddenly said, if u are ready means am ok to swap with you couple.
Both wives’ faces turned red and both were blushing. Now I’ll tell about the structure of all 4 of us. I’m Prasanth 5.6 ft tall, 6.1inch dick with good thickness and normal body at 75kg. My wife Malini is chubby 38-34-40, 5.2ft and 72kg. Mother having a kid.

My friend Suresh is 5.8 ft tall, 6.2inch dick with thickness little less than me and normal body at 74kg. His wife divya is slim 32-29-33, 5.4ft and 54kg.

We both men saw each other and shake our head and took their blush as green signal, without any 2nd thought, moved to others wife. I pulled divya. Suresh pulled malini…. no words to explain the feel for all 4 of us. We shifted to our bedroom and
Suresh caught Malini’s nighty and i caught Divya’s nighty and pulled it up. Now both of them were in bra and panties. We pulled the bra and made them topless. Now we were mad, that two milky white big boobs with long protruding nipples called him towards her. The show was enough to make Suresh mad. I could see two apples sized straight, firm, white boobs with big gap between the two boobs….. He forgot I was there. He put his mouth on her left nipple and started sucking. He was trying to catch the whole 36D boobs in his mouth while sucking; he was playing with the right boob of malini. Meanwhile, I was engaged with divya I was crushing her 32 size firm boobs. I was all over her. I was kissing her. I was licking her. I was caressing her.

When I saw Suresh sucking Malini’s boobs, I also started sucking Divya’s boobs. That was tasty. But my mind was continuously going towards her small bum and slim legs. I could not hold myself longer. Without waiting for Suresh’s approval, I removed the panty of Divya and threw that away.

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