Wife swapping friends

This is the true story of long term swap between 2 couples from 2017 to 2022. People, who don’t like Wife Swap or other relationships, please skip reading my story.

I PRASANTH, 31 and my wife MALINI, 27 are couple with 1 kid aged 3. I work for a leading role in a chemical factory in Mahindra world city. My wife works as a HR in an MNC in Tidal Park. We live in pallavaram Chennai.
SURESH, 30 is my school friend, now my collique in administration department in same company where I work. He married DIVYA, 24 on 05/12/2016 after 3 years of love. She works in an IT company in MEPZ, Chennai. They live in Chrompet.
Since I and Suresh are school friends, we use to know each other for almost 20 years. I use to attend all function in Suresh’s home. He uses to attend all function of mine. We use to go out together for roaming around the city during collage days. We know each other personally too. He uses to meet at our homes often. So our wife’s are also friends. They also use to go together to T-nagar shopping, malls together.
After he got married, we all 4 use to travel in and around Chennai in my car.
Hope introduction is enough.

Let me come to the story:

Our 1st wife swap was accidental. We never planned or never thought such things even in our dreams.
On 15/07/2017, we all 4 and my son aged 3 went to a marriage reception of my school friend at mugapair, and returned home around 10pm. that time my son fell asleep in the car itself. We planned to stay in my home itself since we have planned to attend the muhurtham in the morning too. Once we are in my wife gave my Lungi to Suresh and nighty to divya and said please adjust today because it will be too louse for you. We use to talk general topics often. All 4 changed to night dress and were talking about the way they treated in function, religious habits etc. That time my friend said we still stick to culture, sentiments, other things…. but people are swapping wife….. See there’s a case running in Mumbai court regarding wife swap……

We all 4 were silent for few mins and were seeing and smiling at the other 3. Then he asked us about our opinion regarding wife swap. I said if other couple is trust worthy, no issues. Divya said she feels something different but donno how to say. Malini being a HR, said it’s all about perception, understanding. It’s up to independent beliefs. Now we asked Suresh. He replied as “I trust my wife. Also if i have a trusted couple, I’ll do”. Now all 4 smiled at the other and Suresh suddenly said, if u are ready means am ok to swap with you couple.
Both wives’ faces turned red and both were blushing. Now I’ll tell about the structure of all 4 of us. I’m Prasanth 5.6 ft tall, 6.1inch dick with good thickness and normal body at 75kg. My wife Malini is chubby 38-34-40, 5.2ft and 72kg. Mother having a kid.

My friend Suresh is 5.8 ft tall, 6.2inch dick with thickness little less than me and normal body at 74kg. His wife divya is slim 32-29-33, 5.4ft and 54kg.

We both men saw each other and shake our head and took their blush as green signal, without any 2nd thought, moved to others wife. I pulled divya. Suresh pulled malini…. no words to explain the feel for all 4 of us. We shifted to our bedroom and
Suresh caught Malini’s nighty and i caught Divya’s nighty and pulled it up. Now both of them were in bra and panties. We pulled the bra and made them topless. Now we were mad, that two milky white big boobs with long protruding nipples called him towards her. The show was enough to make Suresh mad. I could see two apples sized straight, firm, white boobs with big gap between the two boobs….. He forgot I was there. He put his mouth on her left nipple and started sucking. He was trying to catch the whole 36D boobs in his mouth while sucking; he was playing with the right boob of malini. Meanwhile, I was engaged with divya I was crushing her 32 size firm boobs. I was all over her. I was kissing her. I was licking her. I was caressing her.

When I saw Suresh sucking Malini’s boobs, I also started sucking Divya’s boobs. That was tasty. But my mind was continuously going towards her small bum and slim legs. I could not hold myself longer. Without waiting for Suresh’s approval, I removed the panty of Divya and threw that away.

Now she was all nude. Her cunt was hairless, as if she had got her vagina properly waxed. Later I came to know that she had gone for a full-body wax for their upcoming trip to ooty to conceive for baby.
I saw Suresh. He was still busy sucking Malini’s boobs and playing with nipples. Various sounds were coming from her mouth. I then put my nose into Divya’s cunt to sniff that. My god, what madness. It was a mix of pungent and some soap’s fragrance. It was driving me crazy.
I now put my mouth on it and started kissing and licking. Divya shivered and closed her eye. She made some sounds that attracted Suresh’s attention towards us. He saw me licking her wife’s cunt. He was shocked that I was way too forward.
Then he also pulled the hot panty of my wife and had a look at Malini’s cunt. He lost himself in Malini’s pussy. Malini had shaved a few days back, and hence she had a bit of hair on it. Her regular parlour at Chennai doesn’t offer V area wax, so she used to shave only.
Malini was moaning with Suresh’s tongue movement. Here I had turned Divya. Now I could have a view of her ass. I started kissing and biting her thighs and bums. It was a heavenly feeling. Divya was also responding to the bites, but her eyes were still closed.
Meanwhile, I started licking her asshole. I was taking my tongue from her asshole to the vagina, and with every movement, her bums were bouncing but she lay still when I stopped for a moment.

Meanwhile, Suresh had thrown away his clothes and had become nude. He had 6.2 inches penis and that was quite long than me but not thick as me. Suresh again fixed himself to Malini’s boobs, licking and sucking one by one.
All of a sudden, he positioned his penis on Malini’s pussy and pushed it. It went deep. Malini moaned in pain. But she kept her eyes closed. Suresh started pushing his penis in and out and now she opened her eyes and started enjoying the feel given by a new penis inside her married pussy.

Here, I saw Divya was trying to turn. I let her turn completely. I again started caressing and sucking her boobs. I also threw away my Lungi and became nude. My penis was 6.1 inches long and thicker than Suresh.
I put my penis in the hands of Divya and found that her hands were encircling my penis but not properly. It was hard enough like a rocket and had started hurting because of a long erection. I took my shaft from her hand, positioned at her cunt opening, and pushed it in. Divya moaned in pain. I thought she would create a scene.

I again felt shivering in Divya. The fucking has started. Her cunt was completely wet, and the penis went in and out with a ‘futh futh’ sound.
Meanwhile, Suresh was fucking Malini vigorously. He has increased his pace, and I thought he would discharge anytime from now. After a couple of minutes, he discharged his entire load inside her married pussy and lay on Malini with his face on her boobs. I saw Malini’s hands were also on the back of Suresh, but her moaning had stopped.

Meanwhile, my fucking was on. Divya started moaning. With each thrust, her moaning was increasing. Her hands were moving up, and she held me tightly. I understood that she was near to her orgasm. I increased my pace. My hands were crushing her boobs, and my penis had become an express train.
Suddenly her hands started putting more pressure on me, and her moaning increased. With a shudder, she fell. Her grip loosened, and her hands fell on the bed again. She had an orgasm. I kept on fucking. Suresh was watching all this while lying on Malini. He asked, “Dai, will you keep on fucking till morning?”

I smiled but kept on fucking. After few minutes, I felt Divya has again started moaning, and her body had tightened. I was also nearing my point. My pace increased, I put a hell of a lot of pressure on her boobs. She started moaning in pain and pleasure.
I felt my veins boiling up. And with force, I ejaculated into Divya’s married pussy. I felt she also ejaculated with the flow of my semen. I fell on her and remained in that position for few minutes.

When I stood up, I saw Suresh was near me. He hugged me and said it was amazing. I said, “It was unforgettable.” We both came to the hall and were searching what’s there to eat to get some energy. In the mean time both wives’ went to attached washroom there and peed. Before they finish peeing and washing, Suresh ran inside the room and was waiting in bed. He called me too inside. Both the wives came back to bed naked.
On seeing us, both tried to hide their boobs and pussy. Suresh teased Malini saying “is it possible??” suddenly she lifted one hand and waved slapping sign. Then she realised, she took her hand away, then both tried to cover with nighty. We both are still nude. We asked them to come and sit in the bed.

We both said we want one more round. Both blushed….. Again both tried to take control over other’s wife. My wife stopped and said not in same room. By that time, we both ready with our dick erected. I pulled the nighty from her hand and carried Divya nude to the other room. On the way to other room, I tried to mount my dick inside her. She stopped and said “it’s thicker than him. Be gentle”. I stopped inserting and started kissing her lips. We entered the room and slowly made her lie-down on the bed. Kissed her and slowly opened her pussy….. Cum of 1st round was rushing out of her.

I asked her why she didn’t wash…. she said both ladies peeing and discussing what to do next. Both came to a conclusion that we will want another round for sure. So to make it easier, they both didn’t wash cum. Now I pointed and pushed my dick into her love hole. It moved outside. She herself caught it and positioned for me to enter her. Now I’m on high and I started riding her with steady speed. She came first. She hugged me tight with legs and hands to control my riding speed. After few minutes she came and was silent for 1 min. Then she started moaning again. I changed her to doggy and entered from behind…. since I’m thicker than her husband she felt more pleasure. Them again shifted to normal position and fucked. She was about to come again .Overall fucked some 10 mins and emptied myself inside her the 2nd time. She too came with me. I laydown next to Divya after having nicely fucked and took rest on her boobs. She cuddled me and hugged me with her face on my shoulders.

On the other room, we could still hear moaning sounds. On hearing that, Divya looked at me and smiled. Said they are still Fucking. I asked her u want more? She smiled and said not now. Their sound was still there. So we got up and were peeping through the door. Suresh was riding her by standing on the floor. She is lying on the bed with legs wide open. Suddenly he pulled out and moved her into the middle of the bed and inserted again and started riding. After few seconds, he ejaculated cum inside her and fell on her breast. He moved and lied next to her by hugging each other. We moved back to room and slept nude hugging each other.
That night we both the couples were fucking and treating each other’s wife like how we fucked and treated our own wife on the first night and honey moon. Both the rooms were filled with moans, kissing sounds and laughing sounds. We all 4 of us slept after we got tired because of the fucking night we had with each other wife.

Morning around 6.30 am, I heard my son calling “Amma…. Amma….” (Mom… mom….). I got up and saw Divya still sleeping nude with me. Pulled a towel and wrapped around my waist and rushed out and said my son Amma (mom) is in the bathroom taking bath. Then put chutti TV, gave him few of his toys and ran to the other room to wake up my friend Suresh who had a fucking night with my wife and my wife Malini. They both hugging and sleeping together with Suresh’s dick still in Malini’s Pussy. I called both of them by names but no response. Maybe night’s effect. I tap both of them to wake them up; she came to senses and was in hurry to move apart. Then she got up and rushed to wash her fucked up married motherly pussy…
Suresh ran to the other room with a nighty in his hand and towel wrapped in his waist. Suresh wakes his wife Divya and took her inside bathroom. I rushed to the other bathroom to see my wife Malini. She was trying to push cum out of her pussy. Then only we remembered one thing that we forgot to use condom for the whole night. I got into my shorts and called Suresh. He also looked dull. I asked him “why?” He said he saw his wife inside the bathroom trying to push cum out of her pussy. “A lot of cum got deposited inside her” he said. I too said Malini also have lot of cum inside. He said they fucked one more time early morning. We smiled at each other.

Immediately we both rushed to a medical store nearby to buy pills (I-pills) to avoid pregnancy. After taking pills, sad part is that Suresh – Divya were planning to have their baby. So Divya was also little upset now.
All took bath and they left to their home. After 5 days, I called Suresh and said my wife “Malini got her periods”. He said, Divya didn’t get her periods yet. After 12 days, Suresh called me in the office during lunch and happily said “Divya got her periods”. A big relief came to both of us.
The following few days we were not in mood. The following month (August 2017) also we Suresh and Prasanth both were happy for our wife’s periods. Then everything became fine. We are closer than the past now. We both the husband’s became busier at nights fucking our wife’s and sharing pleasure between us. As a result of our hard work at nights, my wife Malini became pregnant in September with 2nd baby. Divya became pregnant in October with her 1st baby.

I’ll update one interesting thing that happened on 30/04/2018 later. It was in Chennai when I alone met Suresh and Divya.
In January 2018, Malini got the new job in Bangalore which she applied several months ago. So I also resigned the job here and got a job for me in Bangalore in a famous liquor factory in a manager role. We shifted to Bangalore since we got good paying and anticipated jobs. My son was planned to shift school in Bangalore by June2019 for 1st standard since Malini was pregnant. He was with my parents in Chennai.
Both wives were busy with their pregnancy. Days rolled too fast that my wife Malini gave birth to a baby boy by C-Section Surgery on 24/06/2018 in Bangalore. Her 1st baby was normal delivery. She was anticipating a normal delivery this time too but some have led to C-Section. She was bit upset. Suresh alone came to see the mother and son since Divya is 9 months pregnant.
Divya delivered a Baby boy on 24/07/2018 by normal delivery in Chennai. I alone came to see her in hospital since Malini is having a newborn baby of 1 month old in Bangalore. I saw both Divya and her son. Congratulated both for the baby and left for Bangalore. When am leaving, Divya said She is so much interested to see my wife malini and the new born. She said “Please tell Akka (Malini) that I’ll come to Bangalore as soon as possible to see her and the new Born with my baby.”

On 27 October 2018, Saturday by morning 11am, Divya reached Bangalore with Suresh and her kid in their car. They came with a plan to stay for 2 days here since the travel will be too tired for the 3 month old baby. All 4 of us were extremely happy and was treating other with full of respect and enjoying the conversation. Both mothers were breast feeding their baby in front of us. We saw each other’s wife and smiled at each other. They feed the baby once in 2 hrs. At least once in 3 hrs if the baby is sleeps.

Suresh and me gone out in the evening. We had gone to a shopping mall nearby to spend some time and to give the ladies some privacy. We are back at around 8.00pm with food parcels for all. We ate and that time my son started crying for milk. Malini bought the baby outside to the dining table and started eating at the same time feeding the baby. Suresh’s eyes were on her boobs. Jokingly he said ladies were looking gorgeous when having a new born baby.

We all laughed and finished eating. Now divya started feeding her baby. Now Suresh asked malini “Did he drink all the milk?” Malini Smiled and Said “He drink only little amount of milk and I’m secreting lot of milk. After saying this she bite her teeth in shy though what she said is right. Suresh said her wife divya also secrets lot of milk now-a-days. He told this because; when his son was born she didn’t secrete milk. She took some medication to produce milk.

We all 4 left for bedroom for sleeping at around 9.30pm. Both the mother’s, kids in one bed on the floor. The night lamp was glowing. Both the mothers were sleeping. My baby started crying at around 11.00pm. Suresh got up and moved near malini and tapped her to wake up to feed the baby. She was wearing a saree. She removed the buttons of her jacket to loosen it. She didn’t have a bra. When the baby slept and moved her head, malini was in semi sleep. Suresh helped her to put the baby near her and helped her laydown. But malini forgot to hook her jacket. Her boobs were in air. He felt her boobs by touching it for a minute and came to me. That time I noticed that Divya was also showing 1 boob outside. It was bigger than the past. Now big, have long nipples and with full of milk. He asked whether we started having sex after the baby was born. I said yes. We did 2-3 times this month.

He also said, he had started having sex with Divya. She also started enjoying. He also said it was way too hard to see 2 Milf’s sleeping together showing their breast full of milk. I smiled and asked him what to do? He said shall we sleep with wife?? I asked him whose wife? He was shocked. Then thought for a min and smiled at me and said “Today you have my wife and I’ll take your wife.
Both removed our tees and moved to the others wife and laydown next to them and started caressing boobs. Both wives woke up and started scolding us and asked to stop. We were on high mood but we both stopped immediately and gone out to the hall. After around 5 minutes, my wife called us in for a minute. She said “we can understand your feelings and problems so please go and buy condom”. Immediately Suresh said “Machi, go buy a big packet” then he moved inside the bedroom. I wore a t-shirt and took my wallet and left for the medical store nearby. It was around 11.45pm when I reached the store. Got 3 different brands, different types and rushed home.
I opened the door and when I reached the room. It was way too much for me. Both Suresh, Malini were on the cot fully nude. Suresh was sucking milk from Malini’s big boobs at the same time his penis was inside her pussy. When he saw me, he asked to give him a condom. He also said “I’m just soaking my penis inside her pussy Machi. Not riding her. Give me soon….” I smiled and gave him a packet and removed my dresses and became nude and just moved near divya. She was smiling at me and was adjusting herself to accommodate me inside her.
I removed her saree, blouse, in skirt. She was not wearing bra, panties. Started sucking her and tried to insert a finger inside her pussy. She was too lubed with natural pussy secrets. Understood she was ready and pushed my penis inside her pussy in missionary. It moved inside like knife entering fresh butter. I started fucking her. With steady speed and she started enjoying. In the mean time Suresh also riding Malini with steady speed. Both the mothers were getting fucked rhythmically. Suresh suddenly pulled his penis out and wore a condom and pushed it inside again. After few minutes, he stopped his movements and started sucking her boobs and started drinking milk. On seeing this, I too pulled my penis out of Divya and asked her to put the condom on my penis. She gave a kiss on my fucking penis and wrapped the condom. I then started riding her again and pushed inside while I cum. She also had an orgasm that time. Then I also fell on her and started drinking he milk.

Then both mothers said its time to feed baby. They both got up and put their baby on their lap and started feeding them on the other breast which they have milk. After some time, they left the baby on the floor bed. We men made both wives laydown on the bed on cot side by side facing each other and pushed our penis into their pussy from backwards. I pushed my penis in Divya’s Pussy. Suresh entered Malini’s Pussy. To enter without disturbance, we both hold one leg of the wives.

When we started riding, both the wives were looking at each other and their own husband. They hit their bodies to each other at times when we push harder. After sometime, when we are about to cum, we wore condom and finished the ride. Then we felt that the wives were getting tired. So we just hugged and slept in each other arms that night. In the mean time, they feed the babies too.
The next morning when I and Suresh woke up, both Malini and Divya got up and had bath and was preparing breakfast. We both saw each other nude. We both entered the kitchen and made both wives nude by removing their Saree, Blouse and Petticoat. They asked us “why you are making us naked? Was the night not enough for you guys???” today evening you guys are leaving to Chennai. Till that time we want to keep you and see you like this only. They too said ok and spent the day like that.

The day spent well teasing, touching, sucking, smooching and drinking milk etc., with our wife’s. The mother’s fed each other’s baby with their breast milk as a sign of togetherness. Not that only but the mother might be busy with us. There was no fucking involved in the day. But all other play was executed. The evening both Suresh and Divya left for Chennai with their baby after giving and taking all pleasures.
After they left, I asked my wife Malini, “why you asked Suresh to wear a condom?” I know that she had a copper-T fixed inside her which is a contraceptive method to avoid pregnancy. The copper-T is a small T shaped material physically inserted inside a woman. It prevents the Sperm entering inside women and helps prevent pregnancy. With Copper-T we can ejaculate all the sperm inside the vagina and nothing will happen. I mean pregnancy. Also both the male and female will got all the true pleasures of intercourse.
—— —– —– —— —– —– ————————–

For my question, Malini replied that “Divya was not having any barrier. Also she had feared that she may get pregnant again.” For this, Malini clarified her by saying “It’s ok. Let’s think. You won’t get pregnant until you get your 1st periods after the baby was born. If you are not confident and comfortable, shall we ask them to use Condom??”
For that Divya said “That looks a cool idea. What about Prasanth? If Suresh enters you freely because you have a barrier, doesn’t he feel odd to have me with the condom ON?” To handle this situation, Malini suggested both to wear a condom. Also Suresh don’t know that Malini is having a Copper-T installed. Only Divya knows.
Any have, all happened smoothly and all 4 of us (Prasanth – Malini, Suresh – Divya) were happy at the end of the day. After this conversation we spent some time on TV, then had our dinner and retired to bed around 8.30 pm.
By 11.30pm heard a message tone in my phone. I had a look at it. It was from Suresh. They reached Home Safely. I replied “Ok. Good Night. Take care.” Then both of us slept.
After 2 days Suresh called me and asked just “Why you didn’t tell me??” I asked “Tell what?” Divya told me that Malini had a barrier installed. Then why you asked me to wear a condom? I told the things told by Malini and made him understand and also told that was not my plan. It was both our wives (Malini, Divya) plan. Then he said ok.

I bought new villa type individual house at Saidapet in December 2018. We had a small house warming ceremony on 2/12/2018. Both Suresh and Divya came for that. We can’t do anything because all my relatives were there. So we (Prasanth, Suresh) cursed the situation and we left. While they were leaving, we wished them advance “Happy Anniversary” for 05/12/2018. He left for his home and I left for Bangalore.
We planned to rent it out to get some income on the investment made on purchase of that home. We furnished that house to rent it out as serviced apartment type. So we had it fully furnished. It had all new furniture, proper kitchen, Bedrooms with cot, bed, AC. It’s a 3BHK. We couldn’t finalize any tenant till Pongal.

We are back on 13/01/2019; we reached Chennai by night to celebrate Pongal festival. We directly gone to pallavaram home to see my parents and son and celebrate the festival. My mom said new home should not be left as it is. So she asked us (me and my wife) to go and keep Pongal in the new home to get the blessings of the sun god.
On 14/0182019, we reached Saidapet home by 9.30a.m. with my parents, son. We cleaned the house in just 30 minutes and stayed there till noon. We had gone out for hotel for lunch on the way to Pallavaram home. Evening mom told me to go and stay at Saidapet house if I wish. I asked my wife she said ok to stay there.

We reached there by 7.30pm. Suddenly I got an idea and informed Suresh that we both are here with little kid and invited him to come over here. He reached my home by 9.30pm with his wife and kid. We bought dinner for them too. Once they were arrived, we had dinner and in the dinner table we all 4 started looking at each other and started smiling. Both the kids were sleeping in bed. After dinner we reached hall. While going to hall, Suresh hugged Malini from behind and pressed her breast with milk. She shouted “Ouch..!” then we moved to hall.
There I asked Divya to come and sit on my lap. She boldly did. Suresh hold the pallu of Malini’s saree and pulled it. On the other side I inserted my one hand inside Divya’s Saree through her hip and tried to push my finger into her hot pussy. I felt that she is already dripping wet inside her panties. I was kissing her neck and shoulders. She was excited. I was holding her with me by crushing her boobs with my other hand. She is sitting on my lap and enjoying the act. Suresh by this time removed Malini’s Saree and petticoat and started to lick and finger her pussy. She had small hairs on the pussy area. Suresh was scolding me for not removing her hair. Here Divya was perfectly clean. It seems that she had cleaned today after receiving my only.

I lifted Divya and made her stand on the floor and removed her Saree, Blouse, Petticoat and Panties and made her stand fully naked. Malini was also naked on the other side. I was looking at every inch of her slim body and admired it. She is slimmer than the last time when I fucked her in Bangalore.

It’s just 3 months we last fucked each other’s wife. We had our last swap last October only. On the other side Malini reduced weight but she is a chubby woman but Divya is a slim mother I like to fuck (Milf).

Both I and Suresh became naked and moved into a room and made Divya and Malini laydown on the bed form opposite directions. We both claimed on top of the wife’s and i inserted my penis into Divya’s dripping pussy. Suresh pushed his penis inside Malini’s Pussy. Both started fucking the woman below with lot of love and passion. The mother’s were enjoying the ride and gibing good company to the fucking partners. They were letting nice moans and moving their ass and showing their cunt for better access to the penis. With their heavy moans, and their movements, we understood they were in high and were riding with steady speed. We were riding for around 10 minutes.
Suddenly, Suresh pushed his penis inside Malini’s Pussy as much as he can with a loud moan “Mhmhmn” and collapsed on her. For that Malini let out a heavy moan as “Ahh… Amma” (oh mom…!) at the same time and hugged her. Malini started shivering after the push of Suresh and tried to hug him with her hands and legs as tight as she could. Both of them were breathing heavily. After 2 to 3 minutes, both came to the real world. They both remained in same position and were looking us.

Here I’m fucking Divya and she is already out of the world. She is coming a lot and she is too excited today. Suresh interrupted and told me that Divya was not having Birth control yet. I asked him “shall I pull it out?” on seeing our situation and riding speed he said “No No, finish inside her, lets buy pill tomorrow!” She came twice already with dripping so much. I felt she couldn’t hold me long. I too was out of control. I too pushed my penis suddenly deep inside Divya’s fertile Pussy. She too shouted “Ahhhh” with my push as my penis reached way too deep inside her. I ejaculated a lot of cum inside her this time but I donno why. Then I collapsed on Divya. We both are breathing heavily. After 2 mins I was relaxed but she was still breathing heavily. She took 2 more minutes to relax. Till then, i could feel a sucking motion inside her pussy. Her pussy was stretching and relaxing.

After that she started to give kisses to me in my face and chest. Then after 2-3 minutes she came to senses and hid her face in my chest. Suresh and Malini were looking at us like frozen dolls. When we looked at them, they smiled and he pulled his penis out. It seems to be hard still. Lot of Sperm coming out of Malini’s pussy. Malini was smiling on seeing Suresh’s hard Penis.

Suresh came near me and asked me to pull my penis out of his wife’s pussy. Jokingly, i said “No. I don’t’”. He smiled at me and said “Please…!” I positioned myself to pull out. He said “Slowly”. I pulled out of Divya’s pussy. When I pulled 90% of my penis he asked to pull and move sideways. I did so. Suresh suddenly inserted his penis inside Divya’s well fucked, cum filled, dripping pussy and started fucking her. Divya could not take it because she just came back to senses after getting one of the lifetime great fucks.

But she couldn’t say no because it’s her husband who married, gave a child to her and made her a mother who entered her vagina and fucking her hard now. Malini was lying down with wide open legs and looking at Suresh and Divya. She told me that after Suresh ejaculated inside her, his penis became small and it was inside her vagina only. By hearing Divya’s moan and seeing her breath, his penis started to grow inside Malini’s pussy and became hard again.
Though Suresh is riding for the second time without break, he couldn’t hold more time. He pushed deep like burying his dick inside her vagina and came too hard. Divya again came so hard and she got a relief that her husband came early than his usual time. Suresh collapsed on Divya and kissed her. She too responded her loving husband by hugging and kissing. After about 5 minutes, he got up and saw the sperm flowing out of her and smiled.

We both looked at Suresh and asked him “what happened? Why you fucked her suddenly??” he said he “Donno but I got too much mood to fuck her. May be her sounds excited me. Now am all OK.” Water was oozing out of Divya’s eyes. We all 3 sat around her and asked her why. She tried to control her cry but failed but while crying, she replied as “Nothing. I just got a great fuck of my life today. I never had such pleasure till now. I’m not crying. It’s the pleasure drops coming out of my eyes…! I could never forget this day and the fuck i got from both of you. Thanks, Thanks for everything” and after few minutes she consoled herself and got up.
Divya walked to the other room and checked both the babies. They were sleeping peacefully. She returned to the room and gone near Malini and hold her hands. Moved near her and kissed on her forehead. Came to me and kissed on my forehead. Finally moved to Suresh and kissed on the forehead.

We saw sperm was dripping out of Divya’s vagina. It’s flowing all over her thighs and some dripping on the floor. She was not caring about anything. We 3, I, Malini, Suresh saw that and were laughing. She saw that and with fake anger, she said “You guys didn’t ejaculate in my Vagina. You both ejaculated inside my uterus. I can still feel the warmth of your sperms in my stomach. Don’t laugh. You fuckers…!” and kept her face like innocent child. Then said “While both of you are riding, I thought my pussy muscles were going to get torn by your penis.” We 3 again and again laughed and some have controlled laughing. Then we both husband’s sat next to her and consoled her.
She said “It’s ok. I enjoyed too much today. So go to Malini.”

I’ll update one interesting thing that happened on 30/04/2018 later.
On 30 April 2018, I alone reached Chennai to attend a relative marriage function. My wife was 8+ months pregnant so she stayed in Bangalore itself. My mother in law was with her daughter there to take care of her needs. I attending the reception in the evening, I called my friend Suresh to check how he is doing. He said they were doing good and asked me to come to his home if I had time.
I said ill surely come not because of u your requests but Malini insisted to meet you both and asked me to enquire about Divya’s Health.
After having dinner, I started to Suresh’s home by 8.30 pm. Both Suresh and Divya greeted and invited me with lot of happiness. After our swap, now I was meeting Divya for the first time and she was pregnant too. Divya was wearing a nighty and having a shawl on her now grown boobs but that couldn’t hide her 7+month’s pregnant tummy.
They offered a coffee then I enquired Suresh’s mother. Divya replied that she too gone out of town to attend a relative function. So we were freely discussing about pregnancy status, baby’s growth, health, status etc.

Both Suresh and Divya bought their Medical reports and scan reports to me. The anomalies scan said “No anomalies found” and I understood everything is normal. We all 3 were analysing her medical report with all the knowledge we have. After that I saw Divya’s face. She looked little dull with a confused face. I asked her “Are you alright! Are you OK?” I felt that she want to ask something to me but was hesitant.
That time Suresh told Divya “You ask him and get your doubt clarified. Malini was pregnant for the 2nd baby. They have more knowledge and experience than you and me.” And he turned towards me and said “she had some doubts and wanted to ask on phone itself but was feeling shy. You talk to her.”
I turned towards Divya and said, “Whatever your doubt is you can always ask either Malini or me. Why are you hesitant with us? We both know you both completely. So feel free.”
Me: If you are not comfortable asking me, ask Malini over phone or ask your Dr. But don’t suffer yourself by keeping your doubts with you. Also it’s not safe for both you and your baby.

Now she became confident by adjusting her sitting position. Cleared her throat and looked my face directly and started:
Divya: “Had a long breath”. See am 7+ months now. He is asking for sex with me. Was it right?
Me: Yes absolutely right. Your Dr. Doesn’t told you?
Suresh: These things and all Dr. will tell??
Me: Ya. Our Dr. told us. For my 1st baby, on the 4th month check-up, Dr. asked us “Are you having intercourse?” We both shyly replied “YES…!” The Dr. smiled at us and said “Very Good. Continue till baby was born. Stop only when I insist or ask me if you feel any discomfort”
Divya: Is it? Are you having sex with Malini Akka (Sister) now?
Me: Ya. Now she’s 8+ months. Not daily but 2-3 times a week. At times we fuck twice in 1 day based on our mood.
Suresh: That’s nice. Tell her loudly da. I am hungry for last 3 months.
Me: Ha ha ha…. you stay hunger man. “Why you didn’t ask me earlier? You should have.”
Me: Divya understand one thing. Having intercourse during pregnancy will help you in lot of ways.
1. It helps and increases the chance of normal delivery.
2. Orgasms are contractions of your pelvic muscles, which strengthens them.
3. Sucking the boobs helps the nipples go long, which helps easy feeding the baby.
4. You have stronger orgasms, sexual satisfaction and it reduces your stress level.
5. It’s a work-out and burning calories, help lower blood pressure.
6. Enhanced Self-Confidence.
7. Improves immunity.
Divya: I donno having sex at this time have so much benefits. But still I have few concerns.
Suresh: Still not clear…!
Me: Yes. Go ahead please.
Divya: How can I take his weight on me now? Also he is a rough person though.
Me: No…! You shouldn’t allow him to press your stomach. But try any of your comfortable positions.
Divya: what about Playing?
Me: You can do anything without applying pressure on your stomach.
Divya: Ok. And….. (Pauses)
Me: And… What now?
Divya: Will it hurt my baby when he pushes his that thing inside me?
Me: Definitely not…! Don’t worry. Even if he pushes beyond your vagina, your uterus will move up inside you. It’s a mobile home for the baby inside you.
Divya: Is it OK to leave his sperm inside or what?
Me: Sperm is completely safe inside and you won’t get pregnant with another baby. Don’t worry.
Divya: Ha ha…
Me: Immediately 80% of sperm will come out through your vaginal opening itself. Rest will come out little later. It won’t do anything harm to both of you.
Divya: Ok.
Suresh: What’s your plan for the night da??
Me: Nothing. I may go to Marriage hall or Home and sleep.
Suresh: It’s already 11.00 pm now. Why you go somewhere and disturb mom or someone else? Better you stay here with us and leave by morning.

It sounded good so I planned to stay in their home that night. Suresh gone inside and came out with a towel and Lungi. I gone inside her bathroom and used their restroom. Changed to night costume and came out with only Lungi on my waist and towel on my bare shoulder. Suresh also removed his T-Shirt and had only Lungi now. They said they had their dinner and we planned to retire to sleep.
Divya was entering their bedroom and Suresh was about to enter their room. I said “I’ll sleep in the couch.” For that both Suresh and divya said “No. Come in. We have AC only in bedroom.” I said “It’s Ok, only 4-5hrs.I’ll manage.” Suresh came near me and pulled my hand and pulled me inside their room.

They had a double cot attached with a single cot with bed below. He pulled the single cot and said you sleep here. We switched ON only a dim night lamp and we lay down. I’m on the single cot. They were on the top of double cot.
After few minutes, I started sleeping because of travel tired. In deep sleep I heard Suresh calling me. “Prasanth, Prasanth”. I woke up but didn’t respond. But I could hear Divya’s bangle, anklet sounds and her giggle sounds. Suresh on a low voice said, “Shall I call him to join us?” For that Divya said “Call him. I can handle and manage him too. ” then again heard bangle, anklet sounds, giggle sounds.
Suddenly Suresh got up and switched ON the light. I pretend to sleep. He tapped me I slowly opened my eyes and asked him what. Slowly got up and sat in my bed and saw the bed on top. Divya was lying sideways on the bed facing the opposite direction. A blanket was lying on her but not fully covering. I could see her ass from here.

I asked Suresh “what?” He sat next to me and saw where Divya is and again saw me. I shake my head like asking “so what?” He came close to me and said “Please teach us da. She is still having fear and not cooperating me”
I got up and he pulled me and made me sit on the bed and pulled the blanket on her. She got up in sitting position, tied to adjust her nighty and turned facing us and lied down again. She was smiling looking at me. Suresh asked his pregnant wife “Are you ready?” Divya responded “YES.
And added but please be gentle and take care of me” and smiled. Suresh gone near her and helped her stand up. Suresh removed her nighty through her head. She was wearing a bra alone she was looking awesome. Suresh turned her and removed her bra too. Oh my God! Divya turned towards me and asked “How I’m looking now?” and moved her eyebrows up and down. I Said “Gorgeous! You look Awesome!”
I saw her big Boobs, Pregnant Stomach with Suresh’s Baby inside. Now I moved my eyes further down and saw her pregnant pussy. It has long hairs now. I moved towards her and told Suresh “You handle her.” He held her hand and handed over to me and said “I too have fear when nearing her. I’II tries to learn today.”

I hugged her without pressure on stomach and started kissing her lips. She responded by giving back. I started caressing her back and massaged her ass. I made her sit and then I shifted to her pregnant boobs and started sucking one and smooched and folded the other. She was ready now. I inserted one finger into her pregnant pussy. She moaned “Ah….” I felt she was wet and ready for the action.
Suresh came closer to me and watching us like a sincere student watching his teacher to do practicals. He pulled my Lungi and made me nude and both saw my rock hard penis. Suresh also was nude too with a hard penis. I kept 2 pillows and made Divya lay on it by lifting her legs from the ground. Then I sat down, kept her legs on my shoulders and moved my head towards her Pussy.
She said “No Please. It’s not cleaned properly. Have Hairs too.” I took a long breath sniffing her pussy closely. She said “Chee…” Then I extended my tongue and licked her pregnant pussy’s Clitoris for the 1st time. She started moaning. It’s too intoxicating for all three of us. I licked her pussy for some time by inserting my tongue inside her pussy.

She started breathing heavily with long breaths and let hard moans too. I could feel she is getting high on my tongue by the motion inside her pussy. I got up but holding her legs in my both my hands. I showed my lips near her by leaning towards her. She bent forward and kissed my lips harder by holding my head by her hands and kissed, sucked for 2 mins. She stopped just because she couldn’t stay in that position for long time.
I showed my penis to her by holding it in my hands. She said “Not now… Please enter inside me.” I took her hands up in the air and separated both the legs. I slowly moved near her pussy and placed my penis near the entrance of her vagina. Slowly I pushed the head part alone inside and asked her “Are you alright!” she replied “Yes!” she was lying on her back on the pillow and her legs were on air on my hold. So I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. I pushed little by little. She sounded “Ahhh…” every time I’m pushing my penis inside her married pregnant pussy. Her husband Suresh sat near her and was folding and sucking her breasts. I was too conscious that she was a married pregnant woman with a baby inside her. So I was riding slow and steady. After about 3 minutes of fucking, she said “Legs started to hurt. Change the position.”
I made her laydown on the bed with knees on air (W Position) and claimed in missionary. I reached her depth without touching her pregnant tummy. In 2 mins, loudly she said “I’m coming…!” I held for a while but my penis still inside her. Resumed and after 2 mins of steady fucking, I felt I may cum. I again moved down and held her legs and started again. In about 2 mins, we both came together. I pushed my dick deep inside her and she gave a hard moan and came with me.

With my penis deep inside her I bent down and kissed her lips, boobs, and belly. Then I pulled my Penis out of her Pregnant Vagina. Sperm was flowing out of her pussy.
Suresh moved to the front and kissed Divya near her vagina and her pregnant stomach. She said “I’ll go and wash.” He said “No need…!” he adjusted Divya and made her lay down sideways in a proper position in the middle of the bed. Suresh moved inside the bed and landed facing her face. Asked me to come and sleep. I placed myself facing her back. She smiled.
Suresh switched OFF the lights. He hugged his pregnant wife and pulled my hand and insisted to hug his wife. I put my hands form behind on her boobs first and caressed them. Pulled the nipples and started caressing her pregnant tummy. She was so happy. I then moved towards her just fucked pregnant pussy. I can feel my Sperm flowing out of her. I started to caress the clitoris. It sent shivers in her. Suresh moved closer to his wife and pulled my penis towards her wife’s ass. I pushed it in her ass crack a bit and stimulating her.
With a heavy breath, she said “Stop…. Please….!” She got up and layback facing me. Suresh started to laugh loud. We both were hugging for 10 minutes with her pregnant tummy touching my penis and her pregnant breasts touching my chest. We were kissing each other in the dark. Slowly she moved her one hand and held my penis. It was already hard again.

Divya asked to switch on the lights. She made me lay on my back and claimed on top of my penis. She sat on me with my Penis inside her pregnant pussy. She started to ride me nicely for 3-4 minutes. My penis was completely inside her till her cervix and enjoying its presence inside her in front of her husband. Suresh Loudly said “Divya am not a Cuckold. But I love to see you getting fucked by Prasanth.”
On hearing this, Divya came hard on my cock and sat still for a minute. She could feel my hard penis inside and she knows I’m yet to finish. She asked me “Is it ok to try doggy?” and blushed. I said “give a try. You are 7 months. If you can hold, we can try. Or we can change” she said “OK” and got up from me. Suresh was surprised to see the full hard penis inside her.

My penis was shining in cum. She bent down slowly and showed her ass. I pushed inside her slowly and it felt nice inside her pussy. I started to ride and after 5-6 thrusts, she gasped and said “Ahhh… stop…!” I immediately pulled out. She said, “Thanks…! My baby keeps moving. I can’t take this way.” She lay down on bed and tried to lift her leg in the air. I asked her “you wish to continue?” She said “Yes…! For Sure…”I stood on the floor and pushed my hard penis into her pregnant pussy. After 3 minutes of restless and deep fucking her dripping pussy, added another load of sperm deep inside the married pregnant pussy.

On seeing this, Suresh told “it’s almost 4 months passed I last fucked her. That’s why she is on high mood.” I relaxed and told both “all women will have high sexual hunger and always have good mood when pregnant.” Both Suresh and Divya said “Oh..! I see…! ”
Then we again laydown and hugged each other and slept that night. I got up and had a nice bath and gone to the function and was back to Suresh’s home by 9.00 am. Suresh told me to come by the other entrance. When I reached inside, Suresh was fucking Divya too hard and she’s giving company to him. When I reached the room he was coming inside her. After 2 minutes, Suresh said he couldn’t control himself and fucked her for the 2nd time in the morning. I said not to be too aggressive and asked him to stop because it’s not good for her now. Also night itself, I fucked her nicely twice. Now you fucked her roughly twice. It’s more than enough for a 7 months pregnant woman. Give her some rest. Suresh said OK and finished in 2 mins inside her. We lay down on the bed; I inserted one finger inside her pussy and rubbing her clit all the time till we took rest. We all 3 took some rest hugging, kissing and petting each other.

Later that day, she herself offered to suck my penis nicely until I cum all over her body. Then we had a bath and I left for Bangalore with lot of fucking memories.

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