My hubby’s surprise gift

I am married for last 04 years as I am enjoying my life with my hubby Ankit ,a software engineer in Lucknow.Its true as well as shocking that after married life of 3-4 years ,each and every guy/gal loves to enjoy extramarital relations as too many live their life in a limit as too many enjoy this sort of relationship.I am a 26 years lady as my height of 5’5 with lovely face and slim figure of 34-28-36 makes me rather impressive as my boobs looks tight ,it’s little saggy and my sexy round dome shaped ass is like a watermelon into two parts as I wear G string ,you can watch me while walking and my both parts of ass moves like a spring as your penis will get strong erection while watching my fast my sexual addiction is limitless ,I have satisfied my hubby always on bed as he have also pleased me ,for last 5-6 months sexual love have become our distant dream as Ankit was regular in sex with me ,but than he started doing it twice in a week and in last 5-6 months ,it’s a monthly affair for who is responsible for my unfulfilled desires ,only my hubby ,as he is lacking list in me and so ,I have got a physical love with a stranger in his car.Its a nice evening as I am sitting in balcony with my cup of coffee looking at appartment’s main gate and waiting for my hubby to I walked inside dinning space to put my empty cup in kitchen ,mobile started ringing and I took out my mobile as I received my hubby’s call……

“hi waiting for you
(Ankit)so sorry will come after an hour
(Rima)ok than what ?
(Ankit)I thought to enjoy tonight in our home
(Rima)oh I see ,than what I have to do ?
(Ankit)you are in anger but I am sure I will make you laugh as you will see my gift to you
(Rima)gift ,but what is it ?
(Ankit)you will see it and love it.”

As I put my mobile and started thinking about my hubby’s gift ,I am thinking about some dress or garments.lastly ,left my dinning space as I walked towards my bedroom ,put my bed on place as I came to dinning space and than put everything on place.It’s 06:45 pm as door bell started ringing and I walked towards door as I opened it ,my hubby is there with a stranger as I came inside .now I walked to my bedroom as I am bit shy and uncomfortable there ,Ankit followed me as he said…….

“Rima ,he is my college friend Firoz ,will live here tonight
(Rima)ok but you have assured me of surprise gift
(Ankit)ok you will get it but rima,dress yourself like a hot blonde and join us as we three will drink together
(Rima)ok but where is my gift Ankit?
(Ankit)oh baby will get it soon ,be ready soon.”as my hubby changed his clothes and frisked inside washroom to have refreshment ,he put Bermuda and walked to dinning thinking about my dress to wear with surprise gift from my hubby ,I opened the wardrobe as I took my most sexy gawn from it ,pink in colour with transparent portion on sexual organs ,I walked inside washroom with it and removing my dress as I opened the cascade and started having bath ,as my body is wet ,I put gels on my boobs and flat tummy to my front portion of body is well covered with gels as I put some gels on my back and massaged it properly, opened the tap of cascade as I cleaned and washed my body ,after I have my bath ,I rubbed my wet body with towel and now put my gawn on my body as no undergarments have been put to cover my sexual organs.let them look my sexiest body and see their activities with me ,as I walked to dinning space ,hubby’s friend Firoz stood there and walked to me as he put his hand on my back and kissed my face…….

“I am Firoz ,your hubby’s classmate
(Rima smiled)myself Rima ,your friend’s wife.”

And I sit on sofa , opposite to them as I can see bottle of wine ,soda ,glasses and packet of cigarette on table as I put my legs crossed ,I can see firoz’s eyeing my sexy body as I open the bottle and started putting it in glasses while Firoz is mixing soda in I took out a cigarette from its packet and lit it to smoke ,as we three took our glass and started drinking it ,it’s bitter in taste but soda have made it less alcoholic.while drinking wine as well as smoking cigarette ,my legs are crossed but gawn have moved upto my upper thighs and it’s shining like a beautiful I can see Firoz unbuttoning his shirt ,I am bit shy and he put it on sofa as looking at me ,he is removing his trouser also ,let my eyes looks the bulge of penis as I am looking at his waist and my hubby Ankit smiled……..

“Rima you have never shown your desire as you want to fulfill it quite often
(Rima)oh than you have arranged for it ,my lovely hubby
(Ankit)a surprise gift for you is near me as I want to see my hot damn wife to do something indecent infront of me
(Rima put his empty glass on table )ok Firoz now stand up .”

As he is looking like a strong guy in his vest and undies ,he came to me as we both are standing infront of I put my hand on his neck as I kissed his lips and started sucking it while having it mouth as I can feel firoz’s hand on my sexy ass ,he is pressing his palm hard on my sexy as I left his lips ,I put my long tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it hardly.He have hold me in his arms as my boobs are pressing hard on his chest ,he is a young guy of 28-29 years as his strong arms to wider chest is making me he sucked my tongue for a while ,I pushed his face back and now my tongue is out of his mouth.looking at my hubby ,I smiled……”Ankit now go to bedroom and leave us alone
(Ankit)oh my darling ,let me see how you look with other guys
(Rima)sure but call local food plaza to serve meals on time for our dinner
(Ankit)have ordered it darling.”

Firoz is kissing my face to lips as he is pressing my breast hard and my hand is on his bulge of penis as I have hold it on his as he is kissing my neck to clevage ,he is moving his hand on my waist as he got the lashes of gawn in its corner ,so he opened its lashes and now took out my gawn from my I am completely nude infront of him ,my hubby is still watching my love affairs ,now he is kissing my boobs as he have hold me tightly and my hand is on his back getting the touch of his body.firoz ,put his mouth on my breast as I hold my breast and put it in his mouth ,as he started sucking my breast hard ,my hand pulled down his undies to legs and now a semierected penis is in my hand ,it’s thick as well as long with reddish glans ,I hold it tightly as I am masturbating it slowely.Firoz is sucking my breast as my 2/3 Rd boobs is in his mouth and I am screaming in joy….

“oohh aahh suck it hard ” and after a while ,he took my other boobs in his mouth to suck as I masturbated his cock we both are nude as I can see my hubby holding his penis and slowly masturbating it ,now I put my lips on his chest as I am kissing it while going down to his hot kisses are on his tummy to waist as I knelt infront of him ,now while holding his cock ,I put my lips on it as I am kissing his base to shaft , looking at him ,I started moving it’s glans on my face and than opened my mouth to swallow his whole his penis is getting my mouth love as it’s inside and I am sucking it while moving my face fast ,my hand is on his waist as my hubby walked nudely to me and sits near me ,he put his mouth on my boobs and started sucking my boobs as I am sucking a cock ,my hand is masturbating my hubby’s mouth is giving it a nice jerk as my hubby Ankit is sucking my breast while he put his long finger in my vagina ,ankit’s penis is rock hard as I am masturbating it fastly.its a new experience for me as I have never enjoyed two cocks at a time ,later on ,I left firoz’s cock as my tongue is licking it wildely.after a while ,I walked to washroom nudely and urinated there ,as I came back in dinning space ,I can see two cocks nude as one is my permanent love and second is a gift for I sits on sofa inbetween my hubby and Firoz ,as they are taking second pack of wine and I have hold their cocks in my hand ,giving it a nice jerk.Firoz is now on my knees as my sexy ass is on sofas corner ,my legs are wide as he is kissing my vagina “oohh aahh uumm ” ,my hubby Ankit now stands infront of me as his friend is sitting under his ass ,now I hold my hubby’s waist as he guided his cock in my mouth and I am sucking it wildly.I can feel ankit’s finger widening my vaginal mouth as he is rolling tongue inside it ,licking it fast like a dog and my mouth full of penis is still screaming”uumm aahh oonn “,while my hubby have hold my hairs as he is fucking my mouth with his long thick cock,while Firoz is licking my glory hole.its the happiest moment for a lady to have two cocks and your hubby have gifted you one ,it’s really nice ,as my mouth is getting the fuck from my hubby’s cock ,I can feel firoz’s mouth sucking my vagina hard ,my one breast is getting the massage and after a while ,I pushed my hubby’s waist back to take out his penis from my I am shouting loudely”oohh aahh suck it hard ,I will cum soon.” And vagina got the juice released from it as Firoz licked it to taste it’s I am sitting on sofa as my hubby have walked to Washroom to have refreshment and as he walked ,Firoz moved away and I asked…….

“I am really surprised on your gift Ankit but how your mental status have changed
(Ankit)my colleagues enjoys wife swapping as they always provoke me for it and lastly ,I thought it’s a start.”
Firoz ,Ankit and Rima are nude ,as Firoz smiled…….”Ankit now bed will be ok for us .”

As we three moved inside bedroom ,we are on king-size bed ,now Firoz made me a bitch on bed as Ankit is lying on bed with his legs straight and I have put my face near my hubby’s cock as I am on my knees ,I put my lips on hubby’s cock to love and I can feel firoz’s cock coming inside my vagina ,his long erected cock is hard as it’s a third cock going inside my vagina ,Ankit ,Rashid and now Firoz……as I took my hubby’s penis in my mouth to suck it fast ,his 2/3 Rd cock is in my vagina and he fucked me hard as Firoz I’d fucking me hardly.while sucking my hubby’s penis ,I am enjoying Firoz cock inside as my cunt is wet ,it’s riding well inside ,feeling under drunkun State ,I started moving my sexy ass fast as one cock is hitting my deep throat while other one is fucking my deep vagina.we three are doing it nicely as I am really happy to know about our future sexual plans… I took out my hubby’s wet cock from my mouth as my tongue is licking it while my ass is swinging wildely and Firoz is fucking me with speed as well as my hubby left the bed as I am shouting……

“oohh aahh Firoz my cunt is in fire rain your cum soon.”

And after 7–8 minutes of fuck ,his cock have last laugh in my vagina as I got the sperms in it ,he walked away and I am still lying on bed as my hubby smiled…….

“wash your cunt darling
(Rima)oh you will also fuck me .”

And I moved inside washroom as I washed my sexual organs and back on bed.I am sleeping on bed as my hubby have put his long cock in my vagina from front ,his hard cock is going inside as he put his hand on my waist and fucked me hard “oohh it’s rock hard ” as his penis is fucking me hard ,I am enjoying the fuck I deserve ,my hubby is giving me a hard fuck and after a while,he leaned on my top as I hold him in my arms ,now his fuck is making my sexy ass bounce fast as we both are enjoying intercourse sex ,Firoz is just watching it and after 5-6 minutes of deep penetration ,Ankit shouted”oohh have my cum inside you bitch.” And his penis ejaculated sperms in my vagina as I sucked his cock to taste it’s cum.our sexual meets ends after they fucked me more……….read it’s next part.

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