My Mummy set me to get fucked by my Papa: Story of a Slutty Daughter by Ditty Gupta

It all started when my dad saw me naked that day. I had been out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my wet body. Water dripped from my hair and slid on my smooth skin. When the door opened, he entered casually. It all happened so suddenly that I jumped at my place, and the towel slipped off.

For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I looked at him and caught him staring at my naked body, drenched in water. I quickly covered my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other. That’s when he realised he had been staring for too long.

Now all this happened in some seconds. He didn’t utter a word and left. I picked up my towel. My heart was racing in my chest. Oh my God! What did happen? He saw his grown-up young girl, who was 23 years old, stark naked. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

But I was just embarrassed and thought that I should ignore it. After all, it was just a one-time thing- but hell, I was wrong.

Hey. I’m Ditty, and this is my story. I’m the only child of my parents and 23 years old. I live with them, and we love each other a lot – like a family. At least until then. Now we love each other more passionately. We are well off and living happily.

My figure is 36-28-36. I wear a C-cup bra. Personally, my favourite part of my body is my boobs. They are firm yet soft. I get a lot of attention due to my large boobs, but I pay the price for it with my back pains. Anyway, here’s what happened after that day.

I noticed my dad taking more interest in me. He always tried to be around me and watched me. He would randomly drop things and tell me to help him pick them up to stare at my cleavage. I had mixed feelings about it because it had not happened before.

All this attention in this new way from my dad was new to me. It took me time to get adjusted. I think dad understood that I was okay with it. Because he had started hugging me a lot, he would hug me when I woke up, after I showered, after eating in the evening, when he entered my room, and before sleeping.

It was kind of funny because I don’t know if he realised that I understood why he was suddenly giving me a lot of attention after the shower day. But I was okay with being hugged. I’ve always been a hugger.

One day when I entered the dining room for dinner.

Dad: Hey, love, why don’t you come here and sit on my lap as you used to when you were a baby.

I was a little reluctant and embarrassed, so he said to mom: See Renuka, our daughter is too shy to sit on her father’s lap.

Mom gave dad a crooked smile: It’s okay, beta. You may have grown up, but you’re still his little girl for him.

I gave in and sat on his lap reluctantly. I could feel something hard near my ass. I knew it was his dick. Oh my God! Is he hard for me? I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel. I decided to not pay attention to that. He held me by my waist and fed me with his other hand.

After I was comfortable, I almost forgot that I’d grown now. I was behaving like a child, and he kept me feeding like I was a baby. We were smiling and laughing, and mom sat opposite us, watching us play and laugh. Things were pretty normal.

Apart from his bulge rubbing it against my ass sometimes and him touching the base of my boobs with his thumb occasionally. I was ready to ignore that to relive my childhood again.

One day, we were sitting like that – me on his lap, and I was talking to mom. I suddenly felt a kiss on my cheek and a squeeze on my left breast. I quickly turned to look, and it was my dad. It was not a mistake. Not because he still had my boobs in his hand.

It seemed like he wouldn’t remove it anytime soon. So I pushed him, got up and ran towards my bedroom. I never knew this could happen. I wasn’t ready for this. I couldn’t do this. I wasn’t sure if mom had seen it, so I decided to go and talk to her.

I entered her room, and she was sitting on a chair and reading a book. She had grown old. She was now in her late 40s. I sat next to her, and she looked at me.

Me: Mom, I want to talk to you.

Mom: Is it about what happened earlier?

Me: So, did you see it?

Mom: Yes.

Me: So why didn’t you say anything to dad? It was so wrong! I’m his daughter! How could he touch me like that?

Mom kept the book aside and hugged me to calm me down.

Mom: I know, beta, that it may be wrong from your perspective, but…

I interrupted her before she could finish: From my perspective? What mom? Do you think it’s right from any perspective?

She sighed and held my hand. “I want you to calm down and listen to me just once. And I want you to think about what I say, keeping the morality and other biases aside.”

I couldn’t believe what she said, but I knew she always wanted my best. She was wise, and it’s a trait dad liked the most about her – well, apart from that, she was pretty in her days. “Okay. Tell me.” I sighed.

Mom: Now I know we all have grown up listening to stuff and taboos that no one talks about. From a moral point of view, what your father did was wrong. But what are moralities? In my opinion, it’s just a social construct to keep people in check.

Mom: Now I have stopped believing in taboos that do not harm anyone but are just against the moral code. Theft and robbery harm others, so they should be discouraged. But having sex in your family doesn’t harm anyone. Does it? Hell, no one even has to know what you’ve been doing in your own family.

I was a bit shocked by hearing this. Although it was all against what I’ve always learned, it sounded logical in some ways. Two people having consensual sex doesn’t harm other people. No matter if they are husband and wife or father and daughter.

Oops. Why did I only think about father and daughter? Even mom and son and sister and brother can have sex. I gave her a nod realising what she meant to say.

Me: But I think it has to do with some biological reasons? Like when close relatives have sex, their baby has some genetic defects.

Mom: Yes. Exactly that. That’s why it was discouraged, but it doesn’t matter since we have many contraceptive options. People can always use a condom.

Me: But mom, why did he do it?

She smiled and looked at my body and then at my breasts. “You’ve grown up so much, darling. You look so hot and sexy that anyone wants to date and touch you.”

Me: So, dad finds me attractive?

“Even I find you attractive.” She winked at me, and I blushed. “Your dad doesn’t show, but he’s lonely. I mean, he has me for things to talk about and emotional support. But guys always need sexual satisfaction to truly stay happy.”

She continued.”Ever since my surgery, my sex drive vanished. I no longer wanted to have sex, and still, we tried. I tried for him, but it gets too painful for me.”

I didn’t know this. I guess no one knows their parent’s sex life, so fair enough. But now I understood why he did what he did. Why does he always keep hugging me? He just wanted to feel a young body next to his. I looked at mom.

She suddenly appeared to have grown a lot older than yesterday. Maybe I hadn’t observed her this carefully before. My eyes went to a picture of her on the bedside table in which she was young and sexy.

Me: Why doesn’t he have sex with someone else outside?

Mom laughed: Even I suggested this to him, but I get it. You cannot trust just anyone on the outside. Like apart from the fear of STDs, one could easily take a picture to blackmail us.

I agreed with it.

Mom: The last time he had sex was when we were on a trip to that village, remember?

Me: Ohh, yea. Last year?

Mom: Yes. I convinced him that no one knew him here so that it would be easy, so he arranged two women and enjoyed it. He was happy that day and for a couple of days. But then we came back here, and the old life without any sex started again and made him sad again.

I suddenly started feeling bad for him.

“Until.” She paused for a second like she wasn’t sure if she should say it or not “he saw you naked that day in the shower.”

Me: So you know about that too, mom?

Mom: I know about everything. He doesn’t hide anything. That’s what I like about him. He’s always honest.

Me: So what did he say?

Mom: He said he saw you naked accidentally that day. He thought you went to college and went into your room to fix the router as the Wi-Fi wasn’t working.

“What else did he say?” I asked with curiosity.

Mom: Seems like you’re too curious.

I blushed but tried to hide it.

Mom: He said he couldn’t believe our daughter had grown up so much now. She looked so sexy. He said he hadn’t seen anyone more beautiful and sexy than her.

Something was happening to me. I didn’t know what. Imagining my father saying these things about me made me feel something I couldn’t figure out.

Me: So that’s why he started hugging me so much and making me sit on his lap?

Mom: Yes, actually, that was my idea.

I stared at my mom. “YOU TOLD HIM TO DO THAT?” I couldn’t believe it.

Mom: Yes, beta, I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but it made your father happy.

I sighed and took a deep breath before finally asking, “So what do you suggest I do?”

Mom paused a little as if she was thinking about many things and then finally said, almost whispering, “If you could..umm..if you are comfortable enough to do things with your dad, it would make your father and me happy to bring us closer than ever.”

It was what I was expecting. But it still took me a minute to process it. “So you want me to have sex with my dad?” I asked straightforwardly.

Mom: Only if you’re comfortable enough.

Me: With my dad?

Mom: Didn’t I tell you it may be against the moral code? But it’s not wrong.

Me: Okay. I understand that.

Mom: Okay, so tell me, if having sex with your dad wasn’t illegal or against the moral code, it was rather common for daughters to have sex with their father. Would you?

Me: It’s a different thing.

Mom: No, it isn’t. It’s the same. Think about it. Do you want not to have sex with your father? Or do you want to not have sex with someone who always took care of you, stood by your side, and always loved you?

Put it like that. It sounded rather reasonable. How is a father different from a husband if it weren’t for morality. They both take care of you and love you, then why are you expected to have sex with one and strictly not allowed to do it with the other.

If I think about it, your father should have more rights over you and your body because he made you, and your husband didn’t. He just saw your beauty and then married you to have sex. But your father – he didn’t know how you would look- still loved you even before you were born.

“I need time to think about it,” I said. She nodded. I got up and opened the door. Dad was in front of me.

Dad: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Me: It’s okay, dad. I forgive you.

He smiled and hugged me tightly, but I hugged him back, this time with more love. I could feel my boobs against his chest. And his bulge near my belly. I don’t know if, knowingly or subconsciously, I thrust my belly forward to feel more of his dick.

I felt his hands tracing my bra hook, and I gasped. I kissed his cheek and left. Then I walked into my room and closed the door. I took off all my clothes and threw them on the floor. I stood in front of the mirror and carefully looked at myself. I let my hair loose and glided my hands on my body.

I held my boobs and squeezed them hard, still looking at myself. I was turned on. I don’t know if it was the idea of having sex with my dad or just looking at this sexy body of myself. So I started rubbing my pussy and fell on the bed.

After I was done, I lay there and thought about it a lot. I thought about it so much that I didn’t even know when I fell asleep.

The next day, I walked into the kitchen where mom was cooking and hugged her from behind. She smiled.

“I’m ready,” I said.

“Are you sure?” She asked me with a lot of hope.

“Yes, I am.”

2nd July, 2022

Dear Diary,

I don’t know what happened to me today. Mom asked me to have sex with dad, and I said yes. I said yes! Can you even believe that? Because I can’t. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. I’ve told mom not to tell dad about this. I want it to happen naturally.

But what the fuck is natural about a dad fucking his daughter? I mean, I’m not complaining, I’m just… I don’t know what all could happen. I said yes to this for the family. I want all of us always to stay happy. I had to do this for my family and my dad. The same dad who will be fucking me now. Oh my god!

Bye for now,

I finished writing it in my diary and jumped into bed. I was wearing nothing. I usually slept naked. But not long after today, I’d be sleeping naked with someone else. That person is my dad. Thoughts like this kept me awake that night, and I fell asleep only after 6 in the morning.

I didn’t wear a bra the next day. I wore a low-cut tight top that revealed half of my boobs, and my nipples were poking out of it. I didn’t even wear pants. I just slid on shorts and went for lunch.

Dad was already sitting at the table. Before he could say a word, I sat on his lap. I instantly felt his gaze on my half-naked breasts and the bulge in his pants. I kissed him on his cheeks. Then he started feeding me with his hands, but he didn’t touch my boobs today.

He was too scared to repeat that mistake and risk losing me completely. I thought about telling him that it’s okay to touch if he wants to, but I decided otherwise. After lunch, I told mom that I had a headache. So I’ll sleep in her room, and she could come and sleep next to me if she wants.

Mom understood that it was meant for dad. So she winked, and I went to her room and pretended to be asleep. I heard a conversation after about 15 minutes.

Mom: This is your golden chance. Go and feel her up till she’s asleep.

Dad: No, but what if she wakes up? I can’t risk that. I remember her reaction very well.

Mom: It’s not the same anyway. She’s a deep sleeper, so she wouldn’t even know. You’ll have to keep taking chances if you want something with her.

Dad fell silent, and then I heard the door opening- it was dad. I kept one eye slightly open to see. He silently walked towards the bed and looked at me carefully. I could faintly see a bulge. Then he got on the bed from the other side and spooned me- keeping his hand on my belly.

I felt his warm breath on my neck. He kissed my neck a few times. My breathing had become deeper, and my heart was pounding. He slowly moved his hand towards my boobs and cupped them lightly. I was feeling a weird sensation. A tingling in my stomach and my nipples.

He then slowly slid the top off my breast and made them naked. He gently put the finger on my nipples and kept it there. I was wet now. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I just wanted to get up and get fucked then. He pressed my nipples like one would press a button.

I was controlling hard not to let out a moan. All the while, he kept rubbing his groin on my ass. I could feel it more clearly as I wasn’t wearing a panty. He kept playing with my boobs. Sometimes cupping them, giving them a light squeeze, and sometimes just holding them and feeling their warmth.

After half an hour of rubbing, he stopped. I thought he must have cum. Then he slowly moved away and got off the bed. Before finally leaving, he pulled my top lower – as if I wanted to wake up with naked breasts. I got up after some time and decided to play along.

I didn’t pull my top up, and with my breasts hanging, I walked to the hall where mom and dad were watching TV and sat next to dad. He looked at me with surprise. I pretended like I had not seen my top. He kept staring at them, and I watched TV, ignoring his gaze.

Mom was smiling. He mustered his courage to tell me that my top wasn’t properly covering me. I looked down and hastily pulled it up.

Me: Ohh. I didn’t see that. I’m sorry, dad.

Dad: It’s okay. Sometimes this kind of thing happens.

He was trying hard not to let his happiness show. I, too, made a plan in my head then.

The next day I wore a loose top. I went to mom and told her about my plan.

Mom: You’re really good at this. Aren’t you?

I blushed, and we went to the hall. As soon as I entered, dad started looking at me. I signalled mom, and she did exactly what I had told her. She pretended to slip and, in reflex, held my top and tore it completely as she fell on the sofa. I was standing topless in front of my dad again.

My dad’s jaw dropped at this. Instead of helping mom, he kept staring at my boobs. I pretended I was worried about mom and didn’t care to hide my boobs. So my boobs were on display for about 5 minutes.

Me: Are you okay, mom?

Mom: Yea. I’m fine. Thank God I slipped near the sofa. If it had been anywhere else, I could’ve been hurt badly.

Me: Don’t say that, mom.

Mom: But sorry honey, I tore your top.

Then I acted as if I had just noticed that I was standing topless and covered my nipples with my hands. (Yes, not even boobs but just nipples. Google how sexy that looks.) I looked at my dad, who was still busy having a long look at them. I sighed, and he hurried to take his gaze off.

Me: You know what, mom? I think it’s what the universe wants. The universe doesn’t want me to wear a top. That’s why something like this keeps happening. And anyway, you guys have already seen them a bunch of times, so it doesn’t matter now. And it’s hot and humid in July, too, so well fuck it.

I said and removed my hands from my boobs. My dad’s jaw dropped.

Dad: So you aren’t going to wear tops from now on? (He was trying to hide his smile)

Me: Well, I don’t plan on it now, but if you want me to wear it, it’s okay. I could go and put something on just now.

I said and moved slowly towards my bedroom, but he held my hand and stopped me.

Dad: No, beta. It’s okay. If you’re comfortable like this, then it’s good. And yes, you’re right, it’s really hot and humid.

I smiled at him. He smiled back at my boobs.

I sat on the sofa beside him and put my head on his shoulder. He curled his arm around my shoulder, and his pinky finger occasionally caressed my naked boobs.

Lunch arrived after some time, and I hopped onto dad’s lap. I’m not sure how glad he felt that I was topless then. His face was a few inches away from my boobs. He occasionally brought his face closer and exhaled his warm breath on my nipples, turning me on.

I fake coughed, and that spilt the bite my dad would feed me on my boobs. That gave my dad an official reason to stare at my boobs.

Me: Come on. Not now. Mom, please pass me a tissue, I’m using my phone, and I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

Mom: The box is empty.

Me: What? No. I don’t want to get up to wash my hands after cleaning.

Dad: Don’t worry, beta. I’ll clean it up.

Obviously, dad was more than happy to clean it up. He kept his finger on my boobs far away from where the food was and slid it all along my skin till it arrived and cleaned it up. He liked this because it gave him a chance to touch my boobs.

It was evident that after this fake cough, he spilt food 3-4 times again. I have started enjoying this now. He spilt, and then he cleaned. It was time for the dessert, and mom brought Rabari for us. Dad was still feeding me. He ‘accidentally’ spill some rabri again on my boobs.

But this time, he decided to handle the problem with a different approach. He stuck out his tongue and licked the rabri off my boobs. It made me wet. This was the first time dad had used his tongue on my boobs.

Dad: I’m sorry, beta, but you know how much I like Rabri. I can’t waste any bit of it.

Me: Yea. I know, dad. Very efficient.

I said and smiled. He kept feeding me until he again got a chance to spill. This time he faked a sneeze and spilt the entire bowl of Rabri on my boobs.

Dad: Oh my God. I’m so sorry.

Then he looked at his bowl, which was almost empty. Dad asked my mom if there was any left to which mom just laughed and shook her head. He made a sad puppy face. I told him exactly what he wanted me to say.

Me: It’s okay, dad. I know how much you like your Rabri. You can eat all of this if you want.

I said and looked at the Rabri all over my boobs and belly.

Dad: Are you sure, beta? It’s a lot, and it will probably take time.

Me: Ya, dad. I’m not in a hurry.

I got up and lay on the dining table. Yes, I was his meal today. I was sure how much Dad was going to like this. He got on top of me and started licking my collarbone (although there was nothing there). He proceeded slowly downwards.

He licked my upper boobs but left the lower nipples for later. I knew he wanted to devour it. He then started licking my belly and navel like a hungry dog. I felt the warm softness of his tongue, and I let out a small soft moan. Yes, I didn’t hold back because I wanted to let him know that.

Even after all the Rabri was gone, he still kept licking. Something in me wanted him to go more south. I swear I would’ve just let him lick every inch of my pussy. Then he attacked my boobs like a hungry dog. He licked every part, every cell of it, and now he was on for my delicate, soft, sensitive nipples.

He licked them like nothing before. He started with small soft licks but gradually progressed to hard and aggressive ones. I moaned hard.

“Yes, dad! Get all the rabri off of me. Lick every bit of it. Yes, my nipples have the most of it. Lick hard there.” And he followed my command like the obedient hungry dog that he was.

To be honest, it didn’t take him more than 5 minutes to clean me off. But the licking didn’t end until 45 minutes passed. I already had two orgasms just by the nipple stimulation. It was hard for dad to part with my boobs. But he had to when we both were in our senses again.

I enjoyed every bit of it. And now I understand that maybe this subtle way of sex is better than actually having sex. I wanted to continue this. And one day, he would enter and destroy my pussy like a monster.

I took a shower and fingered myself to the third orgasm there. Thinking about all that had happened and all that was going to happen. I was excited about it. I was looking forward to being fucked by my dad. My pussy was waiting eagerly for his dick.

I opened my eyes in the morning. I had a dream that dad and I were having sex. I felt a tingling sensation down there. I held my boobs and gave them a light squeeze. I couldn’t wait for it. I now just had to do something to make dad comfortable groping my boobs anytime and anywhere.

I took a shower and got down in the hall, my boobs hanging from my chest. I suddenly thought of a plan. All I had to do was normalize groping in the house. If dad could see mom groping me jokingly, he would take advantage of it too. So I went to mom.

Me: I’ve got a plan, mom.

Mom: Tell me about it.

Me: Dad isn’t still confident enough to do things to me without any reason. We need to normalize touching and groping me so that he joins in and touches me whenever he wants.

Mom: And how do we do that?

Me: You’d have to grope me very frequently.

Mom looked at me: Are you serious?

Me: Very serious, mom. I’m your daughter, so it’s okay. Anyway, you plan on making a dad and daughter, so it’s nothing.

Mom looked at me very seriously. Then she quickly held my boobs and squeezed them.

Me: That’s how you do it, mom. (I felt a little turned on)

She squeezed me again a few times, so I quickly gave her a tight squeeze. We both laughed. Then I quickly took off her top and bra, and her boobs jumped to life. She had large boobs with brown areola and dark brown nipples.

Me: Wow, mom. You still look hot.

She was shocked and quickly tried to cover herself, but I stopped her.

Me: I’d have banged you if I were your son.

We both laughed. We both went down in the hall and talked like usual. I made fun of her, and she grabbed and squeezed my boobs. Dad noticed it, and I saw some movement in his underwear.

This became usual. She’d spank me or squeeze my boobs or ass whenever she came near me. I’d do that, too, so that dad believes we both are just joking with each other. After it had happened several times, dad wanted to know the reason, and he asked mom.

Dad: Why have you been groping her?

Mom: You didn’t understand. I did it for you.

Dad: So that I could enjoy the view?

Mom: No. I’m doing it so that she believes it’s normal between parents and daughters. If I can squeeze her boobs, so can you whenever you feel like it.

Dad: So you mean I can touch her now?

Mom: Yes, she’d think it’s only normal, and we are doing it jokingly.

Dad: What if I can’t control myself?

Mom: We’ll see that. Now go and enjoy.

Dad thanked mom and kissed her on the cheeks. He felt grateful for having a wife like her, who’d do anything for his happiness.

I was sitting on the sofa when he came and sat beside me. I felt he was a little anxious, and I knew why. Mom had texted me about their conversation, and I knew I would soon get used by him.

He turned towards me and raised his hand but stopped. The environment felt serious then. Dad needed to lighten it up before he touched me for the first time. He signalled mom to come and help. Mom came and started tickling me. I was laughing like hell, and dad used the opportunity to cup my boobs.

I pretended to be deep in laughter and not notice his touch. He gently squeezed them. Then mom squeezed them. I was laughing and pretending to get away from them. But they both kept a hand on each of my breasts and pressed them.

Me: Come on, mom and dad, please leave me now. (I said, laughing)

Mom: Not so soon, beta. (She tickled and squeezed again)

Dad: Yes. We have a lot of time. (He tickled my areola and nipples while grabbing my ass)

Me: Oh my god. I’ll die laughing. Don’t.

Mom stopped, but dad didn’t. He kept circling my nipples and pressing my ass. I felt wet and wanted to get fucked. I somehow got released from his hold and ran laughing. Then I went to the washroom to finger myself. I knew I’d break soon, and I wanted dad to make a move before it.

I went to the kitchen but found no one. I opened the fridge to take out something to eat when dad sneaked up behind me and held me by the boobs. I could feel his dick on my ass.

“What are you doing, dad?” I laughed as he pumped my boobs. “I just wanted to play with you,” he said and continued pumping my boobs. He took me up, still cupping my boobs and led me to the sofa. He pushed me on it and fell on me. I was lying on my stomach, and he was over me.

He kept squeezing my boobs with one hand and slid my pants with the other. He spanked me and grabbed my ass. I was begging in my mind to be fucked. But I kept laughing to keep the mood light. I felt his naked dick rubbing on my ass. His hand was pulling my nipples, and the other was pumping my boobs.

Mom arrived and saw us like that. Dad looked at her and winked. Mom smiled back. In between this, I could sometimes feel his warm breath on my neck and his warm, soft, wet kisses on my neck, which I pretended to ignore. It all continued until I felt some wetness on my ass cheek.

He was done, I thought. I felt my pussy releasing juices which made my underwear fully wet. He realized he had cummed on my naked ass and panicked. But mom signalled him to leave, so he left.

Me: He cum on me. Didn’t he?

Mom: Yes.

I smiled and touched my ass to find his sticky wet cum. Then I licked my finger. I quickly wiped all his cum and licked it. Mom saw it and smirked.

Mom: I didn’t know I raised a slut.

Me: After all, I’m your daughter.

I smiled back, and she came and groped my boobs. Then we both laughed.

In the evening, dad seemed in a happy mood. He came and quickly cupped my boobs.

Dad: What’s my darling daughter doing?

He pressed it hard. I screamed.

Dad: What happened, beta?

Me: I feel pain in my boobs, dad. (I said and cupped my boobs)

Dad: Why? Did anything happen?

Me: You and mom have pressed it too much today. I guess that’s why.

Dad felt a bit guilty. “I’m sorry, beta.” He said and gently placed his hands on my boobs. “Have you heard? Her boobs are aching.”

“Just suck it, and it will be fine.” Mom replied from the kitchen.

Me: Really, mom?

Dad: Okay, come and help her.

Mom: I’m cooking. You can suck. She’ll feel better.

Dad looked at me as if asking for permission, so I nodded. He proceeded quite quickly. He held my other boob and gently licked the whole areola. I felt a shiver running through my body. He held this boob with his other hand so it didn’t move and kept flicking his tongue on my nipple.

After my nipple dripped with his saliva, he gently took it in his mouth and sucked.

He forgot he was helping me with the pain and instinctively pressed my other boob. I screamed, and he realized. He apologized and resumed sucking my boobs like a baby. I held his head and pressed him on my breasts. He kept switching from one boob to the other.

After about half an hour, he told me to lie down so that I could relax and be more comfortable. I followed. He then resumed sucking and licking my boobs. I moaned lightly.

Dad: Are you feeling better?

Me: Yes, dad, but the pain is still there.

He looked at me and kissed my forehead. He got up, brought a sleeping eye mask, and made me wear it.

Dad: Close your eyes and just relax. I’ll take your pain away now.

I nodded and followed his instructions. He kept sucking my boobs, but with his other hand, he was touching me everywhere. I could feel his one hand roaming on my belly and then on my thighs. I was dripping wet. I knew something was going to happen.

He caressed my inner thighs, and my legs trembled. He again moved his hands on my belly and then went south to the boundary of my panty. He kept sucking my boobs all this while. He moved his finger along the boundary of my panty, and my heart raced in anticipation.

He slowly slid his hand inside my panty and on my pussy. I visibly shivered, but he patted me like a child and told me to keep relaxing. He touched my pussy with his hand, and I moaned. He rubbed it and started fingering me. He inserted one finger first and finger-fucked me.

Then he switched to two, and I lost control. I moaned like hell. Screaming with pleasure. Mom arrived hearing this and saw an incredible view of a dad fingering his daughter. She decided to enjoy the show and sat on an adjacent sofa. This encouraged dad to go further.

He slid off my panty and spread my legs. I felt a gush of fresh air hitting my pussy, and I moaned. He was seeing his daughter’s pussy for the first time. It was pink and clean shaved. It was dripping wet with juices, waiting to be sucked dry.

He couldn’t refuse the invitation and joined his lips with her pussy lips.
He kissed me first. Then he licked across my pussy. He flicked his tongue all over my pussy. I held his head and pressed it on my pussy. My legs trembled with pleasure. He gently sucked my pussy lips and kissed my clitoris.

He started sucking my clit, and I pressed him between my legs. “I want it. I want something down there,” I moaned. Dad was on cloud nine now. He could’ve inserted his dick right then. But he wanted to look deep down in my eyes when he did that.

So he shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy and licked the walls inside. He kept rubbing my clit all this while. I lost control and reached climax. I released my juices on his face, and he licked it clean. He got up and slid my panty back up. He couldn’t decide how he would meet my eyes, but he did.

He kissed my boobs and removed my mask.

Dad: How are you feeling now?

I didn’t say anything but just got up and hugged him tightly. “You’re my saviour, dad. I was in so much pain, but then you sucked the pain right out of me. I felt something down there, and the pain was gone. What did you do, dad?”

Dad felt proud of himself and relieved that I didn’t understand what he had done.

Dad: It’s magic. If you feel pain anytime, come to me. I’ll take that away.

I kissed him wet on the cheeks.

Me: I love you, dad.

Dad: I love you too, beta.

He said and cupped my boobs. He then sucked them again, and I moaned openly.

Me: I like it when you suck it, dad. I feel relaxed and good.

Dad: Sure. I’d do whatever my little girl loves.

I could see his boner. He was hard, and I knew he was trying very hard to control. He gently pressed them again and left. I jumped and turned to mom.

Me: Mom, he ate my pussy.

Mom: I know. I saw it.

Me: I can’t believe my dad just ate my pussy, and I couldn’t even see it.

Mom: Don’t worry, I took pictures.

She showed me the pictures, and I told her to send me all of them. My dad was actually eating my pussy. I masturbated watching that pic. I was sure that my pussy would be coming real soon the day I watched him eating.

Mom went to the bedroom. Dad was masturbating on the bed.

Mom: How do you feel after eating your daughter’s pussy?

Dad: Fuck. I still can’t believe what I did. What would happen if she realized?

Mom: Don’t worry. I told her that you put some ice cubes in her pants that’s why she felt something down there and her panty was wet.

Dad: You’re a genius.

Mom: Now, if you need some help with masturbation, I’ve some pictures.

She showed him all of today’s pictures she took of him eating her pussy, sucking her boobs and hugging her.

Dad: This is what I regret not doing. I forgot to take pictures in excitement. Thanks. You’re my everything.

She held his dick and started moving it for him. He grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them.

“This is just the way I squeezed her boobs today.” Dad felt proud of himself. “Her boobs are mine now. Even she said she loves getting her boobs sucked by me.”

Mom: Soon, you wouldn’t need to use your hand for this.

Dad: What do you mean?

Mom: You’ve your daughter to take care of you. You don’t need to do it yourself now.

Dad: How?

Mom: I’ve got a plan.

Dad entered my room a few hours after that incident. I knew he would come, so I had left the door unlocked tonight. I pretended to be asleep. He closed the door behind him. He came and slept next to me. My heartbeat raced.

He moved towards me and put his hands on my belly. He rubbed my belly and then cupped my breasts. I felt safe when he did that. His hands secured me better than any bra could.

Dad: I don’t know if what I’m doing is wrong or right, but I want you, beta. I won’t use you if you don’t like this. I love you.

He slowly caressed my boobs. I turned towards him. He startled and moved away but saw my boobs and started kissing them. He didn’t realise when he turned loud.

Me: Hey, Dad. You’re here?

I pretended to wake up. Dad got scared and moved away really quickly.

Dad: I came here to check on you. I was looking at your boobs to see if there’s any redness.

Me: Thanks, Dad, but I’m feeling good now, and that’s because of you.

He smiled and started to go, but I held his hand.

Me: Since you’re here and I’m awake now. Can you stay? We could talk, and you could freely check my boobs for redness.

He looked at me and hugged me.

Dad: I’m not going away until you sleep.

I smiled and pulled him near me. He touched my boobs and started sucking them. “Ahh, Dad.” I moaned. He continued licking and sucking. I ruffled his hair.

Me: Dad, is this normal for a dad and daughter?

Dad stopped after this question. He was scared that I’d started realising all that was happening. He didn’t say anything, so I pushed my boobs on his face.

Me: Tell me na. Don’t worry, I won’t stop you.

I said and put my left boob in his mouth. He started sucking it with passion and took his sweet time before responding.

Dad: Maybe it’s not usual, but it doesn’t matter if we both like it. We are adults anyway. Do you?

Me: Yes, Dad. I like this very much. Ahh. You make me feel things I don’t usually feel.

He got turned on by my moans and bit my nipples in excitement. I moaned louder. I didn’t shy away from moaning in front of him anymore. I pressed his head tightly on my chest.

My boobs were wet from his saliva now.

Dad: How do you feel when I do this?

Me: I feel like I’m somewhere else. Or sometimes I feel like you’re my baby, and I’m feeding you.

Both of us laughed. He squeezed my boobs again. I screamed.

Me: You aren’t going to stop doing it. Right?

He laughed and kissed my boobs again.

Dad: I can never get over them.

He opened his mouth and took a large bite of my boobs. I pressed him hard, and we were wrapped around each other. I felt his dick poking me.

Dad: I should better go now. You sleep.

I didn’t want him to go, but I didn’t stop him. He left the room, and I replayed everything that happened today in my mind. “I can’t wait to take your dick.” I thought.

Mom woke me up in the morning.

Mom: Get up and get ready quickly. It’s going to be a big day.

I was still half asleep. Why, Mom? What happened?

Mom: I’ve made a plan. Listen.

Me: I’m listening.

She told me everything, and I was both nervous and excited. Finally, the day had come.

Mom: But do you realise it involves too much risk?

Dad: Yes, but I’m ready if it gets me closer to her physically.

She gave him 2 pills of Viagra (one is supposed to take only 1). She had cross-checked it with a doctor friend and approved it. Dad now just had to get and maintain an erection for a long time. He went and sat on the sofa.

Mom had told me to come down after 20 minutes, and I followed the plan. I knew what I was supposed to do.

Dad: Look what is happening to me.

Mom: What happened?

Dad: I can’t get it down.

Mom: Why?

Dad: I don’t know. I took that pills for a headache you gave me, and it’s been like that since.

I quickly went and checked the pills.

Me: Mom, you’ve accidentally given him Viagra pills instead of headache medicine.

Mom: Oh no.

She quickly went and sat down. She took out his dick and started stroking it.

Me: What are you doing, Mom?

Mom: He needs to release to settle his erection. Also, please call Dr. Neha and put the call on speaker.

She continued stroking his dick. I was looking at my father’s naked dick for the first time. It was more than 6 inches and very thick. I felt my pussy contract just by the thought of taking it in. I called Dr. Neha and put the phone on speaker.

Mom: Hello Neha. We’ve got an emergency.

Neha: What happened? Calm down and tell me.

Mom: My husband accidentally popped Viagra pills and can’t get it down.

Neha: It’s a serious issue. You need to get his dick flaccid soon.

Mom: But how do we do that?

Neha: Do anything. Stroke it or suck it or anything else, but get him released. If the erection lasts too long, it could permanently damage his penis and prove fatal at this age.

Mom: Okay, thanks.

Neha: Call me if you need any further help.

She hung up the phone.

Me: We should get him into the hospital.

Dad: I can’t even walk to the gate like this. We can’t go there.

Mom: I’ve been stroking it for 20 minutes, and it is not working.

Me: Use your mouth, mom. Maybe it will help.

Mom: I have a fever today, so my mouth is dry. I can’t help him.

Dad screamed in pain: Someone, please help me get it down.

Mom: Ditty, now only you can help him. You’re young, and your hands are soft. He’s used to my hand, so maybe it’s not working. Your touch can help him.

Me: But mom?

Mom: It’s about his life and death, beta.

I quickly went near him and got down on my knees. Mom handed over his dick to me. I held it with my one hand gently. Dad moaned. I slowly and carefully moved his Shaft up and down. I started slow and then increased my pace. Nothing happened even after 10 minutes.

I spit on it and used the saliva for lubrication. He held my face and pushed it near his dick. I pulled the foreskin down and kissed the tip of his penis. I gently sucked it. Nothing happened.

Mom: Put it in your mouth.

I nodded and took the whole of it in my mouth. Dad held my head and shoved his dick deep inside my throat. I gagged for a second but allowed him to fuck my mouth. He held me by my hair and moved my face with rhythm. I continued sucking his dick like I was his little slut.

I held it with both of my hands and licked the tip of his dick with hard suction. He kept holding my face tightly. I moved back and looked at him in the eyes seductively. I gave him a look of slut and saw in his eyes that he knew. I leaned in and started kissing and softly licking his balls.

He moaned and laughed due to the tickling and pleasure. I looked at him again and held his dick. Then I licked the entire length of his dick slowly and seductively. I flicked my tongue near the tip and again took it. I began to suck him, more wildly, this time roughly.

I had been sucking like a daughter till now. But now I decided to suck it like a slut. I showed him my slut side. I didn’t allow him to feel anything other than pleasure, which bore fruit.

He couldn’t control it anymore and cum inside my mouth. It was a lot to take in, and I wasn’t ready. So half of it spilt from my mouth to his dick again, but I gulped down the rest.

Mom: Clean it up. Don’t leave anything.

I nodded and started licking his cum from his dick. He pushed my face on his dick and balls, and I had no option other than sucking his balls. I sucked his balls while stroking his dick with my hand. He cum again after a few minutes and unloaded himself on my face.

My face felt sticky and wet. He grabbed my face up and wiped his cum off. Then he proceeded to put it on my belly and boobs. I was sitting on my knees, gasping with my mouth open, moans escaping.

He rubbed his cum on my boobs and pressed them. He let me go when his dick was clean, and all his cum shone on my boobs.

Me: Look, mom. I did it. He is finally flaccid.

Mom: I’m proud of you, beta.

Dad didn’t leave a chance to hug me and feel my boobs crushing against his chest. “Thanks a lot for this, beta.”

Me: It’s okay, Dad. You do so many things for me. This was the least I could do.

Dad: Really?

Me: What?

Dad: So you mean to say you’re now comfortable helping me?

I knew where this was going.

Me: Maybe Dad. I’m not sure, but I felt glad I could help you.

I released myself from him and went to the washroom to shower. But before that, I took my boobs and licked off all his cum. I looked at myself in the mirror- holding my boobs and licking them. What a slut I’ve become for my father!

I went to my mom after that.

Me: I’m tired of playing this game, Mom. I want his dick now. Inside of me. I want to get fucked like a whore. I want to moan ‘Daddy’ as he fucks me deep in my hole.

Mom smiled: Spoken like a true whore. Control yourself, beta.

She subtly put her hand inside my panty and rubbed my pussy from above. I was surprised and taken by shock. She spread my lips and pushed two of her fingers inside of me. I shivered. She pushed me on the bed by my boobs and slid my panty.

Mom: Spread your legs.

As much as I was shocked, I felt thrilled and followed her commands like an obedient daughter. She took her finger and again spread my pussy to have a look.

Mom: You’re pink and clean-shaven. Very nice.

She leaned closer and kissed my pussy. I shivered with excitement. She then proceeded to eat my pussy till my legs trembled, and I cum. She smiled, watching me moan because of her. I tried closing my legs, but she slapped my pussy. I screamed.

Mom: Keep your legs open.

I nodded like a good girl. She went and took out a vibrator.

Mom: It’s very old. Your dad bought it to spice up our lives.

I looked at it but couldn’t for long. She pushed it inside my pussy, and I screamed. She turned it on and increased the speed. I had never used a vibrator before, and it felt too overwhelming. The walls of my pussy felt so stimulated that the room filled with my moans.

Mom didn’t care anymore now. She set the speed to the maximum, and I cried with pleasure. Tears rolled down my eyes, and moans escaped my mouth. My whole body moved with the rhythm of the vibrator. Mom leaned closer and pinched my nipple.

It was already hard, and so it was easy to pinch it. She twisted both of my nipples at once, and I climaxed. I squirted. It was hard to look at Mom like I used to. I wasn’t scared or anything. I hadn’t expected her to give me so much pleasure and pain.

I didn’t expect her to eat my pussy, but she did, and I was glad. I wanted to undress her, play with her body, and return the favour. But there was no point. She didn’t have any libido. She wouldn’t feel the thrill or excitement of any of it. She did what she did just for me. Just so that I could feel the pleasure.

I was exhausted, and I slept there. I woke up in the evening to a dick rubbing my ass and my boobs cupped. I didn’t shy away this time and turned to his side. He got scared for a moment, but I pushed his face on my breasts, and the rest followed.

The next morning, I went into the living room. Dad was already waiting for me there. He pulled me on the sofa, and I fell on him- my face on his groin. He quickly slid his shorts and revealed his hard dick to me. He shoved his dick in my mouth and pushed my head.

Dad: Please help me out.

How could I say no to a dick already throbbing in my mouth? I sucked him dry. I had started to love his cum. It tasted like wine to me. I felt fulfilled after swallowing it.

Days passed, and it was time to normalise pulling my pants and getting me fully naked. I tasked Mom with his. She’d pull my pants down whenever she felt like it. I’d laugh and pretend to get annoyed, and then she’d grope my boobs.

Dad didn’t take much time to adapt to the new prank. He’d pull down my panty whenever he wanted. He got bolder with time and would push me against the sofa, pull down my pants and take out his dick and rub it naked on my ass till he cum. I’d laugh all the while he did this to keep it as a joke.

It happened one night. Mom was sitting on an adjacent sofa. I walked up to Dad, my boobs displayed in full glory as always. Dad looked at me and told me to sit on his lap. I did.

Dad: Turn around.

I turned around to face him. I wore just a thin panty, and Dad was in his boxers. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in. My boobs hung on his bare chest. I threw my hands around his shoulder. We were glued to each other. He stared deep into my eyes.

Dad: Do you know, beta? I love you so so much.

He said and kissed on my cheeks.

Me: I love you very much, too.

He stared deep into my eyes. I kissed him back on the cheeks. He leaned closer, and our lips were just an inch apart. He looked at my lips, back into my eyes, and again at my lips.

Dad: Do you love me enough to do this?

Me: I’d do anything for you, Dad.

He kept looking at my lips and leaned more forward. I saw his lips coming closer to mine, so I put a finger between ours. His lips failed to reach mine due to the finger. He stared at me with a disappointed look. He started moving backwards when I cupped his face and joined my lips to his. Our lips touched. We didn’t kiss then, but our lips were glued to each other’s. I felt his softness on my lips and his hardness down there.

Then I parted my lips and sucked his upper lip. I moved back and watched him. He seemed shocked but soon pulled my face and started sucking my lips. I sucked him too. He opened his mouth, so I opened mine. I pushed my tongue into him, and he welcomed it using his.

His hands moved up and wrapped and pressed my boobs. We broke the kiss in between to breathe and again started eating each other like horny teenagers. After we had kissed for more than 15 minutes, we started panting.

Dad: Can we do this again beta? I love you so much.

Me: Yes, Daddy. We can do this anytime. I love you very much. I won’t even think twice before proving that to you, even if it means this-

I kissed him violently again.

Dad: But you know this isn’t common among dads and daughters?

Me: I don’t need it to be. I know I love you, and I know you love me. This is our love, and this is how we express it. How is love different for a husband, wife, daughter, and dad? Love is love. If they express it like this, so can we.

Dad grabbed me by the neck and pushed his tongue deep into me. I sucked on it the way I sucked his dick.

Dad: I love you, Ditty.

Me: I love you too, Daddy.

The word ‘daddy’ seemed to affect him. The next I knew, I felt a sudden pain down there. A loud moan escaped my mouth. I looked down to see half of his hard thick dick thrust inside me.

“What are you doing, Dad?” I whispered and pretended to be shocked.

Dad: I’m just taking what’s mine. And didn’t you say that you love me enough to do anything for me?

“But…” I hadn’t even completed it when he thrust himself fully inside me.

Me: Ahhh. Dad.

I locked my arms around his shoulders. The ‘D-day’ had finally come. I could feel his entire length throbbing against the walls of my pussy. He looked at me with pure lust filled in his eyes.

Me: What’s this dad? Why are we doing this?

Dad: Because we love each other. As you said, why should there be a difference between father-daughter’s love and husband-wife’s? If they can do it, so can we.

Me: But dad, this is like- proper sex. And that, too, it is raw and unprotected. Isn’t this incest?

Dad: It is my baby. You can get some pills later. No way I’m using a condom while feeling ever.

Me: Ahh, Dad. It hurts. Don’t forget I’m your little kid.

Dad: I’ll be gentle, my baby.

He moved his hips to and fro, gently sliding his dick in and out of me. I was in heaven in my mind. But I had to make sure it didn’t show on my face. I kept the face of an innocent girl being used for her body. I didn’t show that I was disinterested.

But I didn’t want to show too keen on fucking him. I wanted him to believe that he was the one who initiated the sex. While, in reality, I was leading the way all along.

He increased his pace slightly, which was too much for me to hold back now. A moan escaped my mouth. This encouraged him further to get rough. He held me by my waist and made me bounce on his dick while he kept moving his hips in sync. It was divine.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re fucking me. You’re fucking your lil girl daddy.” I was moaning.

“You’re so sexy.” He grunted and squeezed my right boob hard with his hand. He slapped my boobs and pulled my nipples.

“Ah, Daddy. It hurts.”

“I like hurting you, baby. Don’t you?”

I bit my lower lip and said with an innocent face, “Okay, Daddy. Anything for you.”

He got more turned on by my reaction. It was evident from his strokes, which became deeper and harder. His dick was tearing my pussy, and it was painful. But oh, so much satisfying.

He pulled my head down by my hair and took my boobs in his mouth as much as he could. He sucked and licked it, but hearing me moaning due to the epic fucking and hair pulling – he bit my boobs hard.

Dad: I’m going to cum. Where should I cum?

Me: Wherever you like daddy.

Dad: I love it when you call me daddy with this innocent face.

He leaned closer and bit my cheek. I increased my bouncing pace and moaning, and soon, he came inside me. I could feel his warm liquid touching my walls and gushing inside me.

Tired, I collapsed on him. He took his dick out and hugged me. We sat there silently, feeling each other’s warm, naked bodies.

Mom: I mean, that was something.

I was startled by her voice. I had forgotten that she was present here all this while.

Mom: Our daughter has grown up and can now handle my responsibilities.

It was hard to believe. My cheeks flushed with blood, and I was blushing. Not even minutes ago, my dad was inside of me.

Mom: But don’t you guys think the bed would have been a little more comfortable, especially for the first time?

I couldn’t stop blushing.

Dad: You’re right.

He picked me up, carried me into his bedroom and threw me in his bed. Then he locked the door. My panty was stuck near my thighs. I quickly slid it up and wore it.

Dad: No point doing that.

He removed and threw his boxers. I could see his long hard dick pointing towards me again.

Me: Didn’t we do it, Daddy?

Dad: Oh, it’s going to be a long night, beti.

To be or not be continued…

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