Last part of fun with Tracey and the four guys

Once the guys had showered we all made ourselves comfortable in the king-size double bed. Third part of my fun with four BBc and my best friend

Slipping in between the sheets and in the middle of two naked, muscular black older men was a delight. I was naked except for a see-through black short nighty and both my hunks were soon cuddling into me, two pairs of big, black muscular hands engulfing me.

We chatted over the events of the day and the sex sessions that we had enjoyed.

Both men were utterly delighted at how the weekend had started and both delighted that Tracey had agreed to join us for this weekend of sexy fun.

We chuckled together, thinking what she would be getting up to next door with their two sons.

We were all extremely tired and worn out so soon settled into some light cuddling before I gave them each a big sloppy wet French Kiss to say goodnight, as we settled down for a little bit of rest.

I love sleeping with multiple men, as the feeling of being sandwiched in between so much muscle is an utter delight and knowing that you have a couple of pairs of hands either cuddling you in or feeling you and touching you is such a turn on.

We must have slept for a good five or six hours all needing to recuperate from the sordid and amazing fucking action we had enjoyed.

I was awoken by the sensation of a hard cock pressing against my ass. Pressing into my bum it roused me ever so slightly, and I looked across at the clock and saw that it was 8 a.m.

I instinctively pushed my ass back against this hard-on and heard a delightful moan coming from Trevor.

I whispered good morning to him again, thrusting my ass back enjoying the sensation of his hard meat sliding between my arse cheeks.

He reached around me and his left hand expertly began to tweak my nipples through my sheer nightdress to which I let out a satisfied gasp of delight.

“Someone’s feeling frisky,” I whispered back to him.

“I can tell that you are too,” he spoke softly in my ear, before licking it with his tongue.

His big hands moved my tits, pulling my nipples and making me wet in the process.

He was now probing my tongue with his ear and whispering how much he wanted me. Kissing my neck intermittently in between.

His brother was lying facing in the opposite direction and his delicious muscular back was in front of me.

I reached my hands around and cupped his big hairy balls before beginning to work my hands on his hard shaft once more.

“Oh, nice and stiff already,” I laughed back whilst tugging on his big cock.

“I’m hard for you baby girl,” he whispered again before once more plunging his tongue into my ear which I fucking love.

After a couple of minutes I turned myself around so I was facing him, drinking in his big smile and broad muscular chest.

I instantly moved my head down to his chest and began licking around his nipples sucking and teasing them with my teeth,

His hand had now moved to my tits and his other one was busy between my wide parted legs as he expertly slid his fingers up and down my wet slit and began teasing my hard cltty.

I moved up from his chest to meet his mouth, and our lips interlocked in a big deep passionate kiss. His tongue snaking deeply inside and mine responding, lashing into his mouth as we exchanged a passionate and deep French kiss.

He had now slid two fingers into my soaking wet pussy and my hand was wrapped around his hard cock slowly wanking on it.

As I pulled on his cock, I felt another pair of big hands begin feeling my ass and rubbing my back.

“I see you two have wasted no time getting acquainted again this morning,” his brother laughed as he slowly woke up, obviously aroused by the noises coming from myself and Trevor.

“Hey bruv. The sexy married bitch is soaking wet again,” Trevor smiled as he withdrew his two fingers and showed his brother how sticky and wet they were.

“My baby girl is always ready for a good cock I think,” he laughed, his big hands now finding their way over my arse and joining his brothers around my pussy.

“Stick two fingers back up me please,” I almost pleaded to Trevor. He did so very quickly but this time two of his digits were joined by two of his brothers as well.

I now had four fingers inside me, two from each of my black older sibling studs.

I managed to position myself on my back, and in this position I could get to grips with both of my hunks feeling their balls and slowly wanking.

Trevor’s fully erect cock filled my hand and I was starting to work on the semi hard prick of Clive.

I was in heaven lying between my two older studs, both of their cocks responding to my touch whilst they dipped fingers inside my sopping pussy slowly whirling them around expertly.

I turned my head to the side to share a kiss with Clive for the first time in the morning and was immediately met by an open mouth and slippery, probing tongue.

His brother on the other side was licking my ear and I had both men teasing me and pleasing me at the same time.

As I rammed my tongue down Clive’s throat his brother moved from licking my ear to sucking on one of my tits. I moved my nightdress down to expose both my heaving breasts.

He expertly licked around my hard nipple, before sucking and gently chewing on both of them in turn.

“Oh fuck yes,” I gasped. “Oh fucking hell, that’s delicious,” I came up for air with my tongue lashing from Clive.

I turned my head back towards Trevor and he moved his head from my breasts and we now began French kissing deeply once more, his tongue replacing his brothers.

Snaking into my married, willingly wide open mouth, like a true slut wife should.

Clive took no time in replacing Trevor in suckling on my tits, and then moving up kissing my neck until his tongue was also lashing into my ear.

My pussy was on fucking fire as I gently raised my hips to meet their fingers thrusts.

“I’m going go to fucking cum, you dirty bastards,” I panted. “Oh fuck me, you’re going to make me cum off on your fingers.”

My head was then turned back towards Clive for more deep snogs, then back to Trevor and we repeated this over and over in a state of sheer lust. Their finger fucking got harder and I bucked hard against their thrusting digits.

I was loving taking both of their tongues in my mouth, as they both licked my face and ear at the same time.

My body was being mauled by these two gorgeous older black men and I was loving it. I was humping back against their fingers. I started to climax for the first time that morning.

“Oh fuck yes you dirty bastards. I’m cumming,” I panted licking my lips as I fucked hard against their fingers as both of their thumbs worked around my clit.

“That’s it baby girl you enjoy it. You enjoy the climax you sweet thing,” Clive whispered in my ear before once more running his tongue inside it.

I started spraying fanny batter.

I bucked back more to meet their trusting fingers. As my cunt sloshed and squirted, my legs wide apart by this time.

I was cumming hard, very fucking hard. “Oh fucking hell yes, fuck it, fuck my cunt,” I urged them on as their fingers slammed in and out of me faster and faster. My creamy fanny juice spraying out, splattering the bed sheets and their arms at the same time.

My legs were trembling with my orgasm as they both sloppily withdrew their fingers, passing them up to my lips and telling me to lick them clean.

I did so willingly as Trevor placed himself between my legs and simply plunged his hard cock straight into my wet open gash.

He started fucking me, “Oh yes fucking give me it. Give me your big cock,” I said. “Fuck it, go on fuck it.”

I was lying in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around this hunky black man to enable me to pull him harder into me as he fucked it up me, with his brother once again urging him to bang me.

With his cock very deep inside me I was French kissing his brother at the same time as receiving a merciless pounding.

After having screwed me for a few minutes he withdrew his cum covered cock and moved up to my mouth and told me to lick my juices off his prick.

He was quickly replaced in between my legs by a rampant Clive as he slapped his cock length against my clit and wet pussy lips before slamming it inside me. Replacing his brother’s meat inside my fuck tube.

I urged him to fuck me hard in between sucking my cunt juice off his brothers hard cock.

I rapidly spun around, grabbing onto the headboard as Clive positioned himself behind me, slapping my ass as he rode me his cock pistoning in and out of my already creamy cunt.

At this point my phone pinged and I told Trevor my passcode so that he could reply to whoever was messaging me.

The message from Mike was asking me whether I had a pleasant evening and how things were going. Trevor replied back telling him that it was him texting as I was currently impaled on his brother’s cock in the doggy style position, and that his cock was in my mouth as he was texting.

He told Mike,”Your wife is such a willing slut and a stunning one. We love her to bits, don’t worry, we are taking good care of her and she’s having a fantastic time.”

Clive continued to pound at me hard from behind, pulling my hips back to meet his thrusts as he began to spunk.

He pounded and pounded continuing to spurt his seed deep into me as I urged him to ‘fuck it up me’ and to ‘seed me deep’.

Trevor was now slapping my face with his hard cock and I was sucking hard on him for all I was worth as he told me he was going to burst too.

I sucked harder and harder on him and then took his cock out of my mouth and started wanking him.

He began spunking heavily all over my face and in my mouth as his brother was continuing to cum deep inside my fanny and up to my cervix. Filling me nicely.

“Oh yeah that’s it. That’s it, cover me,” I pleaded. “Cover me in your fucking cum. I want to be drenched today. I want so many fucking spunk loads from you all.”

Clives humping had slowed down and I could feel his cock beginning to slacken inside me. My fanny was pouring with sticky cum and also dripping from my own pussy juice.

Trevor was still unloading in my mouth his first couple of ropes having splashed my face.

I was now sucking on his hard cock savouring the rest of his white salty load taking it into my mouth and swallowing it with relish.

“Oh baby you got lips that suck like a Hoover,” he smiled as I filthily continued sucking with cum dripping on my face.

With his cock in my mouth and spunk still being shot into it I smiled up at him. Devouring his seed, knowing I would be getting much more from these two hunks over the weekend and hopefully also from their sons as well.

Trevor had finished cumming in my mouth. I swallowed, licking my lips and then using my fingers to scoop the two globs of white cream that we’re running down my cheeks, I licked them clean too.

“Simply delicious,” I said, smiling up at them. “Absolutely delicious and I hope it’s not the last load I’m going to take today.”

“I’m sure it won’t be love. I’m sure that Tracey’s probably enjoying pretty much the same next door.”

We slumped back onto the bed and enjoyed a cuddle and a kiss. The guys did not seem to mind my spunky breath as we kissed deeply again. We then settled to some nice gentle cuddling their hands once again treating me tenderly and lovingly.

We stayed like this for about another 45 minutes or so before we decided to get up and get showered.

As both of the guys showered first I text messaged Mike telling him that I had taken two loads that morning already. One deep up my pussy and the other in my mouth and all over my face.

I told him that I was receiving a good fucking when he had messaged me earlier and I hope he had enjoyed Trevor’s response.

He messaged immediately back, telling me that he loved me and that he hoped I would let him know how many more loads I would take that day.

I showered and then both myself and the two guys dressed for breakfast as we made our way next door and we met a fully dressed Tracey, Daniel and Henry.

On walking down to breakfast Tracey told me that they had both fucked her that morning, and she had come like a train on Henry’s big cock. Both of them unloading over her tits during a titty wank after they had both pounded her and she had sucked them both off.

We had a fantastic breakfast and then Tracey and I went back to our room to change. We were both going for a gym session and the guys were going for a little exploration around the grounds of the hotel and into the nearby town.

Tracey and I had a fantastic chat whilst doing a little work out at the gym. Agreeing it had been fantastic so far and exchanging our thoughts on what it had been like to sleep with two big,black studs and what fun we had both enjoyed that morning.

Once we had finished our session and relaxed some more in our room the guys had returned and joined us for a chat and some light teasing.

The rest of the day was spent having great fun just swimming in the pool, having a relaxing jacuzzi and steaming off in the steam room.

We had company for all our afternoon fun so we couldn’t have too much sexy fun.

Plenty of flirting and the looks on some of the other guests were enough to have Tracey and I giggling like school girls. We caught another couple of older wives checking out Henry’s bulge in his swimming trunks and generally enjoying the sight of the four hunky, well made studs in our company. We got a couple of knowing glances from one woman in particular. Tracey and I responded to her smiling looks with grinning, cheeky smiles back.

The session that evening was as amazing as the ones we had enjoyed so far.

Both Tracey and I enjoyed DP fun with both sets of men, and each took on all four of them at once.

We had both worn nothing but heels and anklets for this session. Taking a walk around the hotel grounds naked under long coats, being felt up by the guys and snogging the face off each other.

Once back in the room we had another amazing fuck and suck session.

Watching Tracey with a cock up her wet pussy, one in her arse, one in her mouth as she wanked off Trevor was quite a sight.

I was on the receiving end of the same, with Henry buried deep up my cunt and his father sliding his cock in alongside him to double penetrate my sopping pussy with their huge cocks. I was stretched to the max whilst sucking on Daniel and wanking off Trevor.

We both enjoyed spitroasts, sucking hard on big, black cock as we took a deep fucking up our stretched out quims.

Traceys massive tits swinging from the fucking hammering she was taking from Henry, me taking Clive up my arsehole doggystyle as I sucked off his son. The others allwatching, playing with each other and telling me to take a good hard arse fucking.

The finale was Tracey taking a double dose of spunk all over her tits from Henry and Clive as I was simultaneously spunked up by Daniel and his dad shot yet another load all over my face and hair.

Tracey and I then cleaned each other up, licking the hot cum off each other. Me suckling on her huge tits, delighting in the salty goodness of the guys seed, as she licked my face clean.

We ate each other out, finger banging each other and rubbing our hard, hot clits to a crashing mutual climax as the guys watched us performing our sordid lesbian sesion for them.

That night we swapped rooms and partners with me sleeping bit Henry and Daniel and Tracey being treated to a night with Trevor and Clive.

The weekend was simply amazing with us both taking another fucking from the guys in the morning in our room separately.

I was fucked bandy by the end of our sexy weekend, screwed senseless, spunked on repeatedly.

I was fist fucked in the morning by Daniel as I took a mouthful of hot cum from Henry.

My husband was on the phone talking to the guys as they did so.

Daniel then fucking me doggystyle on the bed, the headboard rattling as I was fucked hard and fast.

Naked except for a pair of slutty high heels. Mike egged him on to fill my married cunt with his cumload.

Tracey had taken another double load over her tits and face, the guys simply can’t get enough of her huge tits.

Tracey is going down to see Daniel alone as she is quite smitten with him, though she admits she will be sharing the fun with his father, uncle and cousin too!

I will be joining her for another trip along with Louise and Simon for some more filthy fun with my new black stud friends.

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