My Live In Relationship Life With My Daughter Dr. Ritu

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Hi Everyone, this is my first and real life story . I am Ritik, I am 46 Years old man .I belong to Lucknow and presently settled in Noida for a long time . I am around 6 Feet tall, having very fit muscular built body with broad chest, shoulders and thick arms . My skin is fair and I have bagi moustache . People say me that I look atleast 16 years younger than my real age . I really look very much younger than my age because of my regular anti ageing Yoga and excercise . . Indeed my age looks between 28 to 30 years.

My modern taboo family consists only two members me and my ultra modem sex goddess, my super sexy darling daughter Ritu . My hot Voluptuous Beti (daughter) Ritu is 26 years old with caucasian (white) skin, long silky blonde hair and blue eyes . She is 5 feet 5 in tall, her weight is 60 Kg (150 lbs or pounds) and her God gifted vital stated are 34 30 36 . She has D cup size milky white melons with pointed nipples and dark brown areolas She hs 4 tattoos on her thigh, pelvic, bellybutton and boobs . She looks like American Porn Star Ms. Alyx Star .

My wife Niharika passed away during My daughter Ritu’s birth due to operation and medical complications . I Anyhow raised my infant babygirl Ritu with the help of My one girlfriend who is my 2yers elder step sister ( my Mother’s first husband’s daughter ) divorced Charu
Didi .

Charu Didi nurtured and took care of my small daughter for three years . After that Charu Didi gave me my daughter after getting engaged in romantic relationship with her own and My biological ( biologically fathered by Me) grown up 21 years old son Rakshit . She returned my daughter and told me that she was not feeling well because of unexpected pregnancy and abortion of our Son Rakshit’s child . ( I will tell you in next part of story that how Rakshit is My biological Son ? ).

After three years I started Nurturing and taking care of my daughter Ritu alone . I became her Mother . After 5 years Ritu started going to school . Every morning I drop her to school van and receive her from school van in the afternoon . Gradually Ritu completed her junior schooling and reached in 9th class when she was 13 years old .

Till 13 years, every morning I used to give bath and shower to Ritu with me . Everyday I shampoo her hairs and soaped her body in bathroom from my own hands . I wipe her body from towel and wore her cloths from my own hands . But when she got addmission in 9th class I said her to take shower herself alone and come out from bathroom after wearing her cloths .

Everyday although she used to take shower alone in bathroom but always she came out from bathroom carelessly without wearing any cloths and use to bring her cloths from wardrobe and wear infront or around me . I never became much Strict for her because I knew that she had lost her mother on her birthday. I always behaved with her like a most soft Mother.

But one day I asked her to Atleast wear bra and panty before coming out from bathroom . Till that time she had learnt wearing bra panty from her school classmate girls . She asked me to buy bra and panty for her . I gave her more than sufficient money (50K) and she bought different different many bras and panties for her .

But often she forget to take her bra – panty towel in bathroom . And always she use to call me loudly from inside the bathroom to bring her bra panty and towel from wardrobes . If I asked her that which one, which colour bra panty I bring for You ? . She always use to say that bring anyone of them of your own choice ” My Dear Sweet Daddy ” .

After that she started coming out from bathroom in bra panty and go to her room for being dressed up .

Always she asked me for suggestions that ” Daddy which cloth I wear today ? ” . I had bought a lots lots of cloths for her like mini, tank top, babydoll, skater skirts, midi, off shoulders, shift, bodycon, A-line, wrap, halter, high – low, sheath, peplum, pencil, shirt, slip, smock, mermaid silhouette, t-shirts, tea length, cocktail, denim, pinafore, bardot, tube, strapless, bandage, Princess silhouette etc etc many many dresses .

Everyday I gave my suggestions to her for wearing cloths . But always she felt comfortable and happy in Tank top, mini skirts, skater skirts and babydoll like mini dresses .

Time passed slowly and my daughter Ritu Completed her secondary and higher secondary both examinations in first class . She became “Merry Angels Public School” Topper in 12th CBSC board exam by securing 97.45 % marks .

Many of my friends and public congratulated me in my princess daughter’s success . I was honoured by Merry Angels Public School Principal and whole staff in a grand school ceremony infront of many guardians, friends and public . First time I got such kind of special respect, regard, dignity, prestige and honour by people in my life . This respect improved and boost my opinion for my daughter . I became her closed Best friend and started giving more liberty and freedom to her . She became Absolutely Bold and Frank with me.

I started spending maximum possible time with her . Whenever she wishes and called me to play games with her . I always played many games like Tennis, Cricket, Chess, ludo etc with her . I always tied her shoes laces from my own hands whenever it loosen in ground during tennis or cricket . I use to sit on ground and put her foot in my lap and tie her shoes laces from my hands . She became like a real Royal Princess and I became like her slave cum dad. We became very closest Best friends and I spent every fraction of my time after my office including every half days, sundays, holidays and vacations . Even many times she use to come and sleep in my bed after her late night studies . Whenever I woked up in night , I found her Sleeping in my bed . I use to caress her head and cover her from sheet or blanket during her sleep .

Everyday morning I wake her up by washing her face from water, kissing her forehead and wishing Good Morning my Angel/Princess/Goddess/Sweetheart/Darling/Baby/Honey etc .

After passing 12th,. She prepared for Medical Entrance Exam and simultaneously she started persuing BSc Nursing course . During her Bsc, She became Adult and her Golden Birthday (19th Birthday) came .

I woked her in morning and Reminded her by wishing ” Happy Birthday Darling ” she replied me ” Thank You So Much My Baby ” . She use to reciprocate me “My Baby”, whenever I called her Darling, Honey or Sweetheart words. I started smiling and laughing happily because of her golden birthday . She understood that it’s something special milestone of life .

Whole day I spent time by playing and pleasing her . In Evening time around 7 P.M I said her to become ready to Celebrate Her Golden Birthday . I brought Cake and Candles put on table and lit all 19 candles and started waiting to come out her from her dressing room .

After around 45 – 50 minutes she came out from her dressing room . I saw her mesmerizingly that She was looking like a Havenly Goddess . She was wearing my favourite red rose colour low neck sleeveless See Through Babydoll and matching red rose colour Bra – Panty inside her transparent babydoll . Her lingeries and cleavage were easily visible to her loving Daddy . She worn Golden Tiara ( Crown) on her head which was brought by me for this occasion . She had applied Dior Lacquers Red Rose colour Nail Varnish on her all beautiful fingers and toeses’s long extension nails . She had applied matching Lancome L’ absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick on her Beautiful Lips and she worn Aza Fashion’s Sephyr Red Velvet Pump Heels in her beautiful white marble like foot .
I had taken a beautiful Red Rose Bouquet in my hands while I was waiting Ritu to come over the Cake ceremony table . As she reached near Cake table, immediately I Kneeled ( Sat on my both knees) before her and extented my both red rose bouquet catching hands towards her by Greeting Romantically ” Happy Birthday My Princess – My Goddess – I Love You My Sweetheart ” .

She immediately smilingly received the rose bouquet from my hands in her right hand and bent over me to catch my hands from her left hand and quickly pulled me up to make me stand . As I stood up infront of her, very quickly she Hugged me tightly by reciprocating to my wishes, saying. ” Thank You So Much My Most Handsome Daddy – I Love You Too – I Love You More Than Anything in this World ” .

We hugged like this for around 5 minutes . I kissed over her face, forehead and cheeks and She also kissed me in same way on my chest, neck, cheeks and face . I whispered in her ears during kisses- Meri Ladli Beti ( my darling daughter), Meri Pyari Gudiya ( My Babydoll), Meri Rani ( My Princess), Meri Jan ( My Life) etc etc and She also whispered in my ears – Mere sabse achchhe Papa ( My best daddy), Mera pyara gudda ( My Handsome Baby), Mere Raja ( My King), Mere Yar ( My Man) etc etc .

After around 5 minutes we broke our kisses then She bent over cake table and blew candles and Cut the cake . I took a big piece of Cake in my hand and feed in her mouth by dayin happy birthday beti, then she also took a piece of cake and tried to feed me in my mouth . I did not eat cake from her hand . I romantically gripped her both hands fingers in my fingers and put my mouth on her mouth and took a bite of Cake from her mouth .

After swallowing my cake, I smilingly looked in her blue eyes and put my both lips on her rosy lips and licked all her creamy lipstick from my tongue . She joyously made a Happily laughing sound and responded me by smooching my both lips saying through her breathes ” I Love You Daddy…. Daddyhhh…My .Daddyhhh ” .

I inserted my whole tongue into her mouth and started smooching, kissing and sucking her tongue. She caught my head from behind by her both hands and she also started smooching and sucking my tongue in same manner . We both swirled and twirled our tongues with eachother and we both exchanged our saliva and swallowed eachother’s hot saliva .

After around 15 minutes smooch session we broke our kisses and I gave her a large packet of birthday Gifts . She took gift packet and sat on sofa and immediately opened packet infront of me . The packet was filed with her favourite Chocolates, Cosmetics and different different types of ulta modern designer Bra and Panties . I had bought almost every type of Bras and Panties for her . In bra types it was Padded Bra, Non padded bra, T-shirt bra, push up bra, underwired bra, convertible bra, bralette , strapless, balconette, halter, bandeau, racerback, plunge, cage, sports, stick on, transparent, bridal, lace , demi bras, seamless and wireless etc . I had brought almost every types of sexy panties also like – Thong, Hipster, Brief, Bikini, High rise, French cut, Cheeky, Control top and G-String etc etc . She became very happy after seeing so many types of modern sexy bra and panties . She thanked me laughingly ” Thank You So Much Baby , I Love You Handsome ” .

She thought in her mind to everyday show me all those Bra and panties on her while coming out from bathroom after taking shower . I also understood her feelings and smiled openly . After that I ordered food from restaurant and we finished dinner and I went to Sleep in my bedroom . After sometime she kept all her gifts and came in my room to sleep with me . She slept whole night caressing, hugging and kissing me like a mother to her small baby .

Since this day we became very open and close with eachother . She became very bold, open and Frank with me . From that day I started Dating my daughter Ritu everyday . Everyday evening and weekends I took her on Dinner Date, Movie Date and Shopping Date, Beaches and Swimming pool etc . We both tied Friendship bands on eachother’s wrist on Friendship Day . We both understood in our minds that I became her Boyfriend and She became My Girlfriend .

After few months it was Rakshabandhan Day . She said me ” Daddy I don’t have a Brother to tie him Rakhi ” , ” I want to make you my brother also” . She told me that many of her friends think that I am her elder brother and they call me Bhaiya . Being a father I understood my daughter’s feelings and accepted her proposal . She went to market and brought Rakhi, Red Kumkuma Powder ( Roli), Sweets and all thinge required to perform Rakshabandhan Ceremony with brother . She came near me along with rakshabandhan Pooja thali . She tied me “Rakhi” ( red bracelet of silk string) on my right wrist and applied Tilak (Red Kumkuma paste) on my forehead and feed me a piece of sweet in my mouth from her own hand . I smilingly bite her finger while she was feeding me . She also smiled and said me ” You are a Naughy Boy ” . I also feed a piece of sweet in her mouth from my hand .

After that she did my “Aarti” ( small wicks soaked ligh in ghee ) and bent to touch my feet and very emotionally said that ” I Love You Mere Raja Bhaiya, I want to spend my whole life with you my handsome Bhaiya ” . I took her in my lap and surrounded my arms around her body and I said that ” I Love You too meri pyari Behna, Meri jaan, Your loving Bhaiya belongs only and only to You honey ” . I continuously holded her in my lap and sorounded arms for around 2-3 hours by hugging, caressing and kissing like this . After 2-3 hours I noticed that She had slept in her Dad cum Brother cum Boyfriends heavenly lap . After that I woke up and we went for lunch . From this day I became Three in one for her . Her Daddy cum Brother cum Boyfriend .

We both spent three years happily like this Dating and outing in evening everyday . During this time Ritu completed her Bsc nursing degree in first division with top rank in college . Simultaneously she cleared NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ) exam also with high rank and became eligible to study MBBS course in abroad . Because of her high rank in NEET exam, NTA ( National Testing Agency) gave her an opportunity to persue MBBS degree in Australia . Ritu told me that she is offered by NTA to persue MBBS degree from The University Of Sydney School Of Medicine . I became very happy and I did every arrangements to sent her Australia for her Medical Studies .

One day Ritu Flew for Australia and took addmission in MBBS in “The University of Sydney School of Medicine” . It was 5 years degree course and she continuously stayed in Girls Hostel over there . During these 5 years I felt extreme loneliness here and everyday I did Video Calls, WhatsApp Chats and Voice Calls with her . Whenever Ritu got time from studies, she also did Whatsapp Chats, Video calls and Voice Calls with me . After 5 years she Completed her MBBS degree . One day she told me over phone that she will be coming back India next month on my Birthday .

Finally my birthday came and Ritu called me over phone and told me that her flight is going to be start from Sydney ( Kingsford Smith) Airport and it will be arrived Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi India by 4 P..M ( Indian time) . I became Extremely Happy and reached to receive her at airport around 3:45 P.M in evening . I was waiting her in first class lounge area of terminal . Her flight arrived and as she came near to me I became very surprised to see her coming towards me like a bollywood heroin .

I saw my Dream Girl Ritu was wearing a small Sexy Sleevless Deep V neck Crop Top on her Marbled Body which was revealing her entire Naval area and Cleavage . Her both huge muskmelon sized Milk Jugs were peeping and greeting Hi to their four in one ( dad-bro-buddy-baby like) man . Her deep naval was looking like a whirlpool in white milk’s ocean to take a dive inside it . She was wearing a small blue denim Pantoff panto, which was hardly covering her round ass and public area . Her smooth milky – silky thighs were fully visible and shining like a white tube light . I noticed that My darling four in one ( dau-sis-buddy-mom like) woman Ritu did waxing and made tatto on her thighs during her 5 years of Australia Stay to make them more sexier for me ( 4-in-one). She was wearing white reebok shoes in her foot and sunglasses on her eyes . I noticed that Ritu’s body has become Fully BLOOM now and has become most glorious and gorgeous in this world .

As Ritu reached close near me, she smilingly extended her right hand to Shake Hand with me . I shake hand with her . After shaking our hands, She quickly laughingly spread her both arms to hug me . I also spread my arms to hug her . We both were hugging together . Ritu’s huge muskmelons sized boobs were crushing on my chest . Ritu has gripped me in very tight hug . She moved her body a bit and Brushed my broad chest from her both Nipples . I felt like an electric voltage through my spine and whole body . I became very Horny and my 7 inches Cock became fully erected for her, whom it had produced itself from it’s inside before 26 years. I understood in my mind that my Dream Girl is giving hidden signal to her Lover that these Milkpots are going to be toy for her hungy baby .

We kissed another’s faces while hugging . After breaking our hugs, Ritu wished me ” Happy Birthday My Sweet Daddy, My handsome Bhaiya, My cute Baby ” . I thanked her by controlling myself anyhow . I caught Ritu’s hand from my one hand and her trolly bag from other hand and immediately I rushed towards the Car parking, where my driver was waiting in Toyota Innova Car . We kept our luggage in dickey and sat on back seat of car . I sat left side and Ritu sat on my right side very close to my body . I ordered my driver to rush for home very soon .

As I had became very Horny after Ritu’s boobs tight brushes ob my chest . I put my right hand on Ritu’s right shoulder and gripped her towards me . I said her in low voice –
Me : how are you beti ( daughter) ?
Ritu : I am fine Daddy .
I continued looking in Ritu’s blue eyes –
Me : Beti You are looking very hot and Sexy . I Love You so nuch .
Ritu : Thank You So Much my baby . I Love You too a lot . You are also very handsome and sexy .
Me : Ritu I like your figure most and more than anything in this world
By saying this I moved my right hand from her right shoulder to her right Boob through her right underarm .
and cupped and gently pressed her right breast . Ritu immediately understood my erotic act by pressure on her nipple . She smiled and looked in my eyes and moved her body more closer to towards me . She positioned herself like half facing to me . Ritu caught my left hand from her one hand and started pressing and massaging my hand . I started massaging her both Nipples one by one . I inserted my hand inside her bra through her Deep V Cut crop top and started caressing, massaging and gently pressing her both boobs . Ritu said to me – ” It makes me feel so nice Daddy ” . As she was trying to adjust her both boobs towards me to give me nore access of her body , she fell in my Lap and now Lying on my lap facing upwards . Now my both hands get proper access of her whole body .

Now I started Caressing, massaging, stroking and pressing her whole body from my both hands . I started massaging her both thighs from my one hand and caressing her hairs and face from other hand . After massaging her both smooth silky thighs,. I put my one hand on my Beti’s Pubic area over her Pantoff panto, while my other hand playing, Caressing, Pressing and squeezing her Boobs . Then Ritu also co-operated with me and put her hands on my chest and started Caressing, Pressing and stroking my chest, neck and Shoulders . I massaged all over her pubic areas, her inner thighs, hips, pelvic, bellybutton and Pussy over her Pantoff . SHe did a Sigh in pleasure ecstacy – Ahhhhhj Daddy, mujhe bahut achchha lag raha hai (it’s feels so nice to me ) . I Love You Daddy .
Suddenly I saw that our car has reached to My home . I quickly raised up Ritu from my lap and within few seconds we got down from Car and picked the luggage from dickey and quickly entered inside the home and locked the door from inside .

We went straight in drawing room , kept the luggage aside . I congratulated Ritu that ” Welcome Home Beti ” and took her in my arms and I sat on Sofa and I took Ritu in my lap . Ritu adjusted herself and sat facing towards me . As we both were in heat . We continued from there, from where we left in car . I wrapped my both hands on Ritu’s back and put my face between Ritu’s Cleavage and started kissing and licking her cleavage . Ritu put her both hands on my both shoulders and watching me . I inserted my face and tongue inside her bra through her deep v neck crop top . I tried to kiss her nipples from the one side of her bra . But it could not be properly accessible because of crop top and tight bra .

My Soulmate Beti realised her Dad’s problem and said me respectfully – Papa mere kapde nikal deejiye ( Daddy please remove my cloths ) . I obey my sweet daughter’s command and removed her top in a fraction of second . Now she was topless infront of her lover . I became mesmerized and facinated after seeing world’s most Beautiest Scene . Ritu was wearing my Favourite Transparent Bra covering her Huge Huge Muskmelon Sized Round and Tight Milk Jugs .

I became Mad in my daughter’s lust and passion . I started Kissing, Sucking, Licking, Biting and Chewing one by one her both nipples over the transparent Bra . Ritu again said to me in passion and pleasure – ” Daddy bra nikalke chuso ” ( Daddy please remove my bra and suck ) .

I again obeyed her commands and took her Bra hook in my mouth between my teeth and opened her bra and thrown it on floor . Ritu also very quickly removed my t-shirt and threw it away on floor . Now we both became topless .

My eyes became amazed after seeing my own daughter’s fully Naked Milky white big big boobs decorated by pointed nipples and 3 inches diameter Brownish Areolas . I became mad and pounced on her nipples . I started madly sucking her both nipples one by one and pressing from hands together . Ritu loudly moaned in pleasure – ” Jor Jor se dabaao Ritik, My Baby, khoob kas kas ke masalo aur chus chus ke nichod do meri Chuchiyan ” ( Press me Harder Ritik, My Baby, press them with full pressure and squeeze them by Suckin Harder ) . I obeyed my Beti’s command and pressed her both boobs with my full strength and sucking her both nipples like a pump along with licking and biting her tits . Ritu Moaned in Pleasure -. Yes baby, yes baby, yeah ……yeah….yeah….suck Mom Harder . Ritik Don’t Stop Sucking Me like this . Squeeze my boobs and call me Mom . I am Your Mom baby ,. You are My Son . Suck Mumma Harder and Harder . After hearing Ritu”s these passionate Words I became Crazy and stated biting her tits from teeth . Chewing her nipples like a Chewing Gum . Ritu was also licking, Sucking, pressing and biting my Chest and nipples together . I came now her Smoothly Shaven Underarms . I Started Licking, Sucking, Smooching and Biting her Underarms also . I Licked and Sucked all the Sweat of her Armpit and make them Reddish brown .

Now I became stand on floor and lifted My topless Beti Ritu in My arms and carried her into my bedroom . I put Ritu on my bed . Ritu Sat on bed and I became Stand on my bed . I pleasingly asked to Ritu – ” Ritu Beti, Would you like to suck and lick the place from where you cane out in this World please ? ” Ritu understood my language and said – ” Sure Daddy, it will be my great pleasure to suck my lover Dad’s Cock ” . Saying this very quickly she Kneeled and sat on her knees on bed and opened my plant’s Buckle and buttons and unzipped my pant and pulled down, I lifted my both legs one by one and she removed my pant and threw away on floor . Immediately she removed my Jockey Frenchie also and made me fully Naked .

After seeing My Fully Erected Big Fatty 7 inches Hard Cock She Grabbed in her hand and looked in my eyes openly smiling and said – ” Daddy, Kitna bada hai ye ? Kitna mota hai ? ( Daddy how big is it ? How fatty is it ? ) . I said – Yes Baby, this Gigantic Taboo Toy is just for you ,. Play with it throughout your whole life . Ritu put her rosy lips on the tip of my Cock and kissed it . She started licking, sucking and biting my Cock . She had caught the root of my cock in her beautiful fingers decorated by well painted long extended Red Nails . Her Red Painted Long Extension Nails on My Cock were making me more and more Hornier .

I caught her head in my hand and started fucking her face . Ritu was sucking, licking and biting my Cock like a Lollipop . Many times Ritu took the full length of my cock in her Deepthroat . Ritu licked, sucked and bite my balls also . She took my full ball in her mouth and sucked it like a mango .

Ritu gave me very nice blow job like porn actress . She laughingly told me that she liked the Net of Very Thick Veins Visible on My Taboo Lund ( Penis) . During this Blow Job Ritu admired the Length (7 Inches) and Circumference ( Thickness – 5 inches) of My Taboo Shaft also, which She was hardly able to hold between her palm and fingers. I asked her that from where you learnt such nice method of giving blow job ? She replied that she has watch a lots lots of Dad – Daughter Incest Porn Videos on, Modern taboo family and Naughty America etc porn sites in Australia . She disclosed me that – ” Daddy I always fantasized You as My Incest Daddy While Watching All Those Father – Daughter Incest Porns ” . She also disclosed that – ” Daddy I have been masturbating for you for around 5 Years ” . You are My Dream Man and I Love You So Nuch .

After listening Ritu’s these sexy words I became extremely Horny and a very huge load of Lust’s Culmination ( Volcano of Sexual Heat) rised in my body for my own beautiful daughter . It boost my taboo confidence so high . I immediately bent over Ritu and made her lay in bed on her back and I cane between her both thighs . I put my mouth on her Pussy over her Pantoff panto . I started kissing, licking, rubbin and biting her Pussy, thighs, pelvic and entire public area over her blue denim Pantoff . As I unzipped her pantoff to insert my tongue inside through its opened zip . Ritu said me lustfully – ” Papa isko nikal deejiye ” ( Daddy please remove the Pantoff ) .

Saying this Ritu quickly opened its button from her hand and I also obeyed my Goddess’s command . I pulled her pantoff from her legs and removed within fraction of second and threw away on floor . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ritu was wearing a very Sexy Dark Red Colur Thong which was hardly covering Her Love Canal . I became mad after seeing this scene . I started licking, sucking, eating, biting and chewing her sexy Thong . I tried to insert my tongue in her pussy over the Thong. Ritu said me with high lust in her eyes – ” Papa isko bhi nikal deejiye ” ( Daddy please remove my Thong also ). Saying this Ritu lifted her hips in air and I quickly removed her thong and inserted her whole sexy thong in my mouth . I chewed her sexy thong in my mouth and blown away on floor . Now my daughter was in her full Glory infront of her lover daddy .

I saw Ritu’s pussy was very smooth and glistening like a white marble crack . Ritu has shave her pussy very nicely . I started licking her outer pussy walls like Dogs drink water . I parted her Veginal walls from my both Hand’s fingers and started licking her Dark Pink inner veginal walls . I inserted my whole tongue deep inside her pussy to taste her love juices . Very madly I started licking and sucking her pussy deep inside it . Ritu spread her legs wide abd started Moaning Loudly in pleasure – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhh
hhhhhjhhjjh Mmmmmmm
mmmmmmm Ehhhhhhhhh
hhhhhhhh Daddyhhh
Daddyhhh Daddyhhh Ahhhhhhh Daddy ….. Ritu Bitiya Lifted her Hips in air grabbing tightly my head from her both hands . Bitiya strted forcefully pressing my head inside her pussy . My face became fully burried inside her Love Valley . Ritu started moving her hips upwards and Gyrating against my face Vigorously and moaning loudly – Ahhhhhhhhhh Daddy Daddyhhhh Uhhhhhhhhh
Ehhhhhhh Ummmmmmm Daddy Daddy….. .

Now I inserted my index finger in her pussy hole and my thirsty tongue started kissing, licking, sucking and biting my Beti’s Clitoris . I was madly licking and sucking my angel’s clitoris and finger fucking . Now Ritu Said in madly passion – ” Papa ab daal ke karo ” ( Daddy please do intercourse from Penis ) .

After listening my Bitiya Rani’s these commanding words, I immediately Sat between her thighs and looked in her eyes . We both contacted our eyes, Ritu smilingly make gesture to say me ” go head my deserving lover daddy” and caught my Cock from her one hand to guide it towards the entrance of her heavenly love valley . I immediately put my Cock on her pussy entrance and massaged her Virgine pussy from the tip of my cock . I took a load of Spit on my joint fingers and applied it on her pussy entrance and on my cock tip . I put my Spit soaked Cock on her pussy entrance and as I pressed my cock inside her pussy hole, it Slipped out and could not enter a bit .

I again applid a more load of Spit on her entrance and my cock and pressed my cock inside her hole It Slipped again and again because Ritu’s Pussy was virgine and tight, and her entrance was smaller than my Gigantic Shaft . Ritu asked me lustfully – ” Slip ho ja raha hai kya ? ” ( Is it slipping ? ) . I said – Yes Baby,. Your Pussy is very tight . Then Ritu said – Papa Coconut Oil laga lo na ( Dad please apply Coconut oil on it ) . Coconut oil was kept on the side table of my bed . I quickly took Coconut Oil in my Palm and Soaked it on her Pussy and My Cock . Ritu hold my Cock in her hand and adjusted on her entrance. I forcefully pressed my cock inside her Vegina .

Anyhow it entered a bit 2-3 inched inside . Ritu Screamed in pain – Ahhhhhhhh Papa dard ho raha hai ( Oh Daddy it’s paining ) . I stopped then and started caressing and kissing her face to subside her pain . I again pressed my cock inside, it entered a bit more but Ritu again Screamed in pain and said – Papa dheere dheere karo ( Daddy do it slowly slowly ) . I again caressed and kissed ny Ladli Beti’s face to subside her pain . I saw a little drop of tear in my darling daughter’s eyes . I thought to quit fucking her . Because I can not tolerate any kind of pain to My sweetheart princess daughter . And because I can not see a single drop of water in my baby’s eye . But I thought again that it’s a temporary pain . If I will leave incomplete now, then My deserving angel daughter will be deprived from most intense Fatherly pleasure, ecstacy and bill . Thinking this in my mind I again pressed my cock with my full strength . Now this time my cock entered Fully deep inside her valley in one swoop . And a fountain of blood came out of her Virgine Pussy. Ritu Cried again in pain – Ahhhhhhhhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Daddy bahut tez dard ho raha hai ( ohh Daddy it’s paining very severe ) . Ahhhaaaa aahhhhaaa ahhhhhhhh ahhh.

I stopped there and hugged Ritu’s face and started kissing, Caressing, Fondling and Stroking her face like a mother to her infant baby to Soothe her Pain . After around 10 minutes of caressing, Ritu told me – Papa ab dard nahin ho raha hai, dheere dheere karte raho ( daddy it’s not painting now, continue slowly slowly ) . Now I started fucking my dream girl in slow motion . After doing slowly slowly like this, Ritu Said me in pleasure – Papa thoda aur tez karo ( daddy now do a bit faster ) . I increased my speed a bit more . Now Ritu started enjoying pleasure of her Father’s Taboo Cock . Ritu started sagi6 – Papa aur tez se, aur tez se, aur tezi se Papa ( daddy more harder, more harder, more harder daddy ) .

Now Ritu started upthrusting her hips in air to meet my every strokes in her pussy . I started squeezing her both nipples from my both hands while fucking her harder . I was fucking my Ladli Beti in “”Missionary Position “” . Ritu was stroking my back, Chest and shoulders from her hands and moaning in pleasure – Ahhhhhhhh daddy Ahhhhhhhh……..Ohhhhhhhhh Ummmmmm …….Aur Jor Jor se Chodo Ritik ( Fuck me more harder Ritik)…………Mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai Papa ( I am feeling Ecstacy daddy )……….

Aap abhi ekdam jawaan Mard ho Mere Raja Papa ( You are still quit young Man like teenager my King daddy )……………

Aapka Lund bahut achchha hai Papa (!Your Cock is So Good Daddy )………………….

Mujhe aapka Mota Taza Lamba Jawaan Lund bahut Pasand Aaya Mere Ayyash Papa ( I liked your long fatty thick Hard Rock cock very much my perverted daddy )……………………………..

Papa mujhe aapke Lund par moti moti hari hari Nason ka jaal bahut achchha laga ( daddy I liked the Net of thick Veins Visible on You Shaft ) …………………………….

Papa mujhe aapke jaisa sexy Lund kisi bhi Porn Star ka nahin lagta ( daddy I don’t think that any male porn stars’ Dick could be like Yours)………………………

Aapka Lund meri bachchedani ke bheetar tak ja raha hai Papa ( Your Cock is entering till the hilt of my womb daddy ) ………………..

Papa meri bachchedani apne semen se bhar do ( daddy please fill my womb from your Cum )……………………….

Papa ab main puri jindagi isi tarah aapse Chodwati rahungi ( Daddy I will remain fucking with You my whole life )………………………………….

I said to Ritu – Mujhe bhi Meri Apni Bitiya Rani ki Gadraayi hui Chadhti jawaani, aapki Badi Badi Kharbuje jaisi Chuchi aur Bilkul Chikni kunwaari Gulabi Tight Chut bahut pasand aayi ( I also liked your fleshy Body, Your Big Big Boobs and Smoothly Shaved Virgine Pink Pussy ) ………………………..

Beti Mujhe bhi aapka apne Pita ke sath itna jada khulapan, itni garmjoshi , itni besharmi aur ayyashi bahut pasand aayi ( Baby I also liked my daughter’s suck kind of openness, Brazen Behaviour and Debauchery with her own Reverend Father) .. ……………………….

Baby I Extremely Liked My Brazen and Highly Libidinous Daughter………………………..

Beti main apne man me soch raha hun ki “Kash main aapki Bur ke raste aapki bachchedani ke bheetar tak jaa skta ( Baby I wish in my mind that if I could enter in Your Womb through your pussy entrance and Come out again like a mother Born a Baby )

Saying this, I Vigorously started sucking Ritu’s both Voluptuous Chuchis like a Nursling Baby Sucks His Mother’s Boobs …Ummmm ..
….ummmmm ummmm momma …momma…mommaaaaaaaa …………………………

Ritu Said – Pi lo beta, piyo …, Chuso… Chuso mere Raja Beta , Apni maa ka Dudhoo Pi lo, I am Your Lusty motherly daughter ……….. I have a lots lots of Motherhood for You Baby, Call Me Mummy…..Mom…..
Mummaa…. ………………….

I Said – Mummy I like your lovely Naked Body…..I Like Your Chuchi and Bur both ( I like your nipples and Vulva both )……………………………….

Ritu Said – Papa jab aapko apni Brazen beti ki Chut itna jada pasand aayi to aur jor jor se chodo na apni Bachchi ko ( Daddy if you liked so much your Brazen daughter’s Pussy then Fuck it harder na)…………………………….

I Said – Beti agar main isase jada tez aur jor jor se chodunga to aapki Bur fat jaayegi ( Baby if I will fuck nore harder then your pussy may tear off ) ………………..

After listening Ritu’s these sexy words,. I increased my fucking speed in Full motion , My Both thighs started hitting Ritu’s thighs very rapidly and the Clasping loud sound of Hitting our thighs together was Echoing in entire House like Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Thap Tha………..Thap .

Ritu has spread her both legs wide open to give My Cock full Access of her Womb . Ritu was stroking my body from her both hands in pleasure . Her Long Extension Nails were digging on my back, shoulders, neck and Chest . Ritu made many Red Red Scratches from Her Painted Sexy Extension Nails on my back, shoulders, neck, hand and chest while pulling me inside for Fatherly Taboo Sexual Pleasure . The Rhythmically Musical Holy Fucking Sound of My Rock Hard Cock and Ritu’s Tight Pink Smoothly Glistening Vegina ( After Father and Daughter’s Genital’s Holy and Divine Meet) was Echoing in Entire House Like Futch Futch Futch Futch Futch Fatch Fatch Chap Chup Chap Chup Chap Chap Chuk Futch……..Futh……..Futch…..My body’s sweat was also going inside her Cunt .

My Body was fully Soaked in Sweat like it was heavily raining on my body. Hot Hot drops of my incest swest were dripping on Ritu’s body,. Rutu had also became soaked from my tasty taboo sweat . Our body’s were Sticking with eachother’s body because of Excessive Sweat . It was the world’s best Gym and Excercise for Me with my own blood . I was fucking in full speed like machine’s Piston. Ritu was moaning in pleasure. …

Daddy Don’t Stop Fucking Me like that…..More Deeper Daddy………..More Harder……
More Harder Daddy………….. ..
Yes …Yes… Yes……Yes Baby .
Yes….Yes Baby……Fuck Mumaa Harder… . ..More Deeper………. You are going to make me Cum………………..
Daddy I Want Your Cum Deep Inside Me…….Ahhhhhh……….. Ahhhhhh…….. Ohhhhh…..ohh
hhhhhhh……….Ummmmmm………Ehhhhh ……Ehhhhhhhh…
O GOD…..MY GOD……………….
I Can’t Control Myself………….
Then Ritu Said to Me —

Papa ab main jhadne wali hun ( Daddy I am going to Cum)…………………………….

Papa ab main jhad jaungi ( Daddy I will Cum now )………

Saying this – Ritu Wrapped her both legs very tightly around my Waist to clutch me deep inside her. She closed her eyes in ecstacy and Clenched My back from her both hands very tightly and Said …………

Papa Main Jhad Rahi hun ( Daddy I am cumming )

Papa main bahut jor se jhad rahi hun ( Daddy I am cumming so hard )

I said – Ahhhhh meri pyari dulari bitiya, meri jawaan bachchi, meri Rani, meri jaan aaj aap pehli baar Papa ke sath jhadogi….. Congratulations Beti ( O my darling fondler daughter, My Youth daughter, my queen, my life, You are getting Orgasm first time in life with Me, Many Many Congratulations Baby ).

Suddenly Ritu Released a lots lots loads of hot Cum on my burning Cock inside her pussy . I felt like I was at the mouth of any volcano and my hot burning Cock was surrounded by its Lava . That Lava of Her Cum started Overflowing from the entrance of Vegina .

After getting full climax, Ritu loosened her body by saying that ” Papa main jhad chuki ” ( daddy I am came ) . But I was on the peak of my lusty passion, I continued my fucking rapidly. After fucking like this a few minutes later I also released around a half an Litre warm Lava of Cum inside her Pussy . After fully releasing my loads in her Cunt, I Sat between Ritu’s thighs and started licking and Sucking all Love juices overflowing from from her pussy . I licked and sucked each and every drops of Love Nectar Ambrosia from her Pussy . After Cleaning her pussy from my tongue,. I started Licking Ritu’s whole body to taste the delicious Sweat from her body . I licked and sucked each and every drops of sweat from her body and made it clean and dry .

After Our First Orgasm, I did not stop . I Continued Caressing, Kissing, Fondling, Stroking, Sucking and Foreplaying My Daughter Ritu for Next Intense Session as it was My Suhaagrat ( Honeymoon) with My daughter . After few minute of Kissing and Sucking her Boobs Ritu again became ready for next more Intensive Chudai ( Fucking) . I was already fully Erected and Horny . As I moved to go between her thighs . Ritu Said Laughingly – Papa is baar main Chadhungi ( Daddy this time I will ride You ) . After that Ritu Cane in my top in Cowgirl position . She Sat in My fully erected Cock and Parted her both legs on my both side . Ritu again applied coconut oil in My full Erected Cock smilingly . She forcefully pressed her pussy on my cock and it became fully entered in her 7-8 attempts . Ritu started fucking me up and down on her legs . I also started Upthrusting My hips Rapidly to make a Rhythmic meet with my Honey daughter .

Ritu’s both Huge Milk Jugs were jumping and bouncing in air. Ritu bend over me to feed her Milk Jugs to her fatherly Son . Ritu put her nipples in my mouth and I started Sucking, Pressing and Squeezing them one by one . Ritu had opened all her long black hairs and spread all over my face and Chest . Ritu had fully Covered both Our Faces and Thorax under her black cloudy hairs while she was feeding me her breast . I was feeling very horny from darling daughter’s Hair Play . I was also fucking very harder from down . After again a very harder and deeper session firstly Ritu get Orgasm then I also Ejaculated a lots lots of Cum . Then suddenly Ritu fell on my chest and Slept . We both slept Nakedly together .

After taking a sound sleep and rest we both Woke up around 9 P.M in night, remembering that it was my birthday today and this all happened with us because of my birthday, as Ritu’s gift for me ( birthday boy) and my gift for Ritu . I had already brought the Cake in morning . I Nakedly brought the cake on Celebration table and I asked to Ritu, “Honey let’s We celebrate My birthday Nakedly” . Ritu laughed and immediately She lit all the candles . After cutting the Cake Ritu feed me a piece of cake in my mouth . then I also feed ( Inserted) a piece of cake in her pussy and I kneeled to eat it . I ate the Cake from her pussy and cleaned it from my taboo tongue . Ritu Said Happy Happy Happy Birthday Papa .

Then I also said “Happy Happy Happy Golden Night My Daughter” . We both laughed in Happiness and Thanked Lord Jesus and Almighty God for Creating this Golden Holy Opportunity for Us .

After that I ordered dinner and different types of energy juices from a renowned restaurant of our city . After having dinner, we both again slept together nakedly. We did not sleep whole night . We continued fucking whole night . Around 2 – 3 O’clock in night Ritu said me that She is feeling pressure for urine and ” daddy please carry me to bathroom in your arms ” . I said my baby from today my body is your Lavatory . Please always Pee and Pish on my body whole life . Ritu Smiled and Said ” My Ayyash Daddy, I Love You ” . Immediately Ritu sat on my face and did Golden Pee in My mouth . I tasted and Drank my daughter’s delicious salty Pee . It was more delicious than any kind of Drink or Shake in this World . We Fucked like this around 7-8 times in whole night in the Name of Our Taboo Suhaagrat ( Honeymoon) .

Around 6:30 A.M in morning we went in bathroom, I lay in bathroom and Ritu sat on my Chest and gave me Her Golden Shower . After Golden Showers, we both became freshen up and Had Breakfast early and Slept Nakedly together whole . After Sleeping whole day nakedly, we both woke up in Evening around 6 P.M and started our daily routine .
Guys and Girls ( Mothers – Sisters and Daughters ) Since that day We are Fucking

Everyday and Every Night Full Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and Vacations. We have been edicted of KINKY SEX with eachother . ” We are Living In Relationship ” . Ritu is Practising as a Senior Consultant Physician in a Renowned Hospital . Readers your comments and feedbacks are welcomed on my email [email protected] .

Lonely and Horny girls, daughters, Betis, nieces, sisters, Didis, aunties, moms, mils, sils, dils buvas, mami, masis, tais, bhabhis and lesbians are invited and Cordially welcomed @ 

Thank You

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