Office fuck

It’s an incidence happened last week as my hubby Ankit have gone to his office and feeling bit alone in home after my maid Zarina finished her household as I have written too many stories (read previous story “My honeymoon trip‘ & it’s parts ,”Stranger’s long cock” & it’s parts , “Hubby surprise gift‘ … Read more

Enjoyed sex inside car

It’s a cloudy as well as hot weather, Rima is in her home as maid is doing her household works.while taking breakfast ,I am watching t.v as my mobile started ringing and I received the call……… “Hi Rashid ,how are you? (Rashid) fine but we have not met for several days (Rima)sure have you called … Read more

My physical love inside campus

My first and last encounters with my lover Kunal have given me a new and erotic experience as I got the guy’s cock to suck and touch.I am not a 15-16years gal going to leave that pleasure in backburner as my nights passes thinking about our physical love session,it’s a weekend as two days are … Read more

Landlord’s indecent behaviour – paid rent

I am living in Noida with my hubby Ankit as our three bedroom flat is in society,landlord comes in a month to have rent but it’s my hubby who have paid rent to landlord I have seen Afroz too many times,he is a young ,smart guy of 30 years but I know from tenants … Read more

Romance in rainy season

It’s an incidence happened five years ago,I was unmarried as I was doing my bachelor’s course from a local college.Rima is a young 22 years gal with whiteish complexion as my height of 5’6 feet makes me a tall figure with pair of tits like tennis ball and sexy ass is attractive as I walks … Read more

Neighborhood teenager seduced me

Rima is married for last 4 years as I am living a happy and satisfactory life with my hubby Ankit in Lucknow.once my hubby surprised me with his changing attitudes and now like a independent lady ,I have been with some guys for physical lovely face with height of 5’6 feet,figure of 34-26-36 and … Read more

How I cheated my hubby?

Hi everyone, It’s a nice evening as my hubby Ankit is back from a short trip,now both are sitting in balcony with cup of coffee as he is eyeing my sexy body.Rima is a 27 years married lady with height of 5’5 feet,white complexion and figure is attractive of 34-26-36 ,as my lovely boobs are … Read more

Hubby’s colleague sexual desires

It’s a nice but lonely weekend as my hubby Ankit is out of station for 2-3 my maid completed our household works ,I locked the door and moved in my bedroom as I removed my night wear ,took out a leggings with walked nudely inside washroom,as I sits under cascade and started having … Read more

Two long cocks for a night

It’s a new beginning of my life as after my married life of 4 years ,I got a stranger’s cock and nice gift from my hubby also ,as a young guy also seduced me and I have physical love with him but having two-three-four cocks at a time is really my hubby Ankit have … Read more

Young guy seduced me

Rima have been with a stranger Rashid twice as her hubby have made him a whore infront of him with his friend things changed fastly,my hubby got the return gift as my maid Zarina joined our sex fest and it’s a nice experience to see my hubby with my hubby Ankit left for … Read more

Stranger’s long cock:part-02

In last two weeks my sexual desires have been fulfilled but I took a wrong path for it as I got physical love with a stranger in his car.a 28-29 years guy with strong arms and wide chest have a nice tools as I got fucked in his car(read “stranger long cock).Rashid Sheikh and we … Read more

Return gift to my hubby

It’s a nice morning with my hubby on weekend holiday as both have bath together and enjoyed physical love in our we both spent our day’s while having lunch together and rest but my mind is still on my return gift to my hubby Ankit.will my maid Zarina will be a nice gift for … Read more

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